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Roller Shutter Repair: What Malfunctions You Can Fix Yourself And How To Do It Correctly
Roller Shutter Repair: What Malfunctions You Can Fix Yourself And How To Do It Correctly
Video: Roller Shutter Repair: What Malfunctions You Can Fix Yourself And How To Do It Correctly

Roller shutter device, their repair and adjustment

roller shutters
roller shutters

Devices such as roller shutters are used to reliably protect windows, doors or gates from burglary or negative external factors. They can be made of aluminum or steel profiles, therefore they can withstand heavy loads and are resistant to corrosion. The service life of roller shutters is long, but sometimes there are characteristic breakdowns that can be eliminated by hand. It is necessary to eliminate the malfunctions immediately, otherwise they can lead to a complete failure of the mechanism and then you will have to buy a new device.


  • 1 Roller shutter device

    1.1 Video: how the roller shutters are arranged

  • 2 Diagnostics and repair of roller shutters

    • 2.1 How to recognize a fault
    • 2.2 Major malfunctions of roller shutters and ways to eliminate them

      • 2.2.1 Replacing the bearing
      • 2.2.2 Deformation of the blade, box or guides
      • 2.2.3 Broken side sealing insert
      • 2.2.4 Web skew
      • 2.2.5 Blade jamming
      • 2.2.6 Repair of the roller shutter spring mechanism
    • 2.3 Prevention of breakdowns
  • 3 Adjusting roller shutters

    • 3.1 Adjustment of roller shutters with a spring-inertia mechanism
    • 3.2 Adjusting motorized roller shutters

      3.2.1 Video: Adjusting the web end positions

  • 4 Replacing roller shutters

    • 4.1 Dismantling
    • 4.2 Installation of roller shutters

      4.2.1 Video: installation of roller shutters

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Roller shutter device

Externally, roller shutters practically do not differ from horizontal blinds. These devices also consist of slats that can be folded, but unlike roller shutters, they cannot open and let sunlight in.

Roller shutters
Roller shutters

Roller shutters can be installed on windows, doors, gates

Let's consider what roller shutters are made of:

  1. Canvas. The safety of the room, on the windows or doors of which roller shutters are installed, will depend on its strength. Due to the fact that the lamellas fit tightly to each other, when the roller shutters are closed, pitch darkness is provided in the room. Thanks to the movable connection of the planks, they rise and roll up into a roll. For the manufacture of lamellas, steel or aluminum can be used.
  2. The box in which the drive mechanism is located. It is above the canvas. For the manufacture of the box, durable materials are used so that it cannot be hacked. Most often it is made of steel.
  3. Guiding elements. The canvas moves along them. When the shutters are closed, there is no gap between them and the guides, which reduces the likelihood of burglary.
  4. Drive unit. This is the most complex element of roller shutters, it can be both mechanical and electrical. The reliability of the drive mechanism determines how convenient it will be to use the roller shutters and how long they will serve. Without a drive, winding the web on the shaft will not work. The following drive types are used:

    • tape. One end of the cord is fixed to the canvas, and the other to the shaft. If you pull the tape down, the roller shutters open, up - they go down. The belt mechanism has high reliability, but it cannot be used when the blade weight is more than 15 kg;
    • crank and cable. Roller shutters are raised thanks to the presence of a gearbox, which is connected by means of a cardan with a crank or by means of a cable with a rotating handle. This mechanism allows you to lift a canvas weighing up to 36 kg;
    • the spring-inertial mechanism contains a powerful spring, which is located inside the shaft;
    • the electric drive is powered by an electric motor. To control the operation of the roller shutters, just press the button on the switch or on the control panel. This is the most comfortable and convenient way to control the web, but such a drive is also quite expensive.
  5. Control elements. If the device is mechanical, a cord or handle is used to operate it. Electrical appliances are operated using a switch or control panel.

    Roller shutter device
    Roller shutter device

    Roller shutters consist of a curtain, a box, guides, a drive and control elements

Video: how the roller shutters are arranged

Diagnostics and repair of roller shutters

It is necessary to periodically inspect the roller shutters, and if even minor faults are detected, they must be immediately eliminated. Even the smallest problem, which was not fixed in time, can lead to serious problems and a large investment of both time and money.

How to recognize a malfunction

Signs of a malfunctioning roller shutter will be as follows:

  • when manually opening or closing, great efforts must be made;
  • the canvas moves in jerks;
  • wedges roller shutters in a certain position;
  • in the closed position of the canvas, its skew or damage is visible;
  • the drive does not work or does not recognize commands correctly;
  • during the operation of the electric or mechanical drive, extraneous sounds appeared.

The main malfunctions of roller shutters and how to fix them

Although the roller shutter device is not complicated, it is a mechanism and each of its elements has a certain service life. If you operate such a device correctly and periodically inspect it, and this should be done 1-2 times a year, then it will serve for a long time and reliably. When inspecting roller shutters, you must first of all pay attention to the condition of the most rapidly wearing parts (rollers and seals). When their visible wear is detected, parts are replaced with new ones.

Serious breakdowns of roller shutters are usually associated with their improper operation when the device is used with increased load. In the event of the appearance of extraneous sounds during the operation of roller shutters, their operation must be stopped immediately, the malfunction must be determined and eliminated.

Malfunctions can also occur due to the influence of natural factors (freezing of the mechanism, ingress of water into it, etc.).

Freezing ice
Freezing ice

Due to ice freezing and water ingress into the box, the roller shutters may fail

In order to independently repair roller shutters, you may need the following tools:

  • electric drill;
  • screwdriver;
  • screwdrivers;
  • a hammer;
  • pliers;
  • rivet gun;
  • file;
  • keys set;
  • soldering iron;
  • multimeter;
  • stairs.

    Roller shutter repair tools
    Roller shutter repair tools

    For the repair and installation of roller shutters, you will need ordinary locksmith tools.

Bearing replacement

If the bearing is out of order, then its replacement is carried out in the following order:

  1. Buy a bearing of the appropriate size.


    You need to purchase a bearing of the appropriate size

  2. The canvas is lowered to the lowest position.

    Cloth in the lower position
    Cloth in the lower position

    The canvas is lowered to the lowest position

  3. Remove the protective cover from the box and dismantle the shaft.

    Removing the cover
    Removing the cover

    Remove the protective cover from the box and take out the shaft

  4. Take out the broken bearing.
  5. Insert a new bearing and assemble the mechanism in the reverse order.

Deformation of the blade, box or guides

Due to improper operation, deformation of some elements of the roller shutters may occur, which will lead to their incorrect operation or complete breakdown

Consider ways to troubleshoot problems with different elements:

  1. Deformation of the canvas. Such a malfunction usually occurs when foreign objects, snow or ice enter the area of ​​movement of the web. As a result of contact with them, the lamellas bend. To eliminate the malfunction, you can disassemble the roller shutters and replace the damaged elements. If several lamellas are broken, a complete replacement of the blade may be necessary. Continued use of roller shutters with a deformed blade may damage the lock drive or side plugs.

    Deformation of the canvas
    Deformation of the canvas

    When several lamellas are deformed, they are replaced

  2. Deformation of the box. This can be caused by heavy objects falling from above, usually pieces of ice. If the damage is small, the box body is leveled. Sometimes it may be necessary to replace the box.

    Box deformation
    Box deformation

    The deformation of the box usually occurs due to falling ice on it

  3. Deformation of the guides. Usually, such a malfunction occurs when the roller shutters are used incorrectly. They can be damaged when the vehicle is driven in, bulky objects have been skidded, or when foreign objects get between the belt and the guide. Damage to these elements leads to a skew of the web. The problem is rectified by leveling or replacing the damaged guide.

Broken side sealing insert

Evidence that the side sealing insert is out of order will be the appearance of noise during the movement of the web, as well as visible abrasions of this element

Replacing the sealing insert is carried out in the following order:

  1. The canvas is lowered to the lowest position.
  2. Remove the protective cover.
  3. Loosen the side cover and remove the damaged sealing element.

    Sealing insert
    Sealing insert

    The sealing insert is located between the blade and the guide

  4. Insert a new insert and reassemble.

Web skew

The skew of the curtain can occur both as a result of damage to certain elements of the roller shutters, and due to the ingress of foreign objects between the curtain and the guides.

The way to eliminate the skew of roller shutters will be as follows:

  1. Inspection of the slats of the canvas. If they are damaged, then they fix the malfunction or replace the broken elements with new ones.
  2. Inspection of the guides. If foreign objects get into them, then they are removed and the normal operation of the canvas is restored.

    Correct blade position
    Correct blade position

    The blade should fall evenly, if there is a skew, it means that foreign objects have got into the guides

Blade jamming

Roller shutters usually jam when the side caps fall out on the canvas. To eliminate such a malfunction, you must:

  1. Roll the canvas into a box. If the roller shutters are electric, then first disconnect them from the power supply.
  2. Disconnect the controls from the shaft. After that, using the key, unscrew them from the box.
  3. Remove the shaft with the blade.
  4. Unwind the web and replace the plugs.

    Side caps
    Side caps

    All lamellas must be fitted with side plugs

  5. Collect everything in reverse order.

Roller shutter spring mechanism repair

E If you have shutters with spring-inertial mechanism, remember that it is inside the shaft. The repair is carried out as follows:

  1. Lower the canvas.
  2. Remove the protective cover from the box.
  3. Take out a shaft with a spring-inertial mechanism. If any element is damaged, it is replaced. There are times when you have to completely change the shaft together with the spring mechanism.

    Shaft with spring-inertia mechanism
    Shaft with spring-inertia mechanism

    Sometimes it is necessary to completely change the shaft together with the spring mechanism

  4. Assembly is carried out in reverse order.

Breakdown prevention

To minimize the likelihood of breakage of roller shutters, they must be properly operated. To do this, it is enough to observe the following rules:

  • it is necessary to open and close the mechanism smoothly and not apply great efforts;
  • you cannot open or close the canvas manually;
  • if the canvas is jammed, it is necessary to stop its work and immediately find it, and then eliminate the malfunction;
  • make sure that foreign objects do not fall between the canvas and the guides, as well as they are not in the path of the roller shutters;
  • keep the structure clean, periodically clean it from dust, debris, snow and ice;
  • to protect electrical equipment from voltage surges, it is recommended to install a stabilizer;
  • Preventive maintenance of roller shutters should be carried out 1-2 times a year.

Roller shutter adjustment

You can adjust the operation of the roller shutters with your own hands. To do this, you will need a set of keys and screwdrivers. The adjustment method depends on the type of web drive.

Roller shutter adjustment with spring-inertia mechanism

Adjustment of such a mechanism consists in the correct tension of the spring. The number of drum turns for tensioning the spring can be specified in the roller shutter instructions, but usually it is determined in a practical way.

The adjustment process consists of the following stages:

  1. The spring is wound. To do this, the shaft is turned clockwise as viewed from the side of the right roller shutter cover. 10-12 turns are performed.

    Coiling the spring
    Coiling the spring

    To wind the spring, make 10-12 turns of the shaft

  2. The spring is fixed with a bracket.

    Installing the bracket
    Installing the bracket

    The spring is fixed with a bracket

  3. The traction springs are loaded into the perforations on the shaft.
  4. Remove the bracket.
  5. Check the operation of the spring. You must hold the shaft with your hand. The blade should move smoothly. If necessary, the spring tension is adjusted (add or decrease the number of its revolutions).
  6. Install stoppers. These elements limit the lifting height of the web. To mount the stoppers, holes are made in the last profile of the web at a distance of 5-10 cm from the guide.

    Installation of stoppers
    Installation of stoppers

    Stoppers limit the lifting height of the web

Adjusting motorized roller shutters

When the electric drive is turned on, the motor rotates the shaft until the limit switches open the contacts. Therefore, the process of adjusting roller shutters with an electric drive consists in setting the actuation point of the limit switches. To set the upper position of the web, perform the following actions:

  1. The canvas is lowered to the lower position.
  2. Open the protective cover of the box.
  3. Determine the screw that is responsible for adjusting the drive.
  4. Turn on the drive and turn the screw in the required direction.

    Adjusting the limit switches
    Adjusting the limit switches

    With the help of the corresponding screws, the adjustment of the shutdown of the electric drive is carried out when the blade reaches the extreme upper and lower positions

  5. When the blade reaches the uppermost position, turn off the drive. Now, when the blade rises up, the drive will automatically shut off.

Adjusting the lower blade position:

  1. Press the button to lower the roller shutters.
  2. Turn the adjusting screw in the direction that corresponds to the lowering of the web. Do this until the shutters are lowered.
  3. Release the control button. Now, when the belt reaches its lowest point, the engine will shut off.

Video: Adjusting the Web End Positions

Replacement of roller shutters

Sometimes situations arise when the repair of roller shutters is impossible, then they are dismantled and replaced.


This process must be carried out taking into account the weight of the structure. If the roller shutters installed on the windows are relatively small, then the garage roller shutters are very heavy. In any case, safety precautions must be observed, otherwise, if such a structure falls, you can get serious injuries. It is best to carry out the dismantling with an assistant.

Dismantling sequence:

  1. Raise the canvas to the extreme upper position.
  2. If the roller shutters have an electric drive, then they are disconnected from the network.
  3. Remove the protective cover from the box.
  4. Disconnect limit switches or mechanical web controls.
  5. Unscrew the box from the bearing surface. To do this, use a key of the appropriate size.

    Dismantling roller shutters
    Dismantling roller shutters

    The box is unscrewed and removed together with the shaft and canvas

  6. The box is removed together with the web wound on the shaft.
  7. Unscrew and remove the guides.

Installation of roller shutters

The installation process of roller shutters consists of the following stages:

  1. Check the completeness of the purchased roller shutters.
  2. Prepare the guides. The extreme mounting holes are made at a distance of 10-15 cm from the bottom and top of the guide, further holes are made in increments of 40-50 cm.

    Drilling holes in the guides
    Drilling holes in the guides

    Holes are drilled in the guides for their fastening

  3. Prepare a box. Holes are made in its side walls for attaching the protective cover. Holes are made in the back wall for mounting.
  4. Collect the roller shutters. The box and the guides are connected, after which the structure is fixed on the supporting surface using anchor bolts. The building level is used to check the correct installation, as distortions will lead to incorrect operation of the roller shutters.

    Installation of roller shutters
    Installation of roller shutters

    The box and guides are securely fixed to the supporting surface

  5. Mount the drive. It is installed indoors and connected to the shaft. After that, the operability of the shaft is checked, it should rotate smoothly and without jerks.

    Drive mounting
    Drive mounting

    After connecting the drive to the shaft, it should rotate smoothly and without jerking

  6. Install the canvas. To do this, it is put on the shaft and fixed on it.

    Installation of canvas
    Installation of canvas

    The blade is wound onto the shaft and fixed on it

  7. Check the operation of the roller shutters. If everything is fine, close the box with a lid and put plugs on the installation holes.

    Installing the protective cover
    Installing the protective cover

    The box is closed with a protective cover

Video: installation of roller shutters


During the operation of roller shutters, various breakdowns may occur, therefore, the methods for their elimination will differ. Most problems can be dealt with by hand, and the price of the issue will depend on the complexity of the repair and the cost of spare parts. There are situations when it is easier and cheaper to buy new roller shutters than to repair broken ones. If you follow the operating rules, service the roller shutters in a timely manner and immediately eliminate the identified faults, this equipment will perform its functions for more than a dozen years.

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