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Plastic Balcony Doors: Features Of Their Design, Installation And Operation
Plastic Balcony Doors: Features Of Their Design, Installation And Operation

Video: Plastic Balcony Doors: Features Of Their Design, Installation And Operation

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Plastic balcony doors: types, installation, features of operation

Balcony door
Balcony door

To design an exit to a balcony or loggia, plastic doors are most often used. A feature of such structures is that they simultaneously perform two functions: they serve to exit to the balcony and let light into the room. Since the balcony door must let in sunlight, its appearance and design are the same as for metal-plastic windows. A balcony block is often installed, which includes a window and a door, but you can also mount these elements separately.


  • 1 Types of balcony plastic doors

    • 1.1 Advantages of plastic balcony doors
    • 1.2 What to consider when choosing
  • 2 Installation of a plastic balcony door

    • 2.1 Fitting the door frame
    • 2.2 Installation of the door leaf and sealing of the doorway

      2.2.1 Video: installation of a plastic balcony door

  • 3 Features of operation and maintenance

    • 3.1 Insulating glass unit care
    • 3.2 Care of fittings and seals

      3.2.1 Video: Care of fittings

  • 4 Adjustments and repairs

    4.1 Video: adjusting and repairing a plastic door

  • 5 Accessories for plastic balcony doors

    • 5.1 Handle for plastic balcony door

      5.1.1 Installation considerations

    • 5.2 Retainer
    • 5.3 Mosquito net
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Types of balcony plastic doors

There is a large selection of balcony plastic doors, they differ from each other in appearance, opening mechanism, type of filling.

By the method of connection with the window, the following types are distinguished:

  • combined doors, in this case they form a single unit with a window, the window can be on the right, left or on both sides, this is the most common and popular solution;

    Combined balcony door
    Combined balcony door

    Combined doors can be to the left, right of a window, or between two windows

  • freestanding - the door is mounted separately, and the window is located in a different place, this option is usually used to decorate the exit to the balcony from the kitchen.

    Freestanding balcony door
    Freestanding balcony door

    Freestanding doors are great for small spaces like kitchens as they take up little space

By opening method:

  • swing doors are a standard solution, while doors can be opened both inside the room and outside;

    Hinged balcony door
    Hinged balcony door

    To open the swing door, additional space is required in front of it

  • sliding - this option allows you to save space, since it works like a door in a wardrobe, no free space is required to open a sliding door;

    Sliding balcony doors
    Sliding balcony doors

    Sliding doors save room space

  • tilt and turn structures are made as a window, so you can open them completely or only the upper part to ventilate the room.

    Tilt-and-turn balcony door
    Tilt-and-turn balcony door

    With the help of the swing-out doors it is convenient to ventilate the room

When choosing the type of balcony plastic door, the features of the room are taken into account: its area, the presence of neighboring rooms and the owner's requirements for this design.

By the type of filling of the canvas, there may be the following options:

  • one-piece double-glazed window, such a door lets in the maximum amount of sunlight into the room, so the room is comfortable and cozy, besides, the free space visually expands;

    One-piece glass unit in balcony doors
    One-piece glass unit in balcony doors

    One-piece glass unit allows you to visually expand the room

  • the combined design assumes the presence of a double-glazed window and a sandwich panel, while their proportions may be different.

    Combined glass unit in the doors
    Combined glass unit in the doors

    The combined structure can be realized with different proportions of glass and sandwich panel

Relatively recently, another type of modern plastic doors has appeared - balcony-spool doors. They consist of two leaves, one of which is used as a door, and the other is usually fixed motionless. There may be an option when both halves are opened - this allows you to take furniture and other large items to the balcony. Spool doors are used when the opening width is more than 90 cm, they let in the maximum amount of sunlight into the room.

The advantages of plastic balcony doors

Some people think that plastic gives off harmful substances, so they are afraid to install such doors, but they are wrong. Modern technologies make it possible to create safe materials that surpass natural wood in their characteristics.

The main advantages of plastic balcony doors:

  • have a long service life;
  • are made of safe materials;
  • easy to clean: it is enough to periodically wipe them with a damp sponge;
  • not afraid of high humidity and temperature changes;
  • have high characteristics of heat and sound insulation;
  • are not afraid of exposure to sunlight;
  • have a beautiful appearance;
  • are appropriate in any interior design due to a large selection of designs and colors;

    Balcony door in wood color
    Balcony door in wood color

    The color of the balcony door can be any, and also have a shade to match the color of the tree

  • have an affordable cost, they are much cheaper than wooden doors.

What to consider when choosing

When you start buying a plastic balcony door, you need to be prepared to make the right choice. The door leaf should serve for more than a dozen years, the maximum that will need to be done during this time is to change the fittings.

Doors with different glazing
Doors with different glazing

Before buying, you need to decide what kind of glazing you need: full or partial; full glass door will add light to the room

In order to make the right choice, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • make the correct measurement, if you make a mistake at this stage, then unnecessary trouble will appear during installation;
  • if the apartment is located on the first floors, buy doors with reinforced locks and with a reliable profile;
  • check the quality of the fittings, it must be at a high level;
  • if there are children in the house, then take care of their safety - buy doors equipped with a special handle that allows you to block the opening of the canvas;
  • if you order an individual production or buy a ready-made door, do it only from trusted manufacturers;
  • if you decide to purchase a door with a one-piece glass unit, then keep in mind that the weight of such a structure will be large, so the hinges must be reinforced;
  • pay attention to the presence of additional functions such as swing-out mechanism, mosquito net, etc.

Since the cost of a plastic balcony door is rather big, it is necessary to approach its choice responsibly, consider several options and choose the best one

Installation of a plastic balcony door

Before proceeding with the installation of a plastic balcony door, you need to familiarize yourself with the rules for their installation, and then carry out all the steps responsibly and efficiently. First you need to prepare the necessary tools and materials:

  • bubble level;
  • a hammer;
  • screwdriver;
  • puncher;
  • fasteners;
  • wooden wedges;
  • polyurethane foam.
Door installation tools
Door installation tools

The absence of one of the necessary tools will not allow a quality installation

After that, you can proceed to the preparatory work:

  1. Preparing the doorway. If you have correctly measured the doorway and ordered plastic doors according to these dimensions, then they will perfectly fit into it. Preparation consists in cleaning the doorway for the balcony door from crumbling plaster. To prevent the formation of dust, it must be covered with a primer.
  2. Dismantling the door. Most manufacturers supply plastic doors assembled, but to simplify installation, you will need to separate the door leaf from the frame. If you do this, then you can install the door yourself, and if not, you need to invite an assistant.
  3. Installation of fasteners. To fix the door frame in the opening, brackets can be used that are installed on its back side, or anchor bolts that are attached through the door frame. The use of anchors simplifies and speeds up installation, but the appearance of the structure will not be very attractive. To ensure reliable fixation, three anchors or brackets are installed on each side.

    Fixing the door frame
    Fixing the door frame

    To securely fix the door frame, three anchors or brackets are installed on both sides

  4. Creation of stops. Several screws must be screwed into the doorway, which will serve as a stop. After determining where the door will be located - in the middle of the opening or closer to its edge - taking into account the width of the door frame, marks are made, after which two stops are screwed into these places. Do it at the top and bottom. Such a solution will not give the door frame an opportunity to move while fixing it in the doorway.

Door frame installation

After all the preparatory work has been completed, you can proceed to the installation of the door frame. This can be done in two ways, which are almost the same in terms of the complexity of the work, but if we talk about the aesthetic side of the issue, then it is better to carry out the installation using brackets.

Installation sequence:

  1. We insert the door frame into the opening and fix it between the pre-screwed screws.
  2. We expose the box by level. For this we use pre-prepared wooden wedges. With their help, we first set the horizontal and then the vertical levels. It is necessary to control the correct installation using a bubble level. When exposing the door frame, try to ensure that the distance between it and the opening on both sides is approximately the same.

    Checking for correct installation
    Checking for correct installation

    The correctness of installation is checked both vertically and horizontally

  3. Fixing the door frame. After making sure that the box is installed correctly, you can start fixing it. Using a punch, we make holes for fasteners. We start work from the side where the awnings are. We move from top to bottom. After completing the work from one side, we go to the other.
  4. Tighten the fasteners. At first, we do not tighten the fasteners too much, this should be done only after all the dowels have been installed. Once again we check with the help of the level the correctness of the installation of the door frame, only then we carry out the final fixation. Make sure that when clamping the anchors or self-tapping screws, they do not bend the door frame.

Installation of the door frame is the main stage in the installation of the balcony door, after which it remains only to install the door leaf

Installation of the door leaf and sealing of the doorway

A balcony door usually has a ventilation function, so its design is more complex compared to interior options. The process of hanging the door leaf is performed in the following sequence:

  1. First, the canvas is hung on the canopy located below.
  2. Close the door and align the halves of the upper hinge.
  3. Insert the pin into the upper loop.

    Hanging a plastic door on hinges
    Hanging a plastic door on hinges

    First, the canvas is hung on the lower loop, and then on the upper one, then the fixing pin is inserted

After completing the installation of the plastic balcony door, at the last stage it is necessary to seal the doorway. For this, polyurethane foam is used, which is used to fill the gaps between the wall and the door. When performing the specified work, the doors should be closed until the foam completely hardens. Before applying the mounting foam, it is necessary to moisten the surface of the opening, this will ensure better adhesion. It is necessary to apply the foam evenly and take into account that it increases in volume, therefore it is impossible to stuff it tightly into the gap.

Working with polyurethane foam
Working with polyurethane foam

It is impossible to fill the gap completely with polyurethane foam, as it will expand and can bend the door frame

Video: installation of a plastic balcony door

Features of operation and maintenance

It is not difficult to operate the balcony plastic door and take care of it. The disadvantage of plastic is that it is a source of static electricity, so these doors can attract dust. In order to prevent its accumulation, the door surface should be periodically wiped with a damp sponge.

During the operation of such a structure, keep in mind that the plastic can be scratched quite easily, therefore, during cleaning, do not use abrasive and aggressive detergents or hard brushes. Immediately you will not notice the appearance of microcracks, but over time, the surface will begin to take on a yellowish or gray tint, as dirt will get into the cracks. You will no longer be able to return the original appearance of the plastic.

To wash plastic balcony doors, you must use a regular soap solution or dishwashing detergent. Cleaning consists in wiping the surface with soapy water, after which excess moisture is removed with a dry cloth. There are special products for the care of plastic surfaces, with the help of which not only dirt is removed, but also microcracks are polished.

Plastic care
Plastic care

Wipe plastic surfaces with a soft cloth

If you use dishwashing detergent to wipe the surface, dilute it with water. It is better that it has a degreasing effect.

Glass unit care

To care for a glass unit, it is sufficient to periodically wipe it with soapy water, while powders with abrasive substances cannot be used. You can use special products designed for the care of glass surfaces. A special scraper or soft dry cloth is used to remove excess liquid from the glass.

Maintenance of a double-glazed window consists in cleaning only the outer glass, it cannot be disassembled, as the tightness will be broken, as a result of which the heat and sound insulation characteristics will deteriorate.

Glass unit care
Glass unit care

Caring for a glass unit is no different from caring for ordinary glass

If the glass is covered with a film or mirror dusting, then it must be cleaned carefully so as not to damage such surfaces

Care for fittings and seals

During the first year of operation, you do not need to perform any actions with the fittings, except for cleaning it from the outside. It is necessary to ensure that all parts fit snugly together. If you notice that the handle is wobbling, you must immediately tighten its fastening.

It is recommended to clean rubber seals in spring and autumn. For this, soapy water is also used, with the help of which dirt and dust are removed. The seals are then coated with silicone grease.

Care of seals
Care of seals

The seals must be lubricated at least once a year.

Please note that over time, the rubber seal loses its properties, and this negatively affects the heat and sound insulation characteristics of the door, so it must be changed periodically

In order for the fittings to work reliably and for a long time, it is recommended to lubricate it once a year. For this, sewing machine oil is used, since there are no resin impurities in it. It comes in spray form that is simple and easy to use. After applying the spray to the hinges or handles, they must be opened and closed 3-4 times so that the oil is evenly distributed.

Video: hardware care

Adjustment and repair

Before you start repairing a plastic balcony door, you need to decide on the type of malfunction. There are serious problems that involve replacing damaged elements: a crack in a glass unit, a violation of the integrity of the door leaf, hinges or fittings.

There are malfunctions that you can deal with with your own hands:

  1. It is difficult to open or close doors. Over time, the web can sag, which causes problems with opening and closing. First, determine the place where the blade touches the frame. After that, by adjusting the fittings, the sash is shifted in the opposite direction from the point where friction occurs. To adjust the loops, they start working from the top, and then move on to the bottom. Usually the top screw is for vertical adjustment and the side screw is for horizontal adjustment.

    Adjustment scheme for hinges on a plastic door
    Adjustment scheme for hinges on a plastic door

    Plastic doors can be adjusted horizontally and vertically

  2. Loose fit. This malfunction is eliminated by replacing the seal. Typically, the service life of a rubber seal is several years, after which it must be replaced. Get a seal that matches the shape of the door. Remove the old seal and install a new one in its place.
  3. Poor handle retention. In this case, you need to turn the protective cap, which is located on the base of the handle, by 90 degrees and tighten the fasteners.
  4. Slight surface damage. If microcracks or small scratches appear, then such defects are eliminated with the help of special polishes.

Video: adjusting and repairing a plastic door

Accessories for plastic balcony doors

Accessories are auxiliary elements that are installed on plastic balcony doors. They can be mobile or motionless. High-quality fittings make the door easier to use and also increase its safety. The availability of additional functions and the service life of the entire structure depend on the type of fittings used.

When choosing accessories, you need to pay attention to the material from which it is made. It must be strong to support the weight of the balcony door, be anti-corrosive and withstand a large number of operating cycles. You should also pay attention to the shape, color of such elements so that they are in harmony with the interior of the room. You cannot save money when buying and choosing accessories, otherwise its service life will be short and you will soon have to repair or replace it.

Plastic balcony door handle

For a plastic door, handles made of plastic, cermet, aluminum or fiberglass can be used. All these materials provide sufficient strength, reliability and durability of the product.

One-way handle
One-way handle

Usually standard balcony doors are equipped with a one-way handle

When choosing a double-sided balcony handle, it must be borne in mind that on one side it will be in the open air, therefore it must be resistant to humidity, ultraviolet radiation, and have an anti-corrosion coating. If the apartment is on the ground floor, then the handle must ensure reliable locking of the door and be equipped with a lock.

Balcony handles can be of the following types:

  • one-sided;
  • bilateral;

    Double sided handle for plastic door
    Double sided handle for plastic door

    Reversible handle makes the door easier to use

  • with anti-burglary function;
  • with built-in lock;
  • in the form of a shell or petal.

If you need to open the doors only from the inside, then a one-sided handle will suffice. It has a simple design and no difficulties arise during installation. The double-sided handle is more convenient, has the same shape on both sides, and the handles are connected to each other using a metal rod.

Installation features

To install handles such as a shell or a petal, it is enough to attach them to the chosen place and fix them with self-tapping screws. The reversible handle installation process is a little more complicated:

  1. The old handle is removed.

    Removing the handle
    Removing the handle

    First you need to remove the old handle

  2. The place for installation is marked.
  3. Using a drill, through holes are made at the fixation points.
  4. A metal strip is removed at the end of the door.
  5. A hole is made for the connecting rod.
  6. A groove is cut out in the end to install the "tongue".
  7. The handle is assembled, the length of the connecting square is determined, the excess is cut off.
  8. The handle is fixed.
  9. Protective pads are installed.


Most home craftsmen, when self-installing a plastic balcony door, forget to install such an important element as a retainer. There are several types of balcony latches:

  1. Roller. This design consists of a body with a groove and a metal ball. When the door is closed, the spring moves the ball, it falls into the recess on the sash, thus, the leaf is fixed.

    Roller retainer
    Roller retainer

    Roller lock allows you to securely fix the doors

  2. Falevaya. This mechanism is similar to a roller mechanism, but a cylinder is used instead of a ball. To close such a latch, it is enough to close the door, and to open it you need a special handle. Fale latch provides a more reliable fixation of the web, but it is less convenient to use.

    Latch with handle
    Latch with handle

    Using the lanyard latch is not as convenient as the roller latch.

  3. Magnetic. It allows you to reliably fix the doors, has a long service life, since the magnets do not wear out and do not lose their original characteristics during operation. Even if the canvas sags a little, such a latch will work fine. It is easy and quick to install.

    Magnetic door striker
    Magnetic door striker

    The magnetic latch does not lose its original characteristics during the entire service life and does not break

mosquito net

The mosquito net on the balcony door prevents insects, dust, and pollen from entering the room. It can be of several types:

  1. Rolled mesh. It is made in the form of a roll, which is fixed with one side in a special drum, and the other is fixed at the bottom of the door. Such a construction works like a blind and does not need to be removed for the winter, it is enough just to roll it into a drum.

    Rolled mosquito net
    Rolled mosquito net

    To remove the rolled mosquito net, you just need to roll it into a drum

  2. Frame mesh. It is arranged according to the principle of compartment doors. There is a frame made of plastic or aluminum, inside which the mesh is fixed. The structure moves along the guides, and the required tightness is achieved through the use of a brush seal. The frame mesh is well suited for French balcony glazing.

    Frame mosquito nets
    Frame mosquito nets

    The frame mosquito net moves along the guides using rollers

  3. Magnetic grid. It is made in the form of a curtain, along the edges of which magnets are installed. It is washable, magnets provide a secure fit, and a little pressure is enough to open such a mesh. It does not interfere with the movement of children and animals.

    Magnetic Mosquito Net
    Magnetic Mosquito Net

    The magnetic grid is pushed back with a slight push, after which it returns to its place


Plastic balcony doors have almost completely replaced wooden doors. This is due to their many advantages. When choosing a balcony door, one must take into account the area and purpose of the room, as well as the features of its design. Only a correctly selected and installed structure can reliably protect the room from the negative effects of external factors and will serve for many years.

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