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Minskin: Breed Origin, Appearance, Character And Habits, Photos, Kitten Selection, Owner Reviews
Minskin: Breed Origin, Appearance, Character And Habits, Photos, Kitten Selection, Owner Reviews

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Minskin is an unusual pet in your home


The Minskin cat breed appeared recently. She is not very popular, since it is impossible to buy such kittens in Russia and Europe. But acquaintance with these cuties will forever remain in the memory.

History of the origin of the breed

This breed appeared only in 2000. The homeland of this species of domestic purr is the United States, or rather, the city of Boston.

Minskin on a blue background
Minskin on a blue background

The first species of this cat appeared only in 2000.

In 1998, an avid cat lover Paul McSorley wanted to create a unique and completely new species. He immediately began to make his dream come true. Paul decided to cross a hairless Canadian Sphynx and a short-legged munchkin. Then he added the blood of Devon Rex and Burmese.

Photo gallery: ancestors of minskins


Short-legged munchkins are the result of a random mutation

Canadian sphinx
Canadian sphinx

The first kitten of the Canadian Sphynx was born in 1966

Devon rex
Devon rex

Devon Rex fur curls due to gene mutation


Short-haired Burmese are very popular in the USA

The result of the breeding work was successful. Of course, the experiment to breed such an unusual breed did not go unnoticed. Currently, the Minskin breed has received the status of a preliminary-recognized by the International Cat Association (TICA), it is admitted to participate in exhibitions, but cannot receive titles. In some cases, it is considered a separate breed, but sometimes it is a variant of the bambino.

Minskin have hair on their head, ears, legs and tail. Except TICA, no one else recognizes this breed.

The appearance of minskin

The official TICA breed standard assumes that a cat has certain characteristics:

  • body size - 30–40 cm;
  • the weight of an adult cat is no more than 2–3 kg;
  • Minskin's head is rather large;
  • eyes are large, any color is allowed;
  • the ears are also quite large;
  • the body is strong, compact, with well-developed muscles;
  • the minskin's chest is wide and strong;
  • the legs are short, and the legs are large, with thickened toes.

    Minskin in a collar
    Minskin in a collar

    The adorable short legs of the minskins give them a very unusual look

Seals of this breed can have different colors and patterns:

  • solid;
  • cake;
  • tabby, colors interspersed with white;
  • colorpoint.

Minskin can have three types of wool:

  • naked - devoid of wool or wool is very sparse and there is little of it;
  • woolen - completely covered with short wool;
  • half-woolen - there is wool on the head, ears and paws, thick and short, it resembles satin to the touch, and on the body it can be compared to cashmere, it is very soft, just as short, but very rare, the tummy must be bare.

Character and behavior

At first glance, it might seem that minskins are only able to lie on the couch and purr. But this is not so: they are very active and simply adore tall objects in the apartment. Minskins are very gentle and sweet. They expect affection and a notable amount of attention from the owner. They are very attached to family members, and therefore they should not be left alone for a long time.


Minskin are gentle cats that do not like loneliness

These cats are very friendly to other animals and will quickly get used to any pets in your home.


In general, minskins are very healthy and disease resistant. The average life span of cats of this breed is 12-15 years. Scientists have not yet proven the relationship of certain diseases with this breed, but there is an assumption that they are prone to allergies and diseases of the musculoskeletal system - lordosis (a strong bend in the lower back) and deformities of the chest.

Choosing a kitten

You need to understand that it is almost impossible to buy this breed in Europe or in the CIS countries. A real minskin can only be bought in the USA and only in Boston. Its cost will not be less than $ 400. Due to the rarity of the breed, you will not have a wide range of options for choosing a kitten. If you find any kitten of this breed, then we can say that you are in luck.

When buying a baby minskin, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • the kitten must have a well-groomed appearance;
  • he must have all the characteristics of the breed;

    Minskin's kitten
    Minskin's kitten

    Minskin's kitten must have all the characteristics of the breed

  • the baby must be active and healthy;
  • the purchase must be accompanied by the issuance of all the necessary documents that the breeder provides.

It is best to pick up a kitten from the cattery at three months, since by this age he will be vaccinated and receive basic knowledge and skills from his mother.

How to care for minskin

Minskin periodically needs solitude, so he needs to make a secluded corner so that he can hide or sleep there. Like other cats, he will need to buy a scratching post. In winter, these cats will not give up a warm sweater. On the whole, minskins do not need any special care.


You need to bathe short-legged purrs once every 2 or 3 months, using the following special shampoos for short-haired cats:

  • Herba Vitae;
  • "Graceful Panther";
  • Anju product series.

Ears should be brushed once a week and teeth at least once a month. The nails should be trimmed every 4 weeks.

Scheme of claw cutting for a cat
Scheme of claw cutting for a cat

You need to cut the nails carefully, without touching the capillary

Like all bald cats, minskins can get sunburn, so they need extra sun protection.


It is advisable to give the cat such ready-made premium and super premium food:

  • Royal Canin;
  • Dr Clauder's;
  • Pronature Original;
  • Pro plan.

Kittens up to two months need to be fed five times a day, up to four months - four times, up to six months - three times a day. And already from eight months you can switch to adult food twice a day. The food should be neither cold nor too hot.

Also, minskins can be fed with such natural products:

  • meat:

    • a hen,
    • beef,
    • veal,
    • mutton,
    • turkey.
  • vegetables:

    • zucchini,
    • pumpkin,
    • beet,
    • broccoli.
  • porridge:

    • rice,
    • millet.
  • offal:

    • heart,
    • lung.
  • boiled sea fish;
  • dairy:

    • fat-free kefir,
    • fermented baked milk and cottage cheese (give no more than 1 time a week),
    • natural yogurt.
  • soft pork or beef bones and cartilage (but chicken and fish cannot in any case).

Do not give your cat the following foods:

  • sweets;
  • salinity;
  • salted cheese;
  • smoked meats;
  • sausages, and related products;
  • pork;
  • beef kidney;
  • fatty Fish;
  • egg white;
  • milk;
  • oil;
  • cream;
  • sour cream;
  • potatoes;
  • fruits;
  • legumes.


Minskins are not picky about the toilet and filler: you can choose any. But it is important to make sure that the tray is not too small, and the sides are not very high: after all, these cats have short legs.

Breeding minskins

In the only cattery where you can buy minskins, only castrated and neutered cats and cats are sold. Therefore, it will not work to breed them. There is no data on what breeds these cats can be knitted with. It can be assumed that the crossing of two minskins can lead to health problems in the offspring or the loss of unique external features.

Video: about the breed minskin

Minskin have a unique appearance and character. But they are not yet a popular breed, since they can only be purchased in the USA. In addition, this is a very young breed, which is still in the status of pre-recognized, the breeding of which is still quite problematic.

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