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How To Choose A Good Quality Travel Suitcase On Wheels: Expert Advice + Videos And Reviews
How To Choose A Good Quality Travel Suitcase On Wheels: Expert Advice + Videos And Reviews

Video: How To Choose A Good Quality Travel Suitcase On Wheels: Expert Advice + Videos And Reviews

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Suitcase on wheels for an adult and a child: the subtleties and difficulties of choice

Man with a suitcase on wheels
Man with a suitcase on wheels

What's important when traveling? You can list endlessly, but still one of the key components of a comfortable trip is a suitcase on wheels. And here the buyer is faced with the main problem of the consumer - the choice. How not to get lost in the range of travel bags? Which suitcase to choose for yourself, and which one is suitable for the child?


  • 1 Suitcase on wheels - a reliable travel companion
  • 2 Selection criteria

    • 2.1 Roominess
    • 2.2 Material of manufacture
    • 2.3 Clasps
    • 2.4 Wheels
    • 2.5 Handles
    • 2.6 Castle
    • 2.7 Color
  • 3 How to choose a quality children's suitcase?

    3.1 Tips for choosing - video

  • 4 Care instructions
  • 5 Customer Reviews

A suitcase on wheels - a reliable travel companion

Suitcases of different sizes
Suitcases of different sizes

The suitcase must fit your height

Surely you have come across a situation when, having arrived at your destination, you opened your suitcase and were horrified at the state in which your things came. And it began: the search for an iron, a suitable socket outlet, ironing board, etc. But these problems could have been avoided if you had spared no time and money and bought a good suitcase on wheels. The advantages of this luggage are:

  • compactness - despite its external bulkiness, a high-quality suitcase on wheels does not take up much space and allows you to tightly place folded things;
  • Convenience - modern models are equipped with telescopic handles, wheels and a large side handle - you can either combine the methods of carrying or choose the one that is convenient for you;
  • beauty - modern suitcases are part of the image, so a travel bag can enhance your image or even ruin it.

In addition, most models have a clear distinction between compartments for storing clothes, including seasonal ones. The only condition is that fur and woolen things must be packed in plastic bags so that moths do not multiply.

Criterias of choice

Blue open suitcase
Blue open suitcase

It is important to evaluate not only the appearance of the suitcase, but also how it is organized inside.

Finickyness is usually considered a disadvantage, but when choosing a suitcase on wheels, this is a necessary quality, without which a successful purchase is unlikely to take place. So, travel baggage is evaluated according to several criteria.


This parameter is usually calculated in liters. The largest models are considered to be 90 liters. But usually such suitcases are a kind of nesting doll: from larger to smaller (for children). The only difficulty is finding a quality product in Chinese replicas. So it is better to take a suitcase for 60-80 liters, where, if necessary, two things can fit. Travel baggage for 30–40 liters is in demand for short (about 5–7 days) trips. If you have a suitcase with a limit of 10-15 liters, then you have purchased a copy from the children's series.

Manufacturing material

The durability and reliability of a suitcase depends on what material it is made of. There may be several options here.

If you love to impress others, show off your eyes, then leather luggage is what you need. Such suitcases are spectacular, look luxurious and impressive. However, they have a very high price, and when used, such a travel companion will cause a lot of trouble: from scratches that cannot be masked with anything, to an impressive weight, as well as deformation due to improper operation.

If you do not like to waste weight, choose a fabric model of a suitcase. Moreover, most of them are equipped with a special zipper, which, when open, allows you to increase the volume of your travel bag by 20%. In addition, the fabric is impregnated with special compounds that preserve the pattern in contact with moisture and dust. There is, however, one significant drawback: an unreliable frame, which is easily crushed - so it is not recommended to carry fragile things. Or else you need to wrap the beating in something soft (for example, in plastic packaging with air bubbles).

The plastic case can please with lightness and impact resistance, but its surface is easily scratched. In addition, these models lack external pockets.


A fundamentally important criterion for choosing a suitcase is the fasteners. It is best if it is a wide spiral lock with large teeth . And one more important point: the zipper should move freely over the fabric without catching the sides.


Owl suitcase
Owl suitcase

In children's models, the wheels are made of silicone so that they are more maneuverable and do not add extra weight to the luggage

Due to the high pressure, the rollers on the suitcase are the first thing that breaks down. So when choosing the right luggage, pay attention to a number of important points:

  • Number of wheels. Depending on the size, the suitcase can have from 2 to 4 rollers. The last option is intended for flat roads - the maneuverability of the moving elements will allow you not to exert much effort when moving. However, there is a risk of breakage of the rollers, as they protrude beyond the borders of the sides. If you plan to carry things off-road, it is better if the suitcase has 2 wheels. But at the same time, you will need knowledge of physics: the angle of inclination of the baggage should be such that the weight of the baggage is mainly transferred to you - this way you will preserve the integrity of the cargo.
  • Location. The most successful are the casters built into the body. The fasteners should not be located on the same axis, otherwise it will quickly break.
  • Size and material. The most functional are silicone or semi-silicone casters. Only here the axis still remains predominantly metal, as well as the fastening of the rollers to the body. But the permeability of the baggage in bad weather depends on the size - the larger the wheel, the easier it is to move.
  • Additional features. Some models are equipped with casters that can move around their axis. This adds maneuverability to the luggage. But this function cannot be called necessary and obligatory.


The suitcase is held by the handle
The suitcase is held by the handle

Usually 2 handles are made on suitcases: on the side and on top

Quality models are equipped with two sets of handles, on the side and on the top, which are fixed either with screws or metal rivets. The retractable handle should also be metal, sit firmly in the base and not fidget back and forth. In the closed position, it should completely "sit" in the body. An important nuance: to understand whether a suitcase suits you in height, you can use a simple trick. Roll your empty luggage around the room by pulling out the handle until it stops. If you do not experience any inconvenience, then the size is yours.


The suitcase must be tightly and securely closed. There are 3 types of locks:

  • The code. This is the so-called family castle. It is convenient in that if, for example, one of the family members needs to get to his suitcase, he can easily open the whole "matryoshka" without fuss and nerves about finding a key. However, there is also a drawback: it is enough for an outsider to find out the code, and he will have access to all your things.
  • Key. Convenient, practical. Although sometimes the keys are lost. But in this case, the usual master key will save. As a rule, the locks on suitcases are not too intricate.
  • Two in one. Both the key and the code will ensure that your belongings are safely stored in your suitcase.


This is where you can show your individuality! But at the same time, basically everyone chooses black because of its practicality. If you are not attracted to the prospect of identifying your luggage among hundreds of similar bags, choose bright colors. Just keep in mind that on light colors, any contamination becomes obvious.

How to choose a quality children's suitcase?

Child in front of a train with a dragon suitcase
Child in front of a train with a dragon suitcase

Children's models from many manufacturers are represented by models in the form of animals or fairy-tale characters

In principle, the criteria for choosing a travel companion are the same for both adults and children. But some of the nuances of the selection of luggage for the baby still require special attention:

  • It is better if your baby's suitcase is made of plastic. Then you can put the little one right on the body of the bag during long waits or flight delays.
  • The children's suitcase should have silicone wheels, as well as the function of fixing the position of the handle. Moreover, the size of the rollers should not be too large - it will be inconvenient for the baby to drive such a vehicle.
  • As for the lock, then, of course, for a little traveler it will be more interesting to use a code lock. Just ask him to write down these numbers and remember them yourself.

Selection Tips - Video

Care advice

Two men with a huge suitcase
Two men with a huge suitcase

When choosing the color of the suitcase model, remember that stains and dirt will be more visible on bright colors

An important role in extending the life of travel luggage is played by caring for it:

  • We lubricate and clean the wheels regularly. Silicone spray is suitable as a lubricant. It will remove residual dirt, including a mixture of factory grease and sand.
  • Don't forget about a case or packing tape. These measures are necessary to protect the body of the suitcase from scratches and dust.
  • We purchase vacuum bags. By packing things in them, you save space, but also avoid the hassle associated with the need to take "everything now" with you.

Customer Reviews

A woman in a pink dress and high heels carries a colored suitcase
A woman in a pink dress and high heels carries a colored suitcase

Women tend to choose stylish models, while men prefer practical ones.

Coffee with pepper1

Elena hot


The suitcase is our friend when traveling and traveling. Its choice must be approached as carefully as to what it is filled with. Be sure to pay attention to the lock, the function of the handles, the wheels and the material of manufacture. Then your things will remain safe and sound, no matter what surprises a long or not very long road prepares for you.

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