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7 Rules To Follow When Visiting A Bath
7 Rules To Follow When Visiting A Bath

7 rules for visiting the bath, which many do not know and constantly violate


For thousands of years people have been practicing the art of bathing. The bath was used by the Sumerians and Egyptians, Scythians and Vikings, Persians and Slavs. Over time, a number of rules have developed, adhering to which, soaring will be beneficial.

Do not come on an empty stomach

Bathing procedure is a significant load on the body.

Light carbohydrate food should be taken an hour and a half before the bath.

Stay home if there is a temperature

Heating from the outside will add worries to an organism weakened by the disease.

The decision to go to the steam room, even with a low temperature, can negatively affect health: from dizziness and fainting to loss of consciousness.

Don't take kebabs or alcohol with you

A full stomach is incompatible with a bath. Exposure to high temperatures causes blood to drain from internal organs, including the stomach, to the surface of the skin. Heavy food will begin to ferment in the stomach, causing discomfort.

Heat load leads to a reflex increase in heart rate and an increase in pressure. Drinking alcohol will increase the load on the heart and circulatory system, which can lead to hypertensive crisis, heart attack, etc.

Besides, alcohol dulls attention. In the bath, this is fraught with injury - you can slip or get burned.

Watch out for temperature drops


A sharp temperature contrast is stress for the body, so it must be prepared for the procedure. After being outdoors in a cold period, rinse with a warm shower before visiting the steam room.

Cooling procedures after leaving the steam room should be short-lived. Don't jump into the pool. Just slowly submerge your body up to your neck in water and get out. Prolonged stay in the pool can lead to colds.

Do not wash before the bath

Washing with a gel or soap removes oil from the surface, which prevents the skin from burning in the steam room. And the protective soap film, in turn, does not allow the sweat glands to work actively.

Before visiting the bath, you should only rinse in the shower, and it is better to wash with soap after the end of the steam procedure.

Better to lie than sit

In this position, the bath heat evenly affects the body. In the supine position, muscles relax better, and the load on the heart decreases.

Don't be a hero

The intensity of blood flow at the time of stay in the steam room increases, the pulse rate can reach 160-180 beats per minute.

Feeling weakness, dizziness, nausea, you should immediately leave the room. Prolonged exposure to the steam room can lead to loss of consciousness.

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