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Why You Can't Sleep In Front Of The Mirror: Signs And Facts
Why You Can't Sleep In Front Of The Mirror: Signs And Facts

Video: Why You Can't Sleep In Front Of The Mirror: Signs And Facts

Video: Why You Can't Sleep In Front Of The Mirror: Signs And Facts
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Why you can't sleep in front of a mirror: the rationale for a famous superstition

Sleep in front of a mirror
Sleep in front of a mirror

Many centuries ago, our ancestors associated mirrors with something otherworldly, magical. Many of the ancient signs have survived to this day. When planning their own home, people are often afraid to put the bed in front of the mirror. Where did this superstition come from and is it justified?

Where did the superstitions about mirrors come from?

In ancient Russia, mirrors were a real wonder. Due to the high price, few could afford to buy them, so among the people they became the personification of evil. It was believed, for example, that a broken mirror foreshadows misfortunes that will last 7 years. Mirrors in superstition were also the habitat of evil spirits.

A little later, when this piece of furniture became more widespread, the girls used it for fortune telling, trying to find out what awaited them in the future, who would become their betrothed. In Europe, they believed that if you hang a mirror in the bedroom, then by the light of candles a witch or a devil will appear in it. The magicians of Asia and Africa used mirrors in mystical rituals.

Mirrors occupied a special place in the Chinese feng shui system. It is believed that if the mirror hangs in front of the bed, then negative energy - "sha" - will penetrate the room and be reflected from the mirror surface, after which it will go directly to the sleeping hosts. Because of this, problems and discord may begin in the family.

Girl with a candle in front of a mirror
Girl with a candle in front of a mirror

Our ancestors loved to guess with the help of a mirror

Signs about a dream in front of a mirror

The treatment of mirrors as magical objects has led to the emergence of many superstitions. Some of them are related to sleeping in front of a mirror:

  • if spouses sleep this way, then there will be constant scandals in their family, treason may even begin;
  • at night, a person's soul goes into the astral plane. Returning in the morning, she can see her reflection, get scared and never get back. The person will begin to gradually go crazy;
  • at night the mirror draws out all the vital energy from the sleeping person;
  • a mirror is a path to another world, so a person in a dream can accidentally cross the borders between the world of the living and the dead;
  • in the looking glass lives a double of the sleeping person, who at night can take the soul to another world, and the person will not wake up;
  • the mirror absorbs the negative, and at night brings it back, which is why there will never be peace and tranquility in the house.
Double in the mirror
Double in the mirror

It is believed that the looking glass double can take away the sleeping soul at night

Do the signs have a justification

In fact, people who rest in front of a mirror at night can actually have trouble sleeping. The fact is that a person's sleep consists of different phases, and in the interval between them, a period of wakefulness sometimes occurs. Of course, a person does not wake up completely, he rather dozes, but at the same time he can be aware of what is happening around. It happens that the sleeping person sees his reflection in the mirror and is frightened. The next morning he is unlikely to remember this, but the dream after the fright will be of poor quality, restless, with nightmares.

In addition, the human factor is at work. Superstitions are firmly entrenched in our brain, so many are subconsciously afraid of mirrors, especially in the dark. Such experiences do not in the best way affect the quality of sleep.

Our ancestors believed that an unclean force could be hidden in the mirror, which takes the energy of the sleeping person. Of course, there is no evidence of this, but sleeping in front of the mirror is still not worth it: such a rest will not be of high quality.

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