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How To Easily Clean Clothes From Polyurethane Foam: Various Ways + Video
How To Easily Clean Clothes From Polyurethane Foam: Various Ways + Video
Video: How To Easily Clean Clothes From Polyurethane Foam: Various Ways + Video
Video: How to remove expanded foam from clothes 2023, February

How and how to clean polyurethane foam from clothes?

Polyurethane foam
Polyurethane foam

If you often do repair work, then you probably used polyurethane foam. And you certainly know how difficult it is to get rid of its remnants. The main advantage of this product is excellent adhesion and adhesion to materials. The same property becomes a disadvantage of polyurethane foam when it accidentally gets on clothes.


  • 1 Methods for removing fresh polyurethane foam

    1.1 Photo gallery of substances to be removed

  • 2 Remove dried foam

    • 2.1 Dimexide
    • 2.2 Special solvent
    • 2.3 Refined gasoline with stain remover
    • 2.4 Exposure to cold
    • 2.5 Sunlight
    • 2.6 Vegetable oil
  • 3 Video: how to remove polyurethane foam from clothes
  • 4 Reviews on the effectiveness of methods
  • 5 How to avoid contamination?

Methods for removing fresh polyurethane foam

Experienced builders and repairmen recommend buying a special cleaner along with the polyurethane foam. No matter how confident you are in your strengths and sleight of hand, you cannot do without pollution in such work. Fresh polyurethane foam is easier to remove from fabric than hardened foam, but this task also takes effort. A cleaner will do a great job, so don't neglect it. Moreover, it can be bought at the same hardware or hardware store, and it is inexpensive.

Foam cleaner
Foam cleaner

Buy a special cleaner together with polyurethane foam

So, if you have stained your clothes in polyurethane foam, immediately pick up the cleaner and start.

  1. Immediately remove the head of foam from the fabric until it has absorbed and begins to dry. To do this, you can use a knife or spatula.

    Polyurethane foam on clothes
    Polyurethane foam on clothes

    Carefully remove the foam cap from the fabric

  2. Soak a cotton pad or napkin (rag, rag) in the cleaner and start blotting the dirty area of ​​clothing. The faster you do this, the easier it will be to scrub off the foam without damaging the fabric.
  3. Wash clothing thoroughly with plenty of powder or laundry soap, and rinse thoroughly.

But even if you have not bought such a useful miracle remedy, do not despair. You can use other substances as well:

  • White Spirit;
  • refined gasoline;
  • acetone;
  • nail polish remover.

Photo gallery of substances to remove

Bottled White Spirit
Bottled White Spirit

White Spirit

Refined gasoline bottle
Refined gasoline bottle

Refined gasoline

Acetone bottle
Acetone bottle


Bottled nail polish remover
Bottled nail polish remover

Nail polish remover

Compared to a special cleaner, these products have some disadvantages. First, it will take a little longer to work with them. Secondly, they can dissolve the dye on the fabric, and with intense exposure, the fabric itself. To be sure, try these substances on the inside of the garment, on an inconspicuous area.

If the product has not damaged the paint and the structure of the fabric, feel free to start cleaning things in the same sequence as when working with a special cleaner.

Removing dried foam

When repairs are in full swing, there is not always enough time to pay attention to the little things, and pollution often goes unnoticed. You would look at your work jacket, and there is already a frozen spot in all its glory. A hopeless situation: a good thing will have to be thrown away … Nothing of the kind! Even dry, old foam stains can be removed with patience, dexterity and readily available tools. True, these methods will take more time, but the result will be no less effective.


This medicine is sold in any pharmacy and is inexpensive. Dimexide is intended for external use, and its active ingredient - dimethyl sulfoxide - can even dissolve superglue; what can we say about polyurethane foam? The concentrated, undiluted solution will easily clean any fabric.


Dimexide is a cheap and effective remedy

Instructions for use:

  1. Gently scrape off any remaining foam from clothing as much as possible. Use a knife or spatula for this.
  2. Using a cloth or cotton wool, apply Dimexide to the contaminated area, leave for 30–40 minutes.
  3. Remove the dissolving foam, brush off the remaining stain.
  4. Wash cleaned clothing with powder or laundry soap and rinse thoroughly.

Special solvent

Purchase a foam cleaner from your hardware store. In terms of its properties, it is similar to the remedy that we recommended to buy in point 1, but its effect is much more intense.

Solvent for dried foam
Solvent for dried foam

Special solvent for dried polyurethane foam

Remove large pieces of frozen foam with a knife, treat the place of contamination with a compound. Leave it on for 20 minutes to soften the stain and scrub with a brush or sponge. If necessary, repeat the procedure again. Then rinse the fabric in warm running water.

Refined gasoline with stain remover

White spirit can be used instead of gasoline. Also remove the remaining foam from the fabric. Rub the stain thoroughly with a cotton swab dipped in gasoline and leave for half an hour until the dirt is completely dissolved. Then apply a stain remover to the area of ​​clothing. Wash and rinse the item.

Exposure to cold

Place the stained clothing in a bag so that the foam stain protrudes outward. Place in the refrigerator freezer until the foam is completely frozen. Frozen foam can be easily removed with a knife. Scrub it off, and gently remove what is left with nail polish remover or thinner. Be careful not to damage the dyed fabric. Then wash and rinse the clothing.


This method will take a lot of time, so use it if you are in no hurry.

Exposure to direct sunlight destroys the sealant structure in the polyurethane foam. Soiled clothing should be exposed to the sun for several days. At the same time, knead the foam with your hands as often as possible so that it quickly leaves the fabric.

The method is well suited for things made of durable and dense fabrics, which are no longer very sorry. For example, old work jeans or a canvas jacket will definitely not be damaged.

Vegetable oil

Fats well clean stubborn stains from such persistent agents as varnish, paint and polyurethane foam.

Vegetable oil
Vegetable oil

Try vegetable oil to remove impurities

Heat a small amount of vegetable oil and apply it to the contaminated area, previously cleared of pieces of dried foam. Wait 5 minutes for the stain to soak through. Sprinkle with washing powder on top, lather thoroughly (add a little water if necessary). Wipe the fabric thoroughly, then wash thoroughly.

Repeat the procedure if necessary.

Video: how to remove polyurethane foam from clothes

Reviews on the effectiveness of methods


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Victoria Medvedskaya

How to avoid contamination?

It is much easier to prevent a problem than to deal with its consequences. Therefore, try not to let the polyurethane foam get on your clothes. When working with this tool, wear old clothes that you will not mind throwing away.

You can use a plastic raincoat over your clothing if you feel comfortable. Be sure to put a scarf or hat on your head. But the best way to prevent contamination of comfortable clothes that may still be useful is to wear an old shirt or robe instead.

We hope our tips and tricks will save you from the unpleasant consequences of interacting with polyurethane foam. Tell us in the comments how you dealt with this pollution. We wish you easy work and comfort in your home!

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