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How To Remove Blueberries From Clothes And Other Surfaces, Removing Stains From White, Jeans, Various Types Of Fabrics
How To Remove Blueberries From Clothes And Other Surfaces, Removing Stains From White, Jeans, Various Types Of Fabrics

Blueberry stains: how to remove berry "blots"

picking blueberries
picking blueberries

With the onset of the berry season, it is difficult not to be tempted by the gifts of the forest, including blueberries. Its medicinal properties and benefits have long been known. In folk medicine, the berry is used for diarrhea, abscesses, to improve vision. Blueberries are healthy and tasty, but their juice leaves stubborn stains that are difficult to remove even with chemical stain removers.

What makes blueberry stains difficult

Berry juice contains a large amount of persistent pigments - anthocyanins, which give blueberries a rich "ink" color. The pigment is so strong that it is used to dye fabrics. This explains the difficulty of its removal.

Anthocyanins in blueberries
Anthocyanins in blueberries

Anthocyanins in blueberries give them an inky color

Anthocyanins are found not only in blueberries, the record holder for their content is blackberries, they are found in strawberries, dark grapes and even potatoes.

The methods for removing stains from different foods containing anthocyanins are similar. The good news is they dissolve in water and acids. Bad - it is difficult to dissolve in alcohol.

How to get rid of stains and wash things faster

Any stain is easier to remove as long as it is fresh. This is especially important in the case of blueberries, as fresh dirt can be easily removed with water.


Boil the kettle, we'll need boiling water.

Place the stained item on a suitable dish, stain side up. This is necessary in order not to stain the fabric in another place during processing.

Boil the area until the color disappears. Make sure that there is no halo around the edges, it will be more difficult to remove it later.

This method is suitable for fabrics that are not afraid of heat (cotton, linen) and with persistent dyeing. Do not use on synthetics, wool, shedding fabrics.

How to remove a stain with boiling water - video

If the moment is missed and the stain has time to dry, it remains to choose a product that can remove it. Usually, oxygen bleach or stain remover can do this easily.

Bleach or stain remover

The choice of product depends on the type of fabric; all the necessary information is in the instructions for use


A variety of stain removers will help you find a remedy for any fabric

Soak the garment with the stain remover, or apply it over the stain, then wash as usual. These same products will help remove juice marks from dishes.

How to get rid of blueberry stains with bleach - video

Bleach is not always on hand at the right time. In this case, folk remedies will help out. As already mentioned, berry juices are amenable to acidic foods.

Spoiled milk

A gentle method, you can apply while the stain is still fresh.


Fermented milk products are used as a mild stain remover

Pour sour milk, kefir, whey, buttermilk - whatever is on hand into a bowl. Soak clothes and leave for a few hours, then rinse with running water and wash.


Milk has a mild whitening effect, it is not without reason that they are washed to preserve the whiteness of the skin. The method is suitable for more delicate fabrics.


Milk has whitening properties to help treat blueberry stains

Heat the milk slightly. Stretch the fabric over the bowl, stain side up. Water it in a thin stream until it disappears.

Lemon or vinegar

For fresh but dry stains.

Dampen a cotton pad with one of the acids and work from the edges to the center. The effect will be more noticeable if the product is poured onto the contaminated area and left for 10-15 minutes.

An even better result can be achieved by mixing equal parts lemon juice and vinegar. Using a sponge, work with the mixture until it disappears.

Pre-wet the surrounding cloth with cool water and sprinkle with salt or starch. This will help the trail not spread.

Powder and vinegar

In this way, you can safely wash jeans and other dense fabrics.

Soak the item in water with the addition of powder and vinegar in equal proportions, soak for 1 hour, wash the area with marks and rinse.


The tool is sold in hardware stores in powder form, the borax drug is called boric acid. Suitable for colored fabrics, it is better to refrain from using on delicate ones.

Boric acid
Boric acid

Borax is sold in the pharmacy as boric acid

Dissolve 1 teaspoon of powder in 100 ml of heated water and treat the blueberry trail with the composition. Finish the treatment with a normal wash.


Acetylsalicylic acid or aspirin can be used to remove blueberry stains as it is also acid. Crush 4 tablets and dissolve them in 50 ml of water, work from the edges to the center. To enhance the effect, you can sprinkle powder on a damp cloth and leave until the dirt disappears.

Removing stains with aspirin
Removing stains with aspirin

Like other acids, aspirin removes berry stains

To remove old stains, it is advised to use a mixture of egg yolk with glycerin.

Yolk and glycerin

Suitable for any fabric, as it does not contain aggressive chemicals.

Mix 50 ml glycerin and 1 yolk, apply and wait for the product to work. Then wash as usual.

How to wash dishes from blueberries

The same acid will help in this matter. Soak the dishes in water with vinegar, lemon juice or citric acid, aspirin. The tracks will disappear.

An unusual bleach method has already been mentioned. Do not forget to thoroughly wash the dishes from the residues of the product after such processing.

Blueberry stains on hands

Anyone who has encountered this problem knows how difficult it is to remove such "jewelry" from the skin and from under the nails. If you are in trouble at the dacha, rub your hands with sorrel, woodlice, sour, potato or tomato tops, the skin will clear. Be sure to wash your hands with soap after this, potato tops and tomatoes are poisonous.

Many housewives find a way out of the situation in hand washing clothes. When there is no choice, this method will do.

But it is better to use lemon again, it will get rid of stains effectively and comfortably. Shining marigolds will serve as a bonus.

Take a bowl and prepare a warm hand bath in it by squeezing lemon juice into the water. Dip the lemon slices into the bath as well, they will help to rid the nails of the blue. Dip your hands in the tub and remember the lemon slices. Hold until your hands are clear.

Hand bath with lemon
Hand bath with lemon

Lemon bath is the best way to whiten skin and fingernails

If only your fingers are dirty, another method can be used. Slice the lemon crosswise and dip your fingers into the pulp. Let it sit for about ten minutes, usually enough to whiten skin and nails.

Video instruction: how to whiten hands with lemon

No one is immune from berry spots, especially if the family has children. Do not rush to throw away the soiled thing, there is always a way to return it to its original appearance. We just often don't know how to do it right.

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