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How To Wash A Streak-free Mirror At Home - Various Methods
How To Wash A Streak-free Mirror At Home - Various Methods

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How to wash a streak-free mirror at home

Woman washing mirror
Woman washing mirror

Cleaning is not complete without sparkling clean mirrors. Reflective glass is always in front of your eyes. But only experienced housewives know how to wash them so that there are no smudges or streaks, saving their time, money and effort. Meanwhile, there are fairly simple ways to clean the surface.


  • 1 Reasons for the appearance of streaks and stains
  • 2 What you need to wash mirrors

    2.1 Advantages and Disadvantages of Industrial Cleaning Products

  • 3 How to wash: step by step instructions

    3.1 Professionals advise on how to wash the mirror perfectly

  • 4 Folk methods of cleaning

    • 4.1 Cleaning the mirrors with newspapers
    • 4.2 How to clean a mirror to a shine with black tea
    • 4.3 How to perfectly clean a mirror with vinegar
  • 5 Secrets to Get Rid of Various Contaminants

    • 5.1 Removing limescale

      5.1.1 How to clean a bathroom mirror

    • 5.2 Getting rid of sticker marks
    • 5.3 How to remove marker marks

Reasons for the appearance of streaks and stains

Even if the very process of washing presents her with special efforts, putting in order large mirrored surfaces is a lot of trouble. The housewives are especially frustrated by the appearance of ugly stains on the washed, it seems, ideally, glass surface.

To successfully deal with such a nuisance, you should find out its reasons. Where are they from, stains and smudges?

  • The first reason for the appearance is due to poorly washed dirt, grease or ordinary dust.
  • The second reason is the illiterate selection of the detergent, its poor quality or excessive application of the cleaner.
  • The third factor is the use of insufficiently clean tap water. It is very difficult to wash such stains.
Washing a dirty mirror
Washing a dirty mirror

It is not easy to clean the mirror after poor quality cleaning

There are no unsolvable problems, and with due diligence and implementation of recommendations, brilliant results will not keep you waiting. You can use professional or folk methods. Each of them has its pluses and minuses.

What you need to wash mirrors

To obtain a sparkling clean surface of mirrors, do not use the usual detergent for washing or dishes. They are ineffective. Special-purpose solutions are required. They are designed for the maintenance of similar surfaces. The recommendations of experienced housewives are also valuable. They know how to quickly and effortlessly remove streaks and prevent smudges.

It is impossible to achieve impressive results without tools. Everything you need should always be at hand. You will need to prepare:

  • capacity;
  • a rag or newspaper;
  • scraper or blade;
  • a special brush for cleaning glass;
  • detergent.

It is wise to start with a container in which water is poured to clean the surface. The easiest way is to take a basin or a deep plastic bowl. It does not break, does not break, is comfortable and lightweight.

There are special requirements for the cloth. Only soft, well-absorbing moisture is suitable. A microfiber cloth is ideal. It won't even leave a lint on the glass. But such a cloth will not cope with strong dirt. A newspaper is much more effective in this case. It absorbs perfectly and is not afraid of strong dirt.

A scraper or a household blade will also come in handy. With its help, it is easy to get rid of old fat droplets. And instead of microfiber, they use gauze and old tights, which have already become obsolete.

It is impossible to do without quality mirror cleaning products. Glass cleaning solutions are perfect. Special attention should be paid to the variants of preparations with the words "for glasses and mirrors", sold through hardware stores or special departments of supermarkets.

Industrial mirror cleaner
Industrial mirror cleaner

Cleaner marked "for glass and mirrors"

Among them are solutions for cleaning car mirrors and glass. They allow you to achieve amazing results with minimal effort. However, the preparations are toxic, ventilation is mandatory after use. Without such a precaution, it is wiser to refuse to use the product.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Industrial Cleaning Products

Name Advantages disadvantages
Mister Muscle Easy to use, convenient, affordable. No
Spectrum-Profi Professional remedy, great results. High price
Aquapel Professional drug.

Protects the mirror from dust and dirt for a long time, keeping it shiny and clean.

Most often, they choose green or blue bottles. Each contains isopropyl alcohol.

Liquid ammonia is included in the composition of the drug, packaged in green packages.

Help The tool is budgetary, effective. Copes with light dirt perfectly. Strong smell.
"LOC" by Amway Does not require rinsing, cleans perfectly. Strong smell of ammonia.
Clin Work in 2 modes: "spray" and "foam" for normal and heavy dirt. No.
Frosch Glass Cleaner Suitable for people with a tendency to allergies, without a strong strong aroma.

Perfectly cleans surfaces, does not leave streaks.

Economical, consumption is minimal.

A green bottle is suitable for cleaning mirrors.

Dries quickly after application, requires high working speed.

High price.

Cif There is no harsh aroma, it copes well with any dirt. It contains benzyl alcohol.
Ecover Natural composition, pleasant aroma, unobtrusive, heard only after spraying The cleaning quality is average.

High price.

Synegetic Economical with spray and liquid options. Light floral scent. It is recommended to use gloves.
Wet wipes "Freken Bock" No additional rinsing is required.

Provides shine.

Soft surface, do not scratch the mirror, pleasant scent.

Dry over time, disposable.

The number of reagents for mirrors is colossal: the industry offers many options of various qualities. It is important to choose a drug for home use without haste so that you do not have to rack your brains after cleaning how to remove stains left by the detergent itself.

As tempting as the composition of the product is, it remains chemical. All reagents should be used only with rubber gloves. Preparations are stored in places inaccessible to babies.

How to wash: step by step instructions

Washing a mirror involves several stages.

  1. Begin by removing the adhering dust and grease particles. To get rid of them, use a blade or a scraper for a glass-ceramic plate.
  2. Then the reflective surface is wiped with a cloth soaked in detergent.
  3. The stains after the initial treatment are removed by repeated washing with a sponge with a suitable preparation applied to it.
  4. After removing traces from washing on the surface of the glass, it is carried out with the soft side of a damp sponge. It is advisable to use water boiled, settled.
  5. For shine, use paper napkins or newspapers moistened with a suitable product. The paper will absorb excess moisture and will not leave lint or dust particles like fabric. Movements act in a circular manner, running your hand from top to bottom.

Video instructions for cleaning will help reduce the cleaning time and cope with any of its nuances.

Professionals advise on how to wash the mirror perfectly

Folk cleaning methods

Microscopic sizes of toxic particles can remain on the reflective surface even after rinsing. They penetrate the skin, causing irritation and provoking allergic reactions.

To minimize unpleasant effects, folk remedies are used. Their ingredients are simple and are in every home. The resulting solutions ensure the absence of streaks.


  • black or green tea, blue;
  • salt;
  • vinegar;
  • milk;
  • potatoes;
  • ammonia;
  • alcohol, vodka;
  • a piece of chalk;
  • onion;
  • newspapers and water;
  • toothpaste or powder;
  • nylon;
  • cologne.

The simplest option is water and newspaper. Contamination is wiped off with settled water. Then, using a crumpled newspaper, they shine by wiping the mirror dry.

To avoid ink marks on your hands, you can replace the newspaper with toilet paper or paper towels. The results from such a castling will not be worse.

Cleaning mirrors with newspapers

To prepare a tea-based composition, you will need to firmly brew green tea in a glass, add a large spoonful of ordinary salt to the drink. The resulting solution is applied to the mirror with a nylon cloth. Then the surface is wiped dry with a soft cloth.

Black tea also works great. With its help, all mirrors in the house will shine with cleanliness. Experienced housewives will tell you how to prepare a miracle drug.

How to clean a mirror to a shine with black tea

Instead of tea, you can use blue. It will give the mirror a sparkling shine. A solution of green tea diluted with blue will restore a mirror that has become clouded with time, returning it not only to purity, but also giving it an unusual bluish shine.

The dirty reflective surface will be cleaned with a starch solution. In a liter of water, dilute 2 large tablespoons of powder. The finished preparation is applied to the mirror with a soft foam rubber sponge. The surface is washed with water several times and wiped dry with a soft cloth.

A medium-sized potato tuber is peeled and cut in two. Rub the surface with one of the halves. Then the mirror is washed with cool water and wiped dry with a cloth or paper.

Milk will allow you to easily get rid of dirt on the glass. The product is impregnated with a soft, lint-free cloth and rubbed over the surface. Wipe the mirror dry with a dry soft cloth.

Mixing vinegar with water equally, you get an excellent anti-dirt agent. The amount of solution is dosed according to the size of the mirror. First - processing with a cloth soaked in the resulting preparation. Then the surface is wiped dry with a dry cloth. True, there is a chance that it will take a long time to rub.

How to clean your mirror perfectly with vinegar

A radical remedy is a mixture of ammonia and tooth powder or paste. Mix a large spoonful of each component and apply the resulting paste to the surface. The mass is rubbed with a cloth and polished with a clean soft cloth made of cloth or paper.

Replacing the powder or paste with soda is undesirable: the abrasive over time turns the reflective glossy surface into a matte finish.

You can add a large spoonful of ammonia to a glass of water and treat the surface with the resulting solution. After rubbing dry with a soft napkin, the results will delight the hostesses.

By applying alcohol-based cologne or ordinary vodka to the glass, cleaning is very simple. The tool will do an excellent job with greasy or sticky spots. After spraying, wipe the mirror dry with a napkin.

Rub the surface with a juicy half of an onion. The product is left for a few minutes. Next, the mirror is washed with hot water and rubbed to a shine with a soft napkin. This method will allow you to effortlessly remove all traces of insect activity.

Chalk on a damp cloth also works great. They wipe the surface with it and leave it to dry completely. Then the mirror is rubbed with a dry cloth or paper until it shines.

An excellent way to wash mirrors without streaks is nylon. Old tights will do. They are moistened with cool water and the surface is wiped. But you have to try, rubbing the mirror dry with them until they shine.

Secrets of getting rid of various impurities

Sometimes it is not easy to remove dirt using the usual methods. In these cases, the advice of experienced housewives comes to the rescue.

Removing limescale

A mirror in a bathroom is a special conversation. It is difficult to do without it, and it is very difficult to wash it.

Treating it with tooth powder or chalk will save you from white plaque. All that remains is to polish the surface with a soft cloth - and the mirror will shine.

How to clean a bathroom mirror

A solution of 25 grams of chalk and 25 milliliters of vinegar diluted in a glass of water works perfectly. The suspension is stirred, allowed to settle, poured into another container and the mirror is wiped with the resulting reagent. However, it is important to ensure that the prepared product does not get onto the back of the mirror. It remains to rub the surface until shiny with a soft cloth.

Removes lime without a trace and table vinegar. Be sure to work with gloves and act quickly, so as not to breathe in the vinegar "aromas". At the end of the treatment - rinsing with cool water and wiping the surface dry.

It is very easy to get rid of plaque with lemon. The fruit is cut in two, a whitish place is rubbed with a cut - and the results are noticeable immediately.

If limestone formations have to be cleaned very often, then a mixture of 500 milliliters of water and a sachet of citric acid will help. The mixture is sprayed onto a mirror and left for five minutes. Then washed with soapy water, rinsed with clean water and wiped dry.

Getting rid of sticker marks

If the stickers are stuck firmly, you should apply a cloth soaked in hot water to them for 2-3 minutes. Wet stickers are pry off with a rubber spatula and removed from the mirror surface.

It is permissible to use a hairdryer to warm up, use a steamer or an ordinary iron. Lagging stickers are removed with a sharp blade, and rubbed with alcohol on top.

Vegetable oil or margarine works great. A cotton pad is moistened in fat and applied to the problem area. After blotting the stain with a paper towel, wipe with a damp sponge. If you use margarine, it is recommended to leave it on a mirror surface for ten minutes. It will soften the sticker. Removing it will not be difficult.

There are also industrial tools to get rid of unnecessary "decorations". An example of such an express option is the "Sticker Remover".

Decal remover
Decal remover

Industrial tool for quick removal of stickers and marks from them

Acetone or any nail polish remover works effectively. Within a couple of minutes, no traces of stickers remain.

How to remove marker marks

Use a sponge moistened with water to get rid of the water-based marker notes.

To remove the alcohol marker, take a napkin soaked in vodka, alcohol, or other rapidly evaporating ether.

To get rid of traces of the oil marker, take oils. Fats are applied to a short-naped textile napkin and the inscription is rubbed with it. The remaining traces are removed with a dry cloth.

If you don't know the type of marker base, you can use toothpaste. The universal remedy is rubbed into the left stain and removed with a damp cloth. But it is important to take the paste without an abrasive.

Any aerosols, including hairsprays and deodorants, are effective. They are effective against greasy stains. The preparations are sprayed on the inscriptions and washed off after a few minutes with water.

After applying the product, be sure to rinse the surface, repeating the treatment if necessary.

A special microfiber cloth will be able to get rid of traces of permanent marker. They rub the inscription with it - and the mirror is clean.

Some of the preparations are only suitable for certain surfaces. These options can damage the reflective surface. Dry powders and abrasives can scratch the smooth surface or damage the amalgam.

It is not that difficult to maintain perfect condition of mirrors throughout the house, if you put into practice some of the tricks known to professionals. Then you will not have to spend a lot of effort and money on the search for universal drugs. It will be possible to get by with the affordable options that save the family budget, and effort, and time.

It is not that difficult to maintain perfect condition of mirrors throughout the house, if you put into practice some of the tricks known to professionals. Then you will not have to spend a lot of effort and money on the search for universal drugs. It will be possible to get by with the affordable options that save the family budget, and effort, and time.

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