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How To Use Alice From Yandex: How To Install A Voice Assistant On A Computer And Phone, What Functions Does It Have
How To Use Alice From Yandex: How To Install A Voice Assistant On A Computer And Phone, What Functions Does It Have

Video: How To Use Alice From Yandex: How To Install A Voice Assistant On A Computer And Phone, What Functions Does It Have

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Video: ASMR Alice 💜😲 Yandex's Virtual Assistant 2023, February

"Yandex.Alisa": how to make your life easier with a voice assistant

yandex alice
yandex alice

The virtual assistant "Alice" from "Yandex" compares favorably with similar assistants from Google, Microsoft and Apple. She knows how not only to answer questions and look for information on the Internet, but also to play, tell stories and even sing.


  • 1 "Alice" from "Yandex" - the main functions and capabilities

    1.1 Table: unique features of voice assistants

  • 2 How to use "Alice": install it on your phone and computer

    • 2.1 Installation on PC
    • 2.2 How to install on a mobile device
  • 3 Video: "Alice" tears everyone

"Alice" from "Yandex" - the main functions and capabilities

Voice assistant "Alice" is an innovative product of the "Yandex" company. The virtual assistant has many functions and capabilities, the main of which are:

  • imitation of a live dialogue,
  • oral and written recognition of natural speech,
  • voice and text answers to questions.
Yandex Navigator
Yandex Navigator

Navigator with "Alice" will plot routes taking into account traffic jams, accidents and repairs

The voice assistant options available to users are constantly evolving and improving. So, for example, only during 2018 were presented:

  • "Alice" in "Yandex.Navigator" - will plot a route on the map and tell you how to quickly get to your destination,
  • smart speakers "Yandex.Station" - users of the speakers have access to a wide functionality of the voice assistant, so, you can give the command to turn on / off the song, find out its name, listen to news or just chat with "Alice",
  • "Alice" in "State Services",
  • the launch of Yandex.Dialog is a platform for developers that allows you to add scripts for communicating with users to Yandex services.

By the way, the last function makes it possible to teach Alice new skills that are already available in catalogs today. In the near future the company plans to introduce a voice assistant into various home appliances.

Yandex Station
Yandex Station

Yandex.Station is a multimedia platform with voice control via the built-in voice assistant Alice

Nevertheless, the main function of Yandex's virtual assistant remains the solution of such everyday tasks as:

  • search for information on the Internet,
  • finding places,
  • laying routes,
  • weather forecast,
  • opening applications.

This is done by "Alice" through such services of "Yandex" as:

  • "Search",
  • "Cards",
  • "Music".

This means that the assistant is competent only if the Internet is available, and it is desirable that it is sufficiently stable.

"Alice" is able (to the best of her ability) to entertain her interlocutor, she keeps up a conversation on abstract topics, answering questions, and even knows how to fend off jokes.

Alice dialogue
Alice dialogue

"Alice" is not limited to standard questions and answers

The basic part of the "personality" of "Alice" is the result of the work of the editors of "Yandex", but the assistant is not limited to the framework of the set. The virtual assistant is constantly learning using a huge array of Russian-language texts, including network dialogues. This circumstance is reflected in the characteristic features of the program's behavior: "Alice" is sometimes sarcastic, does not want to answer questions, or simply leaves the dialogue. But Yandex specialists are constantly monitoring and adjusting the application.

Alice training
Alice training

Voice assistant "Alice" is able to joke, almost like a person

From similar services (Google Assistant, Cortana and Siri) "Alice" is distinguished first of all by emotionality and even some humanity, and, of course, full support of the Russian language.

Table: unique features of voice assistants

Service Features (not considering the main ones)
  • work with programs on the device,
  • voice ordering of services,
  • currency conversion and calculator,
  • image recognition,
  • free communication on various topics,
  • participation in speaking games.
Google Assistant
  • the ability to record and control notes,
  • self-checking for updates of interest,
  • memorization and secure storage of passwords and other information.
  • creating a reminder when a specific call arrives,
  • geotagging reminders.
  • setting up demonstration of notifications from different platforms,
  • filtering the output of files by date.

At the time of this writing, according to Yandex, Alisa's monthly audience was at least 30 million people.

How to use "Alice": install it on your phone and computer

At the time of this writing, the assistant was available in Yandex and Yandex.Browser applications for Android and iOS, and in Yandex.Browser for Windows. In addition, Windows users have the option to install the beta version of "Alice" with a separate program. Using the application is very simple: you can make voice requests, guided by phrases from the proposed options, or communicate with an assistant in a free mode. All questions and answers will be duplicated in text format.

Installation of the assistant both on a mobile device and on a stationary PC or laptop can be done from the home page of the service.

Home page
Home page

Installation of "Alice" on your phone and computer is carried out in just a couple of clicks

Depending on the type of device, you will be redirected to the appropriate page.

Installation on PC

Installing Alice on a computer with Yandex Browser:

  1. After you click "Details", a window will open where you will be asked to install "Yandex Browser" with "Alice". Select "Install".

    Browser installation
    Browser installation

    You can take part in improving the functions of Yandex services by ticking the corresponding box

  2. Click "Save". After downloading the installation file, run it and follow the further instructions.

    Browser download
    Browser download

    The installation file does not weigh much, unlike the browser itself

  3. Click the button in the lower left corner to start.

    Yandex browser
    Yandex browser

    "Yandex Browser" on the Chromium engine will show itself if your computer is powerful enough

This option has a number of disadvantages, the main one being a heavy, clumsy browser.

Installation of "Alice" as a separate application (it is installed very quickly, easy and does not significantly load the hardware part of the device):

  1. Go to the Yandex start page. Click "More" (above the search bar) and "All services".

    start page
    start page

    Yandex is the leading Russian search engine and Internet portal

  2. After going to the applications window, select “Applications” (at the top of the page) and press.

    Applications page
    Applications page

    Free applications from Yandex for different platforms

  3. On the next tab, select "Computer Programs", then "Voice Assistant" and "Download".

    Downloading Alice
    Downloading Alice

    The Alice application for Windows is available only in beta version and only in Russian

  4. After downloading the installation file, run it. Alice is ready to go.

    Launching Alice
    Launching Alice

    Alice is configured by clicking on the gear icon

How to install on a mobile device

Installing "Alice" on your Android phone:

  1. On the main page of "Alice" go to "Your Smartphone". A window will appear where you will be offered several options: the Yandex application, installation with the browser of the same name and Yandex.Loncher for Android. The latter will be more convenient in the case of a mobile device.

    Choosing a mobile application
    Choosing a mobile application

    Mobile "Yandex Browser" can significantly "dull" on weak devices

  2. After going to the Play Market, click "Install". The program will automatically install.

    Yandex launcher
    Yandex launcher

    On the installation page, you can read user reviews

To run Alice on iOS, you need to install Yandex Browser from the App Store.

Video: "Alice" tears everyone

The voice assistant is not limited to a set of predefined answers. During the dialogue "Alice" can improvise: neural networks help the virtual assistant in this. And she has even starred in a movie.

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