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How To Get Rid Of Crickets In An Apartment Or House From Where They Can Appear In Your Home
How To Get Rid Of Crickets In An Apartment Or House From Where They Can Appear In Your Home

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How to get rid of crickets in your home

cricket at home
cricket at home

In fairy tales, crickets are always positive heroes, many good signs are associated with them. Therefore, in life, a person's attitude towards these insects is good-naturedly condescending.


  • 1 What does a cricket look like, photo
  • 2 Why and where do these insects appear in an apartment or house
  • 3 How to get rid of crickets (with reviews)

    • 3.1 Traps
    • 3.2 Folk recipes
    • 3.3 Chemicals

      3.3.1 Comparative characteristics of methods of dealing with crickets

  • 4 How to prevent guests from re-entering

What does a cricket look like, photo

As soon as insects become neighbors of people in an apartment or at home, everything changes. Night trills are far from everyone's liking, and outwardly insects are more reminiscent of few pleasant cockroaches.


A domestic cricket looks like a Prussian cockroach

The house cricket is a small insect. The body is slender, slightly flattened. It is covered with a hard shell from grayish-yellow and straw-yellow color to rather dark shades of brown with specks, stains and spots.

Small eyes are located on the sides of the flattened ovoid head. Long antennae are often larger than the owner himself. The insect has well developed wings. There are 3 pairs of legs. Thanks to the special structure of the rear legs, crickets can jump perfectly. A characteristic feature of insects is the ability to issue specific trills, curl.

Why and where do these insects appear in an apartment or house

In nature, crickets live close to humans, preferring old buildings with many cracks, old rugs and high humidity. With a cold snap, insects move to new buildings, meeting even on the upper floors. The reason is the renovation or complete reconstruction of the house.

One of the reasons for the appearance of uninvited guests in a multi-storey building is the breeding of "night singers" by one of its inhabitants and the escape of crickets from the place of detention.

Insects can be delivered both as part of the product and in things from the previous home.

In human homes, insects need warmth and food. Damp warm rooms with plentiful food have become favorite places for crickets. Therefore, the lack of cleanliness, a considerable amount of food waste in uncovered trash cans are perceived by insects as invitation cards.

House crickets have chosen warm basements, warehouses, industrial premises, and heating plants as their habitats. The "Night Musician" also settles in people's homes. Crickets move into the premises with a cold snap.

Insects are omnivorous. In natural conditions, they prefer plant foods. But the diet is diversified by eating other insects and even young individuals of their own species.

During the day, uninvited guests hide under the baseboards, hiding in dark secluded corners.

Finding "neighbors" is possible only with the onset of darkness by sound

How to get rid of crickets (with reviews)

Not all people like night singing. Therefore, they try to evict night singers, the cause of sleepless nights, from the house, despite the good omens associated with these insects.

If a cricket has started up in the house, it is important to get rid of the restless neighbor immediately, until several individuals settle in the room: the cricket attracts females by chirping. After breeding, the "executors" will have to be treated with insecticides, and workers of special services will have to be called for disinsection.

Traps, “grandma's” means and chemicals are used to rid the home of uninvited guests.

However, the safest method is to dry and ventilate the premises. With a lack of moisture, crickets die or leave the apartments. And this option does not harm the health of the inhabitants of the house


Feeders are one of the simplest methods of dealing with crickets. A little molasses is mixed with water, the finished mass is placed in a deep vessel. The insect sweets will certainly go for a treat and get inside the container. They cannot get out on their own.

More difficult to manufacture "trapping pit". For her, they take a two-level container, set it on a bowl. Mix sweet corn flakes with milk, add sugar and place the bait in the bottom container, pouring into the upper alcohol.

The aroma of the food will attract the attention of the crickets. They will start flying over the tank. Alcohol fumes will kill insects.

It is important to use alcohol: only it is harmful to insects.

A sticky trap will help you catch crickets. The tape is hung up where uninvited guests were seen. It is recommended to purchase some sticky traps.

Insect tape
Insect tape

Sticky tape helps to get rid of pet crickets

Folk recipes

Scare off with a cricket with an effective wormwood broth.

  1. 2 large tablespoons of chopped grass are poured with a liter of water.
  2. The composition is boiled for 5 minutes, covered with a lid, removed from heat and insisted for 2 hours.
  3. The product is filtered, poured into a container with a spray bottle.
  4. The compound is sprayed on all surfaces, including skirting boards and window frames.

Powder of pyrethrum, Persian chamomile helps in the fight against insects quite well. Crickets cannot stand the characteristic aroma. Therefore, the natural remedy is used to scare away night "singers", to survive them from the home. The powder is scattered in areas where restless neighbors appear.

Sealing wax helps a lot. It is lit by fumigating the apartment. The insects do not tolerate the smell of such smoke and leave the room.

It is more troublesome for people to hunt. Since crickets are awake at night, you have to try to destroy the enemy when the light is on. You have to be guided by the sound made by the insect. Having determined approximately the location of the singer, they light a flashlight and show dexterity. Fly swatter and slippers are also used.

Insects have excellent hearing and reaction: they do not allow them to get closer than 3 meters

There is an old-fashioned way for private houses. A sweet bait is prepared for the crickets, leaving a sweet fruit in the place where uninvited guests are concentrated. At night, insects go for a tempting treat. Here they are caught.

The habitat of the cricket is poured with boiling water. This method works in a private house, but the method is unacceptable in an apartment.

If a cat or a dog lives in the house, then catching a cricket will not be a problem for the owners of the premises. The animal catches the "night singers" and eats them. Insects are especially loved by more exotic pets, lizards, for example. It is for their feeding that insects are specially bred.

It is good to hang feeders next to the house so that the birds catch crickets.


If the night performers managed to lay eggs, then more serious measures will be required. Of the toxic drugs, Dichlorvos-based products are suitable. The drugs "Super", "Varan", "Neo" are effective.

The “Brownie” gel has a destructive effect on adults. The drug is used to treat the habitats of uninvited guests. The procedures are carried out over several days. The universal aerosol preparation "Prima-71", "Neofos-2" works well.

Aerosol products are more effective

Repeated insecticidal treatment will help to get rid of young individuals hatched from eggs. It is carried out in compliance with safety precautions.

  1. Be sure to wear a protective suit, plastic glasses, and a respirator. For hand protection - gloves.
  2. The doors and windows of the room are closed, people, animals leave the house. They even take out an aquarium with fish.
  3. Shake the can with "Dichlorvos" several times and start spraying. All habitats where crickets have been sighted are treated. The composition must be sprayed on all surfaces, not disregarding the corners of the room. It is optimal to do this from a distance of 25-30 centimeters.
  4. All areas are thoroughly treated, the composition is sprayed into the cracks behind the skirting boards lagging behind the walls. The container is held from the face at arm's length to protect it from poisonous vapors.
  5. The room is left after the completion of disinsection for 6 hours.
  6. After the specified time has elapsed, the windows are opened, airing the dwelling for half an hour. Remove dead insects with a vacuum cleaner. Be sure to throw the filter away from your home. Pass with a vacuum cleaner near the corners, at the baseboards, in the corners.
  7. After doing wet cleaning.
  8. After 40–70 days, re-treatment is carried out to destroy adult insects that have emerged from eggs that have not been noticed during the first treatment.

Traps alone will not cope with bred "singers". It is impossible to do without aerosols and mechanical destruction of egg clutches

Of the modern insecticides, the most effective drug is Tarax.

  1. It is diluted with water in the ratio recommended by the instructions; it is diluted with water and the room is treated.
  2. The insecticide forms a film upon drying. After contact with it, insects die.

During the processing of the premises, the inhabitants will have to leave it.

Sunlight and fat negatively affect the effectiveness of the drug.

Ovipositions are most often found in the carpet pile. If a crackling family has already emerged in the room, then it is best to purchase a special filter to retain the smallest particles for the vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum the place of masonry, seal the bag hermetically, pack it in a plastic bag and throw it away. This will help you get rid of house crickets forever

In the absence of special insecticides, hairsprays and deodorants are effective. It is important to choose a product with a strong aroma. Aerosol is sprayed into the crack where the night troublemaker is hiding. The insect gets out. Here you have to show miracles of dexterity.

Comparative characteristics of methods of dealing with crickets

Way Benefits disadvantages
Sealing wax Effective, repels insects.

You don't have to leave the apartment for a long time.

Just do the processing yourself.

The smoke irritates the eyes.

Care should be taken when fumigating.

Wormwood infusion Natural, does not contain chemicals.

Harmless to humans, animals.

No pungent smell.

Cooking takes time.
Pyrethrum The naturalness of the product.

Ease of application technique.

No preparation required.

We'll have to clean up the traces of powder after the eviction of uninvited guests.

The powder is carried around the apartment.

Duct tape You don't need to catch insects. The tapes stick to hair and skin, leaving unpleasant marks.
Hunting with improvised means No harm to health. It is ineffective if the cricket is not alone in the house.
Chemicals Effective.

All insects are destroyed.

The processing will have to be repeated.

For the duration of the work, you must leave the house.

Great care is required when working.

Ventilation, moisture reduction Safe for animals and people.


You don't need to kill insects.

You can cool the room and dry the air excessively. This is harmful to the health of the inhabitants of the house.

If none of the actions helped and the crickets get bored at night, you need to contact a specialist.

Professionals will carry out pest control. For their time, however, the room will have to leave, and then to carry out cleaning, to clean textiles, furniture, to air the house for a long time. But it's worth it: the night guests will stop bothering.

However, in order not to have to re-experience all the "charms" of the struggle, it is advisable to carry out prevention.

How to prevent guests from re-appearing

Sealing all the cracks, cracks through which crickets can enter the house will help prevent re-settling. Insects can get into the room if there are cracks and holes in the floor and baseboards near the sewer pipes.

  • Mosquito nets are attached to the windows so that insects cannot get into the home.
  • The corners near the batteries are also treated with special sprays for effective destruction of the larvae.
  • Be sure to close the trash bin tightly so as not to attract crickets by odors.
  • It is important not to leave crumbs on the table, immediately removing food debris.
  • Dampness in the premises is unacceptable. It is imperative to warn employees of the management company or employees of sanitary services about the accumulation of water in the basements.
  • Residents of lower floors or private houses require special attention. In the evenings, it is necessary to close the curtains, lower the blinds so as not to attract uninvited guests from the insect world with bright light.
  • To illuminate the courtyard, it is recommended to use medium-power luminaires, preferably yellow.
  • Ventilation grilles are covered with a fine mesh.
  • Place the compost heaps away from private homes, in the far corners of the plot.
  • Greenery near the dwelling is cut regularly, climbing plants are not recommended to be planted close to the dwelling.

If night trills do not cause insomnia, and the appearance of insects does not seem repulsive, then the neighborhood can be quite pleasant. However, there are ways to get rid of restless guests. And they should be used so as not to turn life into constant stress.

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