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How To Choose An Electric Waffle Iron: Tips, Rating Of Popular Ones, Videos And Reviews
How To Choose An Electric Waffle Iron: Tips, Rating Of Popular Ones, Videos And Reviews

Video: How To Choose An Electric Waffle Iron: Tips, Rating Of Popular Ones, Videos And Reviews

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Choosing the best electric waffle iron for your home

Electric waffle iron
Electric waffle iron

The use of an electric waffle iron allows you to significantly diversify the diet of flour baked goods at home. With its help, you can quickly make cakes, pastries, crispy cones and other confectionery products that traditionally decorate the table during the celebration of name days, anniversaries and other memorable dates.


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  • 2 Varieties
  • 3 How to choose an electric waffle iron

    • 3.1 Video: how to choose a waffle iron
    • 3.2 Electric waffle iron "Lakomka" - video
    • 3.3 Table: rating of popular electric waffle irons by the type of baked goods they make (according to consumer reviews)
  • 4 How to use different types of electric waffle irons
  • 5 Possible problems and how to solve them

What is an Electric Waffle Maker

The electric waffle iron has become a kitchen appliance since the time when a heating element powered by an electric network was built into an ordinary waffle iron designed for baking in an oven with an open fire. The current heats up the plates on which the dough is baked by means of tubular heating elements. Specially shaped trays give the cookies a specific shape.

Cast iron waffle iron
Cast iron waffle iron

Consists of two parts and bakes waffles on fire

The device of the waffle iron, equipped with an electric heater, has undergone significant changes compared to its cast-iron predecessors. The design and dimensions have changed, although the metal (aluminum) corrugated surface, covered with a non-stick layer, remains the basis. The frying plates are connected to each other by a hinge device that allows the lid to be fixed in the desired position.

Electric waffle maker
Electric waffle maker

Powered by electric current

Power consumption depends on model and operating mode. Each appliance has a nameplate indicating the maximum power consumption. Appliances designed for domestic use consume approximately 500 to 900 watts.

The speed of cooking confectionery products is directly proportional to the power of the frying plates, the higher it is, the faster the dough is baked.

Modern waffle makers have absorbed the technological advances of recent years and are equipped with devices that make their use more comfortable and affordable for a wide range of users. These include:

Thermoregulator. Allows you to adjust the temperature on the work surface. It usually ranges from 180 to 250 degrees

Thermostat. Automatically maintains the set temperature

Heating indicator. It informs about the achievement of the working state of the device, signals that the waffle iron is ready for work

Timer. Controls the baking time and automatically turns off the waffle iron. In some models, the timer operation is accompanied by sound signals

The newest devices are equipped with a device that allows you to turn the frying plates 180 degrees, which makes it possible to more evenly distribute the dough into the molds in the tray.


In terms of dimensions, electric waffle irons are divided into large and small. By configuration - into round, rectangular, triangular and oval.

This does not affect the shape of the baked products, but it significantly affects the amount of cookies produced. Oversized waffle makers can hold up to 3 kg at a time. test.

There are household and industrial electric waffle irons for use.

The former are used for the production of wafers in large quantities, have a high power and continuous operation time.

The latter are designed for home use, have a compact size and relatively low power, designed for economical use of electricity.

By destination. Since there are two different types of waffles, thin and thick, waffle makers are respectively divided into baking crispy waffles and baking so-called Viennese (or Belgian) waffles. Structurally, this is expressed in the fact that the depth of the tray of the latter is greater, and the sides separating the working surfaces are higher. In addition, there are electric waffle irons with adjustable gap depth and combined ones, in which it is possible to bake products of various shapes (for example, bread nuts or donuts).

Recently, devices have become widespread in which you can bake sandwiches, omelettes and even fry meat dishes

In addition, you can conditionally divide electric waffle irons into domestic and imported. All lovers of homemade baking are well aware of such waffle irons as "Lakomka" and "Slastena", produced in the USSR. Despite the absence of many options (and perhaps because of this), these electrical appliances enjoyed well-deserved popularity and were of fairly high quality. The metal body from which they were made had an undeniable advantage over some modern models made of lightweight plastic. The lack of a non-stick coating was compensated for by robust and sturdy steel work panels that could be cleaned without fear of damaging their surfaces by careless movements.

Electric waffle iron Lakomka
Electric waffle iron Lakomka

The frying surface is made of heat-resistant alloy

Modern counterparts of "Sweet" and "Lakomka" are distinguished by the newest, more elegant design, some of them are equipped with working plates made of ceramics, supplemented with thermostatic equipment. On the whole, they inherit the traditions of their Soviet prototypes.

Electric waffle iron Slastena
Electric waffle iron Slastena

Coating braziers with a ceramic layer

According to consumer reviews, there is no consensus on which of these models is superior. Everything is determined by personal predispositions and sympathies.

Of the imported models, electric waffle irons of such brands as CLATRONIC, MAXWELL, REDMOND, SATURN and many others have proven themselves in today's market.

Electric waffle maker Clatronik
Electric waffle maker Clatronik

Popular model

How to choose an electric waffle maker

In order to choose exactly the waffle iron that meets your individual culinary needs, you should pay attention to the following technical parameters of the device.

The material from which the waffle iron body is made

The plastic case has less weight and the cost of such devices is lower. However, in terms of operational reliability, a metal case is preferable, although it is more expensive.

Of no small importance for the convenience of the user are the rubberized handles of the device, stable, non-slip legs and the lid fixator, finished with a material that does not burn hands during operation.

Non-stick coating of cooking plates

The presence of this coating has become a technological standard for devices with a high operating temperature. As a rule, all modern waffle irons are produced with a spraying (or rolling) layer of a non-stick substance on the working surfaces. This allows you to bake quality crispy waffles without the use of oils.

In accordance with Russian standards, the coating thickness must be at least 20 microns. Some manufacturers, striving to improve the functionality of Teflon and its resistance to mechanical damage, add impurities from strong metals and minerals to the coating layer.

In practice, if the thickness of the photopolymer is not indicated in the technical passport of the product, it is possible to identify a high-quality coating by such a feature as roughness. It is she who indicates the presence of sealing materials. Smooth surfaces, on the other hand, indicate a thin layer and it is highly likely that a device with such a coating will not last long.

When examining, it is worth paying attention to the presence of chips and cracks and other mechanical damage to Teflon. They shouldn't be.

The technology of coating the surface of frypots with electrolytic ceramics has proven itself well


It is difficult to overestimate the importance of power in accelerating the process of baking waffles. There is a direct relationship here. The more power, the faster the dough will turn from a liquid mass into a crispy cookie. However, on the other hand, excessive power leads to high energy consumption. Therefore, the optimal for domestic use of a waffle iron is considered to be a power indicator from 650 to 1000 watts.

Heating regulation

A very useful option that allows you to adjust the degree of heating of the working surface. With its help, you can independently vary the temperature conditions, creating optimal conditions for baking one or another type of wafer.

Indicator of readiness of the device for work

Adds convenience when starting to cook. The fact is that you can load the dough only when the frying plates are heated to a certain temperature. It is for this purpose that there is an indicator made in the form of an LED located on the control panel.


If the baking process has been worked out and it is known exactly how long it takes the dough to turn into a finished product, using a timer allows you to do other things while frying is in progress. After a specified time, the device will automatically shut down and beep. There is no need to stand near the waffle iron and wait for it to be turned off or to load a new portion of raw materials.

Frying plate overturning function

It's no secret that under the influence of gravity, the dough adheres better to the lower surface of the waffle iron. The top of the waffle is cooked more slowly. The oil also drips downwards and the top of the biscuits may burn. Therefore, turning the product by 180 of the can significantly accelerate the process of baking. This is similar to turning over pancakes in a frying pan, only in this case the position of the "frying pans" themselves changes.

Video: how to choose a waffle iron

The choice of an electric waffle iron is based on financial capabilities and the specific wishes of the user. Devices equipped with a variety of additional devices are, of course, more expensive. Budget options are more affordable in price, but their service life may be shorter.

Electric waffle iron "Lakomka" - video

Table: rating of popular electric waffle irons by the type of baked goods they make (according to consumer reviews)

Category A place Name Rating Price
Best waffle makers for thin waffles one Maxwell MW-1571 10/10 1590
2 Saturn ST-EC 0153 9.8 / 10 1,300
3 VES SK-A8 9.7 / 10 1390
Best waffle makers for square Belgian (thick) waffles one Clatronic WA 3606 10/10 2250
2 Ariet 187 Party Time 9.9 / 10 2490
3 Princess 132400 9.8 / 10 2,200
Best Waffle Makers for Belgian Heart Shaped Waffles one Rommelsbacher WA 1000 / E 9.9 / 10 6,900
2 GFGrill GF-020 9.9 / 10 3690
3 Clatronic WA 3491 9.8 / 10 1890
Best all-round waffle maker with interchangeable panels one Smile WM 3607 9.8 / 10 3790

How to use different types of electric waffle irons

The operation of the electric waffle iron is not difficult and does not have any age or other restrictions. Everything is extremely simple and intuitive. However, before you start using the device, it is useful to read the instructions for use. Especially in cases where the appliance is equipped with a large number of functions or replaceable molds. Consulting a knowledgeable person will also speed up the learning process.

The temperature setting of the waffle iron is made according to recommendations or experimentally, depending on the type of baking

Frying time is determined by the recipe (availability of ingredients) and the desire to obtain a certain degree of "splendor" of the finished product. By adjusting the baking time, you can get soft or crunchy waffles, depending on individual preferences. Modern appliances provide ample opportunities for culinary experimentation and selection of the optimal cooking option.

After finishing cooking, the device must be unplugged and allowed to cool down. Before putting the waffle iron on the table for storage, it is recommended to clean its surface from residual fat and dough. It is best to store the device in a dry place, without temperature drops, in the original cardboard packaging to avoid dust or mechanical damage.

Waffle makers of the early generation, Soviet times, are distinguished by their unpretentiousness and ease of maintenance. Their use consists in observing basic safety measures (as with any electric heater) and proper storage. A high-quality metal case plays an important role in this. The decent weight gives the device reliable stability and ease of use.

Baking waffles consists in preparing the dough according to a special recipe and the actual manufacturing process. In the first minutes after removing the waffle from the waffle iron, it can be shaped in various forms - twisted in the form of a tube or a dessert horn. After cooling and hardening, cream, jam or other filler is added inside.

More modern waffle makers, equipped with various options, have replaceable molds and built-in electronics, require more attention in terms of operation. It will take some time and a careful study of the user manual to master all the functions. But in the end, the possibilities for baking various types of confectionery (and not only confectionery) products are significantly expanded. For true gourmets, a wide range of activities and an immense space for creativity opens up.

When handling baked goods, use only wooden or plastic utensils

This will protect the Teflon coating of the work surface from damage.

Possible problems and how to solve them

The main problems in the operation of the electric waffle iron are not so much malfunctions with the device, but the wrong mode of its use. The variety of recipes and types of baked products entails changes in temperature and baking time. The selection of their optimal combination is not always possible the first time and you have to experiment to get the desired result. Most often, users are faced with burning or sticking of wafers to the frying pan.

In order to adjust the desired time and temperature, you will have to make several trial attempts. In the process of finding the desired mode, it is recommended to grease the waffle iron form with vegetable oil or margarine, reduce the time or temperature.

At high temperatures during baking and intensive use, carbon deposits can remain on the walls of the trays. It looks like a dark lumpy plaque. If a lot of it accumulates, new waffles will fry unevenly, and zones of raw dough will form on their surface. To avoid this annoying defect, you should regularly clean the trays from carbon deposits. This can be done both with the help of potent detergents, and with simple folk remedies.

Under no circumstances should you use abrasive materials or try to scrape off carbon deposits with sharp objects. A thin Teflon layer can peel off immediately, and a high-quality non-stick coating can be significantly damaged. As a result, the problem of sticking baked goods will only get worse.

One of the effective methods of cleaning the waffle iron is to warm it up with a high temperature without loading the dough, "idle". In this case, care must be taken that the device does not overheat in excess.

The best advice for removing burnt fat is to remove it in time after each use of the appliance. Fresh and not dried scale can be removed quickly and effortlessly. Removing chronic build-up takes a lot of time and tedious stripping.

It must be remembered that the cleaning of the working surface should be carried out only on a completely cooled device and disconnected from the mains

Other problems with waffle makers are 90% related to their electrical equipment. The mechanical part of this device is primitively simple and rarely breaks down (with the exception of cheap models made of low-quality plastic). In the event of malfunctions in the electrical circuit or electronic control units, use a tester to find the cause and replace the broken part. This procedure will be carried out in the highest quality in a workshop specializing in the repair of electric heating devices. The worst of the options would be a burnout of the electric heater, but it can also be replaced or restored. Fortunately, this happens quite rarely, mainly as a result of untimely shutdown of the device or the ingress of water into the protective casing.

Electronic control devices suffer mainly from carelessness or mishandling. But they are also subject to repair and replacement. Only the implementation of the recommendations for correct operation can guarantee a long and flawless service of the electric waffle iron.

Regular preventive measures, as well as timely maintenance and compliance with the operating conditions of the electric waffle iron will allow you to enjoy the correct operation of the device, as well as tasty and healthy food for many years.

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