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How To Properly Grow A Crystal From Sugar At Home: Recipe + Video
How To Properly Grow A Crystal From Sugar At Home: Recipe + Video

Video: How To Properly Grow A Crystal From Sugar At Home: Recipe + Video

Video: How To Properly Grow A Crystal From Sugar At Home: Recipe + Video
Video: Rock Candy Recipe - Crystallization of Sugar - The Sci Guys: Science at Home 2023, May

How to grow sugar crystal at home

crystal grow from sugar
crystal grow from sugar

A sugar crystal will become an original gift, which can be presented in a set with tea or coffee to your friends, or just an unusual treat that will undoubtedly please children. This delicacy is sold in some stores, but it is not cheap. However, you can easily grow it yourself.


  • 1 Safety measures
  • 2 Materials and tools
  • 3 Sugar crystal on a stick at home
  • 4 A quick way to grow a treat
  • 5 Mandatory rules
  • 6 How to make crystals from sugar (video)

Security measures

Growing sugar crystals at home requires caution and safety.

  1. Try not to use utensils from which you eat.
  2. Use only quality products. Keep track of their expiration date. Do not use unknown substances.
  3. After completing your work, thoroughly ventilate the room. Be sure to wash your hands with soap and water.
  4. Use gloves, goggles and an apron. Of course, sugar will not harm you, but the crystals being grown can be damaged by the falling eyelash, dust, drops of sweat.
sugar crystal and cup
sugar crystal and cup

Sugar crystals can serve not only as a souvenir decoration, but also as an unusual delicacy.

Materials and tools

Prepare everything you need before starting work. You will need:

  • water;
  • sugar;
  • wood sticks for mini-kebabs;
  • transparent glasses;
  • thick paper;
  • deep dishes such as a saucepan.

    water. sugar, paper and sticks
    water. sugar, paper and sticks

    You will need water, sugar, paper and sticks

Instead of sticks for kebabs, you can take sticks for sushi. It will cost more, but such a sugar crystal will be an original gift. If you are looking for a budget option, then you can use peeled twigs, cotton tow, thread or hair.

Do you want to make colorful sugar crystals? Add food coloring. Just don't forget that they must be natural and of high quality. After all, your children will want to enjoy this sweetness.

colored sugar crystals
colored sugar crystals

Use food coloring for colored crystals

We will indicate the ratio of water and sugar in the description of crystal growing recipes.

Sugar crystal on a stick at home

This easy method requires 5 cups of sugar and 2 cups of water. We will grow our sugar crystals on mini skewer sticks.

  1. Take a quarter glass of water, 2 tablespoons of sugar, mix. Keep in a saucepan over a fire until the sugar is completely dissolved to form a syrup. Pour a little sugar onto the paper. Roll a stick previously dipped in syrup in it.

    sugar stick
    sugar stick

    A stick dipped in syrup and rolled in sugar

  2. In order for the crystal to grow even, check: grains of sugar should adhere equally on all sides.
  3. Prepare some sticks and leave them for a while. They must dry completely, otherwise the saccharins may crumble when they get into the hot syrup. The crystal will have nothing to cling to, its growth will stop. It will be better if you prepare the sticks in advance, for example, in the evening.
  4. Take a saucepan, pour 2 cups of water into it, add 2.5 cups of sugar. Put on medium heat and wait for complete dissolution, stirring constantly so that the syrup does not burn. After that, add the remaining sugar (2.5 cups) and cook again until completely dissolved. Turn off the heat, let the syrup sit for 15 minutes.

    sugar syrup on the stove
    sugar syrup on the stove

    Making the crystal sugar syrup

  5. While the syrup is cooling, prepare the sticks, which should have completely dried by this time. Pierce the pieces of paper with them exactly in the middle. The hole should be such that the sheet fits snugly on the skewer.

    crystal blank
    crystal blank

    Place a sheet of paper over the crystal blank

  6. Pour the hot syrup from a saucepan into transparent glasses. Do not let the syrup cool, otherwise the crystal will not grow.

    a glass of sugar syrup
    a glass of sugar syrup

    Pour the sugar syrup into glasses

  7. If you decide to make colored crystals, it's time to add food coloring to the syrup, each glass has its own color.

    dye in syrup
    dye in syrup

    Add food coloring to the syrup

  8. Place the blank for the crystal in the glass so that it does not rest against the bottom and does not touch the walls of the dish. The sheet of paper will not only hold the stick, but also serve as a lid to keep the syrup from dust.

    growing sugar crystal
    growing sugar crystal

    Place the crystal blank in a glass of syrup

Repeat this procedure with all the pieces and let them grow. This will take at least a week. The process is sure to captivate your children, because the crystals grow every day. If no changes have occurred during this time, you will have to repeat the procedure from the beginning.

A quick way to grow a treat

Not everyone is willing to wait a whole week to get their sugar crystals. Therefore, you can use the following method, which will quickly grow sweetness. For this you will need a small saucepan, hair, or strong thread and sugar.

  1. Put water in a saucepan, put on fire, boil. Start gradually pouring sugar into boiling water, and do so until it stops dissolving. This will give you a rich syrup.
  2. Remove the saucepan from heat, leave the syrup to cool for a while. Just in case, you can prepare a little more sugar solution: you may need to top up it.
  3. Choose the largest dry sugar crystal. It needs to be wrapped with thread or hair and secured.
  4. Dip the thread with the crystal into the syrup so that it is in a strictly vertical position, without touching the bottom and walls of the dishes. To do this, you can wrap the other end of the thread around a branch and place it over a saucepan with sugar solution.
  5. Place the entire structure in a warm place. The syrup should cool slowly. Otherwise, the crystal will turn out to be wrong. Add the cooled sugar solution as the liquid level in the saucepan decreases.
multicolored sugar crystals
multicolored sugar crystals

It will take several days to grow sugar crystals

It will take 2-3 days to grow a crystal from sugar in this way.

Mandatory rules

In the cooking process, you must adhere to some recommendations:

  • sugar must be evenly distributed over the stick. This will make the crystal almost symmetrical;
  • dry the workpieces thoroughly after soaking them in syrup and roll in sugar. The grains of sand should not crumble, because they are the basis for future delicacies;
sugar crystals in glasses
sugar crystals in glasses

Sticks with sugar must be hung strictly vertically. Make sure that they do not come into contact with the sides and bottom of the cookware

  • the syrup in which you will lower the workpieces should be slightly above room temperature. That is why it is recommended to grow crystals in a warm room;
  • a stick or thread with sugar must be hung strictly vertically. Make sure that it does not come into contact with the sides and bottom of the cookware.

How to make crystals from sugar (video)

Now you know another way to surprise your loved ones with something unusual. After all, such crystals can become an original gift, and if they are grown on sticks, then they can be used during tea drinking instead of spoons. Getting down to business with imagination, you will come up with a lot of ways to use this delicacy. Tell us what happened in the comments. Good luck to you!

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