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How To Make A Children's Swing In The Country With Your Own Hands (made Of Wood Or Metal, Drawings, Photos And Videos)
How To Make A Children's Swing In The Country With Your Own Hands (made Of Wood Or Metal, Drawings, Photos And Videos)

Video: How To Make A Children's Swing In The Country With Your Own Hands (made Of Wood Or Metal, Drawings, Photos And Videos)

Video: How to make children's a swing set. 2022, December

Winged swings: how to make them yourself for a child?

swing in the country
swing in the country

Rest in the country, especially with children, should be varied and fun. Therefore, we want to equip our site with as many devices as possible, which will keep and delight the kids. In this article we will talk about how to make a children's swing with your own hands, in an original way, quickly and inexpensively.


  • 1 Choosing the model and installation location
  • 2 Materials and tools for swing benches made of wood
  • 3 Procedure
  • 4 Easy way to build a rack
  • 5 Metal swing
  • 6 Variety of models
  • 7 Video about the construction of a swing in the country

Choosing a model and installation location

Before you start creating a design diagram, you need to decide for whom you are making a swing and where to install it. After that, you can prepare a drawing and select materials with the necessary tools.

There are many types and models of garden swings, but conditionally they can be divided into three types.

  1. A swing for the whole family is usually a massive structure. Often looks like a high-backed bench that can fit several people. This structure is suspended from a strong and stable U-shaped frame on a chain. A small canopy can be installed on the crossbeam so that the swing can be used in both hot and rainy weather.
  2. Children's swing. The assortment of models is very large: products made of seats and suspensions, sturdy frame structures with a seat-chair, large boat structures. Frame models are considered safer. If your child is still very young, be sure to include fixation straps on the seat.
  3. Portable swing. The advantage of such models is their mobility. They can be hung anywhere: in the house, in a gazebo, on a thick branch of a tree, on a veranda, on an installed crossbar, and at any time they can be moved to another place.
swing bench for summer cottages
swing bench for summer cottages

Try to find a comfortable spot for the swing

Each of these types of swing has its own advantages, and each of them deserves to be examined in more detail. But first, we need to prepare everything we need.

Materials and tools for swing benches made of wood

We suggest that you build a swing that can accommodate several children. You can move away from the dimensions we use, widen or narrow the seat, make the back more or less. Such a swing will appeal not only to children, but also to adults; they can be installed both in the garden and in the recreation area.

swing bench wooden in the country
swing bench wooden in the country

Wood is the most common material for building swings.

If construction has recently been going on at your dacha, then most likely there are suitable materials left, and the tool will be at hand. The swing will be made of wood - it is both easy to handle and strong enough. In terms of characteristics and cost, pine, spruce and birch are well suited.

You will need:

  • 15 pine planks 2500 mm long, 100 mm X 25 mm%
  • 1 board 2500 mm long, 150 mm X 50 mm;
  • 30-40 self-tapping screws 80 X 4.5;
  • 200 self-tapping screws 51 X 3.5;
  • 6 carbines;
  • welded chain 5 mm - along the height of the swing;
  • 4 galvanized screws with rings (pair 12 X 100 and pair 12 X 80).

From the tools you will need a pencil, a square and a tape measure, as well as a hammer, a plane, a hacksaw, a circular saw and a drill with several drills.

And now let's start making a swing bench with our own hands.


To simplify the work, prepare a preliminary drawing of your future design. As a basis, you can take the scheme we offer, which can be significantly simplified or add additional elements - it will not be difficult.

swing bench drawing
swing bench drawing

Detailed drawing of a swing bench

  1. Saw off several pieces of one and a half meters from the boards. Make sure that the corners of the workpieces are straight. The thickness of the seating slats must be at least 20 mm. Since a much less load is given to the back, a thickness of 12-13 mm will be enough for it. For the seat, you will need 17 slats 500 mm long and 15 slats 450 mm wide.
  2. In order to prevent wood cracking when making holes for self-tapping screws, take a thin door drill. The hole depth will be 2-2.5 mm.
  3. The seat and back of the swing will be more comfortable if the details of the base on which the planks are fixed are not straight, but curly. To make these parts, take the thickest board 150 x 50 mm. You should have six of these elements. Use a marker or pencil to trace the outline along which you will cut the piece.
  4. Choose the angle of connection of the seat with the backrest convenient for you, fix it. Combine all the pieces, securing the planks at equal intervals. First of all, you need to fasten the ends of the parts, and then the middle.
  5. For the armrests, take two beams of any width. Secure them with one end to the seat and the other to the back frame.
  6. Now you need to attach the chain to the wood frame. The best place to fix the screw with the ring is the lower part of the armrest, where it is fastened to the seat, and the upper part of the frame base on the back.
  7. Use washers to ensure that the nut does not go completely into the wood. The same rings are screwed to the bar on which you hang your swing. Connect the chain to the rings using carabiners, and you can admire the result of your work!

Such a swing-bench can be hung on a thick branch of a tree, but it would be more correct and safer to build for them an A-shaped stand with a crossbar made of stable logs

The easy way to build a rack

This stand is truly versatile and also very simple. You can hang a swing with any type of seat on it, and use chains, ropes, metal fittings as fasteners. Perhaps, the stand is the main element of our swing, which can be both stationary and portable. In the second case, you just need to remove the swing from the crossbar and hang something else.

  1. You will need the same tools and materials as in the previous description.
  2. The structure consists of two posts of the same size, which resemble the letter "A". They are installed at a convenient distance from each other and connected with an upper crossbar.
  3. Calculate well the angle at which the vertically standing parts will join. The wider the swing seat, the wider the racks need to be placed. The posts or beams are bolted at the top for strength.
  4. To avoid discrepancy of vertical parts over time, fix them at a height of 1/3 of the ground surface with crossbeams like this. So that they are parallel to each other. The best way of fastening in this case will be corners planted on self-tapping screws.
  5. Usually one pair of crossbars is enough for a screed, but you can add a second one at the top of the racks. Thus, it is possible to strengthen the place on which the upper crossbar is fixed by installing wooden or metal plates in the form of a trapezoid on the inside.
swing rack
swing rack

Cross bars will make the supporting structure more stable

Fasten the transverse support beam to the finished side posts and set the structure in the ground. Dig two pairs of holes of sufficient depth, at least 70-80 cm, for greater stability. At the bottom, arrange a cushion of rubble about 20 cm high, insert the racks and fill them with concrete.

Metal swing

If you have metal welding skills, you can apply them to making a swing. The frame of the supporting structure will look light, not massive, but in no way inferior in stability and strength to a wooden base.

You can make not only a metal support post, but also the swing frame itself, for example, the same swing bench that we considered above. Only in this case the bench will be made of iron.

swing bench made of metal
swing bench made of metal

Metal swing bench

In this version, which you see in the photo, you can use, for example, an old vintage bed, which is too out-of-date and bulky to be used for its intended purpose in an apartment. Throwing away such beauty, of course, is a pity. Therefore, we will disassemble it into its components, select the necessary parts, clean them, paint and connect in a suitable way.

And now let's take a closer look at what we need to make a metal swing:

  • welding machine, electrodes to it;
  • file (you can use a sandpaper for metal);
  • metal pipes;
  • grinder for cutting metal;
  • bolts and nuts;
  • wrenches according to the diameter of the bolts.

If you intend to make a stationary structure, you will need to fix it to the surface. This requires concrete, so stock up on cement, sand and gravel.

You can use the same scheme as in the previous example as a template for future swing. Metalwork and woodwork are completely different things, but this will not affect the structure of the structure.

For a children's swing, it is better to take a circular cross-section pipe to avoid injuries that can be obtained by hitting a corner. In addition, the pipe diameter must be at least 1.5 inches, otherwise the swing will be fragile. Parts are welded using the arc method.

You can hang a prepared seat for such a structure on a chain. If you decide to use a rope, then choose a synthetic rope, for example, an automobile rope.

Do not forget about painting the swing, because it should serve as a decoration for your garden. Automotive enamel is suitable for a metal structure, and a wooden product must first be treated with an antiseptic, and then opened with a stain, varnish or any paint.

Variety of models


Video about the construction of a swing in the country

Now you know how to add a new, fun element to your garden. The kids will be very happy to have a swing that will become a faithful companion in the games for the whole summer. We hope our tips will help you not only create a familiar design, but also come up with something interesting and original. Share your ideas with us in the comments. Good luck!

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