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Small Dishwasher Under The Sink - An Overview Of Models And Selection Criteria
Small Dishwasher Under The Sink - An Overview Of Models And Selection Criteria

Video: Small Dishwasher Under The Sink - An Overview Of Models And Selection Criteria

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Compact dishwasher: choose and install under the sink

tabletop dishwasher
tabletop dishwasher

Few of us like to wash dishes. Some, remember Agatha Christie, even become writers on this basis. However, not everyone has a talent for writing, and dirty cutlery must be washed. Modern technologies have come to our aid for a hundred years now and have invented dishwashers. Even for the smallest kitchens, where, it would seem, nothing superfluous can be added, you can pick up a small compact mini dishwasher.


  • 1 Features of small dishwashers under the sink: advantages and disadvantages
  • 2 What criteria should be followed when choosing a small dishwasher under the sink
  • 3 Overview of popular and demanded models of dishwashers with the ability to install under the sink

    • 3.1 Compact dishwasher Candy CDCF 6 / E

      3.1.1 Customer Reviews of Candy CDCF 6 / E

    • 3.2 Compact dishwasher Bosch SKS 62E22

      3.2.1 Customer Reviews for Bosch SKS 62E22

    • 3.3 Compact dishwasher Midea MCFD-55320W

      3.3.1 Customer Reviews for Midea MCFD-55320W

    • 3.4 Hotpoint-Ariston HCD662S Compact Dishwasher

      3.4.1 Customer Reviews of Hotpoint-Ariston HCD662S

    • 3.5 Compact dishwasher Korting KDF2050W

      3.5.1 Customer Reviews for Korting KDF2050W

    • 3.6 Compact dishwasher Flavia TD 55 Valara

      3.6.1 Customer Reviews for Flavia TD 55 Valara

  • 4 How to connect a small dishwasher under the kitchen sink

    4.1 Video: we connect a small dishwasher under the sink ourselves

  • 5 Video: choosing a dishwasher

Features of small dishwashers under the sink: advantages and disadvantages

There is little space in small kitchens, so you have to use the workspace very rationally. A trash can is usually stored in a sink cabinet, and any unnecessary rubbish. This is where you can place a compact dishwasher. Mini dishwashers differ from their full-size counterparts in size and a slightly smaller set of functionality. They are capable of washing only from 4 to 8 sets of dishes (usually 6). But this does not prevent them from doing their job perfectly.

Mini dishwasher under the sink
Mini dishwasher under the sink

Compact dishwasher can be placed under the sink

Compact appliances for washing kitchen utensils and dishes have a number of positive qualities:

  • small dimensions, which can significantly save space in the kitchen;
  • low price (compared to fully built-in


  • economy, which consists in low consumption of resources (electricity and water);
  • low noise;
  • harmoniously built into any kitchen set, as they are closed by doors and are not visible;
  • have all the necessary set of functionality for high-quality washing, as full-size devices.
Dishwasher on the table
Dishwasher on the table

Compact dishwashers are often placed on the countertop, but in order to save work space, they can be placed under the sink.

Among the disadvantages that cannot be discounted are:

  • mini dishwashers are not suitable for large families, where there are a lot of dishes and they are washed often;
  • compact devices cannot be used after guests arrive at family holidays and celebrations (you have to split the process into several receptions);
  • it is not always possible to wash large kitchen items in a small machine (baking sheets, large pots or pans, etc.);
  • wooden, plastic, oxidizing objects and some other types of kitchen utensils and utensils must not be placed in the mini dishwasher for washing.

You need to load dishes into a small dishwasher strictly according to the instructions, otherwise it may not wash out. My friend, who has such a baby, could not adapt to her for a very long time. At first I even washed everything over and over again. I would like to cram more into the machine at a time, but you can't give in to temptation, it's better to do two loads. Dishwashers are especially good at cleaning glass and crystal, which become crystal clear. It is impossible to achieve this quality of washing with hands.

What criteria should be followed when choosing a small dishwasher under the sink

First you need to measure the free internal space in the cabinet under the sink as accurately as possible, because literally every centimeter counts

Small dishwashing machines rarely exceed the following dimensions:

  • 500–550 mm - depth;
  • 550 mm - width;
  • 450-500 mm - height.

The last parameter is the most important, since the possibility of installing this device in the lower furniture cabinet depends on it. Any sink always comes with a siphon and this must be taken into account. Quite often, you have to redo the drain system specifically for the installed equipment.

Small dishwasher under the kitchen sink
Small dishwasher under the kitchen sink

Sometimes the machine fits into a niche under the sink end-to-end, almost without gaps

Most devices of this type are 550 mm wide, while the thickness of the cabinet walls must also be taken into account. Narrow dishwashers of 400 mm are not found on the Russian market, so this mythical idea should be discarded. The depth of the car is not less than 440 mm, but much more often this parameter is 500 mm.

Selecting a small dishwasher should be very careful and thorough, while taking into account several important points:

  • Dimensions. It is necessary to focus on the measurements made so that the device fits freely (with a small margin) into the niche allotted to it.
  • Capacity. Most of the compact dishwashers are designed for 6 sets of tableware. There are larger units that can handle 8 dish sets. You can find very small cars that hold no more than 4 sets.
  • Water consumption per cycle. This parameter varies from 6 to 9 liters.
  • Efficiency (energy class). Preference should be given to mini-dishwashers marked "A +" or "A".
  • Noise indicators. Models producing sounds below 48dB are considered silent.
  • The control system of the device is mechanical or electronic.


    The control of mini-dishwashers can be electronic and mechanical

  • The number of temperature modes (from 4 to 6).
  • Washing modes. Any small dishwasher has a minimum set of four standard programs:

    • Regular or daily routine. Designed to work with utensils with a medium degree of dirt at a temperature of + 60 … + 65 ° C.
    • Intensive mode. Very dirty kitchen utensils, plates and cups, as well as pots and pans with burnt food can be washed successfully with water heated to + 70 ° C.
    • Economy mode. Allows you to save up to 20% of water and electricity, but only when working with not very dirty dishes.
    • Accelerated mode (express). Short cycle times at + 40 … + 45 ° C, only suitable for lightly soiled plates and cutlery.

    In addition, mini-dishwashers may have additional modes:

    • disinfection with hot steam;
    • rinsing or soaking - already washed dishes are additionally rinsed with clean water or, on the contrary, long unwashed, dirty with dried food particles, pre-moistened for subsequent more effective washing;
    • delicate or gentle washing - for gentle washing at +30 ° C of products made of crystal and thin glass;
    • bio-program, when special biologically active additives (enzymes) are used.
  • Leakage protection (AquaStop device). Not all devices are equipped with sensors that monitor the water level in the washing chamber.
  • Drying method. It can be simple condensation, when moisture simply evaporates naturally, or with the help of heated air supplied by special fans (turbo drying).
  • Compact dishwashing units can be equipped with a number of additional functions:

    • Delayed start. After filling the machine with dishes, you can postpone the start of work until the desired time (from 1 to 24 hours). Then the device turns on automatically.
    • Possibility of giving a sound signal about the end of the working cycle.
    • Protection against accidental pressing (from children).
    • The ability of the equipment to automatically determine the water hardness (optosensors) and the degree of contamination of the water used.
    • Various number of filters for water and, accordingly, the degree of its purification.
    • Equipped with sensors that independently determine the type of detergent.
  • Design. Mini dishwashers are not only white and silver, but also colored (red, yellow, black, etc.). True, in the cabinet under the sink, this will still not be visible behind closed doors.
Red dishwasher
Red dishwasher

Compact dishwashers can be red

Overview of popular and demanded models of dishwashers with the ability to install under the sink

The modern home appliance market offers a wide range of compact dishwashing machines. Quite conditionally, there are several models that are in high demand among buyers.

Compact dishwasher Candy CDCF 6 / E

Almost the smallest, most economical (class A +) and budgetary (on average, about 13,000 rubles) mini-dishwasher, capable of easily handling 6 sets of tableware, spending about 7 liters of water. In addition to working out a standard set of programs, the device can perform delicate washing of fragile glass or crystal products, as well as economically wash lightly soiled dishes using 5 temperature modes. The device with electromechanical control makes it possible to delay the start from 1 to 8 hours, is equipped with indicators showing the presence of detergents in its compartments. Can use "3 in 1" tablets, dries by condensation method. The great advantage of the model is the equipment with full protection against any accidental leaks and an audible signal at the end of the program. The disadvantage can be considered a rather noisy operation (53 dB), the absence of a water hardness control sensor and a blockage that can prevent the younger generation from interfering with the work process.

Candy CDCF 6 / E
Candy CDCF 6 / E

Dishwasher Candy CDCF 6 / E has full protection against leaks

Customer Reviews for Candy CDCF 6 / E

Compact dishwasher Bosch SKS 62E22

A compact device belonging to the high price segment (about 36,000 rubles) from a well-known German manufacturer, equipped with a display and electronic control. It provides for loading 6 dish sets and a consumption of 8 liters of water per cycle. The machine uses 5 heating modes and a standard program set, supplemented by gentle washing and soaking (rinsing). It works very quietly (48 dB), with any detergents, whose presence is determined independently using special sensors. Equipped with a timer for delaying the start of work and one-stage overflow protection (only on the case). Drying is carried out by simple evaporation and there is no child lock on the door.

Bosch SKS 62E22
Bosch SKS 62E22

Bosch SKS 62E22 machine is available in white and silver

Customer reviews about Bosch SKS 62E22

Compact dishwasher Midea MCFD-55320W

Silent mini dishwasher made in China with display and electronic control, belonging to economy class (cost around 14,000 rubles). The level of energy consumption is A +, the noise level is not higher than 49 dB, 7 programmed washing modes (economical, delicate, fast, etc.) and the ability to wash 6 sets of tableware at a time, having consumed almost 9.5 liters. The device is equipped with an indication of modes, the presence of salt and rinse aid in the cuvettes, as well as a delayed start. Of the minuses, we can note a simple condensation drying, the absence of sensors for controlling water turbidity and auto-detecting hardness. The design does not provide for blocking the door from accidental pressing and any protection against leaks and overflow.

Midea MCFD-55320W
Midea MCFD-55320W

Mini dishwasher Midea MCFD-55320W is equipped with a very convenient display

Customer Reviews for Midea MCFD-55320W

Compact dishwasher Hotpoint-Ariston HCD662S

The average price of this small dishwasher with electromechanical control and built-in display is around 24,000 rubles. The model is able to accommodate 6 table sets and spend no more than 7 liters of water. Energy consumption is low (A class), 6 programs set by the manufacturer (there is a half load) and ordinary drying by evaporation of moisture from warm dishes (air conditioning). There is a timer (up to 24 hours of delay) and indicators that determine the presence of detergents in the compartments, as well as the ability to put “3 in1” tablets into the device. In case of accidental depressurization or overflow, the machine itself will turn off the water supply thanks to the WaterStop system. Families with small children should take into account the absence of a general blocking in the device.

Customer Reviews for Hotpoint-Ariston HCD662S

Compact dishwasher Korting KDF2050W

Relatively inexpensive (price around 18,000 rubles) and economical (A + class) mini dishwasher with an open touch panel and electronic control. It is able to place inside itself 6 standard sets of dishes, spending only 6–6.5 liters of water on them. The set of 7 regular programs includes, among other things, a self-cleaning mode. A convenient option is the sound notification of the end of the wash cycle. The device allows the use of tablets and any other detergents, the presence of which in the cuvettes will be indicated by the indicators. Delay of start up to 12 hours is allowed. The device is equipped with a water transparency sensor. Drying is simple economical, when moisture simply settles (condenses) on the walls of the case. A distinctive feature of this model is complete protection against any leaks.The AquaStop device automatically controls the water level in the machine and activates the blocking of the water supply in an emergency (leakage or overflow). Protection against child intervention is not provided by the manufacturer.

Korting KDF2050W
Korting KDF2050W

Small dishwasher Korting KDF2050W is equipped with seven working programs

Customer Reviews for Korting KDF2050W

Compact dishwasher Flavia TD 55 Valara

Practically the quietest (up to 47 dB) among mini dishwashers, it serves 6 sets of dishes per cycle, spending up to 8 liters of water on them in full load mode. The device has 5 standard programs and the ability to work in four temperature modes, as well as a sound signal at the end of the wash cycle and protection of tightness (on the case). A built-in water purity control sensor, but there is no automatic setting of its hardness. You can use 3-in-1 detergents and built-in indicators indicate availability. Serious disadvantages include the absence of a time timer, blocking the control panel from unauthorized access (from children) and the usual, not very effective drying. The average cost in the region is 16,000 rubles.

Flavia TD 55 Valara
Flavia TD 55 Valara

Flavia TD 55 Valara is almost the quietest of all compact dishwashers

Customer reviews of Flavia TD 55 Valara

How to connect a small dishwasher under the kitchen sink

It will not be difficult to install a mini-dishwasher on your own in a cabinet under the sink, this simple task is within the power of any person who is more or less versed in the issues of connecting communications.

The order of work is as follows:

  1. Before starting work, we shut off the water supply, turning off the general water supply.
  2. We redo the siphon under the sink, which usually interferes with putting a small dishwasher. In any plumbing store on sale there are special low siphons with a branch for connecting an additional drain. We change the siphon, connect the drain hose to it. In extreme cases, the drain hose can simply be lowered into the sink and the water will drain there. Do not bend the drain hose, otherwise dirty water will stagnate in the washing chamber.


    Special flat siphons can be found on sale

  3. We cut a tee with a tap into the water pipe that goes to the kitchen mixer. It is advisable to connect a flow filter directly to the tap for water purification, and then connect the inlet hose from the dishwasher to it. Basically, you can connect the water supply hose directly to the mixer and remove it after washing.


    We connect the inlet hose to the water pipe leading to the mixer through a tee

  4. To connect to the mains, you will need an individual grounded socket. It is best not to use different extension cords and adapters.

    Power socket
    Power socket

    Experts recommend connecting the dishwasher to a separate grounded outlet

  5. After connecting all the communications, we carefully install the dishwasher in the right place and level it with the legs adjustable in height.

    Machine under the sink
    Machine under the sink

    After connecting, you need to install the machine in place and check the tightness of the connections

Video: we connect a small dishwasher under the sink ourselves

In the opinion of a well-known and experienced electrician to me, according to the safety rules, it is impossible to place electrical appliances under the sink, because if a leak from the communications, water can get onto the equipment and, as a result, lead to a short circuit. He advises placing the dishwasher in such a way as to prevent this from happening. As a last resort, an aluminum or plastic flat pallet can be placed on top of the machine.

Video: choosing a dishwasher

A small compact dishwasher under the sink will be an ideal and useful purchase if you think over all the nuances of the installation in advance, as well as carefully study the functional and design features of the proposed models. A competent choice will allow you to fully use all the capabilities of the new device.

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