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How To Choose Which Car Navigator Is Better To Buy: Evaluation Parameters
How To Choose Which Car Navigator Is Better To Buy: Evaluation Parameters

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Choosing a car navigator: what to look for?


The car navigator has recently become an integral part of our life. With the right device, you will never get lost anywhere: in an unfamiliar European city, on a tourist trip, or even on a walk through suburban forests. And in order not to get trapped in the middle of unfamiliar terrain, you need to be very thoughtful when choosing a car navigator.


  • 1 Selection criteria

    • 1.1 "Traffic jams" on the car navigator
    • 1.2 Choice of navigation software and maps
    • 1.3 Screen size
    • 1.4 Additional features
  • 2 Brief overview of popular manufacturers
  • 3 Video: how to choose the right car navigator

Criterias of choice

Each modern electronic device has its own characteristics and specifications. For car navigators, there are several criteria on which the choice should be based. Let's consider them in detail.

"Traffic jams" on the car navigator

Perhaps the first thing that car owners are interested in is the availability of the function of downloading information about traffic jams, especially if you live in a big city. It should be noted that the cost of the gadget directly depends on this. A navigator without the function of downloading data on traffic jams costs from 2000 rubles, models with traffic jams downloading via Bluetooth - from 3000 rubles. The price of a device equipped with a GPRS module is from 5000 rubles and more.

Navigator for car
Navigator for car

Navigator with plug loading function

It is very important to consider the difference between Bluetooth and GPRS modules.

  1. The Bluetooth device requires you to have a matching phone. For example, smartphones on "Android" are not adapted to work on the transmission of "traffic jams". In addition, each time you turn on the navigator, you have to dig into the boot menu of both devices to re-establish the connection. And the traffic will in any case go through the phone's SIM card.
  2. A navigator equipped with a GPRS module has automatic network connection settings. The connection is established when the device is turned on, and you do not need any additional steps. These navigators have a separate SIM card, and you can purchase a special tariff for it.

If we compare BT and GPRS, then we can see that the advantage of the former is the low price, and the inconvenience of use prevails. The latter, although they are more expensive, are simply irreplaceable in a metropolis

It is worth talking about another way to download data about traffic jams - the TMS radio channel. Today it is supported by some models of Garmin navigators. The advantage of this technology is that it is completely free of charge, and this is very important when roaming. But practice has shown that users are dissatisfied with the quality of "traffic jam" information on TMS, and its reliability is low. Considering that these navigators cost about 10,000 rubles, this is not the best option.

Choice of navigation software and maps

All "official" navigators, which are sold in online stores and retail chains, have pre-installed navigation software containing maps of Russia. In some cases, maps of the CIS, Scandinavia, Baltic states are included. Most of this market segment is held by the Navitel and CityGuide programs. Further, it is worth noting the Shturmann navigators with the original software of the same name and devices with a pre-installed “Progorod” and iGo without “traffic jams”.

These software are installed on Chinese navigators from Russian companies, among which the most famous are Lexand, Ritmix, Texet, Explay, xDevice. Typically, the platform for such gadgets is Windows CE. They have similar characteristics, and often even cases.

The main advantage of these devices is that the programs "City Guide" and "Navitel" from domestic developers are already preinstalled on them. That is, you will be offered the most relevant "plug" information, as well as reliable maps.

Among the following advantages can be noted the ability to launch your navigation programs from a memory card, in addition to the standard settings. This function is now available on almost all models of such devices. You can check this in the store: on the device's case there is a slot for a microSD memory card, and in the menu there is an item "Path to software" or "Navigation path". This will help you find the best software for your region.

The navigators Garmin, TomTom and Navigon have proven themselves well. They are based on their own original platform, their own operating system, cards and software. The hardware is very high quality and stable, but the relevance of the data and the speed of their updating leaves much to be desired. In addition, the operating system is closed and you cannot install additional navigation programs.

Screen size

This parameter determines how comfortable you will be using the device. Moreover, it affects such characteristics as:

  • weight and dimensions of the device;
  • convenience of viewing data.

A navigator with a large screen has large interface elements and is easy to touch. The route map is also of sufficient size, which allows you to better navigate the terrain. It is for car navigators that this parameter is especially important, since you have to look at the screen in fits and starts while driving.

At the moment, the standard display size is 5 inches. These are the manufacturers that equip most gadgets with different functionality. You can still find on the market displays with a diagonal of 4.3 inches, but they are already a thing of the past, following their predecessors in 3.5 and 3.7 inches, which do not provide support for "traffic jams".

Size ratio of navigators
Size ratio of navigators

The picture quality on the navigator depends on the screen size

There are more and more models of navigators with a screen in 6 and 7 inches. So far, there are few of them, and manufacturers present them in their lines as an assortment proposal. Usually these are navigators without "traffic jams", in the best case, data download via BT is provided. But the cost of such models will be 10-20% more expensive than the same 5-inch models.

In terms of screen resolution, displays with a standard resolution of 480 by 272 pixels and a high resolution of 800 by 480 pixels are now common among 5-inch navigators. With equal technical functionality, a high-resolution navigator will cost 1,500 rubles more.

The positive difference of the 800 X 480 display is in its less graininess. The rendering of menus and maps is more pleasing to the eye. And you will watch movies on such a navigator in better quality than on the standard one.

Not without its drawbacks. When launching the navigation software on such a device, you will encounter software “slowdown”, maps will be drawn with delays. Displays with a standard resolution of 480 by 272 rarely have such problems.

When examining the navigator in the store before buying, be sure to enter the regular navigation program and click on different menu items. This will help you see how quickly the program responds to requests. If the device noticeably "slows down" when manipulating, it is better to look for something else.

Additional features

The navigator is a rather complex electronic device that is equipped with a powerful processor, a large screen and a multifunctional operating system. We can say that you will purchase a tablet computer that can be used not only for navigation.

Modern models support almost all common media formats: JPEG, MP3, AVI and others. That is, they can play music, videos and photos, and you can while away the time in a traffic jam or a long trip watching a movie. Video is usually recorded on a memory card, and some models have a slot for a USB flash drive.

Car navigator
Car navigator

A car navigator can be a multifunctional device

Some utilities for navigators under Windows CE will allow you to read text documents, as well as use "stripped-down" office applications: Word, Exel, Paint. This also includes a calendar, calculator and standard games.

Some models are equipped with a rear view camera. From her, the image is broadcast directly to the navigator screen. Such a function will help you, for example, to easily park on narrow streets. If the device is equipped with a standard video input, then you can connect a third-party camera, video recorder, and even a portable DVD player to it.

The Bluetooth protocol allows you to connect your navigator to your mobile phone using the hands-free function. Thus, you can use the device as a hands-free kit instead of a behind-the-ear headset for your mobile phone.

Brief overview of popular manufacturers

In Russia, the most common manufacturers of software for car navigators are:

  • Garmin;
  • Navitel;
  • iGO;
  • Autosatellite.

The Navteq company, which produces Garmin navigators, has extensive experience in creating such equipment. Therefore, these devices occupy a leading position in the field of GPS. Garmin's software is used in conjunction with the company's gadgets.

Navitel provides software not only for car GPS-navigators, but also for phones, PDAs, tablets and other devices. Therefore, Navitel firmly occupies a high position in the market. The models of these navigators are equipped with a voice guidance function. The option of loading "jams" is provided, which makes the device more expensive.

The iGO system is installed in navigators manufactured by Pioneer, Tibo and Mitac. Such models can be attributed to the budget class due to the low price. In addition, this software product is very easy to use. The software is installed on removable media, and you can use it on other devices from this company.

Autosputnik is an exclusively Russian development. Presented on navigators from Hyundai and Global Sat. Tracks traffic jams and shows them fairly accurately on the screen.

Video: how to choose the right car navigator

The main thing when buying a navigator is to carefully consider it while still in the store and clarify all its capabilities with the seller. And we have provided you with the main selection criteria. Based on these guidelines, you will be able to find what is right for you. If you have any questions or comments on this topic, post them in the comments. There you can also add some of your tips and tricks. Good luck to you!

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