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The Second Entrance (internal) Door To The Apartment, Features Of The Device, Installation And Operation
The Second Entrance (internal) Door To The Apartment, Features Of The Device, Installation And Operation

Video: The Second Entrance (internal) Door To The Apartment, Features Of The Device, Installation And Operation

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Second entrance door: material, installation and operation

second entrance door
second entrance door

The main entrance door is often complemented by a second one, which protects the room from cold, noise, dust and dirt. This part of the door system can be made of different materials, but does not interfere with the movement of the main leaf. Such a design may be needed in different situations, and for the correct choice of the second door, the peculiarities of its design and operation are taken into account.


  • 1 Second door to the apartment: yes or no

    1.1 Video: the purpose of the second door and its features

  • 2 Construction of the second entrance door

    2.1 What material are doors made of?

  • 3 How to install an additional front door

    3.1 Video: installation of door slopes

  • 4 Correct operation of the entrance door system

    4.1 Feedback on the second front door

Second door to the apartment: yes or no

The need to install a second door to an apartment depends on many factors and is determined individually. The design, size, material of this part of the door system can be any, but to determine whether you need an additional sheet or not, you should know the pros and cons of its presence.

Double-leaf door system option
Double-leaf door system option

The design of the second entrance door often matches the design of the main leaf.

The second door at the entrance to the apartment is always thinner and lighter than the main one. The average thickness is 5 - 6 cm, and the weight depends on the material. Therefore, the advantages of such an element are expressed in the following:

  • additional protection of the premises from noise and cold coming from outside;
  • protection against unauthorized entry into the premises;
  • the aesthetics of the entrance door from the side of the hallway;
  • low cost of products and their installation;
  • a variety of options for materials, designs and decor of the second door.

Negative characteristics are also present in the second entrance canvases and are expressed in the fact that the presence of such a product reduces the free space of the doorway and hallway. The canvas opens into the room and therefore there should be no furniture and objects near the walls that impede movement. The purchase and installation of such a structure requires additional costs.

If, in the presence of a second entrance door, the area of ​​the hallway is critically reduced or other inconveniences for free movement arise, then it is best not to purchase an additional canvas, but to insulate and soundproof the main door. And also, you should not buy a cheap product that has manufacturing defects in the form of cracks, scratches, because this will not improve the interior of the hallway.

Video: the purpose of the second door and its features

Construction of the second entrance door

An additional canvas is often made from chipboard, MDF or natural wood, as well as combinations of these materials. These structures make it possible to create an easy, practical and convenient product. The structure of this part of the system is similar to the structure of a conventional interior door.

Second door in white
Second door in white

Additional entrance door can be of any color, but it has a simple design

The design of the optimal version of the product does not have glass inserts, as they are fragile and will not increase the sound insulation of the room. Therefore, the canvas includes a frame made of wood, panels, crossbars, and the box is used for installation. The fittings make the door functional, and the accessories are presented with a lock, handle, hinges. In this case, the mechanism of the locking device can be radically different from the lock of the first partition. This is due to the fact that it will be much more difficult for attackers to open different mechanisms.

What material are doors made of

The second sheet at the entrance to the apartment is a high-quality interior door and can be made of wood, plastic, MDF or chipboard. When choosing a particular option, it is worth considering the characteristics of these structures, which are expressed in the following:

  • plastic models are made to order, they are distinguished by high sound and heat insulation properties, modern appearance, durability, easy control. The color of the canvas can be any, and it is also possible to have a double-glazed window, as in the case of balcony doors. Appearance options are discussed when ordering from the manufacturer, the cost of the products depends on this;

    Examples of plastic doors
    Examples of plastic doors

    Plastic doors are diverse and practical to use

  • natural wood canvases are environmentally friendly, look solid, can be of any color, but have a high cost and are not sufficiently resistant to mechanical stress, since scratches are easily formed on the wood. Therefore, it is best to install doors made of hardwood: oak, birch, ash, walnut. Such options are expensive, which is not always cost-effective for a second front door to an apartment;

    Solid wood door
    Solid wood door

    Solid wood door looks solid, but has a high cost

  • laminated chipboard is made of pressed wood chips and binding components, and outside there is a decorative polymer coating that imitates the surface of wood. Low cost, easy maintenance and many options for decor and colors distinguish these products. At the same time, chipboard does not resist moisture and temperature extremes poorly, swells from the influence of these factors;

    Chipboard front door option
    Chipboard front door option

    Chipboard doors have a wooden frame

  • MDF is created from pressed fine sawdust, adhesive and water-repellent components. Doors from this structure have a wooden frame, sheathed with MDF panels. The decorative layer is represented by a colored film that imitates the structure of wood. Such material is poorly resistant to moisture, scratches, temperature extremes, but has a low cost and a variety of decor options.

    Interior doors from MDF
    Interior doors from MDF

    MDF doors are varied and affordable

Doors made of different materials differ in cost, characteristics, features of operation and installation. These criteria are taken into account when choosing, which will allow you to choose the ideal option for the second entrance door to the apartment and protect the living space from noise, cold and dirt.

How to install an additional front door

Installation of the second entrance sheet is not a complicated technology, but it is important to be careful and seal all the cracks well. In this case, tools such as a hammer drill, a building level and a tape measure, a screwdriver and a gun with polyurethane foam are used. In work, you may need a hammer, a mallet and a hacksaw, a drill. Self-tapping screws with a length of at least 7 cm, as well as anchor bolts, can be used to fasten the box. Platbands, if necessary, are installed along the edges of the opening from the side of the room.

Door mounting scheme
Door mounting scheme

The number of loops is selected depending on the weight of the canvas

The basic procedure for installing the second entrance door to the apartment is as follows:

  1. A door frame is assembled, which can be with or without a threshold. In any case, a groove is assembled into a groove and on the self-tapping screws, first the upper 3 parts in the shape of the letter "P", measure the height of the opening and saw off the vertical racks of the corresponding length.
  2. The assembled frame is installed in the opening, fixed with wedges and leveled, checked by the building level and fixing the box with bolts or self-tapping screws. The distance between the first door and the second door leaf must be at least 25 cm.
  3. Hinges are mounted on the rack of the box and the door frame, the door is hung and its position is aligned. The gap between the web and the frame must be at least 2 mm. Pieces of hardboard are placed in this gap around the entire perimeter.
  4. After fixing the door, the gaps between the box and the wall are foamed. When the polyurethane foam dries, the hardboard is removed and the fittings are installed.
  5. A self-adhesive rubber seal is attached around the perimeter of the box, which prevents drafts.

This mounting technology is suitable for wood products, chipboard, MDF and their combinations. If the doors are plastic, then the installation is carried out by professional craftsmen.

Video: installation of door slopes

Correct operation of the entrance door system

In the process of use, any doors are characterized by malfunctions, loss of aesthetics and the appearance of defects. In order to avoid this, you need to open and close the canvas as carefully as possible, install a closer to prevent a sharp movement of the door. And it is also worth considering the following operating recommendations:

  • in the warm season, the second entrance door should be fixed open, since excess movement contributes to the wear of the canvas, and it is warm outside and additional protection of the room is not required;
  • the door should be washed with a damp soft cloth, without aggressive chemicals. Optimal formulations for furniture care;
  • hinges need regular lubrication with grease or other means for mechanisms. To do this, open the door, lift it or remove it from the hinges, and then treat the moving elements with a small amount of grease;
  • a worn-out rubber seal, a broken lock and a handle need to be replaced in time with new ones. Old parts are carefully removed, and whole elements are mounted in their place;
  • staining is carried out for wooden canvases with a significant loss of aesthetics, a lot of scratches and chips. If the doors are laminated or veneered and badly damaged, then they should be replaced with new ones.

Wooden or plastic canvases can settle during operation. To eliminate such a defect, you need to check the evenness of the box and the integrity of the hinges at the building level. Aligning and adjusting the hinges will restore functionality to the structure.

Reviews of the second front door

The presence or absence of a second door at the entrance to the premises is an individual decision that depends on many factors. The correct choice of material for the product and high-quality installation will provide additional protection for the apartment from cold, noise and intruders, as well as complement the interior of the living space.

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