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How To Get Rid Of Weevils In The Kitchen In An Apartment, With What Means Can You Deal With Them At Home
How To Get Rid Of Weevils In The Kitchen In An Apartment, With What Means Can You Deal With Them At Home

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How to easily get rid of weevils in the kitchen


Weevils love our food supplies. The hostess starts to gag a little, and the pests are right there: they have occupied the kitchen, eat, and multiply. Our tips will help you get rid of weevils at home.

Meet the weevils

Weevils are among the beetles with a family of forty thousand species. Bright thermophilic representatives live in the tropics, cold and frost tolerate "only" about 5 thousand species.

These beetles are regulars in gardens and vegetable gardens. Moreover, the beetle larva competes with the adult, since the females use the flowers of berries and fruit trees to lay eggs, which leads to a decrease in the yield of fruits and berries.

Varieties of pest bugs

Most weevils are small beetles that differ in color and body shape. In the kitchen, the hostess can meet any of the elephants presented.


One of the worst pests that inhabit grain warehouses.

Barn weevil
Barn weevil

The "owner" of the grain warehouse gives 6-8 generations in two years of his life

The beetle is 2.1–4.0 mm long, brown in color. It cannot fly, but this does not prevent the insect from infecting grain warehouses in a short time, from where the weevils enter the kitchen. Gives 3-4 generations per year. Adults live up to two years. This is the most voracious beetle of the weevils. Likes to eat cereals and flour products.


No less dangerous neighbor in the kitchen looks like a barn brother, but not matured - the length is 2.0–3.2 mm. This beetle can fly. For the development of larvae, he chooses grains of cereals (wheat, rye, barley), as well as rice, peas, corn.

Rice weevil
Rice weevil

Reduce the yield of grain crops by 35-75%

Adults do not disdain flour, breadcrumbs, cookies, pasta. The beetle lives 240 days and gives 2–3 generations.


The beetle is dark in color with an oblong head ending in a proboscis and antennae. The length of the weevil is up to 0.7 cm. White larvae are distinguished by a brown head and the absence of legs. He prefers to live in places where hazel and walnut are stored. The pest is dangerous in that it gnaws holes in the still unripe hazelnut with the help of the proboscis. Then it lays eggs inside the fetus, from which larvae appear, hibernating there until spring. The pest spreads through migration. This is facilitated by the high temperature and high humidity.

How to get rid of weevils in the kitchen

The kitchen attracts pests with the warmth and abundance of food, so it is not easy to exterminate them! You need to be patient and practice proven methods of exterminating weevils. It is advisable to use natural remedies.

How to get rid of a weevil in the kitchen
How to get rid of a weevil in the kitchen

The smell of garlic scares away weevils

The people advise

  • Treat the surfaces of kitchen furniture with soap and water, and then a weakly acidic solution of table vinegar.
  • Bay leaves, crushed cloves, chestnuts will help scare off elephants with a smell.
  • Place the peeled and uncut cloves of garlic in a container with cereals under the lid, and arrange the flowers of tansy and lavender on the shelves in the cabinet.
  • Place cereals in the freezer for several days.
  • Preheat the oven to 60 degrees and fry the cereals in it for a few minutes. Remember that cereals from such processing lose their nutrients.
  • Do not purchase products in stock, while looking at the date of manufacture. The faster the food is used, the less chance the weevils have to occupy the kitchen.
  • Periodically inspect flour, cereals, pasta, beans, peas for insects. Beetles also do not disdain tea, dried fruits, spices. They love beans and peas.

Simple rules for storing food

  • Purchase containers made of glass, food-grade plastic, or stainless steel with tight-fitting lids. Do not use paper bags, since the weevil will easily gnaw through the walls.
  • Before reuse, wash the containers with a solution of baking soda or salt (a teaspoon in a glass of water). Mustard and vinegar help in the same proportions.
  • Store bulk food only in dry containers in a dark and cool place, preferably on the bottom shelf of your kitchen cabinet.
  • To repel insects, put a dried orange peel on the bottom of the container.
Plastic kitchen containers
Plastic kitchen containers

Containers made of glass, stainless steel, food grade plastic with tight-fitting lids will leave no chance for weevils

Video: how to store cereals so that pests do not start

If the weevils have already started, proven methods and preparations must be urgently used against them.

Chemistry treatment

Poisonous substances are used when the weevils managed to become the owners of the house or plot. The townspeople may notice the appearance of bugs on indoor plants. Weevils love to lay their eggs in flower buds and taste green shoots.

Preparations against weevils
Preparations against weevils

Read the instructions before use

It is worth remembering that no toxic substances are sprayed near food and dishes. The drugs themselves are stored out of the reach of children.

To combat weevils, use:

  • Inta-Vir. The drug is toxic. Observe safety rules when using. So that no one is poisoned, there should be no other residents in the treated room.
  • "Fufanon". It is used to combat many types of garden and vegetable pests.

Leaves and flowers are treated with a solution prepared according to the instructions.

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To avoid weevils in the kitchen, observe the rules of cleanliness and sanitization of surfaces, choose quality products in the store, check the packaging and storage times. Inspect stocks of cereals, flour, beans, cereals more often. If you spot weevils in your home, roll up your sleeves and clean up the pest.

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