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How To Iron Trousers With And Without Arrows, The Nuances Of Ironing + Video And Photos
How To Iron Trousers With And Without Arrows, The Nuances Of Ironing + Video And Photos

Video: How To Iron Trousers With And Without Arrows, The Nuances Of Ironing + Video And Photos

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Video: How to Iron Pants - Smart Tricks You Need To Know 2023, February

How to iron your trousers to keep them flawless

Ironing trousers
Ironing trousers

Trousers have long become a universal piece of clothing not only for men, but also for women. Casual, sports, dress, home, summer cotton or linen, silk, with or without lining - there are many types of trousers. Often it gives the hostesses a lot of trouble to put things in order so that the fabric does not shine and the arrows are where they need to be. Let's figure out how to iron the pants correctly.

What you need to iron your pants properly

  • ironing board or table cover;
  • small pillow;
  • iron, preferably with steam function;
  • ironer - gauze or thin cotton fabric;
  • spray bottle with water;
  • vinegar;
  • soap, a remnant will do.


Inspect your pants before ironing. They must be absolutely clean, even a small stain will be imprinted on the fabric during ironing. This will not only ruin the appearance, but also create problems in removing this stain.

Check and clean pockets and hard-to-reach seams. It happens that after washing, matted fibers of the fabric are found in them, or you accidentally did not take out some piece of paper from your pocket before washing.

Turn the product inside out.

If pants made of linen or corduroy are dry, pre-treat them with a steam generator or spray a cloth from a spray bottle, fold and leave for 10-20 minutes. For the best effect, you can put it in a plastic bag so that the moisture does not evaporate. It is better to wrap the silk in a damp towel, the spray will leave stains on it. Dry products made from these fabrics are difficult to iron.

Getting started ironing

First you need to set the correct mode on the iron, depending on the fabric. This information is always indicated on a tag sewn to the inside of the product. But if the label is lost, use this table.

Ironing mode table for different fabrics

the cloth Temperature Steam Iron pressure Features:
Cotton 140-170 0 C wet


strong pre-hydration
Cotton with polyester 110 0 C a little


normal moisturizing, iron gently
Polyester "Minimum" or


without steam weak iron gently, with minimal


Viscose 120 0 C a little


common inside out through a damp cloth
Cotton with linen 180 0 C strong steam strong pre-moistening, ironing from inside out with steam
Linen 180-200 0 C strong steam strong humidification, strong steam, high

temperature, inside out

Silk 60-80 0 C without steam normal dry iron without steam through a damp

cloth on a fractional

Chiffon 60-80 0 C without steam weak do not moisten, through damp gauze
Nylon 60-80 0 C vertical


weak very carefully, it is better not to iron it
Semi-wool and wool 100-120 0 C steam, better


weak through a damp cloth
Denim soft 150 0 С

coarse 180-200 0 С

steam strong from the inside out, after moisturizing

from the face through a damp cloth

Jersey minimal

or medium



very weak inside out in the direction of the loops

Start ironing from the top. If necessary, moisten the iron, wring out and iron the belt, lining, pockets through it. Do not press down on the iron so that the seams are not printed on the front of the product. We iron things made of cotton and linen without an iron, this will not damage the fabric.

Iron the legs along the entire length of the front and back, bending the seams, iron them at the end with light pressure. Use the steam function.

Iron pants
Iron pants

Iron the trousers through damp gauze or a thin cloth

We turn the trousers to the front side. We iron as well as from the inside out, first the top. Pull the trousers over the ironing board or place a pillow. We rearrange the iron from place to place, as when steaming, and do not run it without stopping. Iron the trousers by turning them on the ironing board around the axis, or turning them on the table.

After ironing, give your trousers a little "rest" so that the moisture evaporates and they cool down. If put on immediately, trousers will quickly wrinkle.


Pants should not have wrinkles even in old age

Trousers with arrows

After ironing the trousers from the inside out, turning and ironing the top, fold the trousers so that the outside and inside seams match.

To do this, take the pants by the bottom of the legs and align all four seams. Then line up the seams at the top and place the garment on the ironing surface. Bending back the belt, align all the seams on top, straighten the product.

this type of clothing is most often sewn with darts in the front. They are the end point of the arrows with the correct cut. In other cases, the front belt loop will be the reference point. Fold the fabric along these marks and line up the right and left legs. At the back, the arrows taper off to the top of the middle seam.

According to experts, the arrow in the front should end 7 centimeters to the waist.

It is better to start ironing arrows from the knees. Place a damp iron on the fabric, put the iron on and wait until the fabric is completely dry. Then move the iron further. Moisten the fabric of the ironer periodically, it should not be dry.

Fold back the top leg and iron the inner surface of the bottom first. To prevent the fabric from moving, pre-moisten it slightly from the spray bottle. To prevent the seams from "floating away", you can fasten them together in several places with tailor's pins.

To finish the arrow at the top, fold back the top half of the pants at the center seam and press iron.

When you're done with one leg, iron the other.

After that, iron the pant legs from the outside, folding them evenly together.

After ironing, hang the trousers on the hanger. Do not wear until cool.

Trousers with arrows
Trousers with arrows

Correctly ironed trousers have perfect arrows

To keep the hands longer, sprinkle the inside of the fabric with water and starch or vinegar before ironing. After the arrows have been ironed, rub them from the inside with soap and once again go through the iron. You can also add vinegar to the water to moisten the gauze at the rate of 1 tablespoon per 1 glass of water. This will strengthen the arrows and prevent the fabric from shining.

Detailed instruction on video

Little tricks

  • If it happens that after ironing the fabric of the trousers is glazed, soak the gauze in water with the addition of vinegar and steam off the weasels, they will disappear. Another option: treat the weasels with aviation gasoline or refined gasoline for lighters and sprinkle with salt. When the stain is dry, shake off the salt and iron the item through a damp cloth;
  • If the trousers cannot be ironed, they can be steamed with a vertical steaming iron or with a steam generator. With a regular iron in a horizontal position, process in steam mode, keeping the iron at a distance of 1-3 centimeters from the surface. Do not touch the fabric with the iron;
  • After lengthening, the remaining crease on the trousers can be smoothed out through damp gauze. It is better to iron from the wrong side so that the fabric does not shine. Set the maximum temperature for this type of fabric, place the iron on the cheesecloth and hold until it dries. If necessary, repeat several times until the hall disappears. It is important to know that if there are abrasions in the place of the crease, they will not disappear.

It is not for nothing that folk wisdom says that they are greeted by their clothes. Correctly ironed trousers can add a plus to your karma in the eyes of others, and wrongly - spoil the impression of you. Knowledge and practice will help you keep your clothes in perfect order.

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