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Talking Raven Vasya Wants To Eat: Funny Video
Talking Raven Vasya Wants To Eat: Funny Video
Video: Talking Raven Vasya Wants To Eat: Funny Video

Talking Raven Vasya wants to eat: video with an amazing pet


Today, few people can be surprised by talking animals, because the Internet is teeming with various videos about cats and dogs that utter sounds similar to human speech, and, of course, about parrots that can even sing songs. But a video can also be found with an unusual pet, from which you do not expect to hear even a simple word. A vivid example is the video where Vasya the raven says he wants to eat.

Raven Vasya really wants to eat

Crows are large birds of the corvidae family, which many associate only with horror films and cause fear. Sometimes one glance at a large bird with dense black plumage and a sharp beak is enough to change the route. However, few people know about the outstanding abilities of ravens.

It turns out that parrots have serious competition as imitators of human speech - crows do an excellent job of this task. It's hard to believe, but a three-year-old video, in which Vasya the raven talks about his species and declares that he wants to eat, is a real documentary confirmation of this fact.

Man stroking a crow
Man stroking a crow

The black crow can not only be tamed, but also taught to speak

The bird Vasily is tame, and it even has its own YouTube channel "Vasya Voron TV". In this video, he not only asks for food, but also laughs, says "wow" and "meow". And having received a well-deserved meal from the hostess - fresh fish - he prudently hid it in the snow and returned for more. This is where it becomes clear that crows are not only talented imitators, but also good strategists.

Video with a talking raven

Surprisingly, not only a parrot can become a pleasant companion, but also a black crow. In the video, a bird named Vasily demonstrates what she has learned and what words she can reproduce.

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