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How To Wean A Cat From Tearing Wallpaper And What Kind Of Wallpaper Cats Do Not Scratch, Video
How To Wean A Cat From Tearing Wallpaper And What Kind Of Wallpaper Cats Do Not Scratch, Video

Video: How To Wean A Cat From Tearing Wallpaper And What Kind Of Wallpaper Cats Do Not Scratch, Video

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Video: How To Prevent Cats From Scratching Furniture | Ultimate Pet Nutrition - Cat Health Tips 2023, February

Wean the cat to tear up the wallpaper and protect the walls from pet encroachments

how to wean a cat to tear up wallpaper
how to wean a cat to tear up wallpaper

Domestic animals have been walking side by side with humans since ancient times. They give us joy, peace, protection. But, nevertheless, with the appearance of a pet in an apartment or house, your life irreversibly changes its usual course. The presence of an animal will even affect the interior of the home!

Traces of claws and teeth on the floor, walls, furniture, wallpaper; striped curtains and upholstery; wool on all surfaces - all this gives us a lot of trouble. Therefore, it is important to take care of how to minimize the damage, without prejudice to the right of the four-legged pet to have a pleasant pastime.

The easiest way to solve such problems is to discuss options for finishing walls, floors and furniture during the renovation. Now there is a huge amount of damage-resistant materials, including wallpaper, beautiful, durable, easy to clean and safe for animals.


  • 1 Does the cat tear up the wallpaper? What wallpaper will she not like
  • 2 Wallcoverings the pussy is indifferent to
  • 3 What kind of flooring to choose for the house where the cat lives
  • 4 What else you need to know about how to wean a cat from scratching wallpaper
  • 5 Doors for cats: to prevent the pussy from scratching the door
  • 6 Video on how to wean a cat from tearing wallpaper

Does the cat tear up the wallpaper? What wallpaper will she not like

Even if you regularly nail your cat, she will still obey the call of nature and will sharpen her claws on any suitable surface. It's just a misfortune - scratched and torn wallpaper, the look of which does not add beauty to your apartment. How to protect the walls from the aggressive invasion of the baleen striped?

wallpaper that cats do not scratch
wallpaper that cats do not scratch
  1. Unfortunately, special wallpapers that do not scratch cats do not exist. But liquid wallpaper, due to its smoothness, can partially solve the problem. Claws simply have nothing to cling to - liquid wallpaper does not have a pronounced texture.
  2. Hot embossed wallpaper can also help in this situation. The main thing is to glue all the joints with a special tape and tightly attach the wallpaper to the wall in the corners so that the cat has nothing to cling to.
  3. If the cat tears the wallpaper, and you do not plan to do any repairs in the near future, then try using folk remedies. Sprinkling citrus oil on the wall will scare the animal away. You can also buy special products at the pet store.
  4. How to wean a cat from tearing wallpaper? Distract your pet from this activity by placing a scratching post in front of the wall that she has chosen. To make sure your cat will pay attention to it, put some catnip inside.

So what if the cat tears the wallpaper? Keep her busy: toys, scratching posts. And play with her often. This behavior often indicates that the cat simply does not have enough attention, she needs company to play together.

Wallcoverings that pussy indifferent

What is the best way to decorate the walls so that the cat does not pay attention to them? By the way, it's not just that the cat tears the wallpaper. She can somehow harm the surface of the walls, often leaning on it with her paws or shaking off moisture after a walk. Therefore, the wall covering must be durable and easy to maintain.

  1. Vinyl and fiberglass wallpaper. They are not only distinguished by the required strength and durability. Caring for them is limited to wiping with a damp sponge, and they can also be repainted many times.
  2. Decorative plaster can be a great choice. If your pets are too active, go for the less sophisticated ones. But more durable brands of plaster.
  3. Decorative panels made of chipboard, plastic or MDF are not only resistant to damage and easy to clean. The repair will not require any special costs from you: it is enough to replace one damaged panel.
  4. Porcelain stoneware and artificial stone are guaranteed not to interest either cat or dog: these coatings are completely resistant to this kind of damage. It is enough to revet the wall with them from the bottom to the middle. Thus, you can avoid an overly formal look of the interior.
protecting wallpaper from cats
protecting wallpaper from cats

These are the simplest and most common ways to protect your home and newly made renovations from the constant attacks of playful furry beasts. Therefore, if you are seriously interested in the question of which cat wallpaper does not tear, use these recommendations.

What kind of flooring to choose for the house where the cat lives

Does a nimble and active cat live with you in the apartment, ready to run around the rooms around the clock? Then it is not enough to worry about what kind of wallpaper will be on your walls. Floors are the first thing that distributes the load and accounts for the lion's share of damage. Jumping of a playful animal, clatter of claws affect the surface not in the best way. Therefore, the floor in your home should be:

  • durable;
  • moisture resistant.
protecting wallpaper from cats
protecting wallpaper from cats

Let's take a look at several flooring options that meet these requirements.

    1. Linoleum is the simplest and most convenient solution. It spreads quite easily, is completely moisture resistant, and caring for it will not cause any trouble. It is better to immediately purchase semi-commercial linoleum, which is much stronger than household linoleum and is not susceptible to damage from claws and teeth.
    2. The surface of linoleum is smooth and often slippery. To prevent the paws of the playing animal from sliding on this surface, supplement it with carpet or non-slip rugs.
    3. PVC tiles, like linoleum, are unpretentious in maintenance. Its advantage is the ease of repair. If the animal damages such a coating, it is enough to replace only one bar, in contrast to linoleum, which will have to be changed almost completely.
    4. Laminate flooring is now very popular with pet owners, including cats. Its anti-static properties make cleaning easier as pet hair does not stick to the surface. When choosing this floor covering, make sure that it is particularly resistant to wear and tear and moisture.
    5. An excellent option would be ceramic tiles. We traditionally do not use it to cover the floor in residential premises. The reason for this is a cold surface, but this problem can be dealt with if you install an underfloor heating system.

What else you need to know about how to wean a cat from scratching wallpaper

It will still not work to completely wean a cat from scratching everything that surrounds it: for an animal this is a natural behavior. Therefore, it is better to use traditional advice.

how to protect wallpaper from a cat
how to protect wallpaper from a cat
  1. Purchase or DIY some scratching posts and place them in several places. It is desirable that they be made from different materials. For example, use several types of wood and fabric to cover different densities.
  2. Don't forget about smells! It will be better if the wood used in the scratching post has natural aromas.
  3. Fasten the scratching post well so that it is stable. Install at least one structure next to your favorite sleeping place so that the cat can wake up and start stretching. Cats love to stretch out to their full height, so two or three scratching posts should be set at a suitable height.
  4. Cats are afraid of harsh and loud sounds. When you see your pet start tearing up the wallpaper, shout at it or drop something heavy on the floor. After a while, the animal will understand that such behavior entails punishment.
  5. Sometimes it's worth using heavier artillery. For example, sprinkle water on the cat with a spray bottle.

Before weaning a cat from scratching the wallpaper, please be patient. It will take an animal a long time to change the habits given by nature, especially if you settled in a new apartment or made repairs, completely changing the interior and furnishings. What is pleasure for us can be real stress for a pet.

Cat doors: to prevent the pussy from scratching the door

If your pet is used to freedom of action and loves to roam the streets, then you are often faced with the need to get out of bed at night in order to release it or let it back in. To save yourself from such troubles, cat doors are the best option.

You can buy a ready-made door, or you can make it yourself. Now there are many types and models of cat doors, made of wood or plastic, in various versions. The structure usually consists of two entrance elements and a tunnel connecting them.

cat wallpaper protection
cat wallpaper protection

The most common types of structures:

  • manhole;
  • window;
  • a door.

A manhole is a through unprotected opening. It is designed for moving between rooms; making an exit to the street in the form of a manhole is impractical.

The window is more adapted for your pet to freely leave the house on the street. It is equipped with a flap that moves freely on a hinge.

The best option is modern doors for cats. Let's consider them in more detail.

  1. In order to install the door, cut a hole of a suitable size in the door leaf or in the wall. Insert a tunnel into it, which will mask the sections of the saw cut, and secure the external elements.
  2. The doors are made of durable, moisture resistant materials. They are fixed on a special rim of the outer part of the frame, which ensures tightness and ease of use.
  3. A magnet built into the wall will prevent the door from reacting to gusts of wind, and at the same time will not interfere with the movement of the cat.
  4. There are electronic doors for cats, equipped with a reader, the key to which is on the collar. This will keep your home safe from strangers.

You can make a simple door for your pet yourself if you carefully consider the finished designs in the store.

Please note that the door must open in two directions - to the entrance and to the exit, so use special hinges as a movable mechanism. Cover the perimeter of the frame with carpet. This will not only hide the unaesthetic-looking edges, but also save you from possible drafts from the cracks, since a thin door will not ensure tightness without additional devices.

Video on how to wean a cat from tearing wallpaper

We hope that in our article you have found useful tips for yourself on how to protect your wallpaper from a cat. Your pet will only bring you joy, without causing much trouble. If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments to the article, and also tell our readers about your experience in dealing with cat whims. Comfort for your home!

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