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How To Remove Grass From Clothes - How To Remove A Stain From Fabrics Of White And Other Colors
How To Remove Grass From Clothes - How To Remove A Stain From Fabrics Of White And Other Colors

Video: How To Remove Grass From Clothes - How To Remove A Stain From Fabrics Of White And Other Colors

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Video: How to Get (Almost) Every Kind of Stain Out of Your Clothes 2023, February

How to remove grass stains from different types of clothing

how to remove stains on clothes
how to remove stains on clothes

Who doesn't love to lie on soft green grass on a warm summer day? It would seem that nothing can overshadow outdoor recreation with a pleasant company. But it was not there! After an unsuccessful fall, the sleeve on his favorite sweater turned green in the elbow area, and the jeans were completely stained with a mixture of earth and grass on both knees. What can we say about children! Those generally need to buy summer clothes in green colors! But don't panic: even the worst grass stains can be cleaned at home.


  • 1 How to get grass stains off clothes

    • 1.1 How to withdraw fresh
    • 1.2 How to remove grass stains in a washing machine

      1.2.1 Video: how to remove traces of grass and flowers with a stain remover

    • 1.3 How to remove a grass stain manually

      • 1.3.1 "Folk" methods of removing grass stains
      • 1.3.2 Video: how to remove grass stains
      • 1.3.3 How to remove grass stains from wool or silk fabrics
      • 1.3.4 How to remove grass stains on white clothes
      • 1.3.5 How to remove stains from thick fabrics, including denim
      • 1.3.6 How to clean grass stains from natural and artificial suede
      • 1.3.7 How to remove grass stains from different clothes

How to get grass stains from clothes

Today, there are many effective stain removers that can cope with all types of stains, including grass stains. But such products are far from environmentally friendly and are not always safe for the skin. The issue of removing stains, including grass stains, is especially acute in a house where there are small children. Mothers don’t think about how to clean the next “green” marks from pants and T-shirts except in winter. During the rest of the year, little adventurers are a bother with their green knees and elbows. Fortunately, there are effective and, importantly, safe ways to remove such contamination. Soda, kitchen salt, hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, denatured alcohol, lemon juice, laundry soap, and a little effort on your part will help you.

Grass stains
Grass stains

A stack of grass-stained jeans is a very familiar sight in a home with small children.

How to withdraw fresh

Fresh stains are easiest to remove before the juice of the grass has penetrated deep into the fibers of the fabric. But, unfortunately, it is not always possible to quickly wash a stained product, especially if you are relaxing with your family or friends in nature away from home. But even in such cases, with the help of improvised means, you can get rid of fresh "grass" spots.

Express methods for quick removal of fresh grass stains:

Wet wipes. These are just the same universal assistants both during walks and in everyday life. The good news about this simple method is that you don't have to remove the soiled thing, but you can "remove" the stain right on yourself! What to do:

  • get a napkin from the pack;
  • start wiping the stain, moving from the edges to the center;
  • replace the soiled part of the napkin with a clean one or take a new one;
  • throw the napkin in the trash bag and return to the company!

    Wet wipes
    Wet wipes

    With wet wipes, you can quickly remove fresh stains outside the home!

Vodka. Rarely a feast is complete without this intoxicating drink. Vodka is capable not only of "dissolving" sober thoughts, but also stains. You will also need a napkin or clean rag:

  • moisten a napkin with vodka;
  • wipe the stain from edge to center;
  • moisten the cloth again as needed and repeat the procedure until the contamination disappears.

    Alcohol wipes
    Alcohol wipes

    If your first aid kit has medical wipes for disinfection - feel free to use them! They contain ethyl alcohol, which removes grass stains well!

Ammonia. If suddenly this aid for fainting conditions is in your first-aid kit, then use it without fail! At the same time, you will bring yourself to your senses if new jeans or suede sneakers are stained. Your steps:

  • move away from people so as not to spoil their appetite with the pungent smell of ammonia;
  • moisten a cotton swab with ammonia;
  • rub the stain until it disappears;
  • rinse with water.

Hydrogen peroxide. Another useful tool in the medicine cabinet. But peroxide can discolor fabric, so try it out on an inconspicuous area first! So, open the bottle and start acting:

  • pour peroxide directly on the dirt or dampen a piece of cotton wool;
  • apply the product to the stained area;
  • leave for 20-30 minutes;
  • rinse with water or remove residual peroxide and dirt with a dampened cotton wool, bandage or rag;
  • repeat the procedure if it did not help the first time.

    How to remove grass stains with hydrogen peroxide
    How to remove grass stains with hydrogen peroxide

    Be careful with using peroxide on colored fabrics!

Lemon. The citric acid will also help whiten the stain without damaging the fabric. What to do:

  • squeeze some juice directly onto the stain;
  • leave for 15 minutes;
  • wipe with a clean damp cloth or cotton swab;
  • if it is possible to remove the soiled thing, then rinse the place of contamination in clean water (pour directly from the bottle);
  • repeat the procedure as necessary.

Unfortunately, express methods do not always work 100%, since there is no way to soak the product and wash it with powder. The fibers of the fabric absorb the juice of the grass very quickly, so, most likely, it will be possible to remove only the "top layer" of the stain.

How to remove grass stains in a washing machine

Fresh stains can be removed in a modern washing machine using detergents. Quality detergents are able to deal with most types of dirt. But without previous treatment, you are unlikely to be able to get rid of the dirt. We advise you to treat the stained area with a liquid stain remover:

  1. Moisten the stained area with warm water.
  2. Apply a sufficient amount of the product.
  3. Leave it on for 5-10 minutes (see instructions for using this product).
  4. Load the soiled item into the washing machine.
  5. Pour laundry detergent into the powder compartment.
  6. Add the correct amount of stain remover to the powder according to the instructions.
  7. Wash at the highest temperature allowed for the fabric with which the stained item is sewn.

    How to machine wash
    How to machine wash

    With a stain remover, fresh grass stains can be machine washed

Do not allow the agent to dry on your clothes! The fact is that stain removers contain quite aggressive substances for the fibers of the fabric and, with prolonged contact, can destroy them.

Before using the stain remover, read the instructions for use carefully and strictly adhere to it. Many manufacturers produce products with special brushes-caps. They are very easy to use. All you need to do is first apply the product to the stain and then scrub it with a brush.

Video: how to remove traces of grass and flowers with a stain remover

As you can see, even stubborn stains from grass and dandelions can be removed with the help of modern tools in a few minutes!

In a similar way, you can also use bleaching powders:

  1. Dampen the stained cloth with warm water.
  2. Sprinkle powder over the dirt.
  3. Add a little water and grind the powder into a gruel.
  4. Leave it on for 10 minutes.
  5. Rub with your hands and check if the product has worked on the dirt or not.
  6. Leave it on for another 5 minutes if the dirt has not disappeared.
  7. Machine wash at the maximum temperature allowed.

If desired, the powder can be dissolved in a bowl of water and soaked before the main wash.

Also on sale are pencils for removing stains. The product is applied for 10-15 minutes, then washed by hand or machine.

Of course, the washing result will depend on the capabilities of your machine. A modern washing machine is equipped with various washing modes, including the soaking function. Do not forget that different washing modes and temperature parameters are permissible for each fabric. The maximum temperature for washing viscose is 30 ° C. Synthetics are washed at 40-60 ° C. Only hand wash with a maximum temperature of 30 ° C is suitable for wool. Linen is also not washed in hot water as it shrinks strongly. Blended fabrics are washed at the maximum temperature allowed for all types of fibers that are included in their composition. Cotton is the least picky about temperature parameters. If the fabric does not fade, it can be washed at 90 ° C with soaking.

How to remove grass stain manually

If a fresh stain can still be washed off in a machine, then even the highest quality powder cannot cope with the old “forgotten” ones. Often, mud is added to the juice of the grass. But even that doesn't matter! In every home, you can find effective "folk" remedies for removing stains, which are also environmentally friendly and will not harm either the environment or your child's skin.

Handy laundry detergents
Handy laundry detergents

Vinegar, soda, lemon, and ammonia are some of the most effective home remedies for grass stains

The most common remedies for removing stains of this kind are common kitchen salt, baking soda, vinegar, ammonia and soap.

"Folk" ways to remove grass stains

Salt. Make a saline solution in a ratio of 1 tbsp. spoon of salt in a glass of water and do the following:

  • the resulting solution is poured into a small bowl;
  • soak a piece of clothing with a stain for half an hour;
  • take out the product and wash the area;
  • if the contamination has not been completely removed, the procedure is repeated;
  • use laundry soap for the best effect;
  • for particularly heavy dirt, use a washing brush;
  • after manual processing, the item is washed together with other clothes in a washing machine.

    How to brush a stain
    How to brush a stain

    Stubborn grass stains are cleaned with a washing brush

Vinegar. You can use regular 9% table vinegar or wine. You will also need a cotton pad or soft cloth. What to do:

  • vinegar is applied to a cotton swab;
  • treat the stain until it disappears;
  • the thing is washed by hand or in a washing machine.

Ammonia. For 500 ml of water, you will need 1 tbsp. a spoonful of ammonia. What to do:

  • ammonia is diluted in warm water;
  • part of the product with contamination is soaked in the solution;
  • leave for 15 minutes so that the agent has time to work;
  • the product is taken out of the solution and washed in the usual way.

    How to remove a stain with ammonia
    How to remove a stain with ammonia

    Ammonia or ammonia will do well with grass stains

Ammonium + soap shavings. A more advanced method by which even stubborn dirt is removed. Do the following:

  • rub the laundry soap on a grater (you need about 1 tbsp. spoon);
  • the chips are dissolved in half a liter of warm water;
  • measure out 1 tbsp. a spoonful of ammonia and add to the soap;
  • soak the product with a stain for 15 minutes;
  • wash if the dirt is not completely gone;
  • wash as usual.

    Laundry soap shavings
    Laundry soap shavings

    In order for the soap to dissolve faster, it is rubbed on a regular grater

Soda. To treat the stain, prepare a paste:

  • 1 tbsp. a spoonful of soda is mixed with a small amount of water;
  • the paste is applied to a damp spot;
  • leave for 15 minutes;
  • rubbing the contaminated area with your fingers or with a brush;
  • rinsed in water.

    Soda and water paste
    Soda and water paste

    With this paste, you can remove different types of stains.

Soda + 3% hydrogen peroxide:

  • moisten the stain with warm water;
  • treat with peroxide by pouring it directly onto the dirt;
  • sprinkle with baking soda so that the stain is completely covered;
  • take a sponge or brush and start rubbing the soda;
  • if the dirt does not go away, then repeat the procedure with peroxide and soda again;
  • at the end of the treatment, rinse the fabric or wash it as usual.

    How to remove a stain with baking soda and peroxide
    How to remove a stain with baking soda and peroxide

    Be careful when applying peroxide with baking soda on colored fabrics!

Denatured alcohol. You can use regular ethyl alcohol (Septol), vodka. How to use:

  • apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol to a piece of cloth;
  • rub alcohol into the stain and leave for a few minutes;
  • treat the area with the same cloth;
  • rinse the product in clean water.

    How to remove a stain with alcohol
    How to remove a stain with alcohol

    The rubbing alcohol is applied to a piece of white cloth and rubbed over the stain

Salicylic acid. Use in the same way as alcohol.

The most difficult thing to remove is old grass stains that have dried on the fabric.

Video: how to remove grass stains

The most effective remedy for fresh grass stains is ammonia. If the stain is fresh, then most likely you will not need to wash it with soap and a brush, which is very important, since such actions will damage the fabric over time. The method is especially good for delicate garments and knitwear that do not tolerate stretching and friction. The use of salt and vinegar gives the best effect after soaking the product, followed by hand washing.

If you do not want to experiment with home remedies, then use the old and proven method - wash the thing with laundry soap.

How to remove grass stains with laundry soap:

  1. Submerge the stained part of the product in hot water.
  2. Leave to soak for 5 minutes.
  3. Take out the product, squeeze lightly and rub the area well with laundry soap.
  4. Leave it on for a few more minutes.
  5. Simply wash with your hands or with a washing brush.
  6. If the dirt has not completely disappeared, then rub the stain with detergent and send it to the washing machine.
  7. In addition to laundry detergent, it is a good idea to add a stain remover.

    How to wash stains with soap
    How to wash stains with soap

    Laundry soap can be used to quickly remove fresh grass stains

This method is not suitable for woolen, silk and delicate fabrics, since high temperatures are bad for their fibers.

How to remove grass stains from wool or silk fabric

Since these fabrics are delicate, the wash should be gentle. To save your favorite blouse or woolen skirt from green spots, you will need glycerin and egg white. Next steps:

  • mix in equal parts protein and glycerin;
  • apply the mixture to the stain and leave for 50-60 minutes;
  • repeat the procedure if the contamination has not disappeared completely;
  • wash in warm water with the addition of detergent;
  • rinse the product.

How to remove grass stains on white clothes

The most difficult thing to remove stains from white clothing. If on a dark fabric, dirt that has not been completely removed is almost invisible, then in the case of white things, even a small pale speck will cut the eyes. Such clothes are washed as quickly as possible, without postponing "for later". A mixture of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide will help to whiten white trousers or a skirt:

  • first, a few drops of ammonia are dissolved in a glass of water;
  • then add a few drops of peroxide;
  • the stained area is soaked in the resulting solution for 5 minutes;
  • taken out and washed with soap;
  • soak in the solution again if the trail of grass has not disappeared.

A bleach solution will also help bleach green spots. Take 1 teaspoon of lime and dissolve in a glass of water. The product is soaked for 5 minutes, then washed as usual. You can also use modern stain removers for white clothes, as well as "grandma's" chlorine bleach.

Also in the old days, white clothes were boiled for several minutes in soapy water, but this method is very bad for the fabric, it is permissible to use it only for cotton.

Grass stains on white clothes
Grass stains on white clothes

It is very difficult to remove "green" spots from white fabric

How to remove stains from heavy fabrics, including denim

It is rather difficult to remove stains from such clothes, since the grass juice penetrates deeper. But on the other hand, such a fabric is less fastidious and more “coarse” and radical methods are applicable to it.

Our grandmothers also knew that traces of grass, especially fresh ones, perfectly remove boiling water. It is not at all necessary to boil the whole thing, it is enough to process only the soiled area.

  • stretch the stained fabric over the bowl;
  • pour boiling water from the kettle onto the traces for several minutes, taking breaks;
  • the stain should "sour" in water for a minute;
  • then the product is pulled again and poured with boiling water.

If even after such "execution" the greens will not go away, then it is necessary to wash it down with laundry soap.

How to wash jeans
How to wash jeans

Stains on denim can be removed with soap and a brush

Soda and water gruel will also help.

How to clean grass stains from natural and artificial suede

Traces of grass on light suede boots can bring tears to more than one owner of such shoes. Suede is a very delicate material. After improper processing, a green stain can firmly stick into the skin and then it will not be removed even in dry cleaning. You can clean the suede from such difficult stains with a special suede shampoo or apply ammonia.

How to remove a suede stain using ammonia:

  • ammonia is mixed with water in a ratio of 1:10;
  • a suede product is cleaned of dust with a suede brush;
  • a cotton swab is dipped into the mixture and the stain is treated until it disappears completely;
  • wipe the treated area with a clean cloth;
  • to restore the lint, the product can be held over hot steam for several minutes.

Traces on faux suede products are removed in the same way. It can also be additionally treated with a sponge soaked in soapy water.

How to remove grass stains from different clothes

Stains from pants, shorts, T-shirts, jackets are removed using any of the above means. But there are nuances regarding some types of fabric:

  • The knitwear is not rubbed with a brush, as the result will be an elongated spot on the T-shirt.
  • Peroxide is very carefully applied to colored fabrics and always tasted first on an inconspicuous area.
  • For colored fabrics, it is better to use salt or ammonia.
  • Stains on acetate silk cannot be removed with vinegar! It can eat away fibers!
  • Fabrics that cannot be washed are treated with alcohol or dry-cleaned.

    How to remove stain from colored fabric
    How to remove stain from colored fabric

    Best for treating stains horizontally

To make grass stains less likely to horrify you, follow our tips:

  • Do not wear new light-colored clothing when going to a picnic.
  • Buy your child colored clothes, the colors of which will "hide" the traces that have not been washed off.
  • Remove stains fresh.

We hope that our tips and tricks will help save more than one thing!

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