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Boric Acid From Cockroaches: Recipes, Including Balls And Baits Using Eggs + Photos And Videos
Boric Acid From Cockroaches: Recipes, Including Balls And Baits Using Eggs + Photos And Videos
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Boric acid as a key ingredient in cockroach baits

boric acid
boric acid

When cockroaches appear in the house, a feeling of disgust makes the owners look for all sorts of methods to eliminate these annoying insects. If household chemicals seem to be a radical measure for a housewife, it is worth turning to folk recipes for fighting the enemy. After all, hordes of cockroaches attacked our ancestors for a long time. One of the most effective improvised means of exterminating cockroaches is boric acid, which can be used in various recipes to obtain homemade poison.


  • 1 A little about the drug itself
  • 2 The principle of action of boric acid on the body of cockroaches
  • 3 General rules and instructions for baiting insects with boron powder
  • 4 Does boric acid always act on cockroaches and is the trap dangerous for the inhabitants of the apartment
  • 5 Recipes for making effective poisonous bait for cockroaches
  • 6 Reviews of the effectiveness of the poison
  • 7 Related Videos

A little about the drug itself

Externally, boric acid has a crystalline powdery form, its grains are similar to scales. The powder has neither taste nor smell. The melting point is + 170 ° C, during the heating process, the composition loses water molecules and completely changes the chemical component.

Borax is a natural analogue of synthetic boric acid. In terms of the degree of toxicity for cockroaches, the pharmaceutical powder and the natural composition do not differ from each other - you can use both the one and the other component for baiting insects. But in nature, pure borax can rarely be found, most often it is a part of minerals.

Boric acid powder
Boric acid powder

Boric acid powder

Ready boric powder - antiseptic, is produced in crystalline form, in aqueous and alcoholic solution. The 70% concentration of the component is called boric alcohol. It is not recommended to use alcohol to fight cockroaches, insects are sensitive to alcohol vapors and do not fit the bait. Boric ointment is also ineffective in the composition of the poison from the uninvited "conquerors of housing", the reason is the same - a pronounced smell that frightens off an army of cockroaches.

As for the aqueous solution of boric acid, its effectiveness is not inferior to the effect on the Prussians with the help of a powdery composition.

The principle of action of boric acid on the body of cockroaches

The baiting of cockroaches with boric acid is based on the toxic effects of this agent on the insect organism. When a powder or bait with a powder enters the gastrointestinal tract of a cockroach, the poison begins to act, being absorbed into the circulatory system and causing irritation of the peripheral nerve endings. Exceeding the maximum permissible dose results in paralysis and death from suffocation for the insect.

The death of cockroaches as a result of boric acid poisoning
The death of cockroaches as a result of boric acid poisoning

The death of cockroaches as a result of boric acid poisoning

The more insects eat the bait, the higher the effectiveness in the fight against them. Therefore, the principle of preparing any poisonous composition is to make it outwardly attractive to the Prussians. The purpose of homemade boron balls or other enticing compounds is to feed the cockroaches with poison.

General rules and instructions for baiting insects using boron powder

Some resources print cockroach bait, which includes various flavors and flavorings to attract voracious insects:

  • egg;
  • Wheat flour;
  • vanillin;
  • sugar;
  • potatoes, etc.

The easiest way to fight cockroaches is to scatter white boric acid powder in the active habitats of uninvited “guests”: baseboards, bedside tables, pipes, heating radiators and other secluded corners of the apartment. The meaning of this action is that the pest, when passing through the powder, will hook a certain amount of poison with it in the shelter. There, during the cleaning of the paws, boric acid will enter the cockroach's body, causing negative conditions.

Scattering boron paths around the apartment
Scattering boron paths around the apartment

Scattering boron paths around the apartment

To poison 1 insect, you need 2 to 3 mg of the pure component. A bag from a pharmacy weighs 10 grams, this weapon can kill more than 3 thousand pests. But it is unrealistic to achieve such an effect - a large volume of the scattered preparation is consumed "idle", i.e. cockroaches do not collect it with their paws.

Does boric acid always act on cockroaches and is the trap dangerous for the inhabitants of the apartment

If boric acid powder several decades ago was a real panacea in the fight against cockroaches, today this tool does not give a 100% guarantee of getting rid of an unpleasant neighborhood. There are two reasons:

  • cockroaches eat and live in places that do not intersect with boron paths;
  • insects have adapted over time to the effects of poison and no longer die from the ingestion of boron grains into the digestive system. To combat such mutants, household chemicals are required - gels, repellents, etc.

Starting the fight against any insects, it is necessary to clean up thoroughly - the dirt becomes a good haven for cockroaches and allows them to lay eggs without hindrance.

An antiseptic by nature, a solution or powder of boric acid is not dangerous for humans and other inhabitants of the home - cats, dogs, birds. In case of accidental ingestion of a poison into the body, it does not cause severe poisoning, but it is better not to lay out ready-made balls in prominent places - small children constantly pull everything into their mouths.

Recipes for making effective poisonous cockroach baits

In addition to the fact that boric powder can be scattered in paths in places where cockroaches often appear, this component can be added to baits. You will have to buy more than 1 bag of a pharmacy product, focusing on the degree of dispersal of pests and their number.

Recipe 1. Baits - balls. To prepare such a poison for the Prussians, you will need 2 or 3 chicken eggs, 1 teaspoon of any vegetable oil (preferably unrefined) and 8-10 bags of boric acid.

Poison preparation
Poison preparation

Poison preparation

The cooking algorithm is as follows:

  1. Boil eggs, cool;
  2. The yolks are separated from the proteins, the latter are not useful in preparing a poisonous mixture;
  3. The chicken yolks collected in a bowl are kneaded with a fork, gradually adding boric powder (proportions: 1 yolk = 40 g of powder preparation);
  4. The yolk mass is lubricated with oil, everything is thoroughly mixed;
  5. From the obtained "plasticine" it is necessary to roll balls with a diameter of about 6-7.5 mm.

The prepared poison is laid out on paper towels or ordinary newspaper sheets and placed in places where cockroaches are most often found.

The efficiency of the described method is quite high. Insects that simply crawl up to a fragrant ball and touch it with their mustache are already becoming carriers of poison.

Recipe 2. Boron powder is mixed with granulated sugar in proportions of 1 to 3. The sweet poison crumbles where the "uninvited guests" live and run. The principle of action is clear - sugar lures gluttonous pests, and boric acid destroys the organism of individuals who have tasted the bait.

Boric sugar mixture
Boric sugar mixture

Boric sugar mixture

Recipe 3. An aqueous solution of boric acid with added sugar. The mixture is prepared as follows:

  • A glass of warm water and 2–3 sachets of boric powder are thoroughly mixed;
  • 1 teaspoon of granulated sugar is introduced into the resulting solution;
  • You need to mix the components until the sugar and acid crystals are completely dissolved.

The prepared poison is poured into small drinking bowls and placed in the favorite places of the cockroaches. It should be noted that with a small number of pests, the effect is noticeable during the first 3 days of placing the sweet "treat".

Recipe 4. Balls with boiled potatoes. It is necessary to boil 3-4 medium potatoes in their skins. After cooling, peel and knead with a fork. Add 2-3 packages of boric powder and 1-1.5 teaspoons of sunflower or olive oil to the resulting mass. From the resulting mass, balls are formed and laid out in secluded corners, chosen by cockroaches.

Reviews on the effectiveness of the poison

The effectiveness of baits with the addition of boric acid in each case will be different. The result is influenced by factors such as:

  • the presence of unscrupulous neighbors. No matter how much you poison cockroaches in your home, sooner or later they will again come running from the sloppy owners from the nearby premises of an apartment building;
  • the degree of dispersal of insects around the house. The more cockroaches, the longer and more painstaking the fight should be with them. Many owners lose heart and turn to industrial means to eliminate the Prussians;
  • observance of sanitary and hygienic rules of residence - you cannot leave uneaten food, crumbs and other tidbits for the cockroach family on the table or bedside table.

If the above points are taken into account when exterminating the Prussians, the battle does not last long and ends with the death of harmful insects.

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Conclusion: the main advantage of folk recipes for fighting cockroaches is safety with high efficiency. Boric acid does not cause toxicity in humans and pets compared to highly potent industrial poisons. The pharmacy powder costs less than 100 rubles, which increases the popularity of its use for the extermination of mustachioed "enemies" by a wide range of consumers.

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