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How To Wash Sneakers In A Washing Machine (including An Automatic Machine) Correctly, And Then Dry Your Shoes
How To Wash Sneakers In A Washing Machine (including An Automatic Machine) Correctly, And Then Dry Your Shoes

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Rules for washing sneakers in a washing machine

How to wash sneakers
How to wash sneakers

If you belong to people leading an active lifestyle, then sneakers are probably your favorite and even necessary shoes. Of course, after frequent use, sneakers wear out over time, but dirt is much more troublesome. Whether it is possible to cope with it with a washing machine, we will discuss in this article.

Can sneakers be machine washed

It is known that the care of sneakers that are constantly used should be daily. As it gets dirty, these shoes need to be cleaned, wiped, and scented. But over time, a general cleaning may be required, that is, the sneakers will need to be washed.

The most common way is hand wash. But this is hard and long work. In addition, progress does not stand still, and almost every apartment has an automatic washing machine, which makes our life much easier. But the question is: are sneakers designed for such washing, will they withstand the process?

To begin with, let's figure out what modern sneakers are, and what risks exist when washing them. Sports shoes are sewn from materials such as:

  • the cloth;
  • leather;
  • suede leather.

Each material has its own characteristics, but there are several general criteria. Most often, sneakers consist of a rubber or foam sole, a "shell" made of leather (leatherette), suede or fabric, and an inner fabric component. The main risks associated with washing are deformation, loss of shape and loosening. We will try to avoid these troubles.

washing machine sneakers
washing machine sneakers

When washing sneakers in an automatic machine, follow the rules and our tips

Most manufacturers of sports shoes and washing machines categorically do not recommend such washing, indicating this on the tags and in the operating rules. But, as you know, our person prefers to check everything on his own experience. Therefore, we know for sure: it is possible to wash sneakers in an automatic machine, but only with the observance of certain rules.

Preparing shoes for washing

Before using the washing machine, prepare your shoes for the procedure.

  1. Carefully remove stubborn dirt from the surface of the shoe. Get rid of clods of dirt, adhering leaves and twigs, and stuck stones. To do this, you can use a knitting needle or stick. Then rinse the sneakers under running water.
  2. You can pre-soak your shoes in soapy water for about a couple of hours. This will serve as a kind of test drive: if the sneakers do not lose their shape during soaking, then they will withstand washing.
  3. Remove the insoles and laces from your sneakers. They are washed separately. The exception is those models in which the insoles are fixed on the inner part of the sole.
  4. Examine the shoes carefully for damage. If the sole has come off somewhere or foam sticks out, it is better to refuse washing in a typewriter. Reflectors are also undesirable - they can come off during the wash process.
  5. It is best to use a shoe-washing bag. If you don't have one, an old pillowcase will do. You can even use this method: put unnecessary rags, towels, old clothes in the washing machine drum along with sneakers. Firstly, the fabric will wipe away dirt from shoes faster, and secondly, it will reduce its beating against the drum and prevent deformation.
preparing sneakers for washing
preparing sneakers for washing

Be sure to remove the laces and insoles before washing: they must be washed separately

Do not forget that any damage (peeled reflectors and decorative elements, protruding foam rubber) can get into the pump or filter during washing, thereby rendering the machine unusable. Also, don't machine wash suede sneakers - they run the risk of falling apart in the process. Also, genuine leather does not tolerate water and detergents.

Rules for washing sneakers in a washing machine

There are automatic machines with a special program designed for washing shoes. If you have just such a model, great. You just need to select the desired function, and the unit will do everything by itself. Otherwise, follow these tips.

  1. Fold your sneakers into a bag and place in a drum. Select a delicate mode, set the temperature to 40 degrees. Higher temperatures tend to deform the shoe, damage it and wash off paint.
  2. Pour in powder, exactly the same amount as you use for a regular wash. some manufacturers do not recommend using powder, conditioner or rinse, explaining that the products can leave stains on the shoes. If you are afraid of this, use grated laundry soap.
  3. If you have white sneakers, you can add bleach. In addition, do not forget that such shoes cannot be washed with colored fabrics - they can shed.
  4. Disable the spin and dry functions. These procedures will not only have a detrimental effect on the shoe, but also damage the machine's hardware, such as bearings.
  5. Press "Start" and start the washing process. It remains to wait for the sound signals indicating the end of the wash. After that, the sneakers must be properly dried.

Here's another way to wash your sneakers without a special bag. You probably have old dirty jeans. Take them and tuck a sneaker into each leg. Wash your pants and clean your sneakers right away. But keep in mind that jeans should not fade, otherwise the shoes will take on a completely different color. Naturally, this method is absolutely not suitable for washing white sneakers.

How to dry your shoes properly

Inadequate drying of sneakers can negate an entire wash, even a completely correct one. And if we are talking about suede and leather sports shoes that you have washed by hand (as we remember, they will not tolerate automatic washing), you need to dry according to the rules so that you do not have to throw out the thing that has become unusable.

Dry your sneakers at room temperature. Hot batteries, heating devices or open sunlight in hot weather are absolutely not suitable for this purpose.

Get your sneakers out of the car. To speed up the drying process while maintaining the original shape of the shoe, use paper. Just stuff it into your sneakers as tightly as possible. Plain office paper, toilet paper, napkins, and paper towels will work. Better not to use newspapers: the ink will remain on the freshly washed surfaces.


Properly washed and dried sneakers will not lose their shape and color

Change the paper from time to time, otherwise it will delay drying due to excess moisture. Plus, wet paper can absorb odors, which can be harmful to your sneakers.

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Of course, the frequency of washing depends on how often you use your sneakers. But now you know how to put them in order with heavy dirt, which means you can safely walk in your favorite shoes in any weather. Share with us in the comments your experience on this topic. Good luck to you!

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