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How To Make A Kite With Your Own Hands At Home: Options With Drawings And Sizes + Photos And Videos
How To Make A Kite With Your Own Hands At Home: Options With Drawings And Sizes + Photos And Videos

Video: How To Make A Kite With Your Own Hands At Home: Options With Drawings And Sizes + Photos And Videos

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Video: How to make handmade paper Kite at home / DIY Kite / Paper Kite making idea 2023, February

DIY kite - simple and interesting


Not only children love flying a kite. For adults, this fun hobby allows for a short time to return to a carefree time, to feel the joy of flight. You can buy a finished product, but it is much more interesting to make a snake on a string with your own hands. Using available materials and drawings, you can easily cope with this task.


  • 1 Types of kites that you can make yourself

    • 1.1 Flat kite made of paper, nylon or polyethylene

      1.1.1 Domestic kite in 5 minutes - video

    • 1.2 Construction of paper, fabric and wood

      1.2.1 Instructions for creating a flat "Russian" snake with your own hands - video

    • 1.3 Diagram of a triangular kite made of polyethylene
    • 1.4 Drawing of a product in the shape of a diamond

      1.4.1 We make ourselves a kite in the shape of a diamond - video

    • 1.5 How to make a structure in the form of a bird

      1.5.1 Do-it-yourself air raven - video

  • 2 Volumetric (box) kites
  • 3 Secrets of a Successful Launch

Types of kites that you can make yourself

In order to make a kite with your own hands, you need 5 things: basic labor skills, materials, drawings, desire and patience. All structures are made according to the same principle: a base with different aerodynamic properties and a rope. The snake can be flat and voluminous, simple or consisting of several links.


Kites come in many shapes and sizes.

Such a thing can be found in the store, but it will be a typical replicated version. It is better to make a controlled kite yourself, and then launch and enjoy the result.

Flat kite made of paper, nylon or polyethylene

Together with the children, you can make a simple version of a domestic snake called "Monk".

Serpent "Monk"
Serpent "Monk"

The simplest kite

  1. Take a sheet of thick A4 paper of any color. Attach the lower right corner to the left long side so that it is aligned with the short one. It turns out a triangle with a single upper part. Cut it off, unfold the sheet, you get a square.
  2. Mentally or with a pencil, draw a straight line between two opposite corners of the square - mark its axis.
  3. Bend the paper so that the right and left sides of the square "lie" on its axis.
  4. Fold the corners up twice in an accordion manner.
  5. From both sides in the middle of the accordion, glue a thread 30 cm long. The result is a "bridle".
  6. Tie a rope tightly in the center of the bridle to launch and control the kite.
The scheme of making a snake "Monk"
The scheme of making a snake "Monk"

After making, you need to fix the rope to control the kite in the air

A snake cannot be controlled without a tail, so do not forget to make a rope from ribbons or threads intertwined with each other and tied with a tassel at the bottom.

  1. Sew 20 pieces of regular thread or 5-6 pieces of wool. Their length for a small snake should be at least 50 cm.
  2. Fold the cut pieces together and tie with a brush towards the end or twist into a braid. You can decorate the tail with bows or paper triangles.
  3. In the lower corner of the snake, make a hole, pass the tail through and tie it with a knot or glue it.
  4. If you are using ribbons or strips of fabric instead of thread, thread them through the hole, wrap and hem the top to the bottom.

Homemade kite in 5 minutes - video

Paper, fabric and wood construction

Compared to the “Monk”, there are some complications in making this snake. In addition to paper, you will need thin wood slats and fabric.

Flat rectangular kite
Flat rectangular kite

Easy-to-make kite made of paper, fabric and wooden slats

To make such a snake, prepare in advance:

  • 2 notebook sheets;
  • 3 slats (2 60 cm long, 1 - 40 cm);
  • strong nylon thread;
  • colored fabric.

DIY instructions for creating a flat "Russian" snake - video

Polyethylene triangular snake diagram

The triangular kite is another type of flat design that is more difficult to manufacture. But the result of labor will surely please you. The snake turns out to be a classic triangular shape, bright and very beautiful.

Flat triangle kite
Flat triangle kite

A triangular kite is more difficult to make, it can be used longer than a paper one

From the materials you will need:

  • plastic bag, better bright and dense;
  • slats (straight sticks made of bamboo, willow, linden, pine or just window glazing beads);
  • rope or line with a reel.

The dimensions of the finished product depend on the dimensions of the package and the height of the launcher. Use percentage notation as shown in the diagram. Decide which figure is taken as 100%, and then use a calculator to calculate specific values.

Triangular snake diagram
Triangular snake diagram

For accurate marking, plug in your values ​​and calculate the parameters of the kite in centimeters

  1. Cut the "body" of the snake from the bag according to the drawing.
  2. Prepare 4 slats of the corresponding sizes: two side slats of the same size, one long longitudinal and one short transverse.
  3. Fix with any glue, first the side strips on the sides, then in the middle of the longitudinal, and at the end - the central transverse.
  4. Attach the keel in the middle of the snake using tape.
  5. In the center of the lower part of the canvas, cut a hole into which you pass the tail made from the scraps of the bags.
  6. Tie one fishing line to each corner, fasten them together with a knot.
  7. To the resulting "bridle" attach a fishing line with a reel for starting and controlling.

Diamond-shaped product drawing

This design is made according to the same principle as the triangular kite. You will need 2 slats (60 and 30 cm), a plastic bag, fishing line and tape.

  1. Fold the slats in a cross so that the short one crosses the long one at a height of one quarter of the total length.
  2. Tie them up with tape or string.
  3. Place the resulting cross over a plastic bag.

    Blank for a kite
    Blank for a kite

    We measure the desired size and shape of the future snake

  4. Cut out the canvas in a diamond shape, leaving a small margin.
  5. Pull it over the rack cross, tuck the stock and glue or hem.

    Diamond shaped kite
    Diamond shaped kite

    We tighten the cross-piece of the snake with a package and cut it

  6. Tie a fishing line to the intersection of the sticks and to the lower corner of the rhombus. Just in case, make a few turns and fix well.

    Line at the bottom corner of the diamond
    Line at the bottom corner of the diamond

    We tie the fishing line to the intersection of the sticks

  7. Tie the lines together in a knot, to which you attach the line with a spool. It turns out a bridle.
  8. Attach a tail, also cut from cellophane, to the end of the axle stick with tape.
Mount the tail of the kite
Mount the tail of the kite

Tie the tail to the bottom corner of the kite

In order for the kite to fly well, its tail must be 10 times longer than the base.

You can also use the diagram to make a snake.

Diagram of a kite "Rhombus"
Diagram of a kite "Rhombus"

A triangle-shaped kite can be made from any lightweight material.

We make ourselves a kite in the shape of a diamond - video

How to make a bird-shaped structure

To get a snake that resembles a bird in flight, use one trick: fasten the string between the side parts. Under the pressure of the wind, it will either stretch or weaken, making the structure "winged".

Necessary materials:

  • 8 sticks with a diameter of less than 1 cm and a length of 30.5 cm, 3 sticks of 91.5 cm and 3 sticks of 150 cm from linden or pine;
  • nylon or plastic wrap;
  • fishing line;
  • coil.
The scheme of the kite "Bird"
The scheme of the kite "Bird"

In flight, a kite - a bird flaps its wings

  1. Lay the 150 cm long rods in front of you, parallel to each other.
  2. Place a 91.5 cm stick across and 59.75 cm from the edge.
  3. Tie it with threads so that a distance of 30.5 cm remains between the first and second, and 61 cm between the second and third.
  4. Step back 30.5 cm to the larger side, attach a second stick 91.5 cm long.
  5. Tie 4 short slats at a distance of 30.5 cm from each other at an angle so that at the bottom they converge into a triangle (see diagram).
  6. Cover the closed ends of the short strips with the last rail 91.5 cm long. The result is a "nursery" tied in the center of the structure.
  7. Tie everything with glue-coated threads.
  8. Fasten the ends of long sticks previously soaked in water. You need to wet them so that they do not break when bent.
  9. Pull the line between the ends of the "wings".
  10. To make the "body" of a snake from fabric, cut out a pentagon (top and bottom sides by 30.5 cm, height 91.5 cm + 2 cm for the turn). In the center, make a square with a side length of 30.5 cm.
  11. From the bottom corners of the square, measure to the left and right at 59.75 cm.
  12. Extend the segments from the ends of the upper and lower sides of the pentagon to the obtained points. It turned out a canvas with a window in the middle.
  13. Trim and glue the wooden snake frame.
  14. Additionally cut out 4 crib inserts. Each measuring 30.5 x 30.5 cm. Insert them into the "windows", glue.
  15. Make a tail from the rope and the rest of the fabric, attach to one side of the "manger".
  16. On the other hand, make a bridle from two interconnected lines and tightly tie a thread with a spool (line) to them.

In order for the structure not to fall on one side and not disintegrate in the air, just stick to the dimensions and tightly tie the parts together.

DIY air raven - video

Bulk (box) kites

To create a voluminous snake you will need:

  • wooden slats (window glazing beads can be used) - 4 pcs. 1 m long and 6 x 60 cm;
  • large garbage bags;
  • durable nylon harness on a reel from a hardware store;
  • Scotch;
  • ruler;
  • square;
  • scissors;
  • glue.
Volumetric box kite
Volumetric box kite

A voluminous kite flies high and beautifully, but you can make it yourself

Secrets of a Successful Launch

You can fly the snake alone, but this requires a certain skill. It is more convenient and more fun to do it together. One holds a snake, the other a reel of fishing line or thread (line). The main condition for a successful launch is the presence of a wind of 3-4 m / s, as well as an open place without trees and wires.

  1. The person who holds the rope becomes so that the wind blows in his back, unwinds 10–20 meters of the rope and pulls it.
  2. The second retreats to the length of the rope, scatters and launches the kite. He has to catch the moment and pull the rope.
  3. If the wind is not strong enough and the kite begins to lose altitude or cannot rise at all, the “ladder” will also have to run.

If you want to have a great time and get creative with the whole family - make a kite. Making it yourself is not difficult at all. The spirit of unity, joy and fun will be the reward for the time and effort spent.

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