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Why You Can't Look In The Mirror When You Cry
Why You Can't Look In The Mirror When You Cry

Video: Why You Can't Look In The Mirror When You Cry

Video: Why You Can't Look In The Mirror When You Cry
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Why you can't cry in front of the mirror

why not cry in front of the mirror
why not cry in front of the mirror

The mirror is the object with which the most superstitions are associated. As a child, we tell each other horror stories associated with this piece of furniture, and in adulthood we try not to place it in the bedroom and hang it up if trouble comes to the house. One of the well-known signs says that you cannot look in the mirror while crying. Is it amenable to a logical explanation?

Signs of mirrors and tears

Since its inception, the mirror has been associated with something mystical, unknown. Our ancestors were afraid of reflective surfaces, but at the same time used them to learn fate. The people believe that a mirror is the road to the other world, where the dead and evil spirits live. There is also an opinion that a mirror surface is akin to a sponge, it accumulates the feelings and emotions of everyone who looks in it.

All this led to the emergence of many signs, many of which are still alive today, in the age of rationalism and science. There is a belief that you cannot look in the mirror while crying. The people explain it like this:

  • otherworldly forces living behind the mirror surface are susceptible to negative emotions. They feel them and can even leave the mirror, start harming the one who looked into it;
  • the mirror reflects not only a person, but also his emotions, and in a multiple increase. Anyone who is upset over a trifle will soon face enormous problems;
  • tears open the door for those who previously owned a mirror, but have already departed into another world. If the former owner cannot accept his own death, then at that moment he, in the form of a ghost, can enter our world;
  • the mirror will “save” negative emotions and in the future will begin to give them back. The victims can be not only the crying person, but also his loved ones;
  • at the moment of crying, you do not need positive emotions, so the reflective surface will simply take them away. Over time, there will be less joy in your life;
  • the mirror will remember you in an ugly, tear-stained form, and you will gradually lose your attractiveness;
  • a girl crying in front of a mirror can become a witch;
  • if a tear falls on the mirror, it will burn a hole in your soul. The hole will expand and take with it all the good things in life.

According to one superstition, a girl who looks in the mirror while crying will become a witch

What does common sense say?

It is impossible to prove the magical effect of a mirror, but psychologists agree that tears in front of a mirror do not bring anything good. Looking in the mirror while crying, you remember yourself in this way. If this happened once, then there will be no great harm, but constantly roaring in front of a reflective surface, you will get used to your depressed state.

Life can really lose its bright colors, but not because you have been spoiled, but because you yourself will begin to think that this is normal. This is especially dangerous when you cry in front of the same mirror all the time. In your head, it will be associated with the negative, passing by it, you will subconsciously think about the bad.

In addition, the crying person does not look very attractive. If you see yourself at this moment, you may start to have complexes because of your appearance. Complexes lead to stress, and these, in turn, greatly worsen life.

Woman lies on the mirror
Woman lies on the mirror

Crying people do not look very beautiful, so it is undesirable to see yourself at this moment - complexes can begin

It is popularly believed that one should not cry in front of a mirror, otherwise one can incur disaster. Of course, tears will not cause any trouble, but from the point of view of psychology, crying in front of the mirror is really not worth it.

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