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Ultrasound From Cockroaches: Traps, Principle Of Operation, Reviews On The Use Of Such Devices + Photos And Videos
Ultrasound From Cockroaches: Traps, Principle Of Operation, Reviews On The Use Of Such Devices + Photos And Videos

Video: Ultrasound From Cockroaches: Traps, Principle Of Operation, Reviews On The Use Of Such Devices + Photos And Videos

Video: How to Get Rid of Cockroaches in Electronics (4 Easy Steps) 2022, December

Ultrasonic cockroach repeller - for or against

ultrasound against cockroaches
ultrasound against cockroaches

Cockroaches can visit any, even the most well-groomed and clean apartment. There are plenty of ways for these insects to enter the apartment - from neighbors through the ventilation, with parcels from abroad, with things from a business trip. How to get rid of uninvited guests - crayons, traps or ultrasonic scarers that have become popular? Is it worth buying such a device at all?

We all know these lines from childhood. However, we are aware of the problems of the appearance of a "cockroach" in the house already as adults.

What attracts cockroaches to the house

Cockroaches require comfortable conditions and food. Unfortunately, you, without knowing it, can give them everything they need to feed and reproduce. We left food on the kitchen table overnight, didn't take it out on time or didn't wash the trash can - hello, mustached brethren. Fortunately, cockroaches live in the same place where they feed. This means that you can easily and quickly remove the entire colony.

Cockroach in the kitchen
Cockroach in the kitchen

The appearance of cockroaches in the house indicates that you do not carefully monitor the cleanliness

The choice of weapons in the fight against cockroaches is extremely large - traps, glue, paste, gel, crayons, pencils. Recently, ultrasonic scarers have become more and more famous. How do they work and is it really a miracle thing against the cockroach army?

How ultrasound works

Cockroaches are quite developed insects. They have a respiratory, circulatory, reproductive, nervous and excretory systems. When communicating with each other, cockroaches do not use ultrasound, but they are able to pick up such signals.

An ultrasound device, generating sounds at a certain frequency, acts on the nervous system, causing a feeling of anxiety and a desire to change the environment. According to the manufacturers' promises, the cockroach repellent device should work simply and quickly:

  • bought an ultrasonic repeller;
  • plugged into an outlet;
  • cockroaches immediately scattered to other apartments.

No matter how it is.

Minimum cost and maximum efficiency - what an attractive idea, especially for those who are not used to thinking about the consequences.

Ultrasound is essentially a psychotronic weapon. With prolonged exposure, it negatively affects any living organism. But against cockroaches and other excess animals, short-term exposure will not be enough. If you turn on the device for only half an hour, you will never know if the cockroaches had a headache, but they will not go anywhere from your apartment.

In order to really scare off cockroaches, you need a fairly powerful device. Considering that some devices are designed for an area of ​​up to 200 m 2, ultrasound will be felt by everyone living in an apartment or house. It will be especially bad for small children and pets. An adult may also experience various ailments - for example, sleep disturbances, headaches. Devices that do not cause any harm to humans, and will not have a special effect on insects.

In addition, it should be borne in mind that a repeller is not a destroyer. Yes, you don't have to sweep away the bodies of dead cockroaches. However, as soon as you turn off the device, the mustachioed guests will most likely come back. Do not confuse scarer and trap. The repeller is designed to drive insects away from your home, and the principle of the trap is for the insect to get inside the device and eat the poisoned bait.

Effective remedy: Repeller Traps


Typhoon LS-500 is a product of the Russian development of ultrasonic scarers

Pest reject
Pest reject

Pest Reject is manufactured in the USA. The instructions indicate that the device must be used with insecticides

Zenet XJ-90
Zenet XJ-90

Repeller Zenet XJ-90 according to user reviews is held in the rank of the most useless device

User feedback on device action: does it help you get rid of uninvited guests?

Manufacturers of ultrasonic scarers insist that if the device does not work, it is a fake. However, negative user reviews prevail.

Obviously, one scarer (which is also worth a lot) will not be able to cope with cockroaches. You can try "combination therapy" - combining the use of an ultrasound device and, for example, poisoned baits. Those who think more rationally will understand that the cost of calling a pest control service is slightly higher than the cost of an ultrasonic repeller.

We test an ultrasonic repeller - video

Struggle for housing: what does NOT work on cockroaches - video

The fight against cockroaches in the house should start with cleanliness. Without this condition, any means are powerless, an army of mustachioed insects will appear again and again in your home. Store food in the refrigerator or airtight dishes overnight. Plates and cups should also be covered or removed. Take out the trash as often as possible and wash the bucket with chlorine products. Better yet, get a hermetically sealed trash can. Do not leave water to cockroaches, wipe the kitchen sink and bathroom sink overnight. If you have flowers, water them in the morning or afternoon - cockroaches are able to extract water from the ground in search of water.

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