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Potatoes Ivan Da Marya - Description Of The Variety With Photos, Characteristics, Rules Of Growing And Care
Potatoes Ivan Da Marya - Description Of The Variety With Photos, Characteristics, Rules Of Growing And Care
Video: Potatoes Ivan Da Marya - Description Of The Variety With Photos, Characteristics, Rules Of Growing And Care
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Potatoes Ivan da Marya: description of the originality of the variety and important aspects of growing

ivan da maria potatoes
ivan da maria potatoes

Potatoes are a crop that appears frequently on the table and never gets boring. A huge number of culinary masterpieces can be prepared from it. Growing potatoes on your own plot is not difficult. In many ways, the future harvest depends on the selected variety and proper care for it. One of the varieties that Russians have long loved is Ivan da Marya. Description and photo - below.


  • 1 A descendant of Picasso, or a brief history of the Ivan da Marya variety
  • 2 Description of "colored" potatoes and photos of tubers

    • 2.1 Characteristics of appearance and taste of tubers
    • 2.2 Table: advantages and disadvantages of the variety
  • 3 Planting "festival" potatoes

    • 3.1 Preparing for planting potatoes
    • 3.2 Scheme and time of boarding
  • 4 Care

    • 4.1 Table: features of variety care
    • 4.2 Video: about growing potatoes
  • 5 Diseases and pests of "hazel"

    5.1 Photo gallery: potato diseases and pests

  • 6 Harvesting and storage of crops

    6.1 Video: how to store potatoes correctly

  • 7 Reviews of vegetable growers about the Ivan da Marya variety

A descendant of Picasso, or a brief history of the Ivan da Marya variety

Potatoes Ivan da Marya is a descendant of the Dutch Picasso variety (creator - AGRICO UA). He came to our country during the years of perestroika. Folk selection has led to the appearance of varieties similar to the Dutchman, the most famous of which is Ivan da Marya. But it is under the name of Picasso that the variety is included in the Russian State Register of Breeding Achievements. They began to cultivate it in the Central region. In addition, it spread throughout the European zone.

Potato tubers Ivan da Marya
Potato tubers Ivan da Marya

Potato tubers Ivan da Marya have a peculiar look

Description of "colored" potatoes and photos of tubers

Ivan da Marya belongs to the late-ripening varieties. Its ripening time varies from 110 to 130 days (depending on weather conditions). The potato yield is high. One bush gives up to twenty tubers, the average weight of which is 120 g. More than 90% of the yield obtained is marketable root crops. From one hundred square meters they collect from 320 kg of potatoes.

Potato varieties Ivan da Marya
Potato varieties Ivan da Marya

Ivan da Marya potatoes ripen 120 days after planting

Characteristics of the appearance and taste of tubers

The bush is upright, tall, but not spreading. With abundant watering, branches can bend to the ground. Blooms in small white flowers, not collected in a brush. The color of the petals ranges from cream to lilac.

Blooming potatoes Ivan da Marya
Blooming potatoes Ivan da Marya

The flowering of potatoes Ivan da Marya happens together

Root crops of the variety are distinguished by a peculiar color: yellow with pink spots. The eyes are small, reddish. The tubers have an elongated oval shape. The cut fruits reveal a milky flesh (it is pinkish just under the skin).

The appearance of the potato tuber Ivan da Marya
The appearance of the potato tuber Ivan da Marya

The appearance of the tuber is attractive, inside is white pulp

Table: advantages and disadvantages of the variety

Advantages disadvantages
High productivity. Degeneration tendency.
Good keeping quality. Prefers acidified soils.
Drought tolerant.
Resistant to disease.
Marketability of tubers.
High taste.

Planting "festival" potatoes

To grow any crop and get a high yield, some rules are required.

Preparing for planting potatoes

For planting potatoes, only perfectly healthy planting material is suitable. The seed tubers should be free of damage, cracks, rot, scab marks or pest marks. It is advisable to treat seed potatoes with special means. One of the options is Agat-25K.

Seed material
Seed material

Make sure the tubers are healthy before planting potatoes

Ivan da Marya responds with a large harvest when planting on plots with light fertile land. Can grow in a shaded area, but prefers sunlight throughout the day.

Scheme and landing time

Ivan da Marya can be planted according to the traditional scheme for mid and late ripening varieties: 70 cm - between rows, 40 cm - between bushes in a row. You can use any method for this: with a ditch or a comb, under a shoulder blade or in vegetable containers.

By measuring the soil temperature at a depth of 10 cm, you can understand whether it is time to sow potatoes or not. Germinating in the ground best is 3-8 on the C degrees.


Caring for potatoes consists in loosening and harrowing the soil, hilling and watering the bushes.

Table: features of variety care

Procedure Dates
Harrowing the surface of the aisles. 7-10 days after planting.
Hilling bushes. 2-3 times per season. The first time when the plant reaches a height of about 10 cm. The second time - three weeks after the first procedure.
Weed control. 5-7 times per season.
Watering (drip irrigation). At all stages of potato growth. Especially important during the flowering period.
Treatment with drugs to increase yields.
  1. When buds appear - with Epin-Extra or Amulet solution.
  2. Two treatments with Ovary or Gibbor-M at the beginning of mass flowering and seven days after the first treatment.
Colorado potato beetle treatment. Before flowering, 1-2 times (Inta-vir, Aktara or other means).
Top dressing. Until the end of flowering, feed three times with mullein, bird droppings or ash.

Video: about growing potatoes

Diseases and pests of "grouse"

The variety is very resistant to potato crayfish, late blight of tubers and potato tops, leaf-rolling virus and potato nematode. The danger for the variety is the common scab, and of the pests - the Colorado potato beetle.

Preventive measures:

  • use only healthy seed potatoes;
  • discard sprouted potatoes with threadlike sprouts;
  • if a diseased bush is found, it should be pulled out and burned;
  • destroy emerging pests (Colorado potato beetle, aphids, cicadas), as they are carriers of the disease;
  • avoid the dominance of weeds (plants from the Solanaceae family are especially dangerous);
  • to process seed potatoes with special means for the prevention of diseases;
  • observe crop rotation, avoiding planting potatoes in the same area for more than three years in a row.

If, nevertheless, signs of the disease appear, you need to try to cure the potatoes.

  1. Double treatment with Agatom-25K (25 g per bucket of water) after closing the tops and two weeks after that helps against late blight on the tops and tubers.
  2. There is no cure for potato cancer. For prophylaxis, the seed is sprinkled with sulfur (finely ground sulfur powder). Damaged tubers should be destroyed to prevent further infestation.
  3. Potatoes are protected from leaf curling by applying potash fertilizers.
  4. Treatment of the soil with the preparation-nematicide Bazamid granulate saves from the potato nematode. It is scattered on the site at the rate of 40 g per 1 m 2. If, when planting, in each hole you put a handful of rotted manure and the same amount of ash, then the nematode will not appear.
  5. Treatment of tubers before planting with a solution of boric acid and copper sulfate helps from scab (1 tbsp of each substance is required for a bucket of water). To prevent the disease, the tops are sprayed with Zircon twice a season: the first time after germination, the second - before flowering. It is necessary to dilute a glass (250 g) in 10 liters of water. You can use other drugs: Champion, Fitodoctor, Antracol. Their use is carried out according to the instructions for each product.

From the Colorado potato beetle, there is currently a huge selection of drugs (Iskra, Inta-vir, Bison, Apache, etc.). You need to spray potatoes before flowering, following all the recommendations for preparing the solution.

To combat harmful insects, you can use methods without the use of chemicals:

  1. Manual collection of beetles and their larvae, followed by burning the collected pests (suitable for small areas of potatoes).
  2. Planting between rows of plants with a pungent odor that repels beetles (marigolds, garlic, calendula).
  3. Spraying potatoes with infusion of tomato tops or garlic, a mixture of wormwood and ash.
  4. Pollination of potato tops with ash (10 kg of ash per 1 hundred square meters).

Photo gallery: diseases and pests of potatoes

Potato cancer
Potato cancer

The potato bush cannot be saved from cancer, you need to dig it up and destroy it

Rolling potato leaves
Rolling potato leaves

Potato leaf roll virus can reduce yields by up to 50%

Potato nematode
Potato nematode

Potato nematode - a disease caused by a small worm

Scab on potato tuber
Scab on potato tuber

Scab is a fungal disease that affects tubers

Colorado potato beetle on a potato bush
Colorado potato beetle on a potato bush

The main pest of potatoes is the Colorado potato beetle


The wireworm can spoil more than half of the crop in a season.

Potato phytophthora
Potato phytophthora

Phytophthora makes potato tubers inedible

Harvesting and storage

Ivan da Marya tubers are well kept. But for this you need to dig up the potatoes in dry weather and dry them well.

Storing potatoes
Storing potatoes

Only healthy whole tubers are laid for storage

For storage, the marketable potato is selected without damage and signs of disease. Large pieces of soil are carefully peeled from the skin. Washing is undesirable, as excessive moisture can lead to rotting of the fruit. The sorted potatoes are placed in baskets or boxes with holes. You can put a layer of newspaper between the layers of the fruit.

Video: how to store potatoes correctly

Reviews of vegetable growers about the Ivan da Marya variety

It is not for nothing that potatoes of the Ivan-da-Marya variety are popular among experienced vegetable growers. The main reason is high yields. The unusual appearance makes this variety memorable. Tasty pulp allows you to cook great dishes from Ivan da Marya potatoes.

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