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How To Make A Comfortable Computer Desk With Your Own Hands: Drawings, Diagram, Detailed Instructions + Video
How To Make A Comfortable Computer Desk With Your Own Hands: Drawings, Diagram, Detailed Instructions + Video

Video: How To Make A Comfortable Computer Desk With Your Own Hands: Drawings, Diagram, Detailed Instructions + Video

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There are no suitable options in the store? Let's make a computer desk with drawers with our own hands

do it yourself computer desk
do it yourself computer desk

Almost every home today has a personal computer. And a special table for him, convenient, equipped with the necessary shelves for each device, is also not uncommon for a long time. It would seem that the easiest way is to buy such a table in a store, since the choice is wide and allows you to find a suitable option.

But in a store, such a table can cost a lot of money. In addition, the dimensions of the finished product that you like may not match the area and layout of the room. And sometimes you want to choose a color scheme according to your taste, and not from the catalog.

There is a good opportunity to make a computer desk with your own hands. In this article, we will walk you through this process in detail.


  • 1 How to make drawings of computer tables correctly
  • 2 Materials and tools that you will need in your work
  • 3 We make blanks for the computer table and assemble the lower frame
  • 4 We make a computer desk add-on
  • 5 Drawers for computer desk and drawer for keyboard
  • 6 Video about making a computer desk with your own hands

How to make drawings of computer tables correctly

Of course, as a computer desk, you can use a student's desk or a standard office desk, from those that stood in offices 15-20 years ago. But taking into account the many additional devices, for example, a printer, MFP, and many gadgets that connect to the system unit or laptop, you will quickly realize that it is very difficult to sit in such a space for full-fledged work. In addition, the child will need to do homework at the same table, that is, draw, read, write.

It is necessary to make such a table so that it has as much useful surface as possible, not occupied by technology. And all devices - monitor, system unit, etc. - will be in their places, and at the same time they will not interfere in the least.

We will consider the option of a fully functional computer desk, which you can make yourself at no extra cost.

First of all, you need to create a drawing, which will take into account the dimensions of the entire structure. You can see a detailed drawing of the computer desk in the picture:

drawings of computer tables
drawings of computer tables

As you can see, this is the simplest, classic table shape. Straight lines, laconicism, and at the same time full functionality. Such a table consists of a table top, a stand for a system unit, a pull-out keyboard, pedestals and shelves.

After you have decided on the required dimensions for your computer desk, using a drawing, make a list of everything you need and start shopping.

Materials and tools you will need in your work

Having studied the scheme of a computer table that we offer you, you probably noticed that many components are needed to make such a piece of furniture. The materials that will be required are indicated specifically for the dimensions in the drawing:

  • Board 12 X 120 mm - 6.2 m;
  • Emery paper of various grain sizes;
  • ½ a plywood sheet measuring 6 X 1525 X 1525 mm;
  • Furniture board 18 X 600 X 2000 mm, pine - 2.5 pcs;
  • Furniture board 18 X 400 X 2000 mm - 3 pcs;
  • Furniture board 18 X 200 X 2000 mm - 2 pcs;
  • Matt or glossy varnish.
  • 1 set of rails for pull-out shelves, 400 mm long;
  • 50 self-tapping screws 5 X 60 mm;
  • Dowels;
  • Drawer handles.

You will also need 3 sets of ball or roller guides for boxes, 500 mm long. It is these details that determine the quality, durability and strength of the original structure, so their choice should be taken responsibly.

computer desk instruction
computer desk instruction

In addition to materials, immediately stock up on all the necessary tools:

  • Meter ruler or tape measure;
  • Square;
  • Pencil;
  • Chisel;
  • Hacksaw;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Drill and drill to her;
  • Sander;
  • A dust collector may be required if you intend to work directly indoors.

After you have stocked up with everything you need to make a computer desk with your own hands, it's time to get to work.

We make blanks for the computer table and assemble the lower frame

At this stage, you need to pay special attention to the drawings from which you make this piece of furniture.

  1. First of all, mark the details of the computer table on the surface: vertical walls in the amount of 3 pieces, the bottom of the table, the tabletop, the cover for the bedside table. Saw them out according to the scheme, observing the dimensions.
  2. On the vertical walls, you will need to cut the front upper corners, about 2 X 2 cm in size. Clean the cuts with an emery cloth.
  3. It is desirable that the table can be moved close to the wall. To do this, cut off the lower rear corners of the walls so that the resulting connector matches the size of the plinth. According to our diagram, the distance will be 4.5 X 5.5 mm.
  4. On the back of the center vertical wall, cut 265mm above floor level. It will be 200 mm wide and 18 mm deep. At this point, you will fix a transverse panel cut from a board measuring 18 X 200 mm, connecting the vertical sides. Screw it with self-tapping screws to the side walls end-to-end.
  5. The back wall of the table will be replaced by a transverse panel, which will provide the structure with the necessary stability and rigidity.
  6. After all the parts are prepared, drill holes in the right places. This must be done in advance, otherwise the workpieces may crack during screwing. Assemble the frame and secure with self-tapping screws.

Now you need to make a niche in which the system unit will be placed. If you are not a keen gamer, programmer or system administrator, and you do not need constant access to system components, then the best option would be a standard stable niche on self-tapping screws.

do it yourself computer desk
do it yourself computer desk

Saw out the small sidewall and horizontal shelf. Cut the front upper corner of the sidewall and sand it with sandpaper. Cut the bottom rear corner to match the plinth. Screw the small side panel to the shelf and back panel, attach to the large side panel. Cover the openings under the cabinet and shelf with base / plinth panels. Use dowels without glue as fasteners.

We make a computer desk add-on

In order to make a full-fledged multifunctional computer table, the instruction provides for the presence of not only countertops and shelves for additional devices, but also an add-on, which will also perform a decorative function.

computer desk dimensions
computer desk dimensions
  1. Mark and cut out the side structural elements, round off the front upper sections with sandpaper. In order for the sides to be evenly fixed on the table top, make a preliminary template, the thickness of which will be 18 mm. Drill holes in its ends. Attach the finished ends to the table top and mark the fasteners.
  2. The marked holes should be drilled according to the following scheme: through - in the table top, blind - in the lower ends of the side walls. At this stage, you will need a square to help you keep the angles correct. Install the side pieces on the countertop using the alignment square.
  3. Screw in the self-tapping screws under the countertop, aligning the holes in the cover with the slots at the ends of the sidewalls. After that, take a 400 X 2000 mm board and cut it lengthwise. This will give you a 315 mm wide top shelf and a securing cross bar.
  4. The middle vertical wall must be cut out of a 200 X 2000 mm board. Attach it to the worktop in the same way as the large side panels, controlling the connections with a square. Screw the back flange to the sides and place the top shelf on the end of the center wall. Align and screw with self-tapping screws.
  5. Now you need to make the left shelf. For her, you need a shield 200 mm wide. This shelf is designed for a printer or MFP, which means that it should be strong and voluminous enough.

Computer desk drawers and keyboard drawer

A computer desk with drawers is a very convenient piece of furniture and a functional element of the interior. This is the table we are making now. Let's consider how to make drawers correctly.

  1. Saw the bottoms for the boxes out of plywood, and the side walls from a 12 X 120 mm board. Twist the blanks with self-tapping screws 4 pieces and sew the bottom. Adjust the width and depth of the drawer in relation to the thickness of the guides and the internal dimensions of the bedside table.
  2. The guides must be secured from below. Step 18 mm from the front edge of the side elements and screw the rails onto the walls. In doing so, observe the symmetry and the required distance. The space is needed to attach the bezels to the front walls of the drawers.
  3. The shelf for the keyboard must be cut out taking into account the thickness of the sliding mechanism guides.
  4. Now disassemble the structure of the table into its constituent elements, sand and varnish them. After the coating is completely dry, reassemble the table.

Drawers and a pull-out keyboard shelf are ready, the computer desk structure is assembled. The final touch remains: install the front panels on the boxes.

computer table with drawers
computer table with drawers
  1. Saw out the front pieces in the amount of three pieces, mark and drill the holes for the handles. The screws securing the handles will secure the drawer walls and cladding.
  2. Place the cladding panels in the opening on the front side of the cabinet. Use wedges to secure the gaps between the drawers. Drill holes for the handles.
  3. Install the handles and secure them with self-tapping screws, pulling the cladding and front walls together. On the inside of the drawers, screw in a few more self-tapping screws to provide additional security.

Your computer desk is completely complete.

DIY video on making a computer desk

As you can see, making a computer desk yourself is not at all difficult. You will not only get a comfortable place to work and rest, which will look good in the room, but also gain experience in joinery work in the manufacture of furniture. Perhaps some of our readers have already dealt with the design and creation of computer tables. Please share your experience in the comments, ask the questions that came up while reading this article. We will be happy to discuss the workflow with you and learn something new.

We wish you easy work and comfort in your home!

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