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How To Work Properly With A Grinder, How To Safely Grind Wood With It, Cut Tiles, Is It Possible To Use Angle Grinders Without A Casing, Etc
How To Work Properly With A Grinder, How To Safely Grind Wood With It, Cut Tiles, Is It Possible To Use Angle Grinders Without A Casing, Etc

Video: How To Work Properly With A Grinder, How To Safely Grind Wood With It, Cut Tiles, Is It Possible To Use Angle Grinders Without A Casing, Etc

Video: CAN ANGLE GRINDERS CUT WOOD? (Tricks + Tips--Cutting Wood With Grinders) 2022, December

How to properly work with a grinder and process various materials using angle grinders

How to work with a grinder correctly
How to work with a grinder correctly

The angle grinder (angle grinder) received its name due to the fact that a gearbox is located between the motor and the working disk, which changes the axis of rotation by 90 degrees. The tool is powerful and can handle almost any material. How to work properly with a grinder, how to cut, saw and grind stone, wood or metal?


  • 1 How does an angle grinder work?
  • 2 Safety measures when working with angle grinders
  • 3 Rules for using the grinder when processing various materials

    • 3.1 Working with wood
    • 3.2 Working with ceramic tiles
    • 3.3 Sharpening the chain saw

      3.3.1 Video: sharpening a chain saw with a grinder

    • 3.4 Cutting and cutting metal

      3.4.1 Video: How to cut a round hole in metal

    • 3.5 Cutting metal pipes
    • 3.6 How to cut a gas cylinder
    • 3.7 Brick cutting

      • 3.7.1 Video: how to properly cut a brick with a grinder
      • 3.7.2 Methods for cutting dust-free bricks
    • 3.8 Cutting glass

      • 3.8.1 Video: how to cut glass with a grinder
      • 3.8.2 How to cut a bottle
      • 3.8.3 Video: how to cut a glass bottle with a grinder
    • 3.9 Concrete processing

      3.9.1 Video: cutting concrete with a grinder

    • 3.10 Processing of porcelain stoneware
    • 3.11 Wall chipping
    • 3.12 How to cut teeth on the steering rack
    • 3.13 Cutting the corrugated board
    • 3.14 Removing paint

      3.14.1 Gallery: Paint Remover Tips

    • 3.15 Cutting a car tire
    • 3.16 How to align the anvil
    • 3.17 How to cut slate
    • 3.18 How to cut a rail

      3.18.1 Video: How to Cut a Rail

    • 3.19 How to sharpen a circular circle
    • 3.20 How to cut a mirror
    • 3.21 How to cut open a tin can
    • 3.22 How to cut a stone

      3.22.1 Video: Cutting and Polishing Granite

  • 4 Can the grinder be used as a sander?

How does an angle grinder work?

The principle of operation of an angle grinder (angle grinder) is to transfer rotary motion from an electric motor to a working tool equipped with a cutting or abrasive edge.

Grinder device
Grinder device

Basic elements of angle grinder

The LBM body is equipped with one or two handles, a start button, and sometimes a speed controller. To change consumables, a locking button is provided with which the spindle shaft is wedged. The abrasive disc is secured with a flange clamp and a special wrench. The floating safety guard is designed to protect the operator from possible injury and damage.

Safety measures when working with angle grinders

Despite the simplicity of the device, precautions must be taken when working with a grinder. The working shaft rotates at a speed of 2.5 to 10 thousand revolutions; during the processing of materials, not only dust is released, but also sparks. Be sure to use protective glasses, gloves. The most important safety measures:

  • when working with concrete or stone in an enclosed space, it is imperative to protect the respiratory organs with a respirator;
  • there should be no flammable materials near the place of work, the room must be well ventilated;
  • it is forbidden to use the tool on stepladders, in an unstable position;
  • all operations to change the operating mode of the grinder must be performed only after the rotation of the electric motor has completely stopped;
  • It is strictly forbidden to remove the protective cover or use attachments that do not meet the technical characteristics of the tool.

There are numerous cases of injuries and even deaths of people who ignored these recommendations.

Rules for using the grinder when processing various materials

Due to its versatility, angle grinders have become widespread both at the construction site and in everyday life. She firmly entered the sphere of activities of professionals and just artisans. With its help, you can process almost all known materials, as well as successfully carry out assembly and locksmith work. Let's consider the main areas of application of angle grinders.

Working with wood

When working with wood, a grinder equipped with a petal or plate emery disc will be an excellent assistant for grinding and polishing flat surfaces. By changing the size of the emery grit, you can perform a wide range of smoothing operations on a wooden surface. It is very convenient to remove old paint using angle grinders. When sanding wood with a grinder, it is vital to use a respirator that protects the respiratory system from dust.

Wood processing with a grinder
Wood processing with a grinder

Grinding of a log is performed with a grinder quickly and efficiently

Working with ceramic tiles

The grinder is often used when working with ceramic tiles. Of course, the main tool of the professional tiler is the manual tile cutter. But the grinder is also necessary, with its help small cuts are made on the tiles, the edge is leveled, unwanted sharp corners are smoothed out.

Using modern diamond-coated bits, ceramic products can be cut with high precision, while avoiding chips or cracks.

The grinder also helps out if you need to do a small amount of work. For example, tile an apron over the kitchen table. Any person can do such a task. A grinder with a diamond disc will help save on the purchase of an expensive tile cutter.

Cutting tiles with a grinder
Cutting tiles with a grinder

Fitting the tiles with a grinder is done in one motion

Chainsaw sharpening

Chainsaw chain sharpening is an operation that requires certain skills. A person without experience is more likely to ruin the chain than sharpen it correctly. A deviation from the sharpening angle leads to the fact that the chain turns out the tire of the chainsaw during operation, produces an arcuate gash and wedges in the thickness of the wood.

Chainsaw sharpening
Chainsaw sharpening

When sharpening the chain saw, the grinder must be secured

When starting to sharpen a chain with a grinder, you must clearly understand that the main thing is to maintain the same sharpening angle on all links. To do this, either the grinder itself or the chain is rigidly fixed using special clamps or clamps. The thickness of the sharpening disc should be equal to the inner diameter of the chainsaw tooth circle (3-5 mm).

If the grinder has a disc speed regulator, then it should be set to the minimum position corresponding to 2.5-3 thousand rpm. Do not allow the metal to overheat (turn blue) during sharpening - this will lead to tempering and a decrease in strength.

Video: sharpening a chain saw with a grinder

Metal cutting and cutting

The grinder is widely used in the field of cutting and cutting metal products. Using discs made specifically for working with metal, even a low-power angle grinder can be used to cut steel, aluminum or cast iron products, as well as sheet metal.

Metal processing grinder
Metal processing grinder

Cutting steel structures with a grinder is performed with a disc for metal

Of all types of discs for metal, two can be distinguished that are most often used in practice:

  • cutting wheel;
  • roughing disc.

The first is designed for cutting all types of metal. The second is for processing a metal surface (grinding and polishing). The cutting wheel can also cut sheet metal according to certain patterns, cut out specified shapes, circles, and more. The roughing disc perfectly removes rust, removes old paint, evens out any metal surface.

Video: how to cut a round hole in metal

Cutting metal pipes

The grinder has become an indispensable tool in works related to the installation of heating, drainage and water supply. Wherever there is a need to cut pipes, the use of angle grinders together with discs for metal gives a practical result, significant time savings and increases labor efficiency. To cut the pipe straight, the cut must be done strictly at right angles.

Pipe cutting with a grinder
Pipe cutting with a grinder

When cutting a pipe with a grinder, you must protect your hands with gloves

How to cut a gas cylinder

Sometimes on the farm it becomes necessary to cut an old gas cylinder. Since gas cylinders have a thick-walled (3 mm) design, they can be used for various household needs.

To disassemble a propane cylinder you will need:

  • Bulgarian;
  • cutting disc for metal;
  • hacksaw for metal;
  • several buckets of water.

The sequence of steps is as follows:

  1. Release the remaining gas from the cylinder by completely unscrewing the regulating valve.
  2. Use a metal saw to cut off the brass valve. During the sawing process, the cut area must be watered abundantly with water to prevent the possibility of sparks when cutting.
  3. After the tap has been cut down and a wide opening has opened in the upper part of the cylinder, several buckets of water should be poured inside through the funnel, and best of all, the entire volume of the cylinder should be filled with it. This procedure will clean the bottom and walls of the cylinder from gas condensate, which is a thick liquid similar to liquid soap. If a spark hits the condensate, it will ignite. It is possible to cut the walls of the cylinder with a grinder only after the procedure of its "ablution" with water.
  4. Cut the walls of the balloon.
Disassembling the gas cylinder
Disassembling the gas cylinder

To flush gas condensate, the cylinder is flushed with water

Undercut brick

When laying a brick wall, building stoves and fireplaces, builders are regularly faced with the need to cut bricks to the desired size. If earlier this operation was carried out with a trowel or a bricklayer's hammer, today the brick is cut with a grinder. The advantages of such a transition are obvious - when cutting with angle grinders, accuracy is observed, the amount of waste and scrap is significantly reduced. The quality of the masonry increases, and the consumption of the cement mixture decreases.

Brick cutting with a grinder
Brick cutting with a grinder

The grinder for cutting bricks must be powerful, and the disc must be large

For cutting bricks, grinders with a power of at least 2 kW and a disc with a diameter of 230 mm are used. If you use a smaller blade, you will not be able to cut the brick in one pass. Accordingly, the grinder must be designed to work with discs of this exact size.

To cut a brick with a grinder, it is best to take a diamond blade with a turbo rim. It is with this cutting edge shape that the blade can be used for dry and wet cutting of bricks. Abrasive discs, although more affordable, wear out quickly.

Video: how to properly cut a brick with a grinder

Dust-free brick cutting methods

There are two main methods to cut a brick without dust.

  1. Abundant wetting and watering of bricks with water.
  2. Connecting a construction vacuum cleaner to a grinder.

Both significantly reduce the amount of dust that rises into the air, but they do not completely solve the problem. Therefore, even when using water and a vacuum cleaner, it is recommended to work outdoors. During the cutting process, the foreman must use personal protective equipment.

Brick cutting with a grinder
Brick cutting with a grinder

A connected vacuum cleaner will remove excess dust from the cutting area

Glass cutting

Cutting glass at home with a grinder can only be afforded by those who have certain skills in working with this material. Glass is an amorphous substance, but very fragile. In glass-cutting workshops, almost all operations, including the production of curved contours, are performed with a glass cutter. But for this you need to have the appropriate qualifications and work experience.

Glass cutting with a grinder
Glass cutting with a grinder

The glass cut is wetted with water

It is possible to use a grinder for cutting glass if the length of the cut is small and can be made without using a ruler. To do this, a shallow cut is made in the glass along the entire length and then the plate breaks, as after a glass cutter.

Glass cutting with a grinder is carried out at low speeds and a disc with a fine diamond coating. This reduces the risk of glass breakage and the formation of large amounts of dust. It is advisable to moisten the cutting place with water.

Video: how to cut glass with a grinder

How to cut a bottle

Since the bottle was born, the interest of craftsmen in it has not waned. They will make a house out of bottles, then they will lay out a transparent wall. When the grinder also fell into the hands of the craftsman, it was decided to immediately cut the bottle and make a large glass out of it.

Cutting the bottle
Cutting the bottle

A glass bottle is cut with a diamond disc

It is necessary to cut the bottle with a grinder so that the cutting line is necessarily in the same plane. If the beginning of the gash does not coincide with its end, the glass will crack. Therefore, before you start cutting the bottle with a grinder, it is best to draw a cutting line in advance. The bottle must be secured well, cut with a diamond blade at low speed.

Video: how to cut a glass bottle with a grinder

Concrete processing

The grinder has gained immense popularity in the field of concrete processing. A whole line of attachments has been developed to work with this common material. According to their purpose, they are divided into cutting and grinding attachments.

  1. Cutters are required for cutting and are diamond discs with various cutting edge configurations.
  2. Sanding attachments are designed for leveling concrete surfaces. They are made in the form of metal circles with a ribbed plane, with the help of which all irregularities are cut off from the concrete surface.
Cutting concrete with angle grinders
Cutting concrete with angle grinders

The amount of dust is significantly reduced when the concrete is wetted

Working with concrete is the most dusty kind of grinder work. Therefore, the master must use all protective equipment, including headphones. If work is carried out in a closed room and there is no possibility of ventilation, the best solution to the problem is to extract dust with a construction vacuum cleaner. In addition, abundant wetting of the processed material with water significantly reduces the formation of dust.

Video: cutting concrete with a grinder

Porcelain stoneware processing

Porcelain stoneware is a durable material of artificial origin, which is widely used in finishing construction work. Processing of porcelain stoneware using angle grinders allows not only adjusting standard elements to each other during installation, but also cutting original forms for art panels and mosaics.

Processing of porcelain stoneware requires not only high qualifications and experience, but also special equipment. The grinder's capabilities for porcelain stoneware are limited to straight cuts.

In addition, with the help of a grinder, cutting defects are perfectly eliminated - the edge is sanded, the chamfer is rounded, holes for pipes are cut, etc.

Cutting porcelain stoneware with a grinder
Cutting porcelain stoneware with a grinder

If the plate thickness is significant, the cut is made in several passes.

To work with porcelain stoneware, diamond discs of increased strength are used. The grinding "turtle" has proven itself well in the processing of tile edges. When working with porcelain stoneware, all safety precautions must be observed. Small particles of hardened material can damage skin and eyes. It is better to cut the material outdoors, as this produces a large amount of dust.

Wall slitting

With the help of a grinder, you can chalk walls for laying cables or water pipes. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Mark the line of the future channel.
  2. Cut two furrows to the required depth.
  3. Using a perforator or chisel, chop off the formed side, freeing up the internal space for laying the cable.
  4. Clean the channel from dust and small concrete fragments.

For chipping walls with a grinder, diamond discs are usually used. The disc speed, if regulated, is set to a higher speed. To prevent the formation of large amounts of dust, the wall is moistened with water. If possible, connect the vacuum cleaner hood to the grinder.

Grinding with a grinder
Grinding with a grinder

Construction vacuum cleaner extracts dust from the strobe

Sliding should be carried out with the observance of precautions, especially when working with the walls of old buildings. They often contain wooden elements invisible from the outside - both supporting and beacon (for plaster). If a tree gets under the teeth of the disc, it will fly out numerous debris that can cause injury.

How to cut teeth on a steering rack

Cutting teeth on the rail of an automotive power steering device is not the best solution to the problem of tooth wear. However, it is quite often used in plumbing practice in cases where the wear of the teeth is partial. This is a temporary measure before a complete replacement of the unit.

When editing the rail with a grinder, you must be careful not to damage the basic geometry of the mechanism. When cutting teeth with a grinder, a cutting wheel for metal is used, the revolutions are set high. The rail must be securely fastened.

Cutting teeth on a rail using a grinder
Cutting teeth on a rail using a grinder

Cutting teeth on a rail using a grinder is performed with an abrasive cutting wheel for metal

Cut the corrugated board

When arranging fences or roofing works, it becomes necessary to cut corrugated board. Most often, nibblers are used for this, but this is not always convenient. And then the Bulgarian comes into play. With the help of a metal cutting disc, a grinder can cut this rather thin material in a matter of minutes. But you must follow certain rules. Dissolving work is best done with an assistant, who must hold the far edge of the sheet so that overlap does not occur and, accordingly, pinching of the rotating disc of the grinder. In no case should you remove the protective cover on the angle grinder.

Cutting corrugated board with a grinder
Cutting corrugated board with a grinder

When cutting, the sheet of corrugated board should lie in a horizontal position

It is only necessary to work with corrugated board with gloves, since the sharp edges of the cuts are very dangerous for open skin areas.

Removing paint

There are many different attachments for removing paint with a grinder. They can be conditionally divided into two types. One is the rotating brushes that remove the paint with hard metal hairs. The second is various types of sandpaper, which are used to clean the surface from paint to the required condition.

Sometimes, when working, the brushes crumble and you need to be prepared for this.

The rotation speed of the nozzle is adjustable depending on the specific situation. The classic version of work on removing paint with a grinder assumes low engine speeds.

Gallery: paint remover tips

Grinder paint removers
Grinder paint removers

Rigid rotating brush

Grinder paint removers
Grinder paint removers

Sharp wires "scratch" rust

Grinder paint removers
Grinder paint removers

Care must be taken not to damage the skin when handling

Car tire cutting

If you need to cut a car tire, you should use a cut-off wheel designed for cutting metal. The cord inside the rubber consists of steel wires with a diameter of about 1 mm. The specificity of working with rubber is that when exposed to it by a rotating disc, it begins to melt and burn. A large amount of smoke and soot is released, which is harmful to human health. It is very harmful to inhale this smoke, you can even lose consciousness.

Grinder cutting car tires
Grinder cutting car tires

Increasing the tread depth with a grinder

It is possible to cut tires with a grinder only in the open air, there must be fire extinguishing equipment nearby, water in sufficient quantity. It is imperative to use a respirator (or better - a gas mask). Among other things, it is necessary to provide measures to protect against molten rubber, which can fly from the tire during operation.

How to align the anvil

If the anvil has been subjected to too much mechanical or thermal stress after forging on it, its working plane may undergo geometric distortion. Welding especially spoils the working surface of the anvil. You can solve this problem by using roughing (or grinding) attachments on the grinder.

Leveling the anvil with a grinder
Leveling the anvil with a grinder

Checking the working plane of the anvil before leveling

Anvil alignment is exactly the classic case for which the angle grinder was originally designed. The process should be controlled with a flat rail. All the bumps seen with the eye are carefully cut off with a grinder. As a result, the anvil surface should become flat.

How to cut slate

Roofing is one of the most crucial moments in building a house. The "lifetime" of the entire structure depends on how well the roof is made. When covering the roof with slate, you can use either an electric jigsaw or a grinder. Both tools cope with the task of cutting the cement structure of the slate, but the replaceable jigsaw blades quickly lose their sharpness and have to be changed frequently. The grinder disc shows the best results when cutting slate, since it was originally designed for working with concrete or stone. An asbestos-cement pipe is cut in the same way.

Asbestos-cement pipe cutting
Asbestos-cement pipe cutting

Grinder cutting of asbestos-cement pipe

Most often, experienced craftsmen use both a grinder and a jigsaw to work with slate. For example, it is better to make a longitudinal cut with a grinder, and a jigsaw will help to cut a hole for a chimney.

Slate is sawn with a cutting disc on concrete or stone at low speed. Compliance with safety measures when working with slate is the same prerequisite as when working with other materials.

How to cut a rail

The need to saw a rail rarely occurs in everyday life. Therefore, if an autogen is not available, then a grinder of good power (more than 2 kW) with a disc diameter of at least 230 mm can help out.

There is no need to completely saw the rail; it is enough to make two deep (up to 3 cm) notches on the ribs of the stiffness and a groove on the supporting lower plane. After that, it is necessary either to drop the rail from a height of a couple of meters, or to hit hard with a sledgehammer at the place of the cut. The cast iron from which rails are made is a tough material, but brittle. With this effect, it breaks easily. If you don't have a sledgehammer, you will have to saw through the rail.

Video: how to cut a rail

How to sharpen a circular circle

In order to sharpen a circle for a circular saw with a grinder, it is necessary to securely fix the grinder itself. This must be done so that access to the rotating part of the tool is convenient and safe. Most often, clamps, vices or special clamps are used for this.

Circular disc
Circular disc

When sharpening a circular disc with a grinder, the correct set of teeth should be observed

When bringing the saw blade to the rotating grinding wheel, do not apply force to it. Sharpening with a saw blade grinder should take place in the light touch mode. It is important to monitor the sharpening plane, since it is this plane that most of all affects the dynamics of the cutting wheel when cutting wood. You can also sharpen the circular disc without unscrewing it from the working position. In this case, each tooth is consistently sharpened with a grinder, and the disk gradually rotates around its axis.

How to cut a mirror

In order to cut the mirror and give it the required dimensions, it is best to use an ordinary glass cutter. If there is no glass cutter, you can use a grinder with a solid diamond disc.

Mirror cutting with angle grinder
Mirror cutting with angle grinder

When cutting glass with a grinder, do not put pressure on the material

The sequence of actions is as follows:

  1. Mark the cutting line with a marker or chalk on the "seamy" side of the mirror.
  2. Pass the edge of the diamond disc carefully and without pressure. It is enough to make a depression of a few mm.
  3. Turn off the angle grinder and put it aside.
  4. Break the mirror like an ordinary glass cut with a glass cutter.

When cutting a mirror with a grinder, all safety measures must be observed. In the process, harmful glass dust is formed, it is recommended to moisten the incision site with water.

How to cut a tin can

Cutting a tin can with a grinder is no different from cutting any other metal object. It's another matter if this jar is not empty, but filled with food. It changes everything! The task is not just to open it, but to open it so as not to damage the food it contains.

Cutting a tin can
Cutting a tin can

A tin can can be easily opened with a grinder if you cut a tin side

Of course, it would be easier (and safer) to do it the traditional way - using a can opener or an ordinary knife. But if there are none, and there is only a grinder, then you have to get out of the situation with what is available. To open a can with a grinder, it is enough to carefully cut off the metal rim around the perimeter of the can. When it is removed, the top lid will open freely, the food will remain intact.

How to cut a stone

Cutting stone differs from cutting concrete or ceramic tiles in that the hardness of natural stone is generally higher. Therefore, the process of stone processing is longer. It uses the same tools and attachments as for concrete.

Stone cutting with angle grinder
Stone cutting with angle grinder

For work on stone, diamond discs of increased strength are placed on the grinder

The main tool for cutting stone with a grinder is a diamond cutting wheel. When cutting stone, the wet method is most often used, with abundant irrigation of the cut with water.

Video: cutting and polishing granite

Can the grinder be used as a sander?

On the one hand, the official name of the grinder - angle grinder - contains an indication of this possibility. On the other hand, the sanding process involves fine finishing and leveling of large surfaces. The disc of a hand grinder, rotating at great speed, is not very well suited for finishing.

The workpiece can be scratched if the disc hits the material, the painted surface can burn when the tool is pressed hard. It is difficult to process large surfaces with the same quality with a manual grinder.

Polishing attachments for grinder
Polishing attachments for grinder

Grinder polishing attachments should be used carefully

For grinding and polishing, there are attachments suitable for the grinder. When performing such work, you should use a tool with speed control. When polishing it is necessary to set a low speed of rotation, to guide the tool smoothly, without effort, avoiding cutting into the material.

A huge variety of materials surrounds every person today, almost all of them can be processed by a grinder. When sanding, cutting or sawing, you should strictly follow the safety rules to protect yourself from injury and injury. The tool must be used for its intended purpose, not exceeding the range of technological modes for which it is designed.

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