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How To Make A Garden Fountain With Your Own Hands In The Country: Photo, Video, Step By Step Instructions
How To Make A Garden Fountain With Your Own Hands In The Country: Photo, Video, Step By Step Instructions

Video: How To Make A Garden Fountain With Your Own Hands In The Country: Photo, Video, Step By Step Instructions

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Workshop on making garden fountains: simple and beautiful

do-it-yourself fountain in the country
do-it-yourself fountain in the country

What better decoration for your garden than a fountain? It is so pleasant to relax next to it on hot summer days, forgetting about the heat, worries and city bustle. Such a device can be purchased at a store and will be installed by specialists. But it is much more interesting to make a fountain in the country with your own hands. In this article, we will tell you about how to make fountains from available tools, which are likely to be found on your site.


  • 1 Choosing a suitable place
  • 2 What do you need to get started?
  • 3 Magic stones: step by step
  • 4 Old bath as a base
  • 5 Styles in which you can decorate a fountain
  • 6 Waste wheels and gas cylinders: how to use them?
  • 7 Video about building a fountain in the country with your own hands

Choosing a suitable place

In fact, the construction of a country fountain is not difficult work, and it does not require professional skills and expensive materials from you. But you can realize the most daring design fantasies, and at the same time usefully use things and objects that have become unusable and take up space on your site, but it's a pity to throw them away. When creating such a fountain, you can use:

  • stones;
  • old tires;
  • gas cylinder;
  • bath.

First of all, before making a fountain in the country, you need to choose a convenient site for it. For simplicity, it is desirable that there is a water source near this place. It may be natural, but it is technically more convenient for it to be a water supply.

The next factor of choice is the place where the fountain will be located, should be visible from any point of the summer cottage, and be next to the recreation area. The structure should not be an obstacle to other buildings.

DIY garden fountain
DIY garden fountain

For the fountain, choose a place in the recreation area that is close to the source of water and electricity

It is very important to position the fountain so that it is not in close proximity to plants that are harmful to excess moisture. Carefully calculate, according to the size of your site, the location of buildings, flower beds and fruit and vegetable plantings, and only after that make a decision about the size of the future fountain.

It is better to choose the shape of the reservoir for the fountain strictly geometric. This is the best option for a plot with a small area. Please note that the jets must fall into the pond at a distance of more than 50 cm from furniture and nearby plants, otherwise you will lose both.

The direction of the jets will depend on the type of nozzle, so choose it according to your taste, but do not forget to consider the above. Consult the seller, he will also help you in choosing the electrical equipment that ensures the operation of the structure.

What do you need to get started?

First, you need to learn a few basic rules and features of the construction process, as well as the nuances of choosing devices, tools and materials. There are two simplest types of fountains that are easy to use and are well suited for a summer cottage.

  1. Open fountain: in it, water is supplied to the nozzle, and the formation of jets is ensured by the liquid level difference. For it, you need a small container, which must be set 0.5-1 meter above the level of the nozzle. Since this type provides low water pressure, constant monitoring of the liquid level will be required. This fountain has its drawbacks: the water quickly becomes polluted with dust, dirt, etc.
  2. Circular pump fountain: the device sinks to the bottom and ensures constant water circulation. This is not only the most practical option, it also looks much more efficient.
fountain pump
fountain pump

Choose the right pump for your fountain

The pump is the heart of the fountain, the necessary equipment for proper functioning, therefore its selection requires attention. For the conditions of a summer cottage, it is better to choose among two types of pumps.

  1. Submersible (underwater) pumps. They are installed under water. Liquid is pumped to the nozzle through a filter. It is better to place such a pump on an elevation so that you do not have to frequently clean the filters. The device is inexpensive, easy to install, quiet and compact.
  2. Surface pumps are installed on land. The principle of action is the suction of water by the device and its supply to the fountain by pumping it through a hose through a filter. Such pumps are expensive, make noise during operation and are difficult to install, but they are much more reliable and easier to maintain.

Magic stones: step by step

You can choose any shape and any type of fountain, but its construction will be carried out in the same sequence of work performed:

  • pit preparation;
  • securing the trench;
  • installation of the reservoir;
  • installation of the pump;
  • decoration.

If you decide to build a large fountain, you will need a foundation, and for a small structure there will be enough capacity - a balloon or a bath. But be sure to provide an emergency drain at the edge of the surface to avoid overflow of water

To make the pipeline, choose plastic pipes: they are non-corrosive and can be easily connected with a soldering iron.

fountain of stones at their summer cottage
fountain of stones at their summer cottage

A rock fountain may require a foundation

Now let's start building a fountain of stones. To do this, you need the following tools and materials:

  • flat stones and boulders;
  • drainage gravel;
  • water pump;
  • waterproof bowl;
  • copper tube, coupler, PVC tube;
  • slats, planks for strengthening the fountain;
  • a hammer;
  • hand saw;
  • scissors, pipe cutter;
  • insulating tape;
  • drill;
  • sliding key;
  • a syringe for sealing seams.

First of all, dig a recess that will be 5 cm deeper than the level of the bowl, as well as a groove for the socket. Add 5 cm of gravel to act as a drainage layer. Install the bowl, lay the PVC tube, connect them together. Cover the groove with soil.

Place the pump in the bowl, mark and cut out the outlet holes. Connect the bowl to the tube, pour gravel at the bottom, fix the pump. Place slats and planks over the bowl to support the fountain.

Place the stones on top of each other and mark the places where the holes will be drilled. After the holes are drilled, string the stones onto the copper tube.

To decorate the fountain, fill the gaps with small stones and the gaps with silicone glue. Now fill the bowl with water, connect the pump, adjust the pressure and enjoy the great fountain!

Old bath as a base

Surely, after the repair, you still have an acrylic or cast-iron bathtub, which you decided to take to the country house for now, and eventually figure out where to attach it. This time has come - make a fountain with a reservoir out of it.

For such a fountain you will need:

  • stones, cobblestones;
  • priming;
  • pump;
  • bath;
  • iron sheet;
  • decor to choose from - sculptures, plants, lighting, etc.
  • iron scissors;
  • shovel;
  • insulating tape;
  • drill;
  • others, depending on the chosen decor.

You can find stones anywhere - in the field, by the river, even on your own plot; the main thing is that their shape is round or oval. Dig a recess to the size of the tub, install the tub and close all drain holes.

Cut out wide inserts from the iron that will protect the recreation area from splashes. Lay them down and decorate with stones.

bathtub as a base for a garden fountain
bathtub as a base for a garden fountain

An acrylic or cast iron bathtub can be a great base for a fountain

Cover the bottom with small stones. Install the backlight, if you have provided it. After that, you can fill the bowl with water and finish decorating the fountain if necessary.

There are many styles in which you can decorate your fountain: country, ethno, antiquity, baroque. Even if your fountain is very small, focus on a statuette or an old vase: this will give the structure a unique spirit.

Styles in which you can decorate the fountain


Waste wheels and gas cylinders: how to use them?

Old tires, which will never serve as intended, are perfect for making a fountain with a small reservoir out of them. One wheel is enough, the main thing is that its size matches your recreation area.

  1. Cut off the top edge of the tire with a jigsaw. It is enough to capture the bending area.
  2. Dig a hole so that the tire is halfway into the ground.
  3. Cement the bottom of the future fountain. You can use a polyethylene film as waterproofing. Level it well along the bottom and secure it to the outside of the tire.
  4. Route the water supply system and install the pump.
  5. Paint the inner walls of the wheel. If you used plastic, cover the bottom with a layer of gravel so that the polyethylene is not visible.
  6. Outside on the wheel, you need to make a decorative covering of stones of different sizes. They can be of any shape, but large flat stones are easier to cover the protruding edges of the tire. Secure them with cement and when it's dry fill the fountain with water.
wheel fountain
wheel fountain

Use old tires to create a fountain

Roughly the same principle can be used to make a fountain based on an old gas cylinder. You need to decide how to cut it into two equal parts - along or across. Dig one of these parts into the ground so that the edges protrude 5-8 cm above the soil level. The main steps are the same - water supply, pump installation and decoration. You do not need to cement the bottom, but the inside of the cylinder should be cleaned of possible rust and painted.

Such a fountain will look great in a small area due to its size. And it will require less decorative elements than other fountains.

Video about the construction of a fountain in the country with your own hands

Now you know how you can give your summer cottage a cozy and original look with the help of a fountain made with your own hands. Perhaps you are familiar with some other options for such structures, or you have experience in their construction. Share with us in the comments. Easy work and pleasant spring days!

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