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Replacing The Fan Of The Kalina Stove: How To Change If It Does Not Work, Do It Yourself Repair
Replacing The Fan Of The Kalina Stove: How To Change If It Does Not Work, Do It Yourself Repair

Video: Replacing The Fan Of The Kalina Stove: How To Change If It Does Not Work, Do It Yourself Repair

Video: Oven Convection Fan - Motor Testing u0026 Replacement | Repair u0026 Replace 2022, December

We independently change the heater fan in the Lada Kalina car

Viburnum stove fan
Viburnum stove fan

If the interior of the car in the cold season is left without heating, then this does not bode well for either the driver or his passengers. This rule applies to all passenger cars, and Lada Kalina is no exception. In general, the heater in this car is quite reliable. But it has one weak point: the oven fan. It is this detail that most often fails and becomes a source of real headache for the owner of "Kalina". Is it possible to independently replace the furnace fan on the Lada Kalina? Can. Let's figure out how this is done.


  • 1 Purpose of the heating fan in "Lada Kalina"

    1.1 Where is the heating fan located

  • 2 Signs and causes of failure of the furnace fan

    2.1 About lubrication of the Lada Kalina oven fan

  • 3 Replacing the heating radiator on the "Lada Kalina"

    • 3.1 Sequence of actions

      3.1.1 Video: changing the stove fan at Kalina

  • 4 Replacing the fan speed resistor on the "Lada Kalina"

    • 4.1 Sequence of replacement

      4.1.1 Video: replacing the stove resistor on "Kalina"

Appointment of the heating fan in "Lada Kalina"

To understand why a car needs a heating fan, you should have a good idea of ​​how its heating system works. The Kalina engine is constantly cooled with antifreeze. After warming up, the antifreeze from the motor goes to the main radiator, which is blown by the main fan. If this happens in the cold season and the driver has turned on the heater, then hot antifreeze from the main radiator enters the heating radiator, which is half the size of the main one.

Heating fan "Lada Kalina"
Heating fan "Lada Kalina"

Heating fan "Kalina" is made of very unreliable plastic

The stove radiator is quickly heated by boiling antifreeze. The heat emanating from it is supplied to the passenger compartment through the air duct system. And this hot air is blown with the help of a heating fan, which constantly blows over the stove radiator and is driven by a small electric motor, and the intensity of heating the passenger compartment directly depends on the rotation speed of the heating fan. Thus, without a heating fan, hot air simply cannot enter the car's interior, and any breakdown of this device leads to the fact that the driver in the cabin begins to freeze.

Where is the heating fan located

The heating fan on the Lada Kalina is located behind the heating radiator, which, in turn, is located under the central panel of the car, to the right of the driver. It is not possible to see all this structure from the salon.

Heating scheme "Lada Kalina"
Heating scheme "Lada Kalina"

Air ducts and ventilation nozzles in Lada Kalina are located along the entire front panel

To replace the heating fan, the driver will have to completely or partially dismantle the central panel. There are no other options.

Signs and causes of furnace fan breakdown

The owner of "Lada Kalina" will know immediately that the stove fan has broken down. Here are the characteristic signs of breakage of this part:

  • the pressure of the hot air blown out of the deflectors weakens greatly and practically does not depend on the position of the stove regulator;
  • the operation of the heater is accompanied by a loud squeak, which turns into a rattle when the fan speed increases.

All this happens for the following reasons:

  • one or more fan blades are damaged. The fact is that the fan on the Lada Kalina is plastic, and this plastic is far from the best quality. This is especially true in severe frost. If there is a small crack on the blade, then at low temperatures it is guaranteed to increase and the blade will completely collapse. This, in turn, will reduce the pressure of the air injected into the cabin, which will immediately become noticeable to the driver and passengers due to the lack of pressure in the deflectors;
  • The fan squeak is caused by the wear of the sleeve on which the fan is mounted. This bushing lasts an average of five to six years, after which it will inevitably have to be replaced, since during this time it wears out almost completely (and it is advisable to install a ball bearing in place of the bushing, since its service life is twice as long).

One digression should be made here and an incident from life should be told. As mentioned above, when replacing a furnace fan, drivers try to put them not on bushing, but on ball bearings. Until recently, there were no problems with this: you had to go to the nearest auto parts store and buy a Luzar fan. But for some time now it has become difficult to find the products of this company. I don’t know what it’s connected with, but the fact remains: everywhere on sale there are “native” VAZ fans on bushings, and devices on ball bearings cannot be found with fire during the day. One of my friends, the driver, solved the problem in a very original way: instead of rushing around car dealerships, he simply ordered the necessary part on the Chinese Internet auction "Aliexpress". A ball bearing fan came to him by mail about a month and a half later. According to him,it cost only a third more expensive than Luzarov's. This is probably a delivery charge.

Luzar heater fan
Luzar heater fan

Luzar ball bearing heater is currently in short supply

Lubrication of the Lada Kalina oven fan

Lubricating the creaking bushing on the Lada Kalina fan is a pointless exercise. Yes, the grease will remove the annoying creak for a while. But if the bushing is badly worn out, then even the thickest grease will be used up very soon and the bushing will begin to creak with a vengeance. Therefore, car owners prefer not to lubricate the worn out bushings, but to change them together with the fans. And this is the only rational option.

Replacing the heating radiator on the "Lada Kalina"

Before proceeding to disassemble the heating system, you should stock up on everything you need for repairs. Here's what we need:

  • new kiln fan;
  • Phillips screwdriver;
  • small pliers;
  • a set of heads and a ratchet wrench.


Before starting work, you need to do several preparatory operations. First, let the car engine cool down properly. Secondly, you need to remove the negative terminal from the battery.

  1. To get to the heating fan, you first have to remove the air filter. It rests on two bolts, which are unscrewed with a ratchet wrench.

    Air filter housing
    Air filter housing

    It is most convenient to remove the cover of the air filter "Kalina" with a ratchet wrench

  2. Then remove the expansion hose. It rests on a blue plastic pin. This pin must be gently squeezed with pliers and pulled down.

    Removing the expansion hose
    Removing the expansion hose

    The extension hose pin is removed with pliers

  3. There is an air flow sensor next to the expansion hose. Wires assembled into a single plug fit to it. To disconnect it from the sensor, you need to press on the locking latch located on the underside of the plug with your finger.

    Removing the plug from the air flow sensor
    Removing the plug from the air flow sensor

    To remove the plug, press the lower latch of the sensor with your finger

  4. An injector pipe with steel clamps is located near the air flow sensor. The bolts on the clamps are loosened with a Phillips screwdriver, after which the branch pipe is removed and swung to the side.

    Loosening of the clamps on the injector pipe
    Loosening of the clamps on the injector pipe

    The clamps on the injector nozzle are loosened with a flat screwdriver

  5. There is an adsorber under the air filter housing. It is manually removed from the socket.

    Removing the adsorber
    Removing the adsorber

    No tools are required to remove the adsorber

  6. Next to the adsorber seat are the nuts that hold the air intake. They are unscrewed with a ratchet knob.

    Removing the nuts from the air intake
    Removing the nuts from the air intake

    We unscrew the nuts securing the air intake with a 10 head, put on a ratchet

  7. The heating fan can now be removed together with the casing, but before doing this, the branch pipe located to the right of the fan must be slightly pushed aside.

    Removing the heater fan
    Removing the heater fan

    To remove the fan from the niche, the branch pipe located to the right of it will have to be slightly moved

  8. The worn-out heater fan is replaced with a new one, then the Lada Kalina heating system is assembled in the reverse order.

Video: changing the kiln fan at Kalina

Replacing the fan speed resistor on the "Lada Kalina"

Before starting work, a few words should be said about why the car owner may need to change the speed resistor on the heater at all. It's simple: this resistor is responsible for the fan speed.

Fan resistor "Lada Kalina"
Fan resistor "Lada Kalina"

The heating resistor is responsible for the rotation speed of the Kalina kiln fan

If the driver at some point discovers that the furnace fan is running at the highest speed all the time and does not react in any way to the position of the regulator, then the speed resistor is out of order and needs to be replaced, since this device cannot be repaired.

Replacement sequence

There is nothing difficult in replacing the resistor. The driver will have to perform only three steps.

  1. There is a rectangular plug on the Lada Kalina's storage shelf. It must be carefully pry off from below with a flat screwdriver and removed.

    The plug on the storage shelf "Kalina"
    The plug on the storage shelf "Kalina"

    There is a resistor for the Kalina fan under the cap.

  2. Below it is the speed resistor plug. The plug is removed, the resistor is removed from the socket. All this is done manually, no additional tools are required.

    Speed ​​resistor plug
    Speed ​​resistor plug

    To remove the resistor, you must disconnect the plug from it

  3. The failed resistor is replaced with a new one, the plug is connected to it, the plug is returned to its place.

    Heater resistor
    Heater resistor

    After removing the plug, the resistor is manually removed

Video: replacing the stove resistor on "Kalina"

So, even a novice car enthusiast can replace the stove fan with a Lada Kalina. He will be able to do without the services of a qualified auto mechanic and save about 600 rubles. This is how much it will cost to replace a furnace fan in an average domestic car service.

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