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How To Choose A Hood For The Kitchen - In Terms Of Power And Other Parameters, What To Look For When Buying A Built-in And Built-in, For A Gas And Electric Stove, Professional Advice And Feedback
How To Choose A Hood For The Kitchen - In Terms Of Power And Other Parameters, What To Look For When Buying A Built-in And Built-in, For A Gas And Electric Stove, Professional Advice And Feedback

Video: How To Choose A Hood For The Kitchen - In Terms Of Power And Other Parameters, What To Look For When Buying A Built-in And Built-in, For A Gas And Electric Stove, Professional Advice And Feedback

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How to choose the right cooker hood for your kitchen without difficulty

Cooker hood
Cooker hood

With active cooking, the kitchen gets dirty faster than other rooms. And soon a plaque may appear on the walls in a seemingly new kitchen, and smells will irritate the residents of the entire apartment. In just two months, the room where hygiene is most important can become a breeding ground for bacteria, and eating food from such a kitchen will be simply unpleasant. But the solution to this problem is quite simple - choose and install a kitchen hood. …


  • 1 Reasons for the need for hoods in the kitchen
  • 2 Varieties of hoods

    2.1 Video: do not overpay for a kitchen hood

  • 3 How to choose the right one based on the characteristics

    • 3.1 Mounting type
    • 3.2 Filtration systems
    • 3.3 Performance and noise level
    • 3.4 Design and dimensions of the hood
    • 3.5 Other options for selection
  • 4 Overview of hoods from various manufacturers

    • 4.1 Bosch DFS 067K50
    • 4.2 Elikor Integra 60
    • 4.3 Gorenje DU5345W
    • 4.4 Asko CW4924B
    • 4.5 Candy CCE 16 X
  • 5 Manufacturer's choice
  • 6 How to care for the hood

    6.1 Video: an easy way to clean kitchen hood filters

  • 7 Customer Reviews

Reasons for the need for hoods in the kitchen

Regular ventilation in the kitchen, unfortunately, is not enough to avoid the appearance of unpleasant smells of fat and burning. But this is not the only reason to install the hood, the following reasons can also be distinguished:

  • plaque formation on the walls - fatty particles, together with steam, rise into the air and subsequently settle on the walls of the kitchen. As a result, very often you have to spend time on general cleaning, and even changing wallpaper. The hood will remove these particles, leaving the air clean, while ventilation will not cope with it;
  • an unpleasant odor that sets off the taste of food - many dishes perfectly absorb foreign odors during and after cooking. And if you like to cook a lot and often, this can be a problem. Nobody wants to eat a delicate creamy soup, which gives off a tangible fat from the jellied meat. In this situation, a high-quality hood will also help you by removing the smell from the kitchen in a matter of seconds;
  • hygiene and health care - in fact, this reason follows from the past two. A clean kitchen is primarily a guarantee of your health and safety. Bacteria and germs quickly accumulate on dirty surfaces. Of course, any modern hoods contain filters, the timely replacement or cleaning of which will provide you with a healthy kitchen environment.

It turns out that it is almost impossible to overestimate the need for a cooker hood, and it would not be an exaggeration to say that if you love to cook, a cooker hood is a must for you.

Varieties of hoods

Any hoods can be divided into two types:

  • running - air from such a hood must enter the external ventilation system and thus leave the room;

    Flow-through hood
    Flow-through hood

    The flow hood will remove air from the room

  • recirculation - in such a device, the air is cleaned and returned to the room.

    Recirculating hood
    Recirculating hood

    This type of hood filters the air and returns it to the kitchen.

It cannot be said which of the types is definitely better, because it also depends on the quality of a particular model. But the installation of a flow hood, in spite of a simple device, usually costs more. This is because it is necessary to lay a path for air transmission. In turn, recirculation models struggle with unwanted odors worse, because the air remains in the room.

Of course, the hoods also differ in a number of parameters from each other and the division into two types is rather arbitrary. But it is better to consider the rest of the differences along with other characteristics.

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How to choose the right one based on the characteristics

Depending on the size of your kitchen, the type of stove and other factors, different hoods will work for you. Therefore, we will consider in detail all the parameters that should be guided by when choosing.

Mount type

The type of attachment mainly depends on how much space the hood will take in your kitchen. There are three of them:

  • ceiling mount - the hood is fixed to the ceiling, taking up a minimum of working space in the kitchen. Such hoods are convenient, but in the case of running air exhaust, they may not always look neat in small rooms;

    Ceiling hoods
    Ceiling hoods

    Ceiling hoods do not take up much space

  • wall mount - usually such hoods are placed directly on the wall near the stove. Perhaps this is one of those cases when the air duct rather complements the kitchen set, moreover, it is perfectly visible. Tall people may face the only inconvenience, and visually, the space in the kitchen becomes noticeably smaller;

    Wall hoods
    Wall hoods

    Wall-mounted hoods complement kitchen furniture well

  • built-in hoods - in this case, the dimensions of the device are not so important, because the hood is disguised as cabinets in the kitchen. The main advantage of this decision is that the guests may not even guess that you have a hood. But in the care of such devices can be somewhat more difficult than similar ones.

    Built-in hoods
    Built-in hoods

    Built-in hoods may not be visible at all until you start using them

Filtration systems

If your hood filters the air, and not just removes it from the kitchen, you should take care of the quality of the filters themselves. Their parts can also be divided into several types:

  • consumable filters - similar disposable filters are used to absorb oily and greasy fumes. Since they are replaced after each use, their maintenance can be expensive, but each filter will definitely do the job;

    Disposable filter
    Disposable filter

    Disposable filters are usually thrown away after contamination.

  • reusable permanent filters - these filters are made of expensive materials and can be cleaned or even washed in dishwashers;

    Grease filter
    Grease filter

    Metal filter will trap grease droplets

  • odor neutralization filters - usually they are also disposable and are made using coal mixtures.

    Odor filters
    Odor filters

    The carbon odor filters are also easy to replace after contamination

A good hood can contain various types of filters. At the same time, the air purification time depends not only on them, but also on its performance.

Performance and noise level

The time required to clean the kitchen area and the noise level depend on the power of the hood and the number of fans. At the same time, a low-power hood will not always be such a bad decision, because it is worth relying on a number of factors:

  • the more powerful the hood, the more noise from it - this is logical, but this point is often underestimated. Sometimes working in the kitchen with the hood turned on can simply be uncomfortable. It is best to purchase a hood with the ability to adjust its draft at any time;

    Small hood
    Small hood

    With proper placement, a low-power hood will do an excellent job.

  • estimate the power depending on the speed of air cleaning in the kitchen. The optimum will be a complete renewal of the air in the working area within 7-10 minutes;
  • more fans will significantly reduce the time required for cleaning, but at the same time the amount of noise will increase several times.

It turns out that there is no need to take a device that is too powerful for a small kitchen. After all, its life will be shorter, and you will suffer from the volume level much stronger.

It is worth considering the distance. If you want to hang the hood above 80 centimeters above the stove, you should take a device with increased power.

Hood design and dimensions

Of course, the main factor in appearance is how well the hood fits and complements the basic design of the kitchen. However, there are four main types of cooker hood designs:

  • pull-out hood - built into the kitchen set and pulled out if necessary;

    Built-in hood
    Built-in hood

    Built-in hoods slide out when needed

  • domed - the duct of such an exhaust is usually on top;

    Dome hood
    Dome hood

    Dome hoods can look bulky

  • island - takes up a lot of space, but allows you to clean the entire kitchen at once. It is the most bulky option for placement in the kitchen;

    Island hood
    Island hood

    Island hoods are difficult to install, but very effective.

  • suspended - such hoods most often take up little space in the kitchen, since they are flat.

    Suspended hoods
    Suspended hoods

    Hanging hoods are accessible and not too visible

At the same time, the dimensions of the hood are not too dependent on its design. Each type has models for completely different kitchens. The usual size of the hood is about half a meter in width and a little more in length, but the variations are completely different.

Other options for selection

In addition to the above basic parameters, it is worth considering a number of additional ones:

  • lighting - it's not that the presence of lighting is mandatory for the hood, but it's silly not to use the space directly above the stove for additional light sources;

    Hood lighting
    Hood lighting

    Built-in lamps to help you work in the kitchen

  • control systems - most of the hoods are equipped with a mechanical switch that has several positions. A number of more expensive models have touch controls and fine power control, and the most expensive ones can even be controlled by a special remote control. However, the control method will only slightly affect your convenience, but the presence of different modes can be really useful;

    Exhaust control
    Exhaust control

    Touch panel allows you to fine-tune the extraction power

  • prices - of course, the hoods are presented in a variety of price categories, and the cost depends on all the above factors. The number of modes, ease of operation, design and power - all this adds up to the final price for the hood. But don't think that budget models are useless. Yes, you will spend a little more time renewing the air throughout the room, but the effect will still be dramatic compared to the absence of a hood in the kitchen.

If with the design and size everything is individual and depends on your kitchen, then the main choice of each customer is still the type of hood. Choosing a flow hood or a recirculation hood is a matter of not only design and your convenience, but also safety. The fact is that when using a gas stove, it is imperative to ventilate the room. And in this case, the flow hood will serve as a significant help, removing excess gas from the room and ensuring safety. It is simply unreasonable to use a recirculating hood with a gas stove, but with an electric one it can be an excellent choice for you.

You should take care of the availability of a free socket next to the stove in advance.

Overview of hoods from various manufacturers

Almost every manufacturer can provide hoods in a different price range: from the cheapest to the elite models. Therefore, we will look at specific models that are really good in terms of price-performance ratio.

Bosch DFS 067K50

Bosch DFS 067K50
Bosch DFS 067K50

Expensive hood of German production Bosch DFS 067K50

About the manufacturer: The German quality of this manufacturer is known to everyone. Basically, its hoods are in the price range up to fifty thousand.

Price: ~ 37,000 rubles

Hood type: built-in

About the product: the presented model is considered one of the best in its price category.

The following advantages are noted:

  • relatively quiet operation - depending on the mode, this hood will produce only 40–70 decibels of noise, which is a very good indicator;
  • automatic power control - the hood itself is capable of switching modes during operation, to save energy as the air is purified;
  • filter clogging indicators - you always know when certain filters need to be replaced with the help of an audible and visual signal;
  • air pollution sensor - the hood will independently select the mode required for cleaning, depending on the degree of pollution.

Conclusion: despite the high price, this is a great option for your money, which is suitable for any kitchen.

Elikor Integra 60

Elikor Integra 60
Elikor Integra 60

Elikor Integra 60 hood is made in Russia and is a good option for its price

About the manufacturer: one of the best domestic hood manufacturers. It has an extensive assortment and prices from the most budgetary (up to 3 thousand rubles) to medium (about 30 thousand rubles).

Price: ~ 3300 rubles

Hood type: built-in

About the product: without a doubt, this is one of the cheapest built-in hoods. However, the quality of the products is high.

The main advantages of this model:

  • versatility - can be used both in air circulation mode and with an air duct;
  • ease of operation - the buyer can easily install the hood on his own;
  • mechanical power control - although there are only two power modes, this is enough to control the operation of the hood for various needs.

Conclusion: a budget model that looks great and will serve you for a long time with proper care.

Gorenje DU5345W

Gorenje DU5345W
Gorenje DU5345W

Gorenje DU5345W is a cooker hood made in Slovenia, it is very reliable

About the manufacturer: The Slovenian manufacturer quickly conquered the market. Its strong points: low price (from 3500 rubles) and neat appearance.

Price: ~ 3500

Hood type: suspended

About product: a compact cooker hood that will look great in a small kitchen.

The following advantages of the model can be noted:

  • three power options, which allows you to adjust the noise level and cleaning speed;
  • not the highest performance is compensated by a fat control filter;
  • high-quality lighting will help in working in the kitchen, which is a rarity in hoods of such a low cost.

Conclusion: such a model will be a good solution for small rooms, while it will serve you much better than Chinese counterparts in this price range.

Asko CW4924B

Asko CW4924B
Asko CW4924B

The very expensive Asko CW4924B hood impresses with its quality and design

About the manufacturer: Swedish manufacturer, whose name alone serves as a guarantee of quality. The price is usually quite adequate. But on the other hand, Asco hoods have flexible settings and a very stylish appearance for their dimensions.

Price: ~ 55 thousand rubles

Hood type: dome

About the product: not everyone wants to pay extra for a well-known brand, but in this case, such a price also means high quality. A rather large domed hood, however, does not interfere with work in the kitchen due to the angle of inclination.

Of the features of the model, it can be noted:

  • four fan operating modes;
  • work timer, which will allow you to configure shutdown after a certain time;
  • unique design;
  • for this power, the hood works relatively quietly.

Conclusion: An excellent, albeit expensive solution for restaurants or large spaces where a lot of cooking is required.

Candy CCE 16 X

Candy CCE 16 X
Candy CCE 16 X

Hood Candy CCE 16 X is an average option in all respects for buying in a solid kitchen

About the manufacturer: An Italian company that produces hoods for kitchens around the world at a price below average.

Price: ~ 7300 rubles

Hood type: dome

About product: the dome hood does not always mean a high price, and this particular model proves it. There is nothing superfluous in it, but for this price it perfectly fulfills its tasks. The only drawback may be a rather austere design.

The advantages of the model:

  • low price among dome hoods;
  • very simple speed control;
  • good performance indicators.

Takeaway: Sometimes the simplest solution may be the best. If you are looking for a domed cooker hood but are not ready to shell out a lot of money, this model is a great option.

Manufacturer's choice

Since manufacturers differ not only in quality, but also in prices, they can be divided into three different categories:

  • budget hoods - they are produced by Simfer, Korting, Kuppersberg and a number of others. Simple solutions for a simple kitchen will cost you less than 10 thousand rubles;

    Manufacturer kuppersberg
    Manufacturer kuppersberg

    Kuppersberg produces many good range hoods at low prices

  • average cost - such companies as Teka, Siemens, Bosch can offer you hoods at an average price. A reliable choice at a price of up to 50 thousand rubles for expensive kitchens;

    Manufacturer Siemens
    Manufacturer Siemens

    The best Siemens models are presented in the middle price category

  • expensive hoods - elite hoods do not differ too much from less cheap ones in terms of functionality, but this is more than pays off in design. Firms such as Falmec or Electrolux manufacture them.

    Manufacturer Electrolux
    Manufacturer Electrolux

    Electrolux hoods are a high quality product, but they also cost a lot.

In general, you can find a suitable and reliable hood from almost any of the popular manufacturers, including domestic ones. Only little-known Chinese brands should be avoided.

How to care for your hood

Timely maintenance of the cooker hood is a guarantee of its long and effective service. The main points of the hood care are as follows:

  • constant cleaning of the outer parts of the hood - it is enough to wipe it after use with a sponge or damp cloth, if necessary using cleaning agents to get rid of grease deposits;

    Cleaning the hood
    Cleaning the hood

    Regular cleaning of the outer parts of the hood is necessary

  • glass elements can be cleaned with conventional window cleaning products;
  • every few months it is required to remove and clean the filters from grease. This is not so difficult to do, but for this you have to take them out;

    Grease filter
    Grease filter

    The filter that collects grease needs to be washed at a time for correct draft

  • do not use disposable filters more than what is required - this will lead to rapid wear of the hood motor.

Follow these simple guidelines for caring for your cooker hood and the device will last you much longer.

Video: an easy way to clean kitchen hood filters

Customer Reviews

In any modern kitchen, a hood is not a luxury, but a necessity. Knowing the assortment, the approximate prices for them and the firms that produce high-quality models, you can easily choose the hood to suit your capabilities and needs. And let any hood - from simple models to elite and expensive ones - serve you for a long time.

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