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Rating Of The Best Multicooker - Top 10 For Reliability And Quality
Rating Of The Best Multicooker - Top 10 For Reliability And Quality

Video: Rating Of The Best Multicooker - Top 10 For Reliability And Quality

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Rating of the top 10 best multicooker: choose high-quality and reliable

Multicooker and roast
Multicooker and roast

The multicooker is perhaps one of the most popular kitchen appliances. Such units greatly facilitate the work of housewives and allow you to free up time for other things. In an effort to get rid of everyday life at the stove, many go to the hardware store. But in order to make the right and balanced choice, you need to study well the principle of operation and characteristics of the models. Below is a ranking of the top 10 best multicooker that consumers choose in 2018.


  • 1 What to look for when choosing

    1.1 Video: tips for choosing a multicooker

  • 2 Top 10 best multicooker - 2018 rating for reliability and quality

    • 2.1 Oursson MP5005PSD
    • 2.2 REDMOND SkyCooker M800S
    • 2.3 REDMOND RMC-M90
    • 2.4 Philips HD3095 / 03
    • 2.5 BORK U800
    • 2.6 Moulinex CE 502832
    • 2.7 Polaris PMC 0517AD
    • 2.8 Tefal RK812132
    • 2.9 Lumme LU-1446

What to look for when choosing

The stores offer a lot of different models. In order not to get confused in this variety, it is worth paying attention to some points related to the operation of such a device.

Many multicooker have options such as:

  • Delayed start. A timer is responsible for it, which allows you to set the time after which food processing will begin.
  • 3D heating, in which the heating elements are located at the bottom, top and sides of the bowl.
  • Smartphone control. Found mainly on more expensive models. After placing the food in the bowl, after a while you can start cooking the dish by going to a special application from your phone or tablet, which starts the multicooker via Bluetooth.
  • Automatic heating. Food will stay warm as long as the appliance is plugged in.
  • Temperature control - it can be adjusted during the cooking process.
  • Voice navigation. The electronic guide will tell you what to press and when. A convenient option, especially for those who had no previous experience with such devices.
Multicooker and cooked meals
Multicooker and cooked meals

Modern multicooker has convenient options

Having dealt with the "stuffing" of the multicooker, many people think about the required volume of the bowl, it all depends on the number of servings.

For a family with a small child, an apparatus with a 3.5 liter bowl is suitable. A family of 4-5 people will need 4.5-5 liters. A device with a volume of 6 liters or more is already for a large family or those who like to receive guests.

Multicooker with a bowl
Multicooker with a bowl

Are you planning to cook for a large family? Choose a multicooker with a large bowl

Of course, these numbers are just a guideline, and many people choose the model "with a margin". Therefore, the most popular are devices with 5 liter bowls.

Care and cleaning are usually straightforward. However, it must be borne in mind that the bowl is covered with a layer of non-stick coating, which is undesirable to scratch.

You can wash it off with a regular sponge and detergent. To remove dust or dirt, use the same sponge or cloth (and ideally a microfiber cloth). At the same time, they are only moistened without applying a powder that damages the enamel.

For many housewives, it is important how much space such a purchase will take in the kitchen. Here you have to evaluate the dimensions of the model you like. The volume of the bowl plays a key role - the larger it is, the more impressive the apparatus.

Pay attention to where the control unit is located. As a rule, it is placed on the wall, although there are products in which this panel is brought forward, which increases the dimensions of the device.

Before buying, think again exactly where the device will stand. Often he is given a place on a chair in the corner or on the edge of the table. Measure whether the cord is long enough and if this arrangement will not interfere with those in the kitchen.

Multicooker and dishes on a plate
Multicooker and dishes on a plate

On most models, the control panel is located on the side wall

It is also important how much such an assistant will cost in the kitchen. The price is largely determined by the functionality and the same volume.

The range of prices is impressive - from 2 to 50 thousand rubles. The most affordable are models with a minimum set of operating modes, while you will have to pay extra for more numerous functions.

Therefore, even before visiting the store, you should think about what kind of dishes the multicooker will be used for. For example, fans of the kitchen business may need a device designed for 30–40 modes, while a consumer with more modest demands may need 10–15.

Video: tips for choosing a multicooker

Top 10 best multicooker - 2018 rating for reliability and quality

Knowing the principles of operation and the capabilities of multicooker, you can conduct an independent analysis of the models on the market. There are also leaders on this list who have performed best and are the most popular.

Oursson MP5005PSD

Oursson MP5005PSD multicooker in the 2018 rating
Oursson MP5005PSD multicooker in the 2018 rating

This unit combines several functions at once

A universal device that combines the functions of a multicooker, a pressure cooker and a double boiler. Fits into any interior - you can choose from 11 color options.

The unit has the following characteristics:

  • power (kW): 1.2;
  • bowl volume (l): 5;
  • coating: non-stick ceramic;
  • type of control: electronic;
  • additional functionality: in addition to auto-cooking, temperature support and delayed start are provided. Many will appreciate the function of simmering products, as well as the choice of the pressure mode (there are 3 of them here);
  • number of programs: automatic - 13, manual - 79;
  • timer: delayed start - up to 8 hours 50 minutes, temperature support - 12 hours;
  • dimensions (cm): 30x33x30;
  • weight (kg): 5.2;
  • manufacturer: South Korea;
  • price range (rubles): 7,000-14,300.


  • compact for such a volume, dimensions;
  • clear control algorithm;
  • the ability to select the pressure mode;
  • a large number of programs;
  • ease of care.


  • lack of backlight;
  • if you do not put a rag or rug, it starts to slip;
  • narrow valve for steam outlet;
  • the timer starts counting from the moment the program is turned on (and not with the set of the desired temperature);
  • the cover requires special care - there have been cases when it cracked from a little effort.

REDMOND SkyCooker M800S

Multicooker REDMOND SkyCooker M800S is one of the top good and high-quality units
Multicooker REDMOND SkyCooker M800S is one of the top good and high-quality units

You can control the multicooker from your mobile device

One of the most popular models of the brand. Its "trick" is the Ready For Sky system, which allows you to control the device via a smartphone. In this case, any changes in the program settings are recorded in the application.

Multicooker characteristics:

  • power (kW): 0.9;
  • bowl volume (l): 5;
  • coating: non-stick ceramic;
  • type of control: electronic;
  • additional functionality: automatic heating with the possibility of preliminary shutdown and delayed start, preliminary shutdown. Of the pleasant bonuses - deep-fried cooking, cheese, cottage cheese and fondue. Possibility of proofing the dough;
  • number of programs: automatic - 20, manual - 28;
  • timer: start delay and auto heating (both for 24 hours);
  • dimensions (cm): 34x44x29;
  • weight (kg): 5.5;
  • manufacturer: China;
  • price range (rub.): 8 700-13 700.


  • versatile functionality;
  • control from the phone;
  • good selection of programs;
  • smooth temperature control;
  • with frequent cooking of various dishes, unnecessary odors are not absorbed.


  • not quite convenient arrangement of buttons, which is noticeable with manual adjustment;
  • easily soiled plastic;
  • requires careful care;
  • operating experience shows that after 1–2 years the lid often jams - you have to make some efforts.


Multicooker REDMOND RMC-M90
Multicooker REDMOND RMC-M90

This Redmond model is also equipped with a good range of programs

The model is more affordable than the "800", although in fact it is not much inferior to it. The main difference is that there is no remote control option, although manual control is implemented at a high level.

Description of characteristics:

  • power (kW): 0.86;
  • bowl volume (l): 5;
  • coating: non-stick ceramic;
  • type of control: touch;
  • additional functionality: auto-heating and delayed start, 3D heating, temperature control from +35 to +170 in steps of 5 degrees;
  • number of programs: automatic - 17, manual - 28;
  • timer: delayed cooking and heating for 24 hours;
  • dimensions (cm): 31x27x41;
  • weight (kg): 5.6;
  • manufacturer: China;
  • price range (rub.): 4 700-6 000.


  • good build quality;
  • convenient display;
  • easy to use;
  • fast and uniform processing of products;
  • in the event of short power outages, the program remains the same and cooking continues without any problems.


  • the power cord comes off periodically;
  • over time, the glossy paint is overwritten;
  • weak non-stick coating of the bowl.

Philips HD3095 / 03

Multicooker Philips HD3095 / 03
Multicooker Philips HD3095 / 03

Philips has established itself as a reliable brand

The brand is famous for the quality of its products and this multicooker is no exception. Of the design features, the thick walls of the bowl can be noted. The blocking function also looks like a clear plus (it is also child protection).


  • power (kW): 0.86;
  • bowl volume (l): 4;
  • coating: non-stick ceramic;
  • control type: sensor;
  • additional functionality: 3D heating, maintaining the temperature and transferring the start of processing, the possibility of blocking and protection against network outages (resumption of work within 2 hours);
  • number of programs: automatic - 10, manual - 13;
  • maimer: automatic heating and delayed start for 24 hours.
  • dimensions (cm): 30x24x40;
  • weight (kg): 3.6;
  • manufacturer: China;
  • price range (rub.): 9070-17700.


  • high-quality assembly;
  • thick-walled bowl;
  • easy-to-configure manual mode "Multipovar";
  • good protection;
  • waterproof display.


  • condensate quickly accumulates, which is quite problematic to remove;
  • short (1.2 m) cord;
  • high price.


Multicooker BORK U800
Multicooker BORK U800

Robot chef from BORK company

The manufacturer positions the model as a robot chef. The peculiarities of this device are precise adjustment of time and temperature in 1-division steps and a “smart” automated cooking system that coordinates the heating module (that consists of 4 zones).

What characteristics does it have:

  • power (kW): 1.4;
  • bowl volume (l): 5;
  • coating: non-stick, with the addition of activated carbon;
  • type of control: electronic;
  • additional functionality: voice prompts, safety blocking, “Multipovar” mode with time and temperature adjustments, pressure cooking and self-cleaning functions. In fact, this is a double boiler, an oven, and a frying pan in one device;
  • number of programs: automatic - 14, manual - 3;
  • timer: Delay start - 13 hours, heating - up to 36;
  • dimensions (cm): 30x30x40;
  • weight (kg): 6.8;
  • manufacturer: Korea;
  • price range (rubles): 32 300–45 800.


  • an abundance of functions;
  • robust bowl with durable coating;
  • easy to wash and clean;
  • the possibility of precise and smooth adjustment;
  • excellent heat treatment of products.


  • high price;
  • managing the process takes some getting used to;
  • in the event of a breakdown, you have to look for replacement parts for a long time.

Moulinex CE 502832

Multicooker-pressure cooker Moulinex CE 502832
Multicooker-pressure cooker Moulinex CE 502832

Multicooker programs are designed for different products and how they are processed

The device is "pressure" type. The software settings are designed for a variety of types of products and methods of processing them - from stewing meat to getting airy baked goods or tender pasta.

If we look at the reviews, it turns out that this model is considered one of the best deals in the middle price segment.


  • power (kW): 1;
  • bowl volume (l): 5;
  • covering: ceramics;
  • type of control: electronic;
  • additional functionality: delayed start, heating, the ability to customize your own recipe, the use of an inner lid and container for steaming (included);
  • number of programs: automatic - 37; manual - 3;
  • timer: start transfer and warming up within 24 hours;
  • dimensions (cm): 35х34х42
  • weight (kg): 5.6
  • manufacturer: China;
  • price range (rubles): 7 800–12 500.


  • good fit of the main components and parts;
  • durability;
  • ease of handling the control unit;
  • high-quality bowl coating and body painting.


  • it is not always possible to collect condensate;
  • cases when the cover burst were noted;
  • over time, it can begin to open by itself.

Polaris PMC 0517AD

Multicooker Polaris PMC 0517AD
Multicooker Polaris PMC 0517AD

The multicooker is equipped with basic cooking programs

A representative of the budget segment with a good set of qualities for this group. All the basic functions are available, which, together with acceptable characteristics, makes this multicooker a reasonable purchase (especially considering the presence of 3D heating).

Multicooker characteristics:

  • power (kW): 0.86;
  • bowl volume (l): 5;
  • coating: non-stick ceramic;
  • type of control: touch;
  • additional functionality: transfer of cooking, heating, “Multipovar” mode. There is a possibility of preliminary shutdown of auto-heating. Works as a double boiler and yogurt maker if needed.
  • number of programs: automatic - 16, manual - 2;
  • timer: heating and delayed start (24 hours each);
  • dimensions (cm): 31x41x27;
  • weight (kg): 4.15;
  • manufacturer: China;
  • price range (rubles): 3 600-6 000.


  • a real kitchen station wagon;
  • simple control;
  • a good set of additional equipment included;
  • reasonable cost.


  • buttons jam as they age;
  • build quality can fail;
  • in a new device, the smell of plastic disappears for a long time;
  • lack of pressure cooker function.

Tefal RK812132

Multicooker Tefal RK812132
Multicooker Tefal RK812132

The unit from Tefal has considerable dimensions

A well-known brand is represented in the rating by a device with very impressive dimensions. The set of equipment is standard - a ladle, a spatula, a measuring cup.

It may seem strange to some, but there is no condensate receiver here, although the company is known for its attention to such trifles. However, this is offset by a good selection of characteristics.

Feature set:

  • power (kW): 0.75;
  • bowl volume (l): 5;
  • coating: teflon;
  • type of control: electronic, supplemented with membrane buttons;
  • additional functionality: temperature support with the transfer of the start of cooking, work in the steamer mode, auto-off, sensitive thermostat.
  • number of programs: automatic - 24, manual - 24;
  • timer: Delayed start for 24 hours, auto-off regulator.
  • dimensions (cm): 32x31x42;
  • weight (kg): 6.4;
  • manufacturer: China;
  • price range (rub.): 6 300-14 100.


  • the quality of the coating and its easy cleaning;
  • the smell of a new appliance disappears after the first wash;
  • thick-walled bowl;
  • convenient display - a combination of green (mode) and red (temperature / time) backlighting on the buttons helps to quickly and easily master the device;
  • decent quality.


  • the heating element is not very powerful;
  • the unusual shape of the bowl requires careful and accurate washing after each use;
  • water can get on the heating element (condensate is not collected).

Lumme LU-1446

Multicooker Lumme LU-1446
Multicooker Lumme LU-1446

Lumme appeared on the home appliance market recently, but it is already becoming popular

The brand is gaining popularity among domestic consumers and this is due to its multicooker.

This particular model stands out for its extensive capabilities, which, together with the simplicity of the design, guarantees long-term use of the device.


  • power (kW): 0.86;
  • bowl volume (l): 5;
  • coating: non-stick ceramic;
  • type of control: electronic;
  • additional functionality: 3D heating, auto-heating, warming up a ready-made dish or baby food, the ability to work with the Multipovar settings, cook cheese, feta cheese and cottage cheese. Layering of the dough is also provided;
  • number of programs: automatic - 16, manual - 30;
  • timer: temperature support and delayed cooking - up to 24 hours;
  • dimensions (cm): 28.5x28.5x30.5;
  • weight (kg): 2.9;
  • manufacturer: China;
  • price (rub.): 1 600–3 300.


  • ease of operation and maintenance;
  • well-chosen functionality;
  • low cost.


  • the bowl burns quickly and is taken with a poorly rinsed film;
  • malfunctions of the control unit may occur (modes "drop out");
  • Condensation builds up quickly.

The 2018 multicooker rating was prepared in accordance with the opinions of consumers. The top 10 includes the best and most demanded models. We hope these figures will help you make your choice and the purchased kitchen appliance will delight you with trouble-free service for many years. Happy culinary experiments!

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