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Why You Can't Look In The Mirror At Night
Why You Can't Look In The Mirror At Night

Video: Why You Can't Look In The Mirror At Night

Video: Why You Can't Look In The Mirror At Night
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Why is it dangerous to look in the mirror at night

look in the mirror at night
look in the mirror at night

A mirror is an item that everyone needs in everyday life. But it is also surrounded by a mystical halo and is perhaps the most popular "hero" of superstitions. Many people are afraid to look in the mirror at night. Why is this happening and is it justified?

Where did superstitions come from

Night has long been considered the time of the devil. Our ancestors were sure that from 12 am to 3 am, otherworldly forces are especially active, they can penetrate into our world and harm people. This is the origin of so many superstitions related to the dark time of day.

The mirror is also a "frequent guest" in omens. Reflective objects have always been endowed with magical properties. Magicians and pagans used them for their rituals, and ordinary people did not miss the opportunity to tell fortunes with the help of a mirror and candles, to find out their fate. Most of the divination was done at night. The person removed the cross and found himself absolutely defenseless against the evil forces that could come from the mirror. It was impossible to simply get an answer to the question - entities from another world necessarily took something in return, for example, reason, health or success in life.

The Church considered such fortune-telling to be a grave sin. Nowadays, few people seriously deal with them, but it is still believed that looking in the mirror at night (even if you do not have candles and you do not ask any questions) is dangerous.

Woman stands in front of a mirror with candles
Woman stands in front of a mirror with candles

People used to guess at night in front of the mirror

Why you can't look in the mirror at night

There are several explanations why you cannot look in the mirror at night:

  • evil spirits can suck energy from the one who looked in the mirror;
  • by looking in the mirror, you can let unclean spirits into the house, which will begin to harm you and your family;
  • evil spirits can affect your mind and make you do something very bad;
  • during the day, the mirror accumulates information and energy, and at night it begins to give it back to those who look into it. Negative emotions are much more likely to linger on a reflective surface, so you can guess that nothing good awaits a person;
  • at night you can accidentally see a brownie in the mirror and thereby incur disaster;
  • the mirror absorbs the energy of the previous owners. At night, when the line between the worlds becomes thinner, instead of your reflection, you can see the ghost of a person who owned a mirror before.

Logical explanation

All of these beliefs can be easily explained from the point of view of psychology. When you look in the mirror at night, of course, no ghosts appear, but imagination works great. A pet, a strange light from a window, a household member getting into the toilet - anything can scare a person. In such a situation, the beholder adjusts himself to mysticism - both night and mirrors seem to us to be something magical and a little creepy. The brain connects any event with otherworldly forces, and if the person looking in the mirror has an unstable psyche, then it is impossible to predict how fear will affect him.

Many people believe that looking in a mirror in the dark is dangerous. In fact, there is no mysticism in this, there is no need to be afraid of evil forces. But very impressionable people should really stay away from reflective surfaces in the dark, as any little thing can scare them.

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