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How To Properly Wash Plastic Windows Without Streaks And What: Home Remedies, Steam Cleaner, Etc
How To Properly Wash Plastic Windows Without Streaks And What: Home Remedies, Steam Cleaner, Etc

Video: How To Properly Wash Plastic Windows Without Streaks And What: Home Remedies, Steam Cleaner, Etc

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Summer is just around the corner: how to clean windows streak-free?

girl washes the window
girl washes the window

We usually wash our windows a couple of times a year. With the arrival of spring, it is time for a major cleaning, and it is important to know how to clean windows without streaks so that they look perfectly transparent. What tools and methods to use for this, especially on plastic windows. Today we will tell you a few secrets of perfect washing.


  • 1 What mistakes you need to avoid
  • 2 What you need to know about cleaning windows: basic steps and tips
  • 3 We use special sprays and detergents
  • 4 Several folk remedies that have proven themselves
  • 5 What will help you clean
  • 6 Remove traces of scotch tape
  • 7 Video on proper window cleaning

What mistakes you need to avoid

First of all, let's take a look at the list of the most common mistakes when caring for PVC windows. They usually are as follows.

  1. Use of aggressive cleaning agents. The cleaner and window cleaner should not contain abrasives, that is, you should not use powders - they will leave scratches on the glass and plastic profile.
  2. Products such as alcohol, benzine or acidic solvents will cause windows to turn yellow over time.
  3. Avoid hard, abrasive sponges that also leave small scratches on the surface.
  4. When removing dirt from the window and sill, do not use sharp objects - screwdrivers, chisels, knives. This can lead not only to scratches, but also chips.

Everything you need to clean your windows will probably be in your home. First of all, these are soft rags, preferably cotton, linen or suede - they absorb water best. If you decide to use a sponge, make sure it is soft. The hard side is only suitable for removing stubborn dirt.

Purchase a special glass screed cleaner from a hardware store. Such a device will greatly facilitate your work. If the tie has a long handle, then you do not have to stand on the windowsill or on the chair again. Prefer a model that has a sponge on one side and a cut on the other.

Detergents - they can be purchased in the store or prepared by yourself, according to folk recipes.

the girl washes the plastic window
the girl washes the plastic window

Be careful when cleaning windows outside

Remember to take precautions when cleaning plastic windows. You do not need to bend over or protrude on the outside of the windowsill, and if possible, ask someone close to hold you. The surface that serves as your access to the window must be flat and stable.

There are several effective and fairly simple ways to clean plastic windows so that no streaks remain on them.

What you need to know about cleaning windows: basic steps and tips

First, prepare for work. Remove all foreign objects from the windowsill and lay out the necessary tools so that they are at hand. Pour small amounts of water into a basin or bucket so that it does not splash.

Use a separate sponge or cloth to clean the outside of the windows: the outside is much dirtier than the inside.

household gloves
household gloves

Always use gloves when cleaning windows

The first thing to wash is the frame. Only after it can you start cleaning the glass. Sweep away all dust and thoroughly rinse all surfaces.

Then soak a cloth in the detergent solution and apply it to the glass surface. Clean the window, carefully brushing the dirt downwards. Keep in mind that most of the dirt is in the frame and glass joints. Clean the outer surface of the plastic window with a brush with a long handle.

The final stage is a final wash. You will need a screed here. Run it over the glass from the very top at an angle of 20-30 degrees, moving strictly horizontally. At the same time, cover the washed area by a couple of centimeters each time. After each use, wipe dry the windshield wiper gum to avoid streaks.

Washing plastic windows has some features.

  1. Do not be afraid to wash the specially coated plastic window. The spraying is applied on the inside of the glass, you will not damage it.
  2. Metal fittings, rubber seals and drain holes require maintenance. After the window is dry, lubricate the fittings with machine oil, and cover the rubber seal with silicone grease.
  3. Keep the drainage drains clean, use special care products for plastic windows. Otherwise, in winter the windows will fog up and freeze.

We use special sprays and detergents

This method is ideal if your windows are small and not very dirty. At any hardware store or household chemicals department, purchase a window cleaner in a container with a spray nozzle. You will also need:

  • soft cloth;
  • paper (newspaper);
  • basin or bucket for water;
  • household gloves.
sponge for cleaning windows
sponge for cleaning windows

Use only very soft sponges that will not scratch

  1. All work must be carried out with gloves, since detergents have a harmful effect on the skin of the hands. Pour warm water into a bucket and soak a cloth in it. Squeeze so that it stays damp.
  2. Wipe off dirt and dust from the frame and windowsill. Spread the detergent in a zigzag pattern all over the window. Plastic windows must be washed first outside and then inside.
  3. With a clean cotton rag, wash the window, rubbing it in a circular motion. After washing is complete, wipe the window with crumpled paper, polishing carefully to make it shine.
  4. This method is also suitable when you have large windows, or they are located quite high. This is where the long-handle screed comes in.
  5. Use a steam cleaner to clean windows. This is not at all dangerous for frames and glass, because manufacturers supply their devices with special nozzles in which the nozzles are located across. Bring the nozzle to the surface gradually, starting from a distance of 30 cm. Steam residues and streaks can be easily removed with a rubber scraper.

Window cleaner can be replaced with any other detergent, for example, for dishes. Usually 7 drops per 2 liters of water are enough to clean the window. And you can make such a tool yourself.

Several folk remedies that have proven themselves

A cleaning solution that will wash a plastic window to a shine can be made from just about anything you have on hand. Here are some simple recipes:

  • 1 tablespoon of starch in 1 liter of water;
  • 50 g of bleach per 1 liter of water;
  • 1 glass of vinegar in 1 liter of water;
  • 1 tablespoon of ammonia in 2 liters of water;
  • 1 tablespoon of ammonia per 1 liter of water.

There is another way, which, although quite time consuming, copes well with dirt on the glass. Stir in chalk and dissolve in water at a ratio of 2-3 tablespoons per 1 glass, respectively. Wipe the glass with this solution and leave it to dry, and then rub with newspaper or paper.

steam cleaner for windows
steam cleaner for windows

Use a steam cleaner with special attachments when cleaning plastic windows

Our grandmothers also used a soapy solution to clean windows, diluting grated laundry soap in water. It can also be used for plastic glass, especially since this is the most affordable and economical way. But in comparison with previous recipes, and even more so with modern detergents, it will be more difficult to wash away streaks and streaks from soap solution from glass.

Here are some more tips on how to use folk remedies to keep windows clean.

  1. After the windows are washed, wipe them down with a vinegar solution. Its scent drives away flies, and thus the glass remains clean.
  2. To prevent the windows from freezing in winter, apply a solution of sodium chloride to the glass - 2 tbsp. for 1 glass of water.
  3. If small cracks appear on the glass, cover them with clear varnish from the outside.
  4. To keep the window clean longer, wipe it with a mixture of 70 g of glycerin, 30 g of water and a little ammonia. After drying, a protective film will remain on the glass.
  5. For a particularly bright shine, the glass of a plastic window can be given a greenish or blue tint. To do this, rub them with a solution of copper sulfate (1 tsp per 1 liter of water), or use dry ultramarine.

What will help you clean


Removing traces of scotch tape

This adhesive tape leaves a residue that is difficult to get rid of. But we know a few simple ways to help you.

  1. Glue pieces of new tape to the traces of the old adhesive tape, and immediately tear off sharply. If the first time you did not achieve the desired effect, repeat a few more times.
  2. Use any oil, any: vegetable, sunflower, mint, citrus or tea tree oil. Place a drop of oil on a sponge and apply to the part of the glass where there are traces of the scotch tape. Leave it on for 10 minutes, during this time the oil will saturate the glue, it will swell and come off easily. Then wipe the cleaned area with a soft cloth.
  3. Rubbing alcohol is an excellent solvent for adhesive backing. Apply it to a cotton swab and wipe the areas with tape marks. Try this method first on a small area. The fact is that different types of plastic, from which windows are made, react in their own way to the effects of alcohol-containing substances.

And in order to remove yellow plaque from PVC window frames, use a solution of baking soda. This tool well removes plastic from darkening.

Video about proper window cleaning

Now you know how to clean plastic windows in your home to shine and sunshine. If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them in the comments. Tell us about your window cleaning secrets. Comfort for your home!

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