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How To Get Rid Of Earthen Fleas In A House Or Apartment: How To Remove It By Various Means + Photos And Videos
How To Get Rid Of Earthen Fleas In A House Or Apartment: How To Remove It By Various Means + Photos And Videos

Video: How To Get Rid Of Earthen Fleas In A House Or Apartment: How To Remove It By Various Means + Photos And Videos

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Earth fleas in the house: useful life hacks for eliminating parasites

How to get rid of earthen fleas
How to get rid of earthen fleas

Ground fleas are an unpleasant phenomenon that can be a problem for every homeowner. The main habitat of these insects is the upper layer of the soil, but they often make their way into dwellings. Pests spread in basements, private houses and apartments located on the lower floors. Their presence is troubling. To understand how to get rid of earthen fleas in the house, you should first familiarize yourself with the reasons for their appearance.


  • 1 What do earthen fleas look like and why are they dangerous?

    1.1 How does a sand flea look and move - video

  • 2 Reasons for the appearance of fleas in an apartment or private house
  • 3 Ways to kill parasites

    • 3.1 Chemicals to help remove insects

      3.1.1 Insecticides to kill parasites - gallery

    • 3.2 Step by step instructions
    • 3.3 Folk remedies against parasites
    • 3.4 How to get rid of earthen fleas - video
  • 4 Prevention of the appearance of earthen fleas in the house

What do earthen fleas look like and why are they dangerous?

These insects got the name "earthen (sandy) fleas" because of their lifestyle. In cold times, parasites hide deep in the ground and lay their eggs there. For this reason, the invasion of insects is most often observed in the spring, with the arrival of heat.

Earthen fleas are very difficult to see with the naked eye, since their size is only 2–3 mm. The insect has a rounded, laterally compressed body of dark brown or black color. Long hind legs allow the flea to jump up to 50 cm in height. The insect is kept on the victim thanks to the bristles that cover its entire body. The life span of a flea is 1.5–2 years. During this time, she manages to produce about 500 insects.

Earthen flea
Earthen flea

The earthen flea is a dangerous parasite that often lives in the basements of residential buildings

In the house, parasites accumulate under linoleum, parquet, carpets, baseboards, in soft toys, furniture, clothes. There are several ways to detect them:

  1. White paper or cloth spread on the floor helps to identify pests.
  2. If pets live in the house, you need to monitor their behavior. Animals that are attacked by fleas often itch. Their appetite decreases. If there are any such signs, carefully examine your pet's eyes, ears and fur. You can use a comb and comb the animal over the paper.

Earthen flea bites are dangerous to humans. Parasites can be carriers of hepatitis, encephalitis, typhoid, plague, helminthiasis. And also tungiosis, which provokes the development of pneumonia, thrombophlebitis, necrosis, elephantiasis and deformation of the fingers. But even if fleas are not a source of infection, their bites cause a lot of inconvenience.

The insect staying under the skin leads to infection and inflammation of the tissues. After the eggs ripen, the flea removes them from under the skin, and gets out on its own. The larvae move to their natural environment - sand or soil and pupate after 20 days. And after another 10 days, adults appear.

These parasites affect the back, abdomen, feet, legs, elbows, wrists. The bite is accompanied by symptoms such as inflammation, pain, itching. The affected area turns red.

An infection can get inside the wound left after a flea bite, which can provoke the development of a serious disease.

How does a sand flea look and move - video

The reasons for the appearance of fleas in an apartment or private house

Ground fleas are selected from places where they hibernate and reproduce, and enter the house on animal hair. Insects live not only on dogs and cats, but also on poultry. Fleas are often carried along with furniture or building materials during renovation work.

Basement is another potential source of infiltration. It is the lack of sunlight and dampness that are a comfortable habitat for fleas.

Earthen flea on wool
Earthen flea on wool

Ground fleas can enter the house with animal hair or various objects

If parasites are found, measures must be taken to eliminate them immediately. Getting rid of earthen fleas is quite a feasible task. But it is necessary to start work immediately after the appearance of signs of the presence of insects in the house, so that they do not have the opportunity to spread.

Ways to kill parasites

In order for the destruction of parasites in a residential building to give the desired result, you first need to clean the entrance and basement of them. You can ask for help at the SES or act independently.

The basement must be cleared of dirt, debris and moisture. Remove all rags, rotten boards, fluffy old fabrics, etc. Then treat the room with an insecticide.

Means for cleaning premises from earthen fleas
Means for cleaning premises from earthen fleas

The destruction of earthen fleas is possible both with chemicals and with improvised means

After processing the entrance and basement, it is also necessary to remove the parasites in your home. Before proceeding with the destruction of fleas in the apartment, carry out the preparatory work:

  • start by cleaning the room thoroughly. Vacuum the house, paying special attention to baseboards, crevices, upholstered furniture;
  • after that do wet cleaning. Surfaces must be clean before starting insecticide treatment;
  • knock out mattresses, wash bedding with a disinfectant;
  • Vacuum the carpets by thoroughly passing over the pile several times. Then empty the dust container itself.

Chemicals that help remove insects

Today, there are many chemicals that can be used to fight fleas. The most effective insecticides are:

  • Karbofos;
  • Neostomosan;
  • Fufanon;
  • Dust;
  • Dichlorvos.

However, be aware that they have an unpleasant, pungent odor and high levels of toxicity. Less harmful agents include Delta-zone and FAS. These drugs also work well. Insecticides are available as solutions, sprays and aerosols.

Insecticides for killing parasites - gallery


Delta-zone - microencapsulated drug for the destruction of parasites


Dichlorvos is effective, but has a pungent odor

Flea dust
Flea dust

Dust is a universal insectoacaricidal agent


Karbofos is actively used to combat parasites in the house.


Neostomazan is highly effective, but dangerous for its vapors

FAS for fleas
FAS for fleas

FAS is an insecticidal acaricidal agent that quickly destroys fleas

Fufanon from fleas
Fufanon from fleas

Fufanon has high insecticidal activity

Step-by-step instruction

The treatment of the premises with insecticides is carried out in the following order:

  1. Put on personal protective equipment: rubber gloves, respirator, goggles, if possible, a special suit.
  2. Treat all pieces of furniture, floor surface, window sills with the chosen tool.
  3. After finishing work, leave the house for 30 minutes. and ventilate the area well.
  4. Clean again after an hour.
  5. Since flea larvae take 14 days to develop, re-spray your home after two weeks.
  6. Wash or vacuum the pet rug thoroughly.

In order to destroy earthen fleas, you can use special products for animals. They have a universal effect. For example, Inspector, Phyprex, Serko, Ekstrazol, Bars. One package of the drug is diluted in 3 liters of water, then furniture, carpets, cracks, corners are sprayed with the resulting solution.

The UV radiation of the quartz lamp helps to poison fleas. Before the procedure, animals and people are taken out of the room and flowers are removed. The lamp is turned on for 30 minutes, after which the room is ventilated to get rid of the ozone smell.

Owners of a private house also need to treat the site with Aktara (2 g per 10 liters of water, consumption 2 liters per 100 m 2). Along the perimeter of the personal plot, you can plant wormwood, celandine, tobacco or anabasis. The smell of these plants repels fleas.

Folk remedies against parasites

An integrated approach, including the use of chemicals and folk remedies, helps to get rid of fleas faster.

  1. Mix 200 g of soda and salt each, treat upholstered furniture, toys, carpets with the resulting mixture. After 12 hours, vacuum all surfaces.
  2. Pour boiling water over an equal amount of eucalyptus leaves, tansy and wormwood. Insist 12 hours, then treat the room with a spray bottle.
  3. Use tansy, because it is its smell that earthen fleas do not tolerate. The broth is prepared simply: pour boiling water over fresh flowers and leave overnight. The next day, spray with the composition of the crevices and all surfaces in the house.
  4. Spread peppermint, Persian chamomile, pine shavings, wormwood or citrus peels around the perimeter of the room. It should be remembered that only fresh plants give the desired effect. Therefore, they need to be replaced regularly as needed.
  5. Combine brewer's yeast and garlic in equal proportions. Apply this mixture to floors and soft surfaces. Vacuum the treated areas after 10-12 hours.
  6. Take 100 ml of kerosene and benzene, dilute them in 5-7 liters of water. Treat crevices and smooth surfaces. At the same time, open all windows for ventilation and leave the room. After 2–3 hours, damp clean with soapy water.
  7. Scrub the floors with a vinegar, turpentine or whiteness solution. To prepare it, mix equal amounts of water and disinfectant. As a result of this treatment, a pungent odor is formed, which fleas cannot tolerate. After 8 hours, the floor should be washed again with clean water.

How to get rid of earthen fleas - video

Prevention of the appearance of earthen fleas in the house

Preventing earthen fleas is easy. To do this, you must adhere to simple rules.

  1. Damp mop regularly.
  2. Ventilate the room daily, even in winter.
  3. Keep the basement dry and clean.
  4. Periodically take pillows, mattresses, and blankets outside for ventilation.
  5. Eliminate the causes of basement leaks, as pests are attracted by a humid environment. Fill up all the cracks.

The main way to prevent the appearance of sand fleas is to keep the house clean.

Getting rid of earthen fleas on your own is quite a feasible task, but for this you need to carry out comprehensive measures. Along with chemicals, it is recommended to use folk methods. Do not forget about reprocessing, since not all flea eggs die immediately. Preventive measures will help avoid future pests.

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