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Why You Can't Charge Your Phone To 100 Percent
Why You Can't Charge Your Phone To 100 Percent
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Why is it not advised to charge the phone to 100%

charging incomplete
charging incomplete

People are so used to being in touch that a low phone battery can trigger a panic attack. Gadgets are charged throughout the day or left connected to a charger overnight. Is it safe to charge your phone to 100% all the time?

Why you shouldn't charge your phone all the way

Among the popular versions regarding the recommendation not to charge the phone battery, two are leading:

  1. Economic. The phone is rarely used around the clock, and part of the charge is wasted, and the cost of electricity is significantly hitting the family budget.
  2. Technical. Incomplete charging will prolong battery life.

How convincing are the reasons for banning 100% charging?

The validity of the economic version can be checked in the instructions for the device. Phone charging consumes up to 0.5 Watt / hour. If you charge your gadgets around the clock, you will have to pay no more than 2.5 rubles per month at the highest rate. It will be 30 rubles or less per year.

A man holds a smartphone with 100% charge in his hands
A man holds a smartphone with 100% charge in his hands

Continuous phone charging speeds up device failure

For the technical reason, the professionals say the following:

  • the phones use lithium-ion or lithium-polymer batteries with a capacity of 1.5-3.6 thousand mAh. High temperatures increase battery capacity, but not for long. Near a heat source or in the heat, you will get a recharge of the device, so you should not recharge the phone above 90%. The battery can swell and even explode, exceeding the permissible storage capacity;
  • Those who leave the phone overnight should be aware that a full charge takes up to three hours. The battery controller cuts off utility power when the maximum charge is reached. Soon, the indicator shows 99% of the charge and the process resumes. Improper use will reduce the number of battery cycles. The phone will run out faster and will need to replace the battery;

Video: How to Extend Phone Battery Life

The first smartphone given to our mother lasted only a year and a half. Mom put it on charge every night, not allowing it to be completely discharged. The battery was predictably swollen and was thrown away, but we could not buy a new one. The second smartphone has been working for the fourth year thanks to the advice on operation from the technician repairman.

It is best to keep your smartphone between 40% and 70% charged throughout the day.

Respect for gadgets extends the life of the device. A new battery costs a lot of money and not all phones can be replaced. To avoid having to buy a new phone, charge the battery correctly.

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