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Phone Numbers You Shouldn't Answer
Phone Numbers You Shouldn't Answer

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3 types of intrusive calls you shouldn't answer or call back


When a phone call rings and an unknown number is displayed on the screen, we always doubt whether to accept the call. Tip: don't rush to press the green button. First, think about who might be calling and whether this conversation will get you in trouble.

Commercial number

It is easy to recognize him by the first digits 8 800. Most often, it is safe to answer these calls, but be prepared to listen to a promotional offer or take part in some kind of poll.

One way to quickly get rid of this conversation is to insist on providing information where they got your contact from. After an unsuccessful attempt to get you to talk, the operator almost always quickly hangs up.

The number that's hidden

When not a set of numbers is displayed on the phone screen, but an inscription stating that the subscriber's data is not available, think about who might need to classify their contact information.

There is a high probability that these are scammers or collectors. Remember, perhaps you took out a loan and left it outstanding, or someone has a motive for persecution.

Foreign number

The phone number does not start with +7, but with a different prefix, for example +490. If a call with such numbers is spontaneous and you have no relatives or acquaintances abroad, we advise you to ignore this attempt to get in touch. Most likely, these are swindlers.

There is a possibility that when you answer or make an outgoing call, funds will be debited from your phone account. Always be careful when calling from other regions. It is unsafe to even just accept a call from abroad, much less call back.

If you receive a call from an overseas number, it is likely that you are harassed from the head office of the company from which you ordered some product. In this case, it is safer to accept the call, but you should not call back yourself.

How to find out who called you


If you receive a call from an unspecified number, you can find out the subscriber through Internet search engines or special applications, for example, Yandex or Truecaller.

Before answering an indefinite contact, weigh the pros and cons, because it is not clear what awaits you on the other end of the line. If an unknown subscriber calls frequently, for your safety, simply add his number to the black list.

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