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People Who Do Not Sleep At All - The Phenomena Of Human Sleep
People Who Do Not Sleep At All - The Phenomena Of Human Sleep

Video: People Who Do Not Sleep At All - The Phenomena Of Human Sleep

Video: People Who Do Not Sleep At All - The Phenomena Of Human Sleep
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People who never slept - phenomenal stories of insomnia

Man does not sleep
Man does not sleep

Surely most readers know that the average person can last no longer without sleep than without food. If you've been awake for one, two or even three nights in a row, then you will agree that insomnia for many years is something beyond human capabilities. But in fact, there are some people who have not closed their eyes for decades, while feeling quite good. And no, now we are not talking about fictional characters like the main characters of "Fight Club" or "The Machinist", but about real people.

Al Herpin

One of the earliest references to a person who is completely capable of going without sleep refers to Al Herpin. This man was born in 1862 in Paris and then moved to New Jersey, USA. According to him, he never slept throughout his life. And after numerous experiments and experiments that scientists put on it, he proved that he can really go without sleep without problems.

Ala was repeatedly researched by scientists who again and again came to the conclusion that the physical condition of their ward, despite the complete lack of sleep, is absolutely normal. The researchers suggested various reasons that could provoke this phenomenon, but they failed to come to a consensus and agreement on this score. Al Herpin himself shared his mother's point of view, which assumed that the unusual quality was due to the fact that right before giving birth, she accidentally hurt herself. But much more interesting was precisely how Herpin is able to maintain normal life without sleep.

How did Al feel? What kind of life did he lead? This man preferred modest farming. From morning to evening he worked, providing himself with food. Of course, after exhausting physical labor, Herpin was tired. Instead of sleeping, however, he would simply sit in a chair and read until he felt rested enough to continue working. Herpin outlived many of his explorers and passed away at 94.

David Jones

David Jones is another American farmer who can go without sleep for a long time. But, unlike Herpin, Jones did sleep sometimes. True, I did this about once every three to four months.

News of David Jones hit an American newspaper in 1895. It mentions that two years ago Jones had an episode of insomnia lasting 93 days, and a year after that, 131 days without sleep. The newspaper states that Herpin again begins an episode of constant wakefulness, which has been going on for three weeks. The farmer was under medical supervision. The doctors noted that David ate, talked, worked, and interacted as usual. Judging by his testimony, he did not experience any particular tiredness from lack of sleep. Moreover, the farmer was clearly not upset by the prospect of never sleeping again - on the contrary, he was happy about the prospect of working quietly and having a lot of free time.

It is not known whether David Jones slept after this next attack - scientists quickly gave up and stopped observing the farmer, and he himself clearly did not want unnecessary popularity, and therefore did not shine anywhere else.

American farm
American farm

The second man-phenomenon turns out to be an American farmer

Rachel Sagi

Rachel Sagi is a housewife from Hungary. One morning in 1911, she woke up with a terrible headache that had followed her for a long time. Rachel could not understand the cause of such a migraine in any way and went to the doctor. The doctor suggested that the pain could be caused by sleep abuse. The doctor's prescription was simple - less sleep, 5-7 hours a day. As it turned out, the doctor was only partly right - the headaches were indeed related to sleep. As soon as the housewife stopped sleeping altogether, the migraine passed and never returned. Rachel managed to spend 25 years without sleep - from that visit to the doctor, she never closed her eyes until her death.

There is not much information about Rachel - there were no thorough studies of her health, or they were not published. The housewife herself told the newspapers (which sometimes raised her as a sensational topic) that she felt quite normal, and was no more tired than when sleep was part of her daily routine.

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Valentin Medina

A very remarkable story of 61-year-old Valentin Medina. This man, lacking sufficient funds, was unable to buy a train ticket to Madrid in 1960. So, being a stubborn man, he just walked to his destination from South Castile. The road 140 miles long was mastered by Valentin in four days. Sometimes Medina stopped at the side of the road to rest tired legs. What made the poor man so desperate to head to Madrid? The fact is that Valentine suffered from many years of insomnia. According to the man himself, he never slept in his life. The local doctors in South Castile could not help him, so he went to the doctors of the larger cities. They accepted Valentine and, questioning the veracity of his story, contacted doctors from his hometown. They, to the surprise of scientists,confirmed the uniqueness of Valentine's condition.

The Madrid doctors examined and examined Valentine, but found no pathologies. The man was completely healthy - as much as possible for a 61-year-old poor man. Doctors collected money for a return ticket for Valentine and sent him home with a package of powerful sedatives. Medina regularly took the medicine until he realized that it was acting in an undesirable way - drowsiness did not come, but his legs became cottony. This interfered with the man in his work.

Subsequently, journalists contacted him. Medina said that he can neither write nor read - and it upsets him very much. According to Valentine, literacy could help pass his sleepless nights - he could take up reading books.

Eustace Burnett

Eustace Burnett is another farmer on our list, but this time an Englishman. This man simply stopped sleeping at the age of 27 (around 1900). Prior to this, it is noteworthy that he did not observe any deviations in sleep mode. Eustace was visited by doctors from all over the planet who wanted to see this phenomenon live. Many tried to get him to sleep using drugs or hypnosis. From the latter, Burnett only had a headache, and the sleeping pills only deprived the body of mobility and speed of reaction - but sleep did not go.

Eustace himself is not very upset with the state of affairs. Every night, while his household sleeps, he lies in bed for about six hours to give his body a rest. Eustace lived for over 80 years without complaining of tiredness or sleepiness.

So far, there is no scientific explanation for this phenomenon. This is not surprising, because there are not so many people suffering from chronic sleep deprivation. But, perhaps, when the reasons for such an unusual phenomenon are found, we will gain more control over our sleep patterns.

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