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How To Wash A Down Jacket In A Washing Machine And Is It Possible To Do It
How To Wash A Down Jacket In A Washing Machine And Is It Possible To Do It

Video: How To Wash A Down Jacket In A Washing Machine And Is It Possible To Do It

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How to properly wash a down jacket in a washing machine


Most people have a down jacket in their winter wardrobe. These clothes are practical, comfortable, and perfectly protect us from cold and moisture, especially in windy weather. And modern manufacturers offer beautiful, fashionable and spectacular models. But over time, we are faced with the need to clean the down jacket, which can lead to serious financial costs. Is it possible to cope with this problem on your own, for example, wash a down jacket in a washing machine?


  • 1 Washing a down jacket in a machine: is it possible?
  • 2 Preparation
  • 3 Basic rules
  • 4 Drying
  • 5 Work on mistakes: what to do if the fluff is still lost
  • 6 Video: washing a down jacket in a washing machine

Washing a down jacket in a machine: is it possible?

When down jackets first appeared on the domestic market, manufacturers insisted that these products require extremely dry cleaning. But this method is quite expensive, and our home craftsmen, through trial and error, have found ways to circumvent these requirements.

The main difference between washing a down jacket and other things is in the filler, which usually consists of down and feathers. In a washing machine, such a filler usually gets knocked into lumps, which are very difficult to distribute later on the product

Often the problem lies in the quality of the product itself, and, accordingly, its filler. For example, a cheap Chinese down jacket is likely to deteriorate the first time it is washed, even by hand, and not just by machine.

However, there are several methods to help you deal with the dirt on your down jacket. At the same time, you do not need to turn to dry cleaning services, which have certain disadvantages:

  1. Dry cleaning isn't cheap.
  2. Many organizations providing such a service require customers to sign an agreement stating that the organization is not responsible for the cleaning result.
  3. Dry cleaning is not always close enough to you, and you risk losing a lot of time.
  4. There is a risk that the products used to clean the down jacket will remain in the down filler. This can lead to allergies, especially in children.
Down jacket in a washing machine
Down jacket in a washing machine

The down jacket can be washed in the washing machine, for this you only need a few tennis balls and a gentle detergent

We will tell you how easy it is to wash a down jacket at home, in your own washing machine. All it takes is a gentle liquid laundry detergent, three soft tennis balls, and neatness.


Look at the product label: if it says that only dry cleaning is provided for the down jacket, do not machine wash.

Down jacket label
Down jacket label

Pay attention to the inscriptions on the labels of the product so as not to make mistakes when washing

Pay attention to the size of the stitched squares on the down jacket. The smaller they are, the better - the down will shrink less, and the product will withstand more washes.

First of all, unfasten the hood and remove the fur from it, if any. Usually, the fur edge is fastened with a zipper or buttons.

Now carefully consider all the places that are prone to dirt when worn more than others. These include:

  • collar;
  • sleeves;
  • inner hem.

These places must first be cleaned with a special soap to remove stains. Otherwise, the machine may not be able to cope with such heavy dirt.

Zip up the down jacket and all buttons, turn it inside out. This way you can avoid deformation of the product during washing and do not damage the outer side.

Take 3 fur-lined tennis balls. They will wipe away dirt well and will not allow the down filler to get lost during washing or drying. It is better to wash the balls beforehand just in case. This will make sure they don't shed. This is especially important if you have a light-colored down jacket.

Fundamental rules

Do not wash a down jacket using detergents - they are very difficult to rinse out and often leave streaks on the product. Better to take special liquid detergents, for example, "Laska" for woolen products or special gels for cleaning down jackets

Many manufacturers of household chemicals produce gel capsules. They are already dosed and you don't have to think about how much detergent to put in the washing machine. These capsules dissolve completely in water, leaving no streaks on the fabric.

Washing capsules with gel
Washing capsules with gel

Dosage capsules with gel for washing down jackets

  1. Turn on the delicate wash at 30 degrees. You can also use the Wool or Synthetics mode. These programs include a gentle wash that will keep fluff at the seams.
  2. Set the "Rinse" mode. They need to be used 2-3 times. Thus, there will be no stains on the down jacket.
  3. Do not set the spin mode to maximum speed - 400-600 per minute will be enough.

Remember a few simple rules for successfully washing products with feather and down fillers. In no case should you:

  • pre-soak the down jacket before washing;
  • use water with a temperature above 40 degrees;
  • use bleaching agents.

When washing the down jacket in a typewriter, do not add other items. If you need to wash several down jackets, please note: one down jacket - one wash cycle. The thing should spin freely in the drum.

By the way, you can clean the down jacket without completely washing it. If small spots are bothering you, you can easily get rid of them. For example, treat the dirty area with a liquid detergent (even dishwashing detergent is suitable for this), scrub thoroughly with a brush and rinse.

Greasy traces are easily removed with a solution of 1 tablespoon of vinegar and 0.5 tablespoon of table salt, mixed in 0.5 liter of warm water. Clean the contaminated area with this solution and wipe with a damp cloth.


If your washing machine has a Dry mode, use it. When doing this, use tennis balls too. Some people do not recommend this mode, but it is still better if the down jacket is as dry as possible when you take it out of the drum.

Take the down jacket out of the machine, unfasten it and turn it out. Hang the product on plastic hangers. Fasten all the fasteners so that the shape of the down jacket is fully restored when dry.

Do not dry the down jacket on a battery or in the immediate vicinity of heating devices - this provokes the appearance of stains. In addition, the hot heat damages the down, feathers fall off and easily crawl out of the down jacket. Drafts and direct sunlight are also not recommended. Dry your down jacket at room temperature, indoors or on a balcony that does not face the sun.

Down jacket on hangers
Down jacket on hangers

Dry the down jacket only in an upright position, hanging it on a hanger, at room temperature

The down jacket must be dried exclusively in an upright position, and not spread out on the table. Also, you cannot wrap it in a towel. Air must penetrate into the product from all sides, otherwise the filler will not dry out completely, it will start to squeak and even rot, and an unpleasant odor will appear. Such a down jacket will lose its qualities and will no longer warm.

Shake the down jacket periodically, turn it inside out and back. This will help the product to return to its previous appearance, and the filler will be evenly distributed over the surface, fluffed up and not strayed into lumps.

If the down jacket has a wrinkled appearance after it dries, do not iron it with an iron. Better to use a garment steamer.

Correcting mistakes: what to do if the fluff is still lost

In this case, you will have to whip the filler with your hands until it returns to its previous volume. There is a little trick to help you deal with such a nuisance. Place the still damp down jacket in the freezer. When exposed to low temperatures, the moisture contained in a wet garment forms small ice crystals, which will make the down and fibers of the fabric more voluminous.

Do not dry the down jacket for more than 2 days, otherwise it will "dry out", the down inside will break and the product will lose its shape.

Video: washing a down jacket in a washing machine

As you can see, washing a down jacket in an automatic machine is not difficult at all. This is a great way out, especially when you consider how many negative reviews people leave when they use dry cleaning services. You will significantly save money, time and your own nerves. Share with us in the comments your experience in this topic, or ask your questions. Good luck to you!

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