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Mop Flounder For Cleaning Floors And Types Of Mops Used On Various Surfaces
Mop Flounder For Cleaning Floors And Types Of Mops Used On Various Surfaces

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Flounder - how to choose a universal cleaning assistant


If there is no opportunity to turn to professionals for help, then there is a need to work on cleanliness yourself. This can be done with the help of special equipment, which over time has replaced the usual brooms and mops. Flounder has become one of the most convenient and practical tools for cleaning.


  • 1 What is a flounder and what are its advantages
  • 2 Types of flounders

    • 2.1 Mop material
    • 2.2 Mop mount type
    • 2.3 Flounder size
    • 2.4 Type of construction
  • 3 How to choose a mop

    3.1 Table: comparison of the main types of mops

  • 4 Video: how to use a flounder
  • 5 Feedback on the use of flounders

What is a flounder and what are its advantages

A flounder is a modern mop, consisting of a handle and a head to which a mop is attached (a special rag attachment). A special feature of flounders is that they have a special system for attaching the mop head to the handle, which allows the washing platform to move in all directions, effectively bypassing obstacles in the form of furniture, chair legs and tables. All mops of this type are equipped with a quick rag release system, which greatly simplifies the handling of the device. Due to its versatility, this tool has received many modifications used in the field of professional cleaning and at home.

Cleaning with a flounder
Cleaning with a flounder

Flounder is a universal cleaning tool that can be used to effectively and quickly clean floors, walls, ceilings, and remove hard-to-reach spaces in corners and under furniture.

If we talk about the shortcomings of the mop, then it is not intended for cleaning old stains and large dirt, where the use of force is necessary. It is a daily cleaning tool with the following benefits:

  • versatility - the flounder is designed in such a way that it can be used to easily take care of horizontal and vertical surfaces, for example, to wash a stretch ceiling or painted walls;
  • ease of use - the mop has a simple mechanism that makes it easy to take off and put on the mop, and also just detach the handle from the head;
  • reliability - the flounder mechanism is so simple that there is nothing to break in it, however, devices with metal elements have the best wear resistance;
  • multifunctionality - this cleaning tool can be used for both wet cleaning and dust removal, if there is a corresponding nozzle;
  • cleaning speed - thanks to the large area of ​​contact of the platform with the floor, the cleaning process is significantly accelerated.

Types of flounders

To select the right flounder, you need to be guided by a number of criteria that determine its potential. These mops have many parameters that differentiate them from each other: material, mop attachment system, size and additional functions. Most flounders come with a bucket that can be fitted with a quick spin system. Such devices are more often used for cleaning large areas in offices, hospitals, and supermarkets.

Mop material

Most often, flounders have a lightweight aluminum handle and a plastic platform for mounting a mop. In cheap mops, the handle is made of thin metal, which does not have high performance properties. In expensive household and professional models, the handle is stronger, it is made of light-alloy metals that do not weigh down the mop. Most of these models are equipped with a telescopic system that allows you to adjust the length of the handle for any height. The joint of the handle and platform can be presented in a number of modifications, but the most popular solution is the thread:

  • plastic - found on budget models, resistant to water, with prolonged use, the mop can burst, grind off;
  • metal - is present on quality products; in order to protect the material from corrosion, manufacturers cover the mount with zinc paint or chrome.

The mop platform and mounting system also has several variations in terms of material:

  • metal - present on frame mops, has poor resistance to chemical compounds, and can rust over time. The frame is made of chrome-plated metal;

    Metal frame flounder
    Metal frame flounder

    The metal is used for the manufacture of frame modifications of flounders with a double-sided swinging system, which makes it easy to put on and take off the mop from the platform

  • plastic - for the production of flounder platforms, a high-strength type of plastic is used that is resistant to physical stress and high stress. Such material can be found in both expensive and cheap mops, the only difference is the quality and density of the plastic.

    Plastic flounder
    Plastic flounder

    The platform for mops is most often made of plastic - this ensures its high wear resistance and versatility.

Mop mount type

Most flounder manufacturing companies produce a line of mops, and in order for the consumer to use their products, the mops have a unique mounting system. At the same time, there are some standards on the market, due to which three basic principles of fastening a rag can be distinguished:

  • pockets. The flounder panel folds in half by pressing the pedal, after which it becomes possible to put on a mop with special pockets. After putting on the rag, the mop snaps into place and is now ready to use;

    Type of fastening for pockets
    Type of fastening for pockets

    The type of mop attachment for pockets is the most common, both among household and professional flounders

  • belts. The panel has special latches at the edges, into which the mop straps are inserted. A feature of these mops is that the flounder also breaks in half, but the rag remains fixed on the panel. This allows the use of automatic systems for wringing, in which a rag is placed without the need to open the latch lock;

    Fastening type belts
    Fastening type belts

    Flounders with the possibility of attaching mops like belts allows you to effectively fix the rag on the platform and use it for wringing in special installations

  • Velcro. Special Velcro is placed on the flounder platform; they can be built into the panel or be additional attachments. To use them, you need special rags equipped with similar Velcro straps;
  • clip. These attachment systems work like a clothespin. Most often, professional flounders or mops designed for a Kentucky mop have this fastener.

    Clip type
    Clip type

    The clip attachment type is found on flounders designed to use Kentucky extra long pile baits

Flounder size

All mops of this type are divided into three main groups regarding the size of the washing platform:

  • 40 cm - for household use, the optimal size for cleaning areas up to 150 m 2, where there is a lot of furniture, tables and chairs;
  • 50 cm - for cleaning large rooms and offices up to 500 m 2;
  • 60 cm - the largest mops used for cleaning shopping malls and pavilions.

Dimensions may vary depending on the manufacturer and model, on average a mop with a washing platform length of 40 cm is 10-13 cm wide. The larger the area of ​​contact of the mop with the floor, the higher the cleaning speed and performance.

Construction type

There are several modifications of flounders regarding their design:

  • single - the classic version with the maximum distribution. It is a handle, a hinge mechanism and a movable platform, which can have the form of a monolithic structure that opens in half, or a frame in which two sides of the "wing" snap off at once upon pressing. This is the most affordable option, the price for simple models starts from 300-400 rubles;
  • double - a flounder consisting of two mops with a classic design. This type of mop is attached to each other, which allows you to quickly clean large areas. The cost of this tool is several times higher than the price of a single mop, and can be 2-4 thousand rubles.

    Double flounder
    Double flounder

    Double flounder allows you to capture more area when harvesting, thereby increasing its speed and efficiency

How to choose a mop

A mop is a special reusable flounder cloth that can be made of various materials and have several types of fasteners. The choice of a mop is carried out taking into account the type of cleaning and personal cleaning tasks. Consider the main types of replaceable attachments:

  • acrylic mop - a product made of synthetic material with a long pile, intended for dry cleaning. Due to the creation of static electricity by acrylic, the mop perfectly collects small debris and dust, while it does not absorb water at all, which is why it cannot be used for wet cleaning;

    Acrylic mop
    Acrylic mop

    Acrylic mop is designed for dry cleaning, after contact with water, this material ceases to hold debris

  • A microfiber mop is a universal product suitable for all types of cleaning, including applying a protective compound to the flooring. Perfectly absorbs moisture and dirt, has a short nap and maximum adhesion to the floor surface;

    Microfiber mop
    Microfiber mop

    The microfiber mop has a fine pile, adheres well to the surface and is suitable for all types of cleaning work

  • microfiber fur mop with polyamide inserts - multifunctional attachments that perfectly absorb moisture, collect small debris and do not leave lint. Polyamide inserts facilitate the sliding of the product on the floor, speeding up the cleaning process and preventing smudges on polished surfaces;

    Microfiber and polyamide mop
    Microfiber and polyamide mop

    The microfiber and polyamide mop is well suited for wet and dry cleaning, and also does an excellent job of cleaning furnished rooms due to its easy sliding

  • The combined cotton and polyester mop is a product for daily cleaning of premises with a high level of pollution. Resistant to aggressive acidic and alkaline environments, can be used for post-repair cleaning. Differs in high absorbency and wear resistance;

    Cotton and polyester mop
    Cotton and polyester mop

    Cotton and polyester mop for scrubbing tough dirt on all types of surfaces

  • the combined mop made of polyester, microfiber and viscose is a multifunctional nozzle, characterized by high wear resistance and excellent cleaning properties. Such a product collects small debris well, wipes off large dirt and absorbs water. The mop can be used in factories or shopping centers with active traffic.

    Polyester, microfiber and viscose mop
    Polyester, microfiber and viscose mop

    The mop made of polyester, microfiber and viscose is a universal attachment for high-quality cleaning on all types of surfaces and removal of dirt of all levels of difficulty

Table: comparison of the main types of mops

Product material Cleaning type Estimated cost
Acrylic Dry From 300 rubles
Microfiber Dry, wet, wet From 130 rubles
Microfiber, polyamide Dry, wet, wet From 100 steering wheels
Cotton, polyester Dry, wet, wet From 180 rubles
Polyester, microfiber, viscose Dry, wet From 180 rubles

According to the severity of the pile, mops can be divided into:

  • short nap - for quick household cleaning, polishing, removing dust and small dirt;
  • loops, "spaghetti", long pile - for all types of cleaning, suitable for removing coarse dirt, perfectly absorb a large amount of dirt, collect and retain a lot of debris;
  • Kentucky - very long pile, suitable for household cleaning, as well as cleaning public spaces. A distinctive feature is its high absorbency, it can be used for systematic cleaning of the floor in winter.

    Kentucky mop
    Kentucky mop

    The Kentucky mop is suitable for wet and wet cleaning as well as removing excess water on the floor

Video: how to use a flounder

Feedback on the use of flounders

Flounder is a modern and convenient tool for daily cleaning of residential and public spaces. A wide range of products allows you to choose the tool for your personal needs. The abundance of attachments (mops) for the mop makes it possible to easily and effectively carry out all types of cleaning for rooms of all sizes.

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