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What Home Bugs Appear From, How To Get Rid Of Them (folk Remedies, Etc.), How They Look, Video
What Home Bugs Appear From, How To Get Rid Of Them (folk Remedies, Etc.), How They Look, Video

Video: What Home Bugs Appear From, How To Get Rid Of Them (folk Remedies, Etc.), How They Look, Video

Video: 7 Effective Ways to Get Rid of All Insects at Home 2022, December

Means of dealing with domestic bugs

All domestic insect pests bring a lot of trouble, but the question of how to get rid of domestic bugs is always relevant. It is very easy to make mistakes during the processing of premises, which will lead to recovery and subsequent growth of the population. In addition, bed bugs quickly become accustomed to chemicals, which over time can negate attempts to get rid of them. Therefore, today we will talk in detail about the fight against bedbugs.


  • 1 Where do the bugs come from in our house?
  • 2 You need to know the enemy by sight: what these insects look like
  • 3 The most common methods of fighting parasites
  • 4 How to prevent bedbugs from appearing in your apartment
  • 5 Chemicals for insect control
  • 6 What will help you get rid of parasites
  • 7 Video about the fight against bedbugs in the apartment

Where do the bugs come from in our house?

Everyone who has ever woken up from the bites of these annoying insects knows what bugs look like. But where do bedbugs come from in a clean, comfortable apartment? It turns out that there are several ways for them to enter the home.

  1. Firstly, bedbugs can easily sneak into your apartment from neighboring rooms. If not very clean and tidy neighbors live next to you, you can be sure that there will be no release from insects, and it is very difficult to remove them. Bedbugs move freely inside apartment buildings not only along ventilation shafts: the flat body allows them to penetrate where even the cracks are not visible.
  2. In the suburbs and the private sector, the invasion of bedbugs is not so obvious, but it is also possible. Bedbugs find human habitation by smell, and move into it with the help of pets, which are parasitized from time to time.
  3. Often the owners themselves give birth to these unexpected "tenants" without even knowing about it. Having been on vacation in distant warm countries, we bring insatiable bloodsuckers from the local hotels along with pleasant impressions. This is especially true for tourists who have light vacation and change several hotels during their vacation.
  4. Buying furniture, especially from your hands, can give you an unexpected surprise. New furniture in a warehouse or store is not the most convenient option for bedbugs, so you probably won't find them there. But buying a bed or sofa from a neighbor, you may find in a couple of days that the matter is unclean here.
  5. Bedbugs love to hide in the folds of their clothes. Since they are slow and clumsy, they simply will not have time to escape from your jacket when you are about to go home from friends. Thus, having visited an infected apartment, you will bring home a couple of unpleasant tenants.
places in the apartment where domestic bugs can start
places in the apartment where domestic bugs can start

Bedbugs are usually found in these places.

But in fact, cases of transfer and relocation of bedbugs are not so frequent. Usually these insects live in one place for a long time, they just do not immediately give out their presence. Only when their population reaches large numbers will you see and feel them. And that's when you need to immediately get down to business.

You need to know the enemy by sight: what these insects look like

House bugs, or as they are also popularly called - sofa, furniture or bed bugs, are small insects, the adults of which are dark brown in color, and the larvae are lighter, almost yellow. They have a body flattened from the back and wide at the sides, which allows them to squeeze into the most inaccessible places. But after drinking blood, these insects become very swollen, elongated.

Although house bugs belong to the order of Hemiptera, they do not have wings, contrary to popular belief. What we mistake for bedbugs flying around the room is really just jumping and planning. It costs nothing for an insect to climb to the ceiling, and from there jump onto a bed or a person. They do this especially intensively when the population of bedbugs has increased significantly, and it is necessary to fight for food by any means.

house bugs and laying of their eggs
house bugs and laying of their eggs

This is how bed bugs, their larvae and a clutch of eggs look like

Bed bugs are small insects. An adult has a body 4-8 mm long, a larva 1-4 mm. In an adult hungry bug, the body width is almost equal to the length, it looks like a small copper coin.

Domestic bugs have a specific smell that cannot be confused with anything else. It is emitted by a secret that females secrete to fix a clutch of eggs on the surface. This smell can be compared to bad cognac or fermented berries. If you feel it, then the apartment is already heavily contaminated.

Bedbug eggs are elongated, similar to rice grains, but very small, about a millimeter in length. If such an egg is located separately from the colony, then it can either be overlooked or confused with anything. But females make clutches in secluded, inconspicuous places, so finding them is not easy at all.

The most common methods of fighting parasites

There are many such methods, but they differ from the methods of fighting other insects, like cockroaches and ants. Bedbugs have more developed resistance to insecticides and adaptation to different types of poisons than others. Therefore, common chemicals, popular 5 years ago, today can no longer cope with bedbugs in your apartment.

In addition, the destruction of these insects can be fraught with danger to humans. After all, you have to process bedrooms, beds, upholstered furniture, children's rooms. But nevertheless, you can choose the right remedy, and most importantly - the current method.

exterminator at work
exterminator at work

Pest control will help completely destroy bedbugs

The main methods of dealing with bedbugs include the following:

  1. Application of insecticides - powder, aerosol, or concentrated, intended for dilution in water and spraying. Such funds are used most often because they are effective and do not require special equipment or special conditions for use.
  2. Method of temperature exposure: bedbugs are frozen, treated with boiling water, steam or heat, contaminated linen is boiled. These methods are absolutely safe for humans, but they are not easy to implement. Freezing can lead to rupture of heating pipes, and heat treatment will require the use of powerful industrial hair dryers.
  3. Mechanical methods include killing insects and their nests by hand or with a vacuum cleaner. Such methods are ineffective and very time consuming; with their help, you will only reduce the population, but not destroy it.
  4. Folk remedies. They are designed to prevent infection and to repel insects rather than to destroy them.

If the apartment is heavily contaminated, then you will have to turn to the services of professional exterminators. Insects hide not only in upholstered furniture, but also in ceilings, walls, under floors and even in household appliances, so it will be difficult for you to reach them

How to prevent bedbugs from entering your apartment

Remember that for bedbugs there is no difference between an elite housing and an unfit hut, so constant maintenance of cleanliness in the apartment will not save you from insect infestations. The ways of their penetration are water pipes and heating systems, ventilation ducts, windows, doors, sockets. You can bring bed bugs on your clothes, in your bag or backpack, and they will settle in the places where you usually sleep or rest.

house bugs on furniture
house bugs on furniture

Bedbugs like to hide in folds of fabric, clothing or upholstery

To block any access to parasites in your home, use the simple tips available.

  1. Get a handy clothes dryer. After visiting suspicious rooms, process all things in it at a temperature of at least 50 degrees: the bugs are guaranteed to die.
  2. After a long journey, if you often spent the night in rooms where your neighbors probably had bedbugs, pack your belongings and bags in vacuum bags. Take them to the dry cleaner, where the insects will be "taken care of".
  3. In summer, be sure to use mosquito nets on your windows. Adults are unable to penetrate the cells.
  4. Insulate the outlets additionally by covering the excess holes with silicone.
  5. Place bunches of lavender, wormwood or tansy in the vents and replace them every two weeks. Processing with mothballs or vinegar will also help. Harsh aromas will mask the smell of a person and scare off bedbugs.

But if prevention is done late and there are too many bedbugs in the apartment, you need to act with more accurate means.

Insect control chemicals

We will consider the most common insecticides today, which can be purchased without problems in specialized stores. They are used by professional exterminators, but they are quite easy to use.

insecticides against domestic bugs
insecticides against domestic bugs

Use modern remedies against harmful household insects

  1. A very effective preparation "Executioner" based on fenthion. It is dissolved in proportions of 1 bottle per 0.5 liters of water, poured into a spray bottle and all surfaces in the apartment are treated. During processing, the rooms should be free of residents and pets, the windows should be closed. After processing, the apartment should stand longer, preferably a couple of days, after which it must be ventilated, washed all surfaces and washed linen, clothes, curtains.
  2. The good old "Karbofos" is perhaps the only remedy to which the bugs do not develop immunity. Its principle of operation is nerve effect. Processing is carried out in the same way as the "Executioner", but be sure to use gloves, a respirator mask and closed clothing.
  3. "Combat" - spray for bedbugs. The form in which it is produced is very user-friendly and very effective. The only drawback is that a lot of cylinders will be required: 1 cylinder is consumed for 5 sq. area.
  4. The difference between Mikrofos is in its long-term residual effect, the effect of which lasts for a month. This substance will save you not only from bedbugs, but also from ants and cockroaches.
  5. "Pyrethrum" is an extract of chamomile flowers, which is available in powder form. In fact, of all the insecticides popular today, this one is the only one made on a natural basis. In order to destroy bedbugs, Feverfew must be poured in places where insects accumulate and where they most often move.
  6. Raptor, Chlorophos, Tetrix, Fufanon and some other drugs are similar in release form and properties, which, when fully processed, allow the apartment to completely destroy bedbugs in it.

All these funds are available on the domestic market, and which one to use is up to you. Ask acquaintances who have faced the same troubles that they used to kill bed bugs at home, and think about what applies to you.

What will help you get rid of parasites


Video about the fight against bedbugs in the apartment

We hope that our tips will help you get rid of the neighborhood with these unpleasant insects. Perhaps you know some other methods of dealing with bedbugs, share them in the comments. Comfort for your home!

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