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Usher's Cat: The Origin Of The Breed, External Features, Photo Of The Cat, Conditions Of Keeping And Care, Breeding Pets, Reviews Of The Owners
Usher's Cat: The Origin Of The Breed, External Features, Photo Of The Cat, Conditions Of Keeping And Care, Breeding Pets, Reviews Of The Owners

Video: Usher's Cat: The Origin Of The Breed, External Features, Photo Of The Cat, Conditions Of Keeping And Care, Breeding Pets, Reviews Of The Owners

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Ashera: the most prestigious domestic cat

Usher's cat sneaks up on the background of the sand drapery
Usher's cat sneaks up on the background of the sand drapery

Usher cats appeared ten years ago and began to enjoy incredible demand among wealthy people. This unprecedented interest was helped by a competent marketing ploy by the creators of these spotted purrs. Later it turned out that the breed is not so new and expensive. Despite this, ushers are still welcome pets and a way to emphasize status for the elite strata of society.


  • 1 History of the breed
  • 2 External description of Usher cats

    2.1 Photo gallery: color of cats of the Usher breed

  • 3 Features of the temperament of Usher cats

    3.1 Video: Usher's kitten plays with a brush

  • 4 Diseases of the breed
  • 5 How to choose a usher kitten
  • 6 Content features

    6.1 How to feed an Usher cat

  • 7 Breeding the breed
  • 8 Reviews about the Usher breed

History of the breed

It all started with the fact that in 2006 the British entrepreneur Samon Browdy announced the creation of a unique breed of domestic purr. These animals were distinguished by their large size (with a body length of up to one meter) and high weight (12-16 kg).

Usher cat lies on a red velvet background
Usher cat lies on a red velvet background

Ashera is the new name for the already existing Savannah breed

The ancestors of the Usher were "recorded" a Bengal cat, a wild African serval and a simple domestic cat. As a result of crossing, a strong and hardy animal with an agreeable character and good manners turned out.

The main advantage of the breed was the hypoallergenicity of the new-born purrs, and an additional "bonus" was the playfulness and love of walking on a harness.

The cost of one copy immediately made it clear that Usher's cats are only for a select circle. After all, not every pet lover could afford to buy a kitten for 30 thousand euros. In addition, those who decided to take such a kitty, the British businessman offered "only" for 2 thousand dollars to pick up a kit for keeping a pet. In addition, a limited number of bred individuals was announced and it was planned to sell no more than 100 cats per year.

Such a move caused a stir around the "rare" breed, and the Usher cats (named after the Semitic goddess-progenitor) quickly became a new "fashion trend".

However, six months after the first buyers appeared, it turned out that the ushers were not hypoallergenic. And a year later, the breeder of the Savannah cat breed Chris Sherk announced fraud on the part of Mr. Browdy. After all, the newfangled purrs were an exact copy of the variety of spotted seals bred by the felinologist.

The forensic examination confirmed K. Sherk's guesses, and measures of restraint were chosen against the LifeStyle Pats company, which sold Usher cats. The founder of the "scam of the century" has gone on the run and has been wanted since 2015.

Currently, the breed standard for Ashera has not yet been created, since the purr was equated to the Savannah breed. The last International Cat Association TICA recognized back in 2001.

And the prices for "unique" pets have dropped to acceptable levels and are no more than $ 250-300 per copy. Which is comparable to the cost of the classic representatives of the Savannah breed.

External description of Usher cats

Usher cats actually descend from the wild serval and representatives of the following domestic cat breeds - Bengal, Oriental, Siamese or Egyptian Mau.

A cat of the Usher breed lies on the floor near the table and looks into the distance
A cat of the Usher breed lies on the floor near the table and looks into the distance

Usher cats are the largest domestic purrs

Having such ancestors, these pussies have become the true embodiment of a semi-wild murka, combining the endurance of free predators and the gentleness of a domestic cat.

The breed standard developed for the savannah, for objective reasons, is also suitable for the usher cats:

  • small triangular head;
  • tapered muzzle with a strong but small chin;
  • wide nose bridge without sharp bends;
  • rounded wide forehead with a smooth transition to the back of the head;
  • long wide neck with well-developed muscles;
  • set wide apart, high ears with white spots on the back of the auricles;
  • almond-shaped eyes with rounded orbit;
  • the iris of the eyes is bright, with a rich tone;
  • the color of the iris is not defined by the standard, but more often it is a golden or greenish tint;
  • dark skin pigmentation in the corners of the eyes;
  • wide chest against a narrow pelvis;
  • deepened groin area (gives more speed while running);
  • long torso with a developed system of muscles and tendons;
  • slender powerful limbs are longer in the back than in front;
  • sharp strong claws on rounded fingers;
  • tail of medium length, thickened towards the base, comparable to the size of the knee joints.

The height at the withers of these large cats is about 60 cm, which makes them look like dogs of medium height.

Usher cats are short-haired breeds with a multi-level coat structure. The coat is rather harsh, but the spots have softer guard hairs compared to the main pile.

The pattern is located in a peculiar way - along the ridge there are chains of medium-sized specks, diverging on the sides. The muzzle and limbs are decorated with small veined spots. The shape of the pattern elements can be either round or slightly elongated.

As for the color, initially three options were announced for the Usher breed:

  • royal ashera - announced as a rare form of coloring, distinguished by a bright golden undertone in spots;
  • snowy ashera - assumed white colors like the Belgian tigers;
  • classic ashera - the color of the coat, usual for ashera and savannah, with black spots on a golden brown background.

But since by now the deception has been revealed, and the ushers are equated to the savannah, we can talk about a different classification of the color scheme. The standard provides for the following types of color for these spotted purrs:

  • golden brown;
  • chocolate (rich brown);
  • silver (white-gray undertone);
  • cinnamon (with a reddish tint);
  • black smoke (with a white pile base).

The disadvantages of the breed are:

  • other than black and dark brown color of spots;
  • white medallions on any part of the body;
  • tiger stripes or vertically elongated spots;
  • short stature;
  • small size of the auricles.

Animals with polydactyly and severe aggression are subject to disqualification.

Photo gallery: color of cats of the Usher breed

Silver and black smoky Asher kittens lie side by side against the wall
Silver and black smoky Asher kittens lie side by side against the wall

Silver and black smoke - contrasting colors for Asher breed coats

Asher's cinnamon cat is lying on the bed
Asher's cinnamon cat is lying on the bed

Cinnamon - rich and unusual color of Usher cats

The royal ashera cat lies on a leather brown sofa
The royal ashera cat lies on a leather brown sofa

The color of the royal ashera completely coincides with the golden brown, provided for by the standard

Usher cat sits in the yard on a leash and growls
Usher cat sits in the yard on a leash and growls

Classic Ashera is a type of Savannah brown color

Features of the temperament of Usher cats

Although Usher cats originate from wild African ancestors, as a result of long and laborious selection, the breed has developed a friendly and peaceful disposition.

Usher cat stands on a white background and looks back
Usher cat stands on a white background and looks back

Usher cats, although calm, but able to fend for themselves animals

If aggressive individuals are born in the litter, they are subject to mandatory sterilization and rejection.

At the same time, it cannot be said that Ashera are patient animals. When playing with children, these massive pets can both release their claws and hit with a strong paw.

Other features of the behavior of spotted handsome men include:

  • playfulness and high activity from birth to three years (the age of growing up of pets);
  • good learning ability and readiness to execute commands (we especially love "aport", like in dogs);
  • prudence in adulthood;
  • love for long walks on a leash or harness;
  • constant desire to hunt and track down "prey" from a height.

Like wild ancestors, Usher cats love water and can take long baths. With other pets, these pets find a common language from time to time, even with dogs. So, if Ashera lives from birth, surrounded by our smaller brothers, then the friendship between them will be strong. But a "native" semi-wild cat can react negatively to another kitten or puppy, up to death for the latter.

But loneliness is the enemy of thoroughbred purring - a cat left alone with itself begins to "splash out" emotions. Ashera rips off anger and discontent at everything that falls under a weighty paw - be it furniture or wallpaper, carpets or houseplants.

Video: Usher's kitten plays with a brush

Diseases of the breed

Since the Ashera breed (read: savannah) was created with the participation of free predators, the cat's health is very good. Purrs do not have genetic diseases and with a caring attitude can live up to a deep feline old age - 18–20 years.

Usher cat sits looking sideways with head bowed
Usher cat sits looking sideways with head bowed

Usher cats have strong immunity

However, like other representatives of the feline family, asher's pussies are not immune from the appearance of helminthic parasites, fleas and ear mites. Therefore, it is important to carry out appropriate preventive measures every six months - deworming and treatment from ectoparasites.

Visiting your veterinarian for the necessary vaccinations is also considered an important measure for keeping your spotted pet healthy.

In addition, Usher cats may have:

  • respiratory diseases - it is necessary to see a doctor if the pet is coughing or breathing heavily (signs of infection with "cat rhinitis" or flu);
  • infections of the genitourinary system - when ashera walks “out of need” with meowing and obvious anxiety, the owner should carefully monitor the condition of the pet (if it does not return to normal within 4–5 days, you should contact your veterinarian).

How to choose a usher kitten

Given the fact that by now the Usher breed has been exposed as fictional, the choice should be stopped at the nurseries for the savannahs. However, resourceful entrepreneurs still often benefit from the ignorance of the population about fraud with these cats.

Four Usher kittens sit and look up
Four Usher kittens sit and look up

When choosing a usher kitten, you need to pay attention to the absence of aggression from the animal

Therefore, the prices for Usher kittens sometimes differ significantly. On individual sites on the Web, you can find individuals worth under 2-3 million rubles. Such fabulous sums are not too different from the true cost of spotted purrs, because savannas (who the ushers really are) are the most expensive cats in the world. To date, a fourth-fifth generation kitten of hybrids can be found for 150 thousand rubles, and individuals of the first and second generations are sold for 500-800 thousand rubles. This pricing policy is explained by the rarity of the breed, because there are about 1500 cats of the Savannah breed (and Ashera are their siblings) in the world.

When visiting a cattery in order to choose a kitten, you need to require a written agreement to purchase and provide a veterinary passport of the animal you like. It will also be obligatory to find out information about the ancestors of the purr.

Observing the frolicking cats in the cattery, the future owner of the usher should pay attention to the following nuances:

  • the area where the animals live should be clean and spacious;
  • kittens are moderately well-fed and do not suffer from stool disorder (as evidenced by a swollen tummy);
  • pussies look well-groomed, have clean eyes and ears;
  • young ushers have a playful and friendly mood, no fear and aggression, no desire to bite.

It should be borne in mind that the baby can only be booked in advance, and the cat will be sold only if the ashere is one year old.

You also need to think about choosing a cat or a cat in advance. Males of the breed are more assertive and, at the same time, less active. And the females are distinguished by their gentle and obedient disposition against the background of constant activity and passion for hunting.

Features of the content

By their nature, Usher cats are unpretentious creatures and do not require increased attention to their own person. The fur coat of these cats belongs to the category of short-haired and practically does not shed.

Usher's cat lies on a mirror surface
Usher's cat lies on a mirror surface

Usher's cats are unpretentious in terms of keeping

Therefore, you need to comb the purr no more than once a week, but you can wash it at least every day. After all, these spotted beauties are happy to play in the water and swim. At the same time, the fur retains the normal structure of the pile and does not thin out.

Since the breed is quite jumpy, it is best to remove all valuables from the upper shelves and cabinets. This must be done so that the animal is not injured either morally or physically.

Other points that you need to pay attention to when buying an usher include:

  • weekly cleaning of the ears with a cotton swab and wiping the auricles with a cotton pad (pre-moistened with anti-tick drops);
  • daily cleaning of teeth with a special paste and a brush;
  • rubbing eyes every other day with a cotton pad moistened with warm water or chamomile broth;
  • regularly trimming the nails as they grow.

Breeders still recommend purchasing a large scratching post with a coarse winding, since the wayward descendants of African predators can hardly endure the clipping procedure. And in the event of aggression, experts generally advise resorting to laser removal of the anterior nail plates.

Separately, you need to take care of creating comfortable conditions for the natural needs of the usher. Since the animal is very large, the tray must be roomy. If possible, put a cat litter in a secluded place or in a bathroom. And the filler is selected clumping, because thoroughbred murkas love to actively bury their "affairs". It would be even better to teach the cat to go to the toilet while walking (like a dog), but then the number of walks will have to be increased to two per day.

How to feed an Usher cat

Semi-wild origin dictates its own terms here too. It is ideal to feed Ashera natural (and fresh) protein food with the addition of stewed vegetables and eggs (chicken or quail).

Usher's kitten stands on the floor near bowls and asks for food
Usher's kitten stands on the floor near bowls and asks for food

Asher's cat, due to breed hyperactivity, needs to be given a lot of fresh raw meat.

If there are difficulties with regular supplies of high-quality meat (low-fat varieties - beef, rabbit, turkey), then it is better to transfer the purr to artificial feed. In this case, the Ashera should be fed with super-premium or hollistic finished products.

In addition, when deciding on the nutrition of Usher cats, it is important to adhere to the following principles:

  • due to the high mobility of the breed, give food at least 3-4 times a day;
  • the portion should be no more than 150-200 g per adult;
  • regularly fill the drinker with clean drinking water.

In addition to pure meat, it is often necessary to give the cat to gnaw bones. So the animal will satisfy its hunting instincts, and at the same time rid its teeth of stone and plaque.

It is forbidden to feed the Ashera with cereals and milk, as well as with the "standard set" for any breeds of cats - salinity, smoked meats, soda and alcohol. It is not allowed to "tag" spices, confectionery and flour.

Breeding the breed

Ashera was initially positioned as a unique breed and did not involve mass breeding. Lifestyle Pets breeders argued that otherwise cats would no longer meet the requirements of exclusivity and would become ordinary home purrs.

Usher's cat with kittens in her mouth is standing on the white floor
Usher's cat with kittens in her mouth is standing on the white floor

Usher cats are not subject to mass reproduction

In part, such statements were true. Since the savannah, which was passed off by resourceful entrepreneurs as a new breed, also loses its qualities with each generation.

In total, four tribes of descendants, originating from the wild serval, are considered valuable for the usher:

  • F1 are direct descendants of the African carnivore and domestic cat, with half wild genes.
  • F2 is the second, less valuable, generation with 30% of serval genes in the blood.
  • F3 - the least valuable offspring with no more than 10% wild genes in the genome.
  • F4 - Relationship grade requires serval blood infusion to preserve breed data.

Since certain difficulties arise with breeding, professional breeders should also conduct breeding events. That is why ashera and savannah are not purchased for the purpose of obtaining offspring, but only for decorating the hearth.

Pregnancy of Usher cats lasts 68–72 days, and 3-4 kittens are born in the litter. Which means an advance reservation of pets for further purchase.

Kittens at the age of two months are sterilized without fail. However, until the fourth generation, males are sterile, which is why females are valued higher. And it is recommended to castrate pets for another reason. Ashera, as a true descendant of wild servals, strives to regularly mark the boundaries of the territory, marking everything around.

It is important to remember that 12 hours before the operation, you need to put your pet on a strict diet, giving only water to drink. For a month, deworming is carried out and ectoparasites are removed.

After the operation, the cat is gradually removed from anesthesia with the obligatory presence of a veterinarian. After all, this hybrid breed can poorly tolerate the effects of drugs.

The day after returning from the clinic, the cat is fed in small portions and as often as possible - every one and a half to two hours. In addition, the animal should not be allowed to move without the supervision of the owner due to possible violations of coordination of movements.

Reviews about the Usher breed

Since cats of the Usher breed, like the Savannah, remain a rare breed, there are not so many stories of the owners about these spotted beauties. And those that exist are not always unambiguous.

Usher's cat stands with its front paws on the handle of a brown leather sofa
Usher's cat stands with its front paws on the handle of a brown leather sofa

Usher cats are wayward pets, for which they are loved by their owners

According to the author, Usher cats are still a way to make money on the legend of a unique and hypoallergenic breed. After all, the cancellation of the fictitious name has not yet been announced, which allows scammers to sell at exorbitant prices of Savannah kittens that have identical characteristics to the Usher.

The emergence of Asher cats is one of the biggest scams in the feline world. However, spotted beauties continue to be in great demand. After all, the prices for these pets have now been significantly reduced by equating the newfangled and status variety of the Purr to the Savannah breed that has already gained popularity.

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