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How To Remove Film From Plastic Windows, Including Sunscreen
How To Remove Film From Plastic Windows, Including Sunscreen

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How to remove film from plastic windows

pvc window brush
pvc window brush

The profile of a plastic window is covered with a special film that protects it from dirt, scratches and other mechanical damage during delivery and installation. It is very easy to remove it from the product, but it must be done on time. It is advisable to start this immediately after the window is installed. Otherwise, it will be necessary to resort to more radical methods of cleaning the film from the profile.


  • 1 Why is it difficult to peel the protective film from the window
  • 2 How to remove the film and adhesive tape from reinforced-plastic windows
  • 3 Methods for removing adhesive tape from glass of plastic windows
  • 4 How to remove sunscreen or foil from a window

    • 4.1 Steaming against old adhesive tape
    • 4.2 How to wash a mirror film with newspaper
    • 4.3 Other means and methods
  • 5 Video: remove the adhered film with tape
  • 6 Precautions for Removing Film Remnants from Glass and Plastic
  • 7 Helpful Tips

Why is it difficult to peel the protective film from the window

The instructions for plastic windows usually indicate that the film must be removed within 2 weeks after installation. Removing the film will not cause much difficulty in the coming months. However, if it remains on the profile for more than 4 months, it will take a lot of effort to remove the film.

Reinforced-plastic window with foil
Reinforced-plastic window with foil

It is advisable to remove the film within 2 weeks after installing the window

What are the reasons for this problem? The film in its composition has several layers, which are attached to the profile with a special glue. Strong adhesion to plastic occurs under the influence of solar radiation as well as heat. In other words, the process of decomposition of the inner very thin layer of the film takes place. Therefore, the inner layer is much more difficult to remove than the surface layer.

The reasons that contribute to the strengthening of the adhesion of the film and PVC frame:

  • the effect of heat. In the summer, the film dries to the frame much faster than in the winter;
  • the quality of the special glue applied to the film affects the difficulty of removing it. The cheaper the windows, the lower the quality of the glue;
  • exposure to UV rays. The adhesive film on windows located on the south side of the building may dry out faster. Therefore, it is more difficult to remove the film on such windows than on windows located on the north side.

How to remove film and adhesive tape from metal-plastic windows

It is recommended to remove the protective film from the window within 2 weeks after installation. Then it will be difficult to do this. This is due to the fact that under the influence of various factors, its adhesive layer will change its characteristics. You may need to seek help from a cleaning company or wipe off the old tape yourself using tools and substances such as:

  • scraper;
  • construction hair dryer;
  • knife;
  • scissors;
  • Cosmophen;
  • different chemicals.

If the adhesive tape does not come off completely, then you should use alcohol or tape.

Methods for removing adhesive tape from glass of plastic windows

There are many methods for removing adhesive tape from an insulating glass unit. However, the fastest and most effective ways to remove all the film and not damage the window surface are as follows:

  • scraper or brush. Removing the tape with this tool will never damage the window surface when used with soapy water;

    Removing the film with a scraper
    Removing the film with a scraper

    The film will be removed from the window faster if soap solution is used with the scraper

  • an eraser that will need to rub the film hard enough. But at the same time, the profile surface is well preserved;
  • a building hair dryer is the best tool, but when using it, one condition must be observed. The hair dryer can only be pointed at the frame. If a jet of hot air hits the glass unit, then it can crack or burst from the effect of temperature. The construction hairdryer heats the tape, after which the glue begins to dissolve, which means that you can easily remove it;

    Building hair dryer with attachments
    Building hair dryer with attachments

    With a construction hair dryer, you can only remove the film from the frame

  • White spirit can also be useful in removing the adhesive film from the product, but it is usually applied not on top of the PVC window, but between the film and the surface of the product. It is necessary to pry off its edge and moisten the place with white spirit. Wait a few minutes and remove the film;

    White Spirit
    White Spirit

    White spirit must be applied between the film and the window surface

  • Cosmofen perfectly removes the film. This tool has proven itself as a cleaner for plastic windows;


    Cosmofen is specially designed for removing film from PVC windows

  • thin knife. This tool should be used with care, as pressing it hard can scratch the window profile. In this case, the actions should be as follows: with a knife you need to pick up a small edge of the film, then tear it off very slowly. Remains of glue are removed with a solvent;
  • wide tape will help remove any remaining adhesive tape. It's very easy to use. It is necessary to stick the tape on the surface and carefully remove it together with the rest of the film;
  • technical alcohol or denatured alcohol must be poured into a small spray bottle and evenly sprayed onto the protective film. Denatured alcohol should be left on the surface for a few minutes. Then pry off the edge of the film with a knife and remove the film. In this way, the entire profile is sprayed, and the remains of the film are removed. The adhesive is removed with an acrylic solvent;

    Denatured alcohol
    Denatured alcohol

    To remove the film, the windows are sprayed with denatured alcohol from a spray bottle

  • Shumanite. The effectiveness of this detergent, which is produced in Israel by the Buggy company, has been proven by numerous consumer reviews. And since this is a powerful tool, it must be used with extreme caution;

    Shumanite for glass ceramics
    Shumanite for glass ceramics

    Shumanit is a well-proven tool for removing film from windows

  • RP-6 is an excellent film remover that needs to be thickly applied to the surface of the frame for 10 minutes. The film swells and comes off easily after using this drug;
  • a weak solvent removes traces of PVC film well. However, remember that before applying the product to the entire surface, you need to test its effect on an inconspicuous area of ​​the window.

How to remove sunscreen or foil from a window

All modern materials that protect our homes from high external temperatures include not only aluminum, but also other elements that complicate the process of removing them from the surface. And so that there are no noticeable stains on the glass, as well as streaks, foil or film from the window is removed with special care. There are the most popular methods of cleaning PVC films from windows.

Steaming against old duct tape

With a modern steamer, you can easily remove the film from the window. The entire cleaning process must be carried out in several stages.

  1. A small area on the window must be heated with hot steam, which is produced by the steamer. In this case, it is important that its direction is point, and not over the entire area of ​​the window.
  2. After 5 minutes, you must lift a small section of the film, and then pull it towards you, thereby separating the film from the window.
  3. We do the same with the new area until the entire window is free of sunscreen.

This is the most elementary and most gentle film removal option. And if even after it there are traces on the window, then they are removed with ordinary soap solution.


Removing the film with a steamer is the most gentle way

How to wash mirror film with newspaper

You can also remove the sunscreen film using regular soapy water and newspaper. This work is done in several stages.

  1. Plain newsprint is placed over the area of ​​the glass.
  2. Next, newspapers are sprayed with soapy water until they stick to the window.
  3. The paper is left on for 60 minutes and is constantly wetted.
  4. The film along with the newspaper is removed much easier after a similar procedure.

    Removing the film from the frame
    Removing the film from the frame

    Care must be taken when removing the film from the window frame so as not to damage the surface

Other means and methods

Cleaning agents and detergents that can remove adhesive tape from window frames are suitable for removing stains and film from glass surfaces. In addition to the already mentioned Cosmofen and Shumanit, effective substances such as:

  • Phenosol;
  • Domax (the preparation is intended for careful maintenance of ceramics and glass, therefore it does not contain abrasive substances).

But even these very powerful tools do not always cope with the task. In this case, you need to use a hard scraper or choose another method for cleaning the window from the film.

Video: remove adhered film with tape

Precautions for removing film residue from glass and plastic

Precautions should be taken when removing sunscreen or conventional films from windows. It is necessary to use protective equipment against chemicals that adversely affect not only the human skin, but also the respiratory tract. Sharp objects should be used carefully so as not to get hurt. Try to follow these rules:

  • Handle chemicals with impervious and very durable rubber gloves
  • do not press hard on the glass, as you can break it;
  • proceed with extreme caution when using a scraper, scissors, knife and other sharp objects so as not to scratch the window or injure yourself;
  • do not allow chemicals to get into the eyes, on the skin, or in the respiratory tract;
  • keep tools and materials that remove film marks out of the reach of children.

Useful Tips

In order for the result of work on removing the film from the window to please you, adhere to the following rules:

  • remove the protective film immediately after the window is installed. And if the installation work has not yet been completed, then it is better to stick masking tape on the surface of the window. So you can avoid not only contamination, but also damage to the surface of the PVC profile during the repair process. Then, after completing all the work, you will not need to make great efforts to remove the adhered tape;
  • after removing the protective sticker, treat all moving parts of the fittings with grease;
  • do not use abrasive substances;
  • when using chemicals, take into account their level of exposure to the PVC surface, otherwise one of the layers of the window can be disturbed at the micro level;
  • work with sharp objects carefully, and if possible, remove the film with your fingers so as not to leave scratches on the profile;
  • do not use strong solvents that can damage the profile.

Before proceeding with the removal of the film from the PVC window, it is necessary to complete all installation work. In this case, an excellent view of the window opening will delight you for a long time. The exceptions are such types of work, after which you cannot physically remove the film.

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