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How To Choose A Sofa For Your Daily Sleep
How To Choose A Sofa For Your Daily Sleep

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Choosing a comfortable sofa for sleeping: the main criteria

Sleeping sofa
Sleeping sofa

Modern sofas are not only a part of the interior and a place where the whole family gathers in the evenings. In small spaces, such as a small one-room apartment, the sofa is often used as a bed. And since you are going to use this piece of furniture for sleeping, it is very important to make the right choice, because sleep should be healthy, pleasant and comfortable.


  • 1 What should be a sofa for sleeping
  • 2 Classification of sofas

    • 2.1 Corner sofas
    • 2.2 Sofas with a roll-out mechanism
    • 2.3 Sofa accordion
    • 2.4 Book sofas
    • 2.5 Pantograph
    • 2.6 Click-clack, or tango
    • 2.7 Dolphin (retractable model)
    • 2.8 Folding beds
    • 2.9 Mechanism Elf
  • 3 Transformation mechanism, frame and fittings
  • 4 What the sofa consists of

    • 4.1 Foam sofas
    • 4.2 Sofas with a spring frame
    • 4.3 Combined sofas
  • 5 Sofa for children's room
  • 6 Video: how to choose a comfortable sofa for sleeping

What should be a sofa for sleeping

A good sofa should combine these characteristics.

  1. Comfort and convenience. A sound and healthy sleep can be provided by the degree of rigidity, which directly depends on the filler. If you want to save money by buying a cheap sofa, then you risk getting insomnia and constant back pain.
  2. Long service life and reliability. It depends on the build quality. On average, a good sofa should last at least 6 years before you decide to replace it. High quality sofas can be used for decades.
  3. Ease of use. A good sofa should fit compactly into the interior while fulfilling its functions. This means that it is very important that it unfolds well. When buying, pay special attention to mechanisms. If they are difficult to give in, it is better to choose something else. The presence of boxes for linen is also important.
  4. Additional options. They are optional but can make the sofa especially comfortable for you. These can be removable armrests, side shelves or dressing tables and more. Modern furniture manufacturers create a lot of interesting technical solutions for sofas.
Folding sofa
Folding sofa

A sofa for daily sleep should be comfortable, of high quality and compact.

Classification of sofas

There are many options for modern sofas, and choosing can be difficult. Therefore, you need to know all the features of the models presented on the market. We present you with detailed descriptions of the different types of sofas, their pros and cons. This will make it easier for you to find what you need.

Corner sofas

Their main purpose is to maximize the use of the usable area of ​​the room. This sofa is the best option for the interior of a small room. Most often, it has a spacious compartment for pillows, bedding, blankets, and other things. Moreover, it is equipped in such a way that you do not need to take out the bedding every time you need to unfold the sofa, unlike the design of the sofa bed.

Corner sofa
Corner sofa

Corner sofa in the interior of the room

Roll-out sofas

They can be high or low, it depends on how high the berth will be. Some models have an additional function - the reclining position, or "Relax". You can also find small roll-out sofas, they are also called "Roll-out carriage".

Such a sofa is very reliable and easy to use, compact and fits perfectly into the interior

The disadvantages include several criteria. For example, for sleeping you use the same block as for sitting; over time, this will lead to abrasions and depressions on the surface. The seams are strong and rigid on the soft elements of the sofa (but this can be corrected by placing a thin mattress). The berth is low, which means that the box for linen is low: this can be uncomfortable for some. Frequent movement of the driving gear can damage the flooring.

If you decide to opt for this type, a high-drawer sofa with removable armrests and rubber castors is an excellent option.

Roll-out sofa
Roll-out sofa

Roll-out sofa

Sofa accordion

Such a sofa will take up little space in the room. It is easy to use and reliable, very much like a regular bed. The berth is high, with an elastic and dense mattress-seat, which will certainly be appreciated by buyers who pay attention to the comfort of the furniture. The main seams, which account for the tension of the upholstery fabric, are located in the leg area, which means they will not fray during operation.

The disadvantages include the fact that such a sofa moves forward and requires a lot of space for transformation. For sleeping, the same blocks are used with the same material as for the sitting, and over time some seams, initially invisible, may be felt.

When choosing a sofa accordion for sleeping, pay attention that there are no decorative elements on the back cushions - embossed stripes, buttons, etc.

Sofa accordion
Sofa accordion

Sofa accordion

Book sofas

There are two types:

  • classic sofa-book;
  • eurobook.

The first option is compact and affordable. Such sofas have long been popular in the modern furniture market. The disadvantages include the fact that it is not always easy to expand such a sofa, and additional space behind the sofa is required.



Eurobook is an improved and more functional version of the sofa-book. The sleeping place is even and without seams; this way you get a full double bed with a center division. Eurobooks are stable and have a reliable mechanism due to their simplicity. They are wide enough so you don't have to open them if you sleep alone. The back of the sofa is made in the same way as the facade, so such a piece of furniture can be placed in the middle of the room, and not just against the wall.

Not all Eurobooks come with castors, so it can be difficult to fold out the sofa. Requires a lot of space; if you put it close to the wall, you will have to move it away. Over time, it gets punched, it becomes hard, it can start to creak.

Eurobook sofa
Eurobook sofa

Eurobook sofa

It is better to choose such a sofa model with removable armrests or without them at all, with a mechanism on wheels and an orthopedic base. A mattress is desirable.


This type of sofas is also called Teak-Tock or Puma. It is a kind of Eurobook, but it unfolds according to the walking principle.

The sofa is designed for loads up to 240 kg. Since the mechanism allows the sofa to be placed neatly on the floor, the floor surface is not scratched. Easy to use - even a child can decompose it. Some models have a laundry box.

Unfortunately, the price of such sofas is high, and it is not very comfortable to sit on without pillows. But if funds allow, you can purchase a model with automatic pillow cleaning.

Pantograph sofa
Pantograph sofa

Pantograph sofa

Click-clack, or tango

This sofa is similar in its mechanism to a sofa-book. Differs in a flat berth, the presence of an intermediate position "relax", a different position of the armrests. The result is 7 transformation options. A removable cover is often included.

There are also several disadvantages to this model. These sofas look rustic and undignified, and the choice of design is very limited. Often harsh; the same surface is used for sleeping as for sitting.

Click-gag sofa
Click-gag sofa

Click-clack sofa

If you decide to buy such a sofa, pay attention to the models with automatic rollback from the wall.

Dolphin (retractable model)

Such a sofa has a flat surface and a spacious, high berth designed for heavy loads. The sofa looks aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. The sleeping part of the sofa is stowed away and not used for seating.

The disadvantages include:

  • low reliability of some models;
  • roller marks on the floor;
  • in the presence of a carpet, it is inconvenient to lay out;
  • such a sofa is not suitable for frequent unfolding.

The best models of this type are beech, with spring-loaded auto-closer, without self-tapping screws in the mountings.

Pull-out sofa dolphin
Pull-out sofa dolphin

Pull-out sofa dolphin

Folding beds

Distinguish between the types "American clamshell" and "French clamshell (mixtoile)". Both types differ in the principle of unfolding, like in our usual clamshells.

The first option does not require you to remove parts in order to unfold the sofa. The sleeping surface is retracted and not used for sitting.

The French folding bed is compact, with a large berth. The sleeping surface, as in the first version, is hidden inside.

The disadvantages of both models include:

  • lack of a box for linen;
  • not very flat surface;
  • thin mattress;
  • over time it starts to creak.

It is better to choose such a sofa with armor, located across the berth.

Folding sofa
Folding sofa

Folding sofa

Mechanism Elf

This model has a flat and soft berth, equipped with an orthopedic latticework and movable armrests. Unfortunately, this sofa cannot be pushed too close to the wall, otherwise it will have to be moved every time it is unfolded. Also, the same place is used for sleeping as for sitting.

Mini sofa with mechanism Elf
Mini sofa with mechanism Elf

Mini sofa with mechanism Elf

Transformation mechanism, frame and fittings

Most often, it is the transformation mechanism that becomes the main feature by which buyers choose a sofa. It is very important to decide in what capacity you will use this piece of furniture.

Book sofas are great for sleeping and relaxing, they quickly unfold and fold. The most reliable models are corner sofas: their mechanisms are used to a minimum, which means that the frame of the sofa will remain intact for longer

Convertible sofas equipped with a roll-out mechanism are now becoming more and more popular among buyers. These models fit well into small spaces, besides, they are considered the most affordable in terms of price.

Folding sofa
Folding sofa

Choose a sofa with the most convenient folding mechanism

The quality of the sofa is directly influenced by the accessories: supports, buttons, nails, plugs, springs, etc. If these nuances are important to you, make sure that the fittings are made of metal (by no means plastic!) And are not in places for sitting and sleeping.

It is very important that the sofa you sleep on does not creak. You need to pay attention to this even before buying

Models with a plywood frame in which plywood and wood and plywood in contact with plywood are in contact with squeak; sofas assembled on screws, not bolts; sofas with a spring block (except for block models with independent springs, where each is in its own cell).

If you are choosing a sofa that should not squeak, models with a metal frame, a springless seating unit and metal bolts are suitable for you.

An excellent option for the material of the wooden frame is oak, beech, walnut and mahogany. Such a frame will be very durable and non-creaky. But be sure to pay attention to whether the wooden elements are in contact with each other in those places where the sofa is folded.

What the sofa consists of

Interior filling is very important if you plan to use the sofa for sleeping. Typically, these pieces of furniture are produced with foam filling or a spring frame. Let's consider them in more detail to choose a more convenient option.

Foam sofas

They are the most popular with most buyers, and there are reasons for this:

  • affordable price;
  • hypoallergenic properties of foam rubber;
  • ease of use of the material;
  • a wide range of products.

But foam also has its drawbacks. It is not very practical and is unlikely to serve you for a long time, as it quickly wears out and sags, which makes the seat deformed and loses its convenience. Sleeping on such a surface is harmful to the spine.

Spring frame sofas

Earlier, spring frames were the only option for filling a sofa, and had no competition. They are still very popular for their strength and reliability. Such a frame can serve you up to 25 years.

The main and undeniable advantage of such a sofa is that it has excellent orthopedic properties, so it is great for sleeping. The surface of the sofa is quite hard, but you get used to it quickly, and besides, this quality is very important for back health.

Spring sofa frame
Spring sofa frame

An example of a sofa spring frame

Previously, the disadvantages of these frames included discomfort during operation and noise. But modern manufacturers take care of this by equipping the mechanism with special devices that make it easier to use.

Combined sofas

Nowadays, sofas with a combined type of mattress, combining foam rubber and a spring block, are increasingly spreading. They are practical and comfortable to sleep, reliable, will serve you for a long time and have an excellent ratio of quality and affordable price.

Children's room sofa

When buying a sofa for a child in his room, we are guided by the fact that this item should be bright and attractive enough. But other criteria are also very important.

  1. The upholstery of the sofa should be non-marking and resistant to dirt. Teflon coated, sprayed or impregnated fabrics are ideal. Chenille and jacquard have proven themselves well. You can go for a little trick and buy (or sew on your own) several replacement covers.
  2. The sofa should be resilient so that the child is comfortable playing and sleeping on it. The best filler options: latex, spring frame with spacers, holofiber fiber with a high level of elasticity. A sofa on foam rubber for a child is categorically not suitable - it will quickly wear out.
  3. The frame must be strong and reliable. The best material is beech, ash, walnut, and the elements must be bolted together. The metal frame is considered the most durable.
  4. Pay attention to the folding mechanism. For a child, especially for his back, a sofa-book and a eurobook are not suitable, because of the groove seam between the two parts of the seat. The most comfortable mechanisms: folding bed, roll-out, sofa-accordion.
Children's sofa
Children's sofa

When choosing a sofa on which a child will sleep, be especially attentive to the characteristics

For a child's room, choose a sofa with a mattress at least 12 cm thick. It is better if the frame is with independent spring blocks, and the mattresses are sewn together. Any cracks and irregularities threaten the curvature of the child's spine and back pain.

Video: how to choose a comfortable sofa for sleeping

We hope our advice will help you navigate the huge range of sofas and make the most suitable choice for your conditions. If you have any questions about this topic, please ask them in the comments. You can also share with us your experience in choosing sofas. Good luck and comfort to your home!

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