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How To Choose An Entrance Door, Selection Criteria And Rules, As Well As Customer Ratings And Reviews
How To Choose An Entrance Door, Selection Criteria And Rules, As Well As Customer Ratings And Reviews

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How to choose an entrance door: criteria and rating of manufacturers

a door
a door

Comfort in the house depends on the quality of the front door; special attention is paid to the choice of this design. This is facilitated by a wide range of products with different characteristics, which are provided by many well-known manufacturers. The choice of entrance doors is carried out taking into account certain criteria, which allows you to find the optimal product.


  • 1 Criteria for choosing an entrance door

    • 1.1 Material of the entrance door
    • 1.2 Door structure
    • 1.3 Thermal insulation and noise protection
    • 1.4 Required accessories for the front door
    • 1.5 The appearance of the canvas
  • 2 Manufacturer rating

    2.1 Video: features of the choice of entrance doors

  • 3 Reviews of entrance doors of different brands

Front door selection criteria

A door installed at the entrance to the premises is an obstacle to cold, noise and dirt from the street. Therefore, the choice of design requires taking into account a number of criteria that characterize the door. First, you need to determine the required level of product quality, and this depends on the region of residence, the place of installation of the canvas (apartment or private house), the material of the building.

Front door options
Front door options

The front door protects the room from noise and cold

Taking into account the main criteria when choosing doors allows you not only to choose the optimal model, but also to get an easy-to-use product. The range of designs is very extensive, so it is worthwhile to determine the price range in advance. It is important to remember that highly rated products will not be too cheap compared to similar models from other manufacturers.

Entrance door material

The main criterion for choosing an entrance door is the material from which the structure is made. Wood and metal are often used for this purpose, and products differ in characteristics and appearance.

Entrance wooden doors
Entrance wooden doors

Wooden canvases are aesthetic, but not resistant to moisture

Wooden entrance structures can be made of oak, ash, pine. The most durable and durable oak models, but they have a high cost. At the same time, all wooden canvases are characterized by low resistance to moisture, the effect of which leads to deformation, swelling of the product. Therefore, such models are often used as interroom.

Metal entrance doors
Metal entrance doors

Metal door models are diverse and durable

Metal options are significantly more durable and resistant to moisture than wooden ones, but this is typical only for doors with a metal thickness of more than 2 mm. The metal is treated with a special polymer coating, which gives the surface an aesthetic appearance and protects the material from rust.

Inside, the canvas has stiffening ribs, between which there is a heat and sound insulating material. On the side of the room, the door is equipped with a decorative panel. Thus, high-quality metal sheets are multilayer and provide good protection of the room from noise and cold.

Door construction

The main elements of the door complex are the box and the door leaf. The first part may have a threshold or be without it, which will not provide good thermal insulation of the room. Models with a threshold are classified as high-reliability products.

The structure of the box and door leaf
The structure of the box and door leaf

The design of the box and the curtain includes many protective elements

The leaf and frame of the metal door system include the following elements:

  • metal cladding sheet outside and inside;
  • steel profile of bent, corner or profile type;
  • a layer of insulation and sound insulation;
  • armor plate in the area of ​​the castle;
  • hinges with bearings, anti-detachable pin;
  • sealant;
  • entrances for crossbars from the bottom, top and sides of the box.

Most high-quality modern models of metal doors have anti-removable and protective elements. Outside there is always a metal cladding, and from the side of the room, the door is framed with an MDF or metal panel. At the same time, the box consists of profile elements connected together, and platbands are installed outside the room, performing a decorative function.

Examples of modern doors
Examples of modern doors

The doors are varied and can be equipped with a mirror on the inside

The most budget models of wooden or metal products are no more than 5 cm thick, which is not enough for a quality product. The optimal indicator should be at least 6 cm, and an armor plate should be present in the area of ​​the lock. A peephole, a mirror from the side of the room, lower or upper transoms and other elements are optional, and their presence / absence is determined individually.

Thermal insulation and noise protection

Any entrance doors are characterized by a certain degree of protection against noise from the outside and prevention of heat loss. Wooden panels often do not have additional layers of sound and heat insulation materials, and the degree of protection is presented in the form of door thickness. Metallic ones are more practical in this regard, since they have a cavity inside where the corresponding materials are located.

Entrance door structure
Entrance door structure

Metal canvases are practical, as they are equipped with several layers of materials

Since the entrance sheet protects the room from cold and noise from the outside, the presence of heat and sound insulation is mandatory. When choosing, you should pay attention to the type of materials present in the structure of the door for these purposes.

Mineral wool, foam, corrugated board or polyurethane often act as sound insulators and at the same time prevent heat loss. These materials are placed under the steel sheet of the outer siding. Polyurethane foam and mineral wool are the most versatile, that is, they protect well from outside noise and have high heat-insulating properties. And foam and corrugated cardboard are suitable for regions with a warm climate, but are short-lived structures.

Required accessories for the front door

The canvas and the box will not be quite functional if the accessories are missing. These elements are a complex of parts that provide easy door operation, tight closing, strength and burglary resistance.

Front door option with fittings
Front door option with fittings

Components are presented in a variety, but high-quality elements are needed for the front door

A wooden entrance door is necessarily equipped with hinges, which can be overhead, mortise, and universal. The choice is made individually. The lock, handle, peephole are present on all door models, as they make the canvas functional. The rubber seal is mounted around the perimeter of the box in the area of ​​contact with the canvas. This detail prevents slamming, drafts and increases the sound insulation of the room. For a neater vestibule, a door closer also serves, the model of which is selected depending on the weight and size of the door.

Wooden double-leaf entrance doors
Wooden double-leaf entrance doors

Wooden doors are widespread in countries with hot climates

Components for metal entrance structures are a little more complex than for wooden ones. The door closer, peephole, rubber seal can be used the same as for wood canvases. The lock, handle, hinges, anti-removable elements are selected depending on the required level of strength and protection of the door. When choosing these elements, you need to pay attention to the following features:

  1. Padlocks and surface locks are used for technical doors or wooden doors. Mounting of parts involves fixing the element on the surface of the canvas using self-tapping screws. Overhead and hinged locking devices look unaesthetic, interfere with the dense internal vestibule and poorly protect the room from unauthorized entry. For metal sheets, mortise is used, which are installed in a cavity inside the door.

    Example of a lock on the front door
    Example of a lock on the front door

    The mortise lock is reliable and practical in use

  2. The complete set of a metal door includes 2 or 3 sets of hinges, depending on the weight of the door leaf. Simple hinges without a bearing are the least reliable, and models with a support bearing are durable and strong. There are also hidden options that are mounted by inserting into the jamb and canvas.

    Door hinge device diagram
    Door hinge device diagram

    Bearing hinges are reliable and provide easy door control

  3. Door handles are made of metal or a combination of metal and wood. Stationary handles are often installed on wooden doors, which are elements in the form of brackets or other shapes, mounted by screwing to the canvas. Push buttons are more convenient and are often found on metal doors. The mechanism of such a handle is installed in the canvas, and outside there are handles and decorative plates.

    Front door metal handle
    Front door metal handle

    Lever handles are easy to use and vary in shape

  4. Anti-removable pins are found in metal door kits. These powerful parts are mounted through the box into the wall. They serve to prevent breaking of the entrance web. Another element of protection is the armor plate, which is located in the area of ​​the lock and prevents its opening.

    Anti-removable element options
    Anti-removable element options

    Anti-removable elements prevent burglary and are needed to protect the premises

The appearance of the canvas

The color of the door is determined individually, since doors from different materials are presented in many shades. Wooden models can be covered with colored dense paint or varnish in the color of natural wood. Metallic surfaces can also mimic the structure of wood, but there are also solid color options.

Glass door option
Glass door option

Front doors with glass are beautiful, but the insert must be made of tempered glass

Canvases can have such a decorative element as an insert made of glass and a wrought patterned lattice. If the door is to be used for a private house, it is best when the insert is small, as it often causes heat loss and break-in. Such a detail decorates the door to the apartment, but it is inconvenient because of the transparency.

Manufacturer rating

Many manufacturers produce entrance doors, and metal options are especially in demand. Similar products can be found in any store of doors and construction goods, and the prices for canvases are different. When choosing, you need to take into account both the characteristics of the products and the reputation of the manufacturer. Experience, variety of assortment and other features allow us to determine the best firms that produce entrance doors.

Insulated metal entrance doors
Insulated metal entrance doors

Doors from different brands differ in cost and characteristics

Among the many brands, the following stand out in particular:

  1. The Elbor company produces not only entrance doors, but also locks, metal molds and other products. The assortment includes such door lines as "Economy", "Optimum", "Standard", "Premium" and "Lux". This variety allows you to choose a model depending on the desired cost, characteristics and design.
  2. High-tech products are manufactured by the company "Neman". Standard leaves are equipped with two locks, but doors with additional locks can be made to order. The latest technologies are used in the production, and the products are at affordable prices.
  3. The Russian brand "Forpos" presents a variety of metal entrance doors. The range includes technical models, doors for apartments, as well as for shops and public institutions.

Video: features of the choice of entrance doors

Reviews of entrance doors of different brands

The correct choice of entrance doors involves a clear definition of important criteria, which depends on the installation site, budget, and building characteristics. In any case, the door system must be durable. And also the doors must have high technical characteristics.

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