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How To Make Money On The Internet Without Investments And Risks: Fast And Real Ways For Beginners And Experienced Users, Reviews And Advice
How To Make Money On The Internet Without Investments And Risks: Fast And Real Ways For Beginners And Experienced Users, Reviews And Advice
Video: How To Make Money On The Internet Without Investments And Risks: Fast And Real Ways For Beginners And Experienced Users, Reviews And Advice
Video: FREE $120 PER HOUR By Watching YouTube Videos (Make Money Online) 2023, February

Making money online: will it help you become richer or make you bankrupt?

Making money online is an affordable way to improve your financial situation
Making money online is an affordable way to improve your financial situation

Most of us have a budget item “for the soul”: a stylish dress, fishing tackle, collectible items … All this costs a lot of money, which has to be withdrawn from family income or deny ourselves this little joy. But what if you have a source of income that allows you to enjoy life without harming other family members? This is exactly what earning money on the Internet can be for each of us.


  • 1 How much can you earn on the Internet and can this type of earnings replace an official place of work?

    1.1 Pros of making money on the Internet

  • 2 What skills and means you need to have to work on the Internet

    • 2.1 How to register on WebMoney - video
    • 2.2 How to register in Yandex.Money - video
  • 3 Basic Requirements for Safe Internet Operation

    • 3.1 Vigilance and caution
    • 3.2 Don't download unknown files
    • 3.3 Trust in antivirus and browsers
    • 3.4 Distrust of bright banners
  • 4 Dangerous or Useless Ways to Make Money

    • 4.1 Dangerous types of making money online
    • 4.2 Useless types of earnings on the Internet

      • 4.2.1 Money transfer
      • 4.2.2 Books and files with information about easy money
      • 4.2.3 Paid access to the resource
      • 4.2.4 Earnings with a special program
      • 4.2.5 Network Pyramid
      • 4.2.6 Earnings on games
  • 5 How to make money online by real methods

    • 5.1 Types of earnings with minor investments

      • 5.1.1 Clicks
      • 5.1.3 Earnings from surveys
    • 5.2 The most profitable types of earnings on the Internet

      • 5.2.1 Earnings on your resource
      • 5.2.2 Affiliate program
      • 5.2.3 Placing information for money
    • 5.3 Earnings on copywriting exchanges
    • 5.4 Adding files to YouTube

      • 5.4.1 Setting up YouTube monetization - video
      • 5.4.2 Direct video ads
      • 5.4.3 Contextual advertising using Google Adsense
      • 5.4.4 Selling your goods or services
    • 5.5 Earnings from photographs
  • 6 Division of labor: which of the methods are suitable for different categories of persons

How much can you earn on the Internet and can this type of earnings replace an official place of work?

Making money on the Internet has many advantages and, of course, the most important of them is the ability to regulate the level of your profit. Everything is simple here: you get a “salary” proportional to your efforts. According to the author's personal experience, if you allocate 2-3 hours a day for work, you can earn from 12 thousand rubles a month, provided that you work daily. True, at first (4 years ago) I earned about 100 rubles a month …

However, we are talking about a proven and stable form of earnings, in which payment depends only on your efforts. Depending on the freelancing you choose, the amount can vary significantly. There is also work online, which involves the involvement of other people, on whose diligence both theirs and your profit depend. In this case, the salary can grow exponentially - the more people are attracted by your "employees", the more of them and, accordingly, your income.

Freelance as a type of income
Freelance as a type of income

Big money and easy money are incompatible concepts in freelancing. Want to make good money, be ready to work hard

Pros of making money on the Internet

Among the advantages of making money online as the main type of income:

  • your salary is adequate for your efforts;
  • you work for yourself and for yourself;
  • no one stands above your soul, demanding the execution of meaningless tasks;
  • the opportunity to take a break at any time;
  • you set the work schedule yourself;
  • there is no need to get up on an alarm clock at an utter early morning and push in jammed minibuses;
  • no time wasted on the way to the office and back;
  • there is more time for the family;
  • working on the Internet makes it possible to improve oneself without leaving home.

What skills and means you need to have to work on the Internet

Earning money on the Internet is attractive precisely because it requires minimal technical support. Actually, all that is required of you: a computer or laptop, good internet and in some (rather rare) cases a scanner and a webcam to communicate with the customer. In addition, regardless of the type of work, you will need to create an e-currency wallet.

How to register on WebMoney - video

On the Russian-speaking Internet, this can be done in WebMoney and Yandex. Money. Moreover, be prepared for the fact that in order to register on their official websites, you will need to provide a phone number, your passport data and even scans of identity documents. You should not be afraid of this, since this is done to protect the system from bots and hackers. Using these systems, you can withdraw electronic money to your real bank card or purchase goods online.

The situation is somewhat more complicated with skills and knowledge. If you are counting on a minor part-time job, it is enough just to be able to work even at a minimal level with Windows OS or any other operating system you have installed. But highly specialized freelancing requires special knowledge and skills.

How to register in Yandex.Money - video

Everything is, in principle, clear - the translator needs knowledge of the language, the copywriter - literacy and creative talent, the programmer - the ability to create programs in different languages ​​and knowledge of English is highly desirable (at least at the basic level), etc. Sometimes you need to install specialized programs for a computer: to check the uniqueness, create drawings, etc.

Also, if you think that when you work online you don't have to communicate with people, then you are a little mistaken. If we are talking about a penny earnings, indeed, it is enough to know the task and complete it. But when working with good pay, be prepared for the fact that you will often have to contact the customer, clarifying the details of the assignment or supplementing them. Moreover, some clients prefer to do it "eye to eye": via Skype or Viber.

Basic Requirements for Safe Internet Operation

Very often, newcomers hear from someone from their acquaintances that they say that his friend / girlfriend is earning "crazy bucks" on the Internet, literally doing nothing. Naturally, inspired by such rosy prospects, the PC user starts looking for where to earn more and work less. It is worth saying right away: this is unrealistic!

Your main task before starting your job search is to remember:

  • you will not be able to earn big money for completing trivial tasks - they get a penny for nonsense work !
  • the promise of consistently high online earnings is a hoax;
  • if you are given a promise to provide a job after investing even a minimal amount of money, this is a fraud;
  • if you find yourself on a site that offers a paid training course on the topic: how to make money quickly, easily and a lot on the Internet is cheating;
  • if you have received an offer to make good money online without having any skills or knowledge, this is also a desire to fool you.

That is why you should be especially wary of business card sites, on which they tell in detail and very colorfully how, performing the lightest work, you will receive the salary of the director of a large enterprise.

Advertising work on the Internet
Advertising work on the Internet

The promise of fast-growing income is one of the main signs of fraud when looking for money on the Internet

Most often, such sites are created by people whose referral link you will follow and accordingly register under his "patronage". Accordingly, from every penny you earn, he will receive a tiny, but pleasant percentage. In addition, by clicking on the link indicated on such a resource, you also significantly increase the website traffic for its creator, which brings him additional profit. As you can see, while you are not earning money, it is you.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. By clicking on such a seductive ad to a certain site and registering on it, you can either be thrown for money or for a while. Agree, both the first and the second are extremely unpleasant. There is also a significant risk of infecting your computer with viruses or providing fraudsters with access to your social media accounts and even the payment system sites you use. Therefore, when looking for a job on the Internet, follow some simple rules.

Vigilance and caution

Before going to the proposed site, hover the mouse over the hyperlink and see if the address matches the name of the resource to which you need to go. If not, chances are good that you are dealing with scammers. In some cases, when it comes to social networks, there may be a slight error in the name of the link (for example, not, but Such an address will lead you to the site, when you enter your data (password and login) on which you will open them to scammers. Subsequently, your account will be hacked, and spam will be sent from it.

Don't download unknown files

Even if you received a file from a good friend, first specify what kind of information it contains. Otherwise, there is a great risk that you will infect your computer with a virus sent from the hacked account of your friends.

Freelancer rating
Freelancer rating

This rating of freelancers allows you to understand in which direction you should move when choosing a job on the Internet

Trust in antivirus and browsers

Some browsers have built-in antivirus that warns you about the possibility of infecting your computer when you go to a specific site. It is worth listening to such information so as not to reinstall the system.

Mistrust of bright banners

It is advisable not to click on numerous advertising banners that promise to enrich you with lightning speed without any effort on your part. You may also be offered various goods and services on extremely favorable terms, which should cause legitimate distrust.

Dangerous or useless ways to make money

For beginners who have not yet sniffed gunpowder, working on the Internet is risky because the online space is simply teeming with scammers who cannot be brought to real responsibility. If only because you may never know their real name … Therefore, when looking for earnings on the Internet, your main task is to carefully filter incoming job offers. You can conditionally divide them into dangerous and useless.

Dangerous types of making money online

Dangerous offers do not always mean that you are dealing with scammers, they just require an investment of your funds, which no one will return to you later. These types of earnings include playing on the stock exchange and in online casinos or roulette. We will not talk a lot about gambling - as in real life, they are a great way to tickle your nerves and lose your cash.

But gambling is a real way to make big money on the Internet, but you can't do without investing your own funds in it. And the more you want to earn, the more you have to invest. There are people who got rich on such earnings, but before that they had to study, practice and lose their money.

Advertising of trade on the Forex exchange
Advertising of trade on the Forex exchange

In advertising trading on the stock exchange, this type of earnings is often presented as the most profitable, forgetting to mention that only a few manage to make money on it, and not become bankrupt

There are many courses, online simulators and theory materials that can prepare you for this type of job. But, in addition to them, you must be well versed in the global economy, have intuition and a mathematical mindset. And then (perhaps!) Success awaits you.

Useless types of earnings on the Internet

The frankly useless and fraudulent types of online work include:

  • money transfer;
  • books and files with information about easy money;
  • paid access to the resource;
  • earnings with the help of a special program;
  • network pyramid;
  • earnings on games.

Money transfer

This is one of the most recent pseudo-earning methods on the Internet. If you find an announcement about it, then it will sound something like this: “Working remotely in an offshore company. Transfer of money from the main to the subsidiary accounts."

The bottom line is that after registering and providing your account number, you are asked to transfer money to different accounts. And you, in theory, should receive payment as a percentage of the principal. After completing the work, you will be asked to activate your account before payment. After making a payment, your account is blocked. The most famous sites of this kind are and

Home page of scam sites and
Home page of scam sites and

The and sites have one founder, who clearly saved on their design, so the design of the resources is outwardly completely identical

Books and files with information about easy money

All of you, for sure, have seen pop-up banners advertising a book authored by some business guru, which describes methods for lightning-fast getting rich. On the site being opened, they describe the effectiveness of the proposed methodology for a long time and convincingly, and then give numerous reviews of grateful readers. The book, of course, is paid and enriched, in fact, one person - its author or the person selling it.

Paid access to the resource

As they say, if you don't grease it, you won't go. This proverb is directly related to this type of earnings. If you want to make money on the Internet, pay for this pleasure, or rather, for access to the site where you can do it. True, for some reason, after depositing money, manna from heaven will not fall on you at all.

Earning with a special program

You are offered to install software that will make money for you in auto mode. The download, of course, is paid, but there is no sense from the program.

Advertising auto earnings using the program
Advertising auto earnings using the program

This is what most often looks like advertising online earnings using special software.

Network pyramid

This type of fraud can already be called classic, both in real life and on the Internet. You are offered to deposit the nn-th amount of money to the account of the resource with the promise of paying huge interest from it in the future. Needless to say, the future is very vague, and only its founders and their entourage will get rich on such earnings?

Earnings on games

This type of earnings is just a dream for those who dream of making money and having fun at the same time. It would seem that the ideal option is to play and get financial bonuses for it. But it works only if you don't invest your money. According to some users, you can really earn very little money here if you use only the internal resources of the game: collecting bonuses offered by the game.

However, if the game offers to invest a certain amount of money in order to earn more, you better run away from this site! At the moment when you decide to withdraw the earned, the following may happen:

  • there will be a need for hidden points, without which it is impossible to withdraw money, and it is not clear where to get them;
  • restart of the system, after which the money disappears;
  • hacking the system;
  • impudent non-withdrawal of funds.

How to make money online by real methods

There are many types of earnings on the Internet. They all differ from each other in the required skills and the level of remuneration.

Types of earnings with minor investments

This type of online work implies that you do not need a lot of mental effort, just doing mechanical work. Moreover, to earn at least some decent amount, you have to spend a lot of time.


This is the easiest way to make money, which assumes that you follow one of the many suggested links and view pages on the Internet. Most of those who want to make money on the Internet begin with this, gradually moving to more profitable earnings. Also on similar sites (so-called boxes) you can:

  • to complete tasks;
  • view ads;
  • surf sites, that is, increase traffic to the resource by simply visiting it;
  • answer test questions.

The average earnings here are 50 rubles per day, but this is a conditional figure, since it depends on many factors. So, on the boxes, it is possible to invite referrals - people who will be registered using your referral link. From every penny they earn, you will receive a certain percentage.

Naturally, the more referrals, the higher your salary. So, advanced users of such systems can earn 400–500 rubles a day without doing anything. At least that's what the legends say about this type of income).


This is a popular way to make a small amount of money without leaving your favorite social networks. You can find such a job using special services like V-like or SocialTools, or a copywriting exchange (for example, Advego). By completing the tasks offered there, you can:

  • put likes;
  • add to groups;
  • repost;
  • write comments, etc.

Tariffs, of course, will not allow you to earn a lot, but they will not require much work either. They pay about 1 kopeck for a like, 10 kopecks for adding friends to a group, 20-25 kopecks for joining a group, etc. Naturally, such sites also have a referral system. Your earnings directly depend on the quantity and quality of completed tasks.

Earnings on surveys

This type of income is offered by survey sites that belong to various marketing companies. Their task is to conduct a sociological survey on the adherence of a certain category of persons to specific goods. To get started, you need to register and completely fill out the form. Detailed data about you will allow you to assign a person to a certain category of consumers and send a questionnaire intended for a specific audience.

The invitation to the survey will come to your email, so you need to check it regularly. For a survey, you can get from 30 to 100 rubles, and sometimes more. On different questionnaires, withdrawing money is possible after accumulating a certain amount of money on the account.

The most profitable ways to make money on the Internet

While there are many types of online earnings, very few of them can actually become your main job. But still there are such, and they will be listed below.

Earnings on your resource

This is one of the most lucrative ways to make money. But it is characterized by great labor intensity and the need for financial costs, which may not pay off in the end. Yes, this is not a scam, but the success depends only on you. The bottom line is that you create your own group on a social network, blog or website, promote them (this is what your funds are spent on), and after that you reap the benefits - you wait for offers from advertisers.

You can untwist without investment, but it takes many times more time and effort. So, you will need to constantly update information (that is, write articles yourself or order them for money) and independently post viral links to your site on third-party resources. This business is so troublesome and long-term that it is often trusted by third-party companies or people

On your resource, you can make money using banner or contextual advertising, as well as an affiliate program.


Banners are a picture with advertising text, by clicking on which you will be taken to the advertised site. The cost of going through it depends on the subject matter of your resource - the more popular it is, the more expensive the advertising is. So, for 1,000 clicks from a culinary site, you can get 30 rubles, from an automobile site or one dedicated to the topic of "Forex" - 150–250 rubles. Tariffs can be higher.

contextual advertising

Contextual advertising is a text and a small picture displayed in special blocks of the resource. The visitor sees the ad that matches his previous search queries. For example, if you were looking for inexpensive fashionable dresses, you will see a link to an online store that sells them. To make money on such advertising, you need:

  • register and add your resource to the advertising network;
  • create a block for advertising (at the beginning or end of the article) in the code constructor;
  • install the code on the resource and start earning.

Depending on the subject of advertising, for one click on it, you can receive 3, 50, 100, 500 and more rubles. In Yandex, you can register at, and in Google -

affiliate program

You can also try to make money on an affiliate program, which implies that the seller whose product you are advertising shares with you a percentage of the sales. For example, the topic of your resource is cooking, and your partner sells kitchen appliances or utensils and, accordingly, advertises it with you.

To get started, you need to find paid courses related to the topic of your resource, and register in the affiliate program. After that, you will receive advertising links and banners for the advertised product with your personal identifier and place them on your site. The percentage will "drip" to you after clicking on the link and purchasing the product.

Placing information for money

This way of making money resembles ordered articles in the print edition, when the customer places hidden advertising in the information posted. In our case, the article also contains a link to the advertised resource. At the same time, be aware that too frequent placement of advertising materials reduces the authority of your site and reduces traffic!

It should be noted that the Internet is a system that promotes itself. So, on the boxes, you are browsing sites that someone is spinning for a fee, or you are reading an assignment from one of the users of the box, who is looking for referrals for himself, bringing him income in the future. On that very viewed resource, they can then place a paid advertisement of some kind of box. On the copywriting exchange, you can order articles that allow you to promote the site advertised on the box, etc., etc.

Earnings on copywriting exchanges

This type of online work is suitable mainly for those who can express their thoughts in writing coherently and beautifully. Normal literacy is also an extremely important indicator. The speed and quality of work can be significantly increased by mastering the technique of blind typing with 10 fingers. And now in more detail …

A copywriter is a person who writes beautiful texts for money, in fact it is an analogue of a journalist. The profession of a rewriter is not too different from him - someone who rewrites an existing text in his own words. It is best to apply your skills on copywriting exchanges that will avoid fraud and theft of your intellectual product.

The exchange is an intermediary between the customer and the contractor, and at the same time a platform on which you can place and, accordingly, take orders. These resources are useful for both novice and experienced copywriters. So, on some sites, for example, Advego, you can take an order for posting comments or reviews, creating a topic in a group, or even inviting friends on social networks, which is quite within the power of any novice freelancer.

The difficulty of working on exchanges is that on most of them, without earning a rating, you can only rely on low-paying orders. For example, 5-10 rubles per thousand characters without a space ( Of course, this is very little, but to some extent it is necessary for beginners to gain experience, because for that kind of money, customers usually give very simple orders without overstated requirements.

If this doesn't suit you, try starting with the exchange. Here, a minimum payment is set for each type of task, but you will not see more expensive orders until you gain a certain rating. On some exchanges (, the rating does not matter - here, to get started, you need to pass a literacy test and write a test essay, on the basis of which the editor decides on hiring you. This option is good for experienced copywriters.

Earnings on copywriting exchanges directly depend on your performance and the rates at which you work. Copywriters have such a difficulty in their work: at a certain moment they acquire a large number of regular customers who give them tasks at specific established prices.

It can be very difficult to overcome yourself and tell them that you consider such earnings too small for your level. It is even harder to abandon such clients and start looking for new ones who will pay for services more adequately. However, if you fail to do this, you may be permanently stuck in a mundane and low-paying job, which is not much different from sitting in an office swamp.

Adding files to YouTube

Making money with YouTube is quite relevant today and only the lazy is not engaged in it. To get started, you need:

  • create a Google account, if you do not have one yet, since this very company is the owner of YouTube;
  • go to Google account and create your own channel;
  • Add a video;
  • start monetizing your channel.

You will learn how to monetize in this video.

Setting up YouTube monetization - video

Ways to make money on YouTube can be different. Among them:

Direct video advertising

Directly in the video, you can place a logo, link, text and other reminder of the company - the advertising customer.

Contextual advertising with Google Adsense

We have already described this method of advertising in the section dedicated to making money on our website.

Selling your goods or services

According to experienced video bloggers, this method is the most profitable of all. This is beneficial in that you get all the money earned through advertising, and not a measly percentage of it.

We especially note that you need to upload your own videos if you do not want to be "banned" by the service in the near future

Making money in photos

This is a good part-time job for those who consider photography as their hobby and would like to make money on it. True, as in other jobs, the competition in this area is simply colossal. To get started, you need to have a computer (laptop), internet and a camera (or even a smartphone with a very high quality camera).

Naturally, preference is given to a photo with a very high resolution and a thoughtful picture on it. If it is staged and has a specific theme and plot, it simply won't have a price. will be quite decent. For this type of earnings, you have to register in a photo bank (microstock, photo stock) - an intermediary website between the photographer and the buyer of his products.

The average payment for each download is 20 cents, which in total can give from a couple of tens to several thousand dollars a month. Experienced freelancers claim that for good earnings you need to have at least 1,000 high-quality work in your portfolio. By the way, you can sell one photo at the same time in several photobanks. Some sites have a kind of exam - to get started, a certain part of the photos uploaded for the first time must be approved.

Before you get started, there are some rules you should know:

  1. The photo must be 100% unique;
  2. You must provide a receipt from the people in the photo that they have allowed them to be filmed;
  3. The following columns must be filled in for the photo: title, short description and keywords - no more than 50, separated by commas. This should only be done in English;
  4. Photos must be well-processed and of high quality in order to be competitive, therefore, possession of graphic editors is desirable.

Division of labor: which of the methods are suitable for different categories of persons

Anyone can become a freelancer, but, you see, the director of a large company is unlikely to waste time on cheap clicks on other people's sites. That is why there are certain categories of people who prefer to make money online. Thus, students of secondary and higher education institutions mainly earn on clicks, likes and viewing ads.

For older people, especially retirees, mechanical work such as browsing is more suitable. Perhaps they will be interested in making money on surveys. But hard-working middle-aged people and young people, including mothers on maternity leave, may well try to realize themselves in what is close to their hearts or corresponds to an already mastered profession - copywriting, selling photos, programming, etc. And, of course, with If desired, any of us can master a new profession that will bring pleasure and profit.

The Internet gives each of us unlimited opportunities for self-realization and earning. And even if you end up returning to a stable salary in a real job, you can always tell yourself - now I know that I can work for myself. Or maybe you will find your niche in the Internet space and forget what it is to depend on someone financially? Everything is possible online, so it's worth trying in any case!

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