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What Do The Hand Gestures Of Drivers On The Road Mean?
What Do The Hand Gestures Of Drivers On The Road Mean?

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The secret language of drivers: what do gestures on the road mean?

drivers gestures on the road
drivers gestures on the road

A variety of situations arise on the road, which the driver must inform other road users about. Since this cannot be done in the usual ways, there is a special sign language. Experienced drivers often use it, and beginners do not always understand what they are shown. So what kind of gestures are there and what can they mean?

What do the gestures of drivers on the road mean?

To warn other road users about danger, drivers use not only gestures, but also light and sound signals. If everything is clear with the latter, then not everyone knows sign language, so we will dwell on it in more detail.

The most popular and common driver gestures:

  1. Raised palm - gratitude, apology, or greeting.
  2. Hand wave - the driver wants to let the pedestrian pass and invites him to go through.
  3. The hand points to the side of the road - they warn that the car is behaving strangely and you need to stop to check its technical condition.
  4. Hand claps in the air or raised thumb - the trunk is open or not closed in the car.
  5. In this case, the lowered thumb points to an unclosed gas tank.
  6. Slaps on the door or gestures in its direction warn that the door is not tightly closed or the seat belt is peeping out of the car.

    Driver gestures
    Driver gestures

    There are gestures among drivers that not everyone is familiar with.

  7. Circular rotations of the brush indicate a flat tire.
  8. The hand is raised up - you are asked to slow down. The same movement can be used by moto and car enthusiasts when the brake warning lights do not work.
  9. A hand gesture reminiscent of a movement from a children's dance of little ducklings - the driver did not turn off the turn signal. The same means pointing the finger at the eye.
  10. Two fingers pointing in the eye - a warning about the need to turn on the light if you are outside the city. The same meaning can have a gesture when the driver imitates turning on and off the light bulb with his hand. Two fingers directed at the eyes are also shown in the case when the driver moves under a prohibitory sign, then he means: "Are you blind?"
  11. Kukish. If you show such a gesture to the driver of a car, then it is perceived negatively. For drivers of heavy goods vehicles, the displayed fist or figurine means that a stone is stuck between the rear twin wheels.

    Cookie gesture
    Cookie gesture

    Kukish means that a stone is stuck between the twin wheels

  12. Drivers from the oncoming lane can warn that there is an accident or a big traffic jam ahead with their arms crossed for a moment.
  13. If the driver of another car hits his shoulder with his fingers, he warns you about the traffic police post.

Video: gestures of drivers on the road

Sign language should be well known not only by professional drivers, but also by novice car enthusiasts. Learning to alert another road user of a hazard, as well as understanding what other drivers are reporting, can increase road safety. Sign language not only allows you to express your emotions, but also helps to create a single and correctly interacting flow of cars.

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