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How To Get Rid Of Mice In The Country, How To Scare Them Away, Folk Remedies To Combat Them
How To Get Rid Of Mice In The Country, How To Scare Them Away, Folk Remedies To Combat Them

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Mice are not allowed to enter the dacha

mouse in a mousetrap
mouse in a mousetrap

Almost all summer residents are faced with the problem of the appearance of mice. And if in the summer rodents find food in the garden or vegetable garden, then with the onset of cold weather they move to country houses. It is easier to prevent their appearance than to deal with an ever-growing family. Of course, they are excellent conspirators, but an attentive host will immediately notice the appearance of uninvited guests.


  • 1 Signs of the appearance of mice
  • 2 Ways to deal with mice in the country in the winter
  • 3 Folk methods of struggle in the country

    • 3.1 Homemade traps

      • 3.1.1 Zhivolovka
      • 3.1.2 Homemade trap "Water captivity"
  • 4 Physical methods of killing mice

    4.1 Photo gallery: physical methods of killing mice

  • 5 Chemicals for the elimination of mice

    5.1 Video: Using a chemical rodent control

  • 6 Ultrasonic devices

    6.1 Video: how to use ultrasonic repellents

Signs of the appearance of mice

If the mice have just appeared and have not become insolent enough to calmly move around the territory, their appearance can be determined by the following signs:

  • damaged bark on trees;
  • fruits on the branches, vegetables and seedlings in the beds were gnawed;
  • Minks appeared near the walls of outbuildings and a country house;
  • presence of droppings with a characteristic odor along the foundation outside and baseboards inside the building;
  • cats and dogs behave strangely, as if they are tracking someone;
  • eggs disappear in the hen house;
  • paths or footprints along the walls;
  • holes in boxes and bags with grain products;
  • holes in the insulation and wall cladding;
  • spoiled clothing, blankets and other textiles;
  • at night rustle and squeak is heard.

Ways to deal with mice in the country in the winter

In order not to fight rodents all winter, you need to follow some simple recommendations that will prevent the appearance of mice in the house in winter:

  • Carefully inspect the basement of the building and seal up all the holes, after placing a rag soaked in vinegar or ammonia in them.
  • Ventilation openings should be covered with metal grilles with fine mesh.
  • In the summer season, it is recommended to plant mint and lemon balm around the perimeter of the house. Even in winter, the smell from these plants remains on the walls and scares away animals.
  • Before the beginning of the winter season, carefully remove all debris, cut branches, especially the remnants of grain and vegetables.
  • There is no need to leave the harvested crop in the country, it will lure rodents.
  • All edible products (especially cereals) should be stored in glass, iron or plastic containers, but not in canvas bags. If there is no other option and a large amount of grain needs to be stored, the bag should be tied to the ceiling in the middle of the room. This is not a panacea, but it will help preserve the crop for a while.

Mice have an excellent sense of smell, so strong odors in the house can scare them away. To do this, you can use pharmacy oils, colognes and dry herbs:

  1. Peppermint oil is the best option. It can be purchased at any pharmacy for a symbolic price. Pieces of cotton wool or rags must be moistened with a solution and spread out in secluded corners of the house. If there are burrows in the walls, the fragrant pieces should be shoved into the hole and sealed with foam on top.
  2. The rosemary branches with leaves need to be shoved into the hole.
  3. Elderberry trees are tied to seedlings to protect the bark from pests. It is also planted near compost pits.
  4. Scatter chamomile on the floor throughout the house. Lay out bundles of this fragrant plant near food supplies.
  5. Wormwood, due to its pungent and persistent smell, drives away rodents both from the site in the summer and from the house in winter.
  6. Tomato tops, laid out around seedlings and shrubs, will well protect them from rodents.
  7. Bunches of garlic or branches of black currant with leaves, hung around the house, will scare away.


    The plant is moderately toxic to mammals, so where the elderberry grows, small rodents will not settle

Folk methods of struggle in the country

The first thing that comes to mind in this situation is to get a cat. This method is suitable for the summer season, when someone is constantly living in the country. The cat is not always a good mouse-catcher and can cope with the problem. However, even the presence of a kitten in the house can scare the mouse and form a blood clot in its stomach, which leads to the death of the individual.

A mixture of a tablespoon of melted fat with four tablespoons of flour and two tablespoons of barium carbonate, rolled into balls and laid out near minks, leads to the death of rodents. This mixture will not harm people or pets.

Ashes of woody trees contain alkali, which eats away at the legs and stomach of mice, and they leave their homes.

Homemade traps

If all methods did not give the desired result and there is enough time, you can try to catch rodents using homemade traps.


It is not difficult to make a live trap with your own hands:

  1. You need to take a glass bottle with a narrow neck (a beer bottle works well).
  2. Drop a few drops of sunflower oil (unrefined) and twist it well around its axis. The walls should be well greased.
  3. After that, you need to fix the bottle at an angle, with the neck up and build a platform to access the neck.

The fragrant oil lures the mouse and it gets into the bottle, but cannot get out along the slippery walls.

Glass bottle livestock
Glass bottle livestock

Trap for mice from available tools

Homemade trap "Water captivity"

Another option for a homemade trap:

  1. Pour half a 10 liter bucket of water and place where rodents are most likely to appear.
  2. Take a thick wire or round stick and put a tin can over it so that it rotates freely.
  3. Fix a few pieces of cheese or sausage on the jar.
  4. Place the structure on a bucket of water.
  5. Build a platform for easy access to the top of the bucket.
Homemade rat trap
Homemade rat trap

The mouse will easily walk on the platform, but when it steps on the can, it will turn over and the lover of tasty things will be in the water

Physical methods of killing mice

There are physical methods of killing mice:

  1. The most common way to catch rodents is with a mousetrap. But it is not always effective. It so happens that the mouse can eat the bait, but the trap will not work.
  2. A live-catcher differs from a mousetrap in that the animal remains alive and simply cannot get out into the wild. It is a container with a trigger, which is activated by a hook with a bait. When the mouse pulls on the bait, the mechanism is triggered and the exits are closed.
  3. An electronic trap is a battery or mains powered container. The animal comes to the smell of a treat placed inside. A special indicator records the entry of a rodent into the container. In this case, all outputs are closed and a lethal discharge of current affects the pest. This device is safe for children and animals, as it has very small holes in the form of cones. If the device is not properly closed, it is immediately de-energized.
  4. A glue trap can be purchased ready-made or you can buy a special glue and make it yourself. The glue is non-toxic and odorless. The only inconvenience to use is the possibility of getting dirty. To apply the product, you can use tiles, plastic, thick plywood, cardboard, glass. Apply glue to the surface in strips at a distance of 1-2 cm from each other. Put a treat in the center of the trap. The best option is to use cardboard or plywood, which can then be thrown away.

Photo gallery: physical methods of killing mice


The mechanical mousetrap needs to be recharged and cleaned


It is better to choose a bait in a live trap with a strong aroma in order to attract a rodent.

Mouse glue trap
Mouse glue trap

The glue trap is easy to make yourself

Electronic mouse trap
Electronic mouse trap

The discharge of the current instantly hits the rodent

Chemicals to kill mice

And yet the most effective are chemical agents (poisons). They differ in speed of action and release forms. There are fast-acting and cumulative drugs. Rodent poison is available in the form of powder, gel, tablets or solution, which is impregnated with grain.

Video: using a chemical agent against rodents

Poisons such as "Rat Death", "Zoocoumarin", "Hunter Anti-Rodent", "Nutcracker" causes signs of suffocation and forces the individual to go out into the street, which will further eliminate the search for the source of an unpleasant odor.

Poison "Rat Death"
Poison "Rat Death"

The poison causes asphyxiation and subsequently death of mice

There are also drugs with a mummifying effect, such as "OtKrys", "Krysid", "Storm", "Goliath" when using such a poison, animal corpses dry out and do not decompose.

Poison "OtKrys"
Poison "OtKrys"

Poison from Rat has mummifying properties

The agent "Bactorodencid" is also popular, which through several representatives infects the entire population with mouse typhus. The disadvantage of this remedy is the presence of decomposing corpses with a characteristic odor.


Bacterodencid infects the entire population with mouse typhus

Ultrasonic devices

The principle of operation of the devices is based on the release of ultrasonic waves that are not perceived by the human ear. However, in mice, the waves cause a great deal of discomfort. After a month, the rodents will leave the territory.

The only drawback of such devices is that the presence of furniture prevents the passage of waves and the efficiency decreases

Ultrasonic Repeller
Ultrasonic Repeller

Ultrasonic devices can be powered by an outlet or batteries

There are many devices on the market designed for different areas and operating conditions: "Electrokot", "Grad", "Typhoon", "Tornado". When buying, you must carefully study the instructions and choose the best option.

Video: how to use ultrasonic scarers

All methods of dealing with mice in the country are effective. Sometimes you have to try different options until you find the right one. And if you combine several of them, the result can be obtained faster. But it should be remembered that it is easier to prevent the appearance of rodents than to get rid of a family of mice later.

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